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 Day to Day in Hick Town - Belle's Blog -|mature for language|-

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PostDay to Day in Hick Town - Belle's Blog -|mature for language|-

ok. i really wanted to do this for a while, and its going to be a mix of a regular blog. as well as something i saw on family guy "You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?"
ill get something up here soon, comments are welcome in my review section Smile


i love my sisters ace & mai
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Day to Day in Hick Town - Belle's Blog -|mature for language|- :: Comments

Post on Sun Sep 06, 2009 3:42 pm by Belle8448
my birthday - aug. 26
18 right? so its suppose to be the shit is it not?
well. mine wasnt. it was a total sucky day.
woke up wednesday morning.. what did i wake up to?

happy birthday.. get your shit and move out..
really? are you fucking serious? move out? on a school day?
nah. they were just kidding. so then i make it through the whole day to find out
NOONE FREAKING REMEMBERS. oh yea, thats fun as hell. then when they do find out, they feel all back.
oh shut the fuck up.. its been on my myspace i been talking about it for a week.

i get home, and im supposed to go out to dinner.. good right?
nooooo.. apparently i cant fucking drive, bitch about this, bitch about that..
i pulled over the car halfway there and walked out.. so that ruined the dinner..
for two hours i got to listen to the if you dont like the way i run things leave..

so yea.. thats all cool.. i get home check the mail any cards? nooope. none at all.
around 10pm.. i get a phone call.. is it my mom who supposedly cares so much?
nope its my nearly dead beat whore father. WOW! HE KNOWS I HAVE A BIRTHDAY????!?!?

i went to bed at about 1130 bawling. my birthday sucked. the only people in my family who remembered were my grandparents
i didnt get a call from anyone else, a card, an email, a comment on myspace or facebook.
family my fucking ass...

Day to Day in Hick Town - Belle's Blog -|mature for language|-

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