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 Kagehime Inner warrior

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PostSubject: Kagehime Inner warrior   Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:12 pm

The shadows cast about him as he runs through the forest.He did not want this,for that he would have to face inner demons.He falls to the ground perfectly still in which he is scared to move. Inside He is in turmoil. The demon has awakened. Inside a dreamscape of buildings all gray. Standing on the roof of one,he overlooks the cityscape for his alternate.
Out of the blue he is attacked by a mirror image devoid of all color. Up comes Zangetsuga, his black skin sword and clashes with yet another mirror image devoid of color.
The ground shakes with each clash, the mirror smiling wickedly continues his onslaught, while on the outside he looks nothing but a bad dream.I slam him back and put Zangetsuga forward and look him dead in the eye.
Mirror disappears and Kagehime wakes up in the forest near the lake. A half mask on his face his eyes black and pupils one gold one red.His blonde hair spiky,his cloak black on the outside red underneath. He stands up drawing out his 6'1'' frame and exposing wrapped bandages aroumd his stomach and arm. He looks up and around familiarizing himself.

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Kagehime Inner warrior
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