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 Welcome to the battleground, warrior!

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PostSubject: Welcome to the battleground, warrior!   Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:23 pm

The distant clapping of hooves echoes throughout the lands as a King steps into the battlefield. His white, glowing stallion seems to trot off after he knows that the King has something important to say. The large figure, completely covered in some of the fanciest jewels, gold, and many other precious metals slowly takes off his helm, holding a large battleaxe to his shoulder, his crimson eyes dart around the area as he licks his lips, preparing to speak. "MEN AND WOMEN! The kingdom welcomes you all to the wonderful ranks of war! We all hope that you will follow these simple rules..." The king takes out a long rod of parchment and begins reading from it.
"Rule number one! We do not wish to see any one line posts, let alone, one word... Us moderators have sufferred through the same thing's by ourself, and when we look back on it, we realise what we should of all done... Rule number two! No god modding... It annoys the hell out of anyone and if we see it, then I will be stepping in to stop it. Rule number three! If there is to be spamming, consider your roleplay to be discarded into the fiery depths of Nal'mir... Rule number 4! No harassing one another, at all... We are all warriors here, and warriors fight with valor." The king takes a deep breath and looks through the parchment yet again.

"Rule number five! Even though we are all warriors... We mustn't attack our fellow comrades, nor anyone else in this gracious land. We are all here to have fun, make a few new friends, and build up our skills in roleplaying. Rule number six! Even though most of the best things in life are illegal, we must refrain from using these types of things within this haven. Rule number seven! While we are all mature here, I... No, EVERYONE within this site looks up to each other, so I do not want every second word to be 'fuck' or 'shit'. Rule number eight! This also refers to the mature rule... We at Drama Haters pride ourselves on making sure nothing completely horrible happens, such as sexual abuse within a roleplay, sexual abuse from the past of your character, rape, basically anything wrong with the sexual world, is not allowed. And the final rule... Even though this is a mature access forum, we still advise you that you must state within the name of the roleplay that it has Mature themes, simply by stating in the name of the roleplay. That is all for now, I hope to see you all within the battlefield. The king places his helm back onto his head and grins, before pointing his battleaxe off into the horizon.



Going Global!

Welcome!, Rules!, Mature Writing!
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Welcome to the battleground, warrior!
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