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 Bow down to the King!

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#1 Bachelor

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PostSubject: Bow down to the King!   Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:38 am

Hello people!

Well, what can I say about myself? I'm 18 years old, first got into the world of roleplaying at the beginning of 2006 by a good friend of mine. First started under the name of MrBigglesworth04, so if any movers from the other website see this, then they know that I'm a friendly face. I enjoy playing La Crosse, but have had to stop it this year for a few financial reasons..... I love hanging out with friends, singing, playing video games, drinking! I love drinking!

Hmmm.... Well that's about it, hope to see everyone on the forums!

Mod: I'd like to personally welcome you to the forums, by not giving you an already generated messge that will be sent to the masses once this gets up and running. Also.. This is a test..
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Joker's Ace

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PostSubject: Re: Bow down to the King!   Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:02 pm

Welcome my King! *pounces and loves on and kisses* I'm so way uber glad you're here. Can't think of a better person to trust with my baby. *Grins* I hope we have waaaaaaaaay loads of fun and stuffs. *holds tightly and kisses his forehead* I'll see you around lover.

Forever - Me


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My heart, my soul, my beloved neechan...
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The Love Goddess
The Love Goddess

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PostSubject: Re: Bow down to the King!   Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:20 pm

A figure steps in from the shadows, her silhouette vanishing as she appears in the light. Her crystal blue eyes glance over the newcomer and she grins. Her figure outlined in a flowling red dress, a black and venetian mask giving her a mysterious look. Perfect straight white teeth show behind crimson red lips as she speaks"Hello there, Welcome to DHRPG, a site where you can RP and stay drama free" she nods and continues "I encourage you to invite your friends, and feel free get to know those around you.. I am most esteemed you have joined this forum and can't wait to see what you may post" She takes a breath and glances off to the side "I am your Moddess of Intros, Modern Fantasy, Realistic, Original Works, and Original Works Review.. I will be leaving you a link for you to get acquainted with the rules of this forum as well as one for you to PM me with any questions"

The figure turns and the room dims again, her silhouette returning "See you around" her voice rang as black smoke enveloped her and she vanishes. Doors appear where she was standing, one marked 'About This Site', one marked 'Rules', and another marked 'PM'

. . .

Note: This is still in progress, seeing as the site is new, so PM me with any questions ^_^


i love my sisters ace & mai
Moddess of Modern Fantasy & Realistic

Forum Love Goddess
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PostSubject: Re: Bow down to the King!   

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Bow down to the King!
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