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 Welcome To Non Magical, A Word From Your Moddess

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The Love Goddess

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PostSubject: Welcome To Non Magical, A Word From Your Moddess   Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:12 pm

Welcome to the Non Magical section, another of my domains. Just the run of the mill post about what not to do and what not.

Non Magical : Based in Realists eras. There are no fantasy elements, no magic and MINOR technological advancements. Any real era's that have taken place; Medieval, Renaissance, World Wars, Cold Wars, Western, Modern Times etc.

Problems : If you encounter a problem with another member, that is not resolved in a civilized manner via PM or IM. Click here and send me a PM immediately with a brief description of the problem.

God Modding : Absolutely prohibited UNLESS explicit permission has been given between members and Myself (the Moddess).

Mature Content : Please be sure that you have read the post made by your Admin The Joker's Ace in the OoC section, the rules there apply here, so if you haven't, click here.

Right now things are running smoothly, and that's just the small bit I wanted to put up, I'm sure if there is anything else I have to say I will post it.

Now go out and RP, have fun, enjoy the forum, and be respectful.


i love my sisters ace & mai
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Welcome To Non Magical, A Word From Your Moddess
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