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 Global announcement:

Come on guys!


It's time we gave this place another kick up the arse!

Every section, whatever it is, get it going! All members, mods, globals and admins alike!

Let's get it going again!
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 Global announcement:

Member Check-in!

This is a follow on from the email I sent (or will have sent) to all members, in response to the shocking lack of activity on the site over the past few weeks.

I want to get activity back to decent levels, whether that be in off-topic, in RPs or any other ways you can think of.

So this thread isn't really much else other than a roll call. There will be no chatting in this thread,

I just want one post each from members who intend to be active, and not just for a bit.

This site needs regular members posting regularly. Please don't...
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Journal entry one
Big Bear Mission 01/07/11

So we start off from home awaiting the hour of departure. I after having some m&ms am full of sugarified energy. I am rearing to leave! Damn it! So waiting till 2pm to depart. It's perfect weather today in LA region, that I am actually jealous of all of LA because they will be enjoying it. Still waiting...I feel tired man. God damn when are we leaving? Ahahaha that is how I feel in my head,

Might I mention I am not the best narrator for a story out there? Hell, I can't even write an interesting story about myself. I am...
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I ponder on what it means to feel. To understand fully the concept of this and the whole world. I lost to my thoughts. So can one explain feeling and how over powering it can be, such as guilt. To feel guilty, very much so that it overwhelmed the mind and clouded a sensible person. So feeling is a clouding. It's sometimes over powering and other times it's simple and pleasant. In a way this is how I have been feeling for the past few days (no not emo) there is a great difference. It is not pity upon myself or self loathing. The heavy weight of guilt that pressures me down and...
by Bloody_Maiden - Comments: 0 - Views: 87

The world is not pure
But the world is not pain
It's a piece that makes a whole.
To create what we live in,
A world which is beautiful...
But painful to our hearts
A meaning to which we each create
Of guilt, honesty, love and even hate.
A painful piece, a loving embrace.
Which makes the world beautiful.
With suffering intermixed,
Some are convinced this is our hell or libo.
It's our home.
To which the soul or what some may call.
The living space we share with not just ourselves,
But with other things.
Though dark...
by Bloody_Maiden - Comments: 0 - Views: 101

Very very Personal.
What it means to Be OCD

What it means to be obsessive compulsive
It's like your mind is consumed,
By thoughts uninvited,
Impolite guest coming in without knocking.
A struggle to survive in your own head.
It causes a panic, fright, sometimes digging out the darkest fears,
The strangest habits and create undesirable patterns
What you think is not always what you believe
What you believe is not always followed in your thoughts.
Uncontrolled, but controlled.
A challenge to...
by Bloody_Maiden - Comments: 0 - Views: 97

This second I take it upon myself to write, but what to write? I suppose its to ease my stressed mind and strained heart. Pondering upon confidence and trying to gain the courage to be more positive and more open to those I do not know. Maybe to even gain something even more from it. (Random:) Always wondering will there be one? I don't think I need to explain myself by what I mean by this. Those who know me well enough will know? I wonder every year if there is a chance I will open up fully to anyone, then just a few people. On the short note there always is. It's fear that tells me to be cautious....
by Bloody_Maiden - Comments: 0 - Views: 73

Symbolizing names, strength and power.
These are the Immortal Symbols. Each immortal is born with a significant symbol which not only signifies what they embody but also their power and strength. It is the meaning of their name.

(Note: Some of these are drawn by me and others drawn by two of my friends, Roxi and Jen)

The Seven. Immortal.


Location: Right arm
by Bloody_Maiden - Comments: 0 - Views: 96

Telican Dictionary Part II

1. Ni cal- My nation
2. Na- Na, oh my, oh yeah!, Mine!
3. No- no
4. Vil-la- no more
5. Crisna- people (my)
6. Voshna- suffering
7. Teshsta-live
8. Ne- we
9. La Volkeya- finally free!
10. Casha! Casha!- Come! Come!
11. Umula-Hello.
12. Oue manta- How are you?
by Bloody_Maiden - Comments: 2 - Views: 100

Note: This is a made up language for my "Seven" Story.
Telican Dictionary- The Seven's made up language.Share

A sample of the Telican Language- This is a language within the story that has died many centuries ago in the nation once Called "Zephora". Now only the Chorus of the anthem is still sung among the folk in the country. Some words are still spoken, but it is a dead and forbidden language.

Enjoy. And comments are welcomed.

Zephora's Anthem


by Bloody_Maiden - Comments: 0 - Views: 117

Beginning working on it again. :3
The Seven Story Poem
Explaining what they are...(Reason for being is unknown.

Immortal Seven

The seven gifted.
The never changing.
Ever living, never dying.
(Not gods....)
(Not mortal...)
Sufferers of fate.
The controllers of Ava.
Mothers, fathers.
The World's constant.
Creation's remnants.
The mistakes gave breath to delusion of man.
The ones who live,
The ones who wish death.
Seers of the realm forgotten in time.
The seven always breathing, never changing, always...
by Bloody_Maiden - Comments: 2 - Views: 85

I never knew I would find myself writing about this today. I thought this would make an interesting blog. I spent my whole life if you believe it or not wondering about my birth mother and father. Always asking my mom the same question over and over again: "Why did she put me up for adoption?" "Do you think she knows about my birth father?" Sometimes it seems stupid to people. You know what now a days I could care less what people have to say to people like me who wonder and search for their birth families. You would think why would the mother care about me now?

by Bloody_Maiden - Comments: 0 - Views: 78

Another Old one
From the time we breath life we sometimes forget what we are. Truly in the end we are nothing more than just mortals walking this earth, breathing, and sharing knowledge which is beyond our years. Can we truly say what is out in this world? Guessing, maybe even hoping answers will come upon us in the future. Here we linger, stuck in the same cycle, repeating of millennium of thinkers which brought forth our decisions and theories. Bare upon us the greatest opinions, which were shut down because they were out of the box came from these minds. Now I wonder what could answer the centuries old thought,...
by Bloody_Maiden - Comments: 0 - Views: 94

Old post but feel it still taking affect.
From the moment I stepped into the summer months and decided to make do with everything I know I had screwed up. College or university life is where it begins for me. So now 'sorry'is no longer my passage of words unless something bad happens and its my fault. I cannot help my feelings for those I learn to care for deeply. It's human. I have learned so much this summer and accepted myself slowly, and said screw all those who judged me. But that's not the point in my life now. I know everything I do will not always help those closest. I learned from someone recently you must find it in yourself....
by Bloody_Maiden - Comments: 0 - Views: 83

Today is the day I will explain what I think about emotions and expression, which play many important roles in our daily lives. Right now I wonder how I can end up in this shitty position of confusion and loss of proper thoughts. I could always take back the words I spoke aloud like a prayer, but that can not be done nor would have I done that because I meant every word I said. I will always stand by my words. So these words, ‘feelings’ are always finding a way into my life especially when I least want them in it. Sometimes I wish emotions would just fade away. Thinking like that never helps anyone....
by Bloody_Maiden - Comments: 0 - Views: 90

Third Day of My College Experience

I will record my thoughts on my third day at the University. I will express my concerns without hesitation as to what seems real to me on this. Here, I sit now at a desk lost to the world of Gender Women's study, though honestly I could careless about this class. I see it as something bigger for us women to view a broader spectrum for the future. Though this class is of little interest to me, does not mean it will not later on in its own time mean something to me. It sheds light on the struggle anyone can face themselves. To know our...
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