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 Black Sails at Midnight [IC|Pirates|Rated M for Gore, Violence, Sexuality & Strong Language]

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PostSubject: Black Sails at Midnight [IC|Pirates|Rated M for Gore, Violence, Sexuality & Strong Language]   Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:10 pm

The ocean's waves were rough. James Vane was yelling out commands and running around the ship to help his crew keep the ship on course. "Mr. Prichard! Help me with these mast lines!" A short man ran over to James and grabbed the rope that James had his hands on.

"Aye, Cap'n! These damned winds can't master the Barnacle, aye?" Ojo Prichard smiled up at the captain and James laughed. He nodded and pulled on the ropes. The winds kept trying to turn the mast but James and Ojo held their ground. Ojo looked at the captain. "Is there anyway we can avoid this storm?!"

James looked at Ojo again and replied, "'Fraid not. If we do, we'll be off course. We just have to wait it out. We have no time to lose." He paused. "Can you hold the rope? I want to talk with the crew!" Ojo nodded and James let go of the rope. Ojo shifted a bit when this happened but remained on his ground. The captain walked around the ship getting the attention of the men. They looked up as he walked by. He walked up to the quarterdeck and looked about the crew that had gathered infront of him. "Men! Have I told any of you what we're after? Because it seems that you're growing tired of this journey for great treasure!" The men looked around at each other. "Anybody willing to call me crazy?!" The men looked around again and one man raised his hand. James signaled him up on the quarterdeck and put his hand on his shoulder. "Of course I am." He snickered and patted the man on the back. The man started to walk away awkwardly. James took his flintlock pistol out and then shot the man. He fell to his knees and then onto the deck. He put his pistol back and looked at his unmoved men. "Anyone else?" James smiled and started to shout at the men. "Exactly! We're all insane crooks and pirates on this here ship and if ye don't like it, death to ya!" His men joined in the shout with swords raised high. "Now back to work, ye maggots! We're headed to Tortuga to make a stop!"

The crew shouted again with their cutlasses raised. "AYE!" Immediately, the men went back to maintaining the ship. James stood on the quarterdeck with his hand on the wheel and a giant smile on his face. The rain was dripping off his face onto his worn jacket.

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PostSubject: Re: Black Sails at Midnight [IC|Pirates|Rated M for Gore, Violence, Sexuality & Strong Language]   Thu Aug 13, 2009 12:21 am

The day told the tales of a horrid storm coming. How lucky it was for the Captain of the Damned Oyster to be able to be docked, getting ready to set sail into the folds of a roaring storm. Capt. Morgana stood on the deck of her ship, no stereotypical captain hat upon her silk medium brunette hair, which curled at the base of her neck. She wore a nice coat over her outside doors, her boots coming up to her knees. Her eyes brightened a the sight of the storm. The crew was loading the necessary goods from their recent raid of a small town up North. They were all enjoying themselves over all the treasures they had gained from the raid. Morgana watched them all and laughed to herself. If the men were happy, she was going to be in a good mood.

"Well men!!! I am glad to see you are all in good spirits. Enjoy this night in a small celebration,but before dawn we are set out on to our true goal!"

All the men watched her for a moment and finally yelled. They all seemed to be in good cheers for now. Wait until tomorrow came...

Morgana looked around them men and found the one called, Fluffypants. "You, come here..."


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PostSubject: Re: Black Sails at Midnight [IC|Pirates|Rated M for Gore, Violence, Sexuality & Strong Language]   Tue Aug 18, 2009 2:10 am

The charts and the reports from the previous outing to the Pacific shown the rough seas ahead, yet the Gloomy Emerald still trekked forward, the hull of the ship rattling with every crashing wave. The crew was bustling around, carrying cannonballs, coils of rope, and glasses of grog within their hands as they sang a haunting sea shanty. 'Although the seas are treacherous, and some of us are diseased... We rely on Cap'n Cutthroat! The Scourge of the Sea! He lies, he loots and plunders, he disposes of the dead. If anything were to happen to him, our hearts shall be filled with dread!' The shanty was quickly interrupted by the loud booming noise of a flint-lock pistol firing into the air as the doors for the Captain's Quarters swung open, and the captain stood out, his piercing eyes glancing at everyone. "What 'ave I told you all about singin'? Don't any of yer remember what hap'nd to Rusty Pete, or do I 'ave ta direct yer's to the mast!" Captain Lucius Cutthroat pointed up to the mast, showing the symbol of the Gloomy Emerald, a relentless snake with a gem shoved through it's head... Painted in what seemed to be blood from a fallen comrade. The entire crew shook with fear as the Scourge of the Sea wandered around the deck.

"Who start'd it?" Lucius softly bellowed, wandering around two of the crew members... His cutlass gleaming even with the darkness of the sky. "WHICH ONEOVYA LANDLUBBER'S START'D IT!" Lucius held out his pistol as well as his cutlass, still looking around. One of the crew members stepped forward, holding several coils of rope and two glasses of grog. Lucius grinned and stepped towards the brave crew member. "Yer the one who start'd this?" Lucius grinned even wider, raising his cutlass slightly as the crew member nodded. "Name and rank?" Lucius continued raising his cutlass as the crew member coughed a little. "James McMillin.... I'm the strongest deckhand you have cap'n..." Lucius grinned, raising his cutlass over his head, before dropping it and resting his hand on James' shoulder. "T'was a fine shanty! Bring me some grog in me quarters! The rest of yer! Keep loadin' up the stock room! We shall reach Bloodhoof Isle by sunrise!" Lucius grinned, before picking up his cutlass and walking back into his quarters.


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PostSubject: Re: Black Sails at Midnight [IC|Pirates|Rated M for Gore, Violence, Sexuality & Strong Language]   

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Black Sails at Midnight [IC|Pirates|Rated M for Gore, Violence, Sexuality & Strong Language]
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