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 Welcome to the Out of Character section.

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Out of Character section.   Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:50 pm

Greetings everyone and welcome to the Out of Character section, here are the rules, which have just been copied from the rules section.

1. No, and I swear to you, I mean no drama. It is not tollerated, and will earn you a swift kick right off the site.

2. There will be no spamming of the forums/topics/threads/chatbox. Spamming is posting duplicate or dubious information on any area of the site, or sending mass PMs with promotions, codes, websites, etc. etc. It's rude, and incredibly uncalled for. This will be handled on a base by base occurrence.

3. No harrassment. This is another important matter, guys. Harassment is incredibly illegal, and will be handled with force and unflinching power. Please see HERE for the definition of harassment.

4. Absolutely no attacking members. There is an incredibly huge difference between having a disagreement and attacking someone's character, and by character, I don't mean the one they RP with. There will be no insults, name calling, calling out, or any other type of an attack on members. If you have an issue with someone, take it to a moderator.

5. No illegal activities. This is different in each country. Please do not break any laws while on this site that are apparent in your country. If you are unsure what is legal or not in the country you are from, Google it.

6. Please only use one account. If you want to create a second account, speak to a Global Moderator, explain why you want a new account, and it will be decided by me, and me alone rather you can or not.

7.While this entire site is Mature, there are a few things NOT allowed. These things are, straight up, non negotiable, NOT ALLOWED.*

8. While cussing is allowed on this site, please do not abuse this right. I do not want every other word to be fuck, and I absolutely do not want to see crap RPs where cursing is the main theme.

9. There are no attention whores allowed on this site. An attention whore is someone that does whatever they can to gain the attention of every person of the opposite sex possible. Not only does it create drama, it's plain ass annoying.
10. This is a Mature forum, which means there is not a Mature Section, however, if your topic is going to contain Mature content, please label the subject as such: Title - Mature, OR Title - Rated M. See HERE For more information on Mature writing.

11. There is absolutely NO God Modding or Power Play Characters. This means, your post controls the actions of another character, or you create a character so powerful nothing or no one can beat them. The only time God Modding or Power Play is allowed is when the people Role Playing have discussed it prior to posting, not only amongst themselves, but also with the Moderator of that section.

We all hope that you enjoy yourself, and I hope to see alot of people posting here.


Going Global!

Welcome!, Rules!, Mature Writing!
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Welcome to the Out of Character section.
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