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 District 9

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PostSubject: District 9   Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:20 pm

I go to the movies every Friday and fancy myself a film buff, though I hardly care enough to write meaningful critiques of the movies I do see. I just enjoy going and watching them. Anyway, so I saw District 9 Friday night and was pleasantly surprised. While the initial trailers and storyline had seemed interesting, I thought it would have leaned more towards the political, humane side of things. I wasn't looking forward to sitting there a couple hours through that, but was still interested enough to fork over the $6.75 (Yay Military Discount!).

Well, without exposing too much of the plot and such, I was very pleased with the movie. So much so that I'd have to rate it 9/10, one of my more favorite movies of the year. With the disappointment that Terminator was, as well as Transformers 2, District 9 was a breath of fresh air. I actually left wanting more, something very rare as of late with movies for me. I'd almost venture out to say I wanted a sequel, but sequels are notorious for being horrible. I'll pass, and hold a special, little place for this movie in my heart. (I'm a sucker for Alien movies.)
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District 9
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