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 Global announcement:

Come on guys!


It's time we gave this place another kick up the arse!

Every section, whatever it is, get it going! All members, mods, globals and admins alike!

Let's get it going again!
by Mike - Comments: 3 - Views: 487

 Global announcement:

Member Check-in!

This is a follow on from the email I sent (or will have sent) to all members, in response to the shocking lack of activity on the site over the past few weeks.

I want to get activity back to decent levels, whether that be in off-topic, in RPs or any other ways you can think of.

So this thread isn't really much else other than a roll call. There will be no chatting in this thread,

I just want one post each from members who intend to be active, and not just for a bit.

This site needs regular members posting regularly. Please don't...
by Mike - Comments: 15 - Views: 472

Week 01

Weight: 61kg (134.5lbs)
PFR*: 7/10
At the gym: 3-4 days a week

Currently on:

- Multi Vitamins + Iron
- Cod Liver Oil
- Thermapure
- Weight Control supplement
- Green Tea

Just to make it clear, I'm already at a reasonable fitness
level and this is a quest to increase my workout rate in
order to reach my own goals. Workout regime is included
don't look at it and think it's impossible. After a few days
of doing...
by Paradigm - Comments: 0 - Views: 159



Just letting you know I'm really ill. We don't know what it is but apparantly it hits the 20-30yr olds and the symptoms are as listed

    High temperature- mine peaked at 105F so far
    Fine rash that can cover your whole body or come in patches
    Nausea and throwing up- this happened alot the first day
    aching limbs- ALL OVER ):

I also find it hard to breathe but I think that's due to pure exhaustion. Anyway- if I'm not about, I'm asleep and being incredibley ill.
by Paradigm - Comments: 2 - Views: 96

I forgot how time consuming pixel art was. Why on earth did I bother to take on such a task? Gahhh, so silly of me baha.
Also watching Run's House and it's making me laugh. But reminded me I need to get some work on achieving my goals. Like I wanna be able to move out my Mom's house and also get a different car at some point. Now lets review the logistics here:

  • All these things require monies
  • Monies means a better job
  • I need to get it together
  • I need a plan
  • I...
by Paradigm - Comments: 0 - Views: 77

I'm gonna say it: A dude is being given work that I can do 1000 times better.
I've been denied this work for months because I'm not a dude.

That's all I can really say on the subject. The only other way it's going to be said is exactly the same way but worded differently. I work hard, infact- I work so hard that I practically live where I work at the moment. I don't want to work there my whole life but when I ask for a certain amount of hours because I've finished my degree and want money- I'd appreciate it if I wasn't told "There...
by Paradigm - Comments: 0 - Views: 84

Right, I'm gonna give you all an education in my passion... well, one of them. I am a snowboarder. I'm not amazing at it, but I am good and improve every day that I practice at work. I'm that dedicated to improving I'll snowboard for a whole day and keep trying til I get it right. I shredded for 2 hours on a fractured wrist when I was learning- that's how much I wanted to do it and I was determined enough to not realise I'd broken anything.

No, I haven't been on a moutain, yes I want to go there and yes I want to be able to teach eventually....
by Paradigm - Comments: 0 - Views: 88

Yeah, you're reading a Nominee blog. I'm worried though because I have to pay £65 to cover marketing and promo costs but hey, I guess a little exposure is worth it even if I don't get anything. I'll have to work on my CV and make it look shiny for it all along with root out the photo's of my work. Crapping bricks is compulsory here. I don't get this kind of luck- good isn't in the stars usually it's the bad.

Here's hoping I get my act together and follow through with this
by Paradigm - Comments: 0 - Views: 66

So I thought I'd go Tesco's to get my lunch before work and after taking a peek I bought the Southern Fried Chicken wrap. It tasted good, it made my lunch. IT GAVE ME FOOD POISONING.

I can't blame it on the pizza's we had that evening because both my brother and my mum were fine. So, 5 hours of throwing up every ten minutes or so can be put down to Tesco's food. I'm steering away from chicken for a while- this wasn't the nicest of experiences. I then proceeded to spend my day sleeping and watching my puppy chew paper and sticks. Oh and...
by Paradigm - Comments: 0 - Views: 82

So I burst my internal boiler pipes on Kaki and Ace. Needless to say I was sorry but with the temperament of a rottweiler that's been starved- I bit the arm and not the stick. As a note to anyone who reads my journal, not just those I thought had been popping round the Admins Room: I don't want any PMs/ Messages/ Emails/ Texts/ Pats on the Backs of sympathy or reconciliation or 'I know how you feels' because you actually don't because you're not me so lets not go there. I was doing fine til I thought otherwise. Don't take this note as me being a...
by Paradigm - Comments: 0 - Views: 62

I'm crippled by my worry for my family. They're not coping with everything that's gone on, and it feels wrong that I'm doing alright. Yeah, I get sad when I think about the cold, hard facts- but maybe I've just been too busy to get myself depressed. My mum and my brother are seeing doctors about grievance and here I am, plodding along and going out and everyone on the outside see's me as who I've always been. Those that haven't looked deeper atleast. I think one, maybe two of the people that I see every day have looked and seen a shattered being...
by Paradigm - Comments: 2 - Views: 81

The saying usually goes, "There's strength in numbers" but I find that one person alone can have the strength of a thousand people. Physically this isn't possible but when you come to think of the words that have been used by our historical icons- one person truely has managed to gain power, trust and sway the minds of the general public into thinking the same things.

It's a humbling thought then, that as one lone person- I can get so much love and compassion for just being 'alright' or 'getting on with it'
As one person,...
by Paradigm - Comments: 0 - Views: 79

It sounds odd, but when I feel weak- I find the need to prove that I am strong. It's almost instinctive to search for some kind of strength within myself. A lot has happened this last month and when it all started I called someone named Emily. I don't know why, it's not like I wanted to tell her the sorrows- she shouldn't have to deal with it and I hated it. But, it was the calm, London belle that gave me the strength to get on with my day and be 'fine'. Just by talking to me about her day and being someone ... compassionate. I doubt if we had talked...
by Paradigm - Comments: 0 - Views: 91

For the very few that know- I had the most Soul Destroying day of my life on Monday. It's done, I can now close a chapter in my life and move forward with a new look on the world. I'll do my best to stay positive because being at a low is not only bad for me but everyone else around me. Luckily I have loads of distractions ad friends to help me out and it begins by picking up my snowboarding, drawing and maybe starting skateboarding again.

Yeah guys, I used to skateboard but now I have to learn all over again because after over 4 years...
by Paradigm - Comments: 1 - Views: 85

I've been neglective, of everything for quite a while. Some may know what's gone on and I've confided in those I trust. I'm not spilling out a life story so I'm just going to give a basic explanation of why I haven't been around. At bare basics, I've been piled with work, education and a severe personal life. I've not had the time for social life and all I've wanted to do is sleep once I'm home.
Y'all seen the fact I've got a puppy, she takes up my time but I probably won't do a video diary of the little bugger because I haven't got the time...
by Paradigm - Comments: 0 - Views: 90

-*Content Deleted*-

Disaster struck when I was notified of my loss. But with a face like Iggy's I couldn't stay mad for long I guess. This is late, yes- but I am rather busy as I have an end of year show coming up next week (:

Oh, not sure why I got a black box but I'll go with it seeming as I can't be bothered to edit it out- took 2 hours to upload and now I'm tired (:

[PS: Playback quality does improve... when the video has stopped being processed by youtube]
by Paradigm - Comments: 4 - Views: 109

-*Content Deleted*-

So we have a new Golden Retriever puppy and I had a videocam for my birthday (yay!) so I thought it would be pretty neat to start a diary to sorta see where I'm going wrong and where I'm going right. It also stops me from taking so many photographs- I must have hundreds. This is also so that all my mates can see the new pup every week without me having to drive her around.

Sorry that it's not edited or anything but I seem to loose the great quality my videocam provides when I start to cut out the bit where...
by Paradigm - Comments: 3 - Views: 121
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