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 Greetings, Introductions, and Rules

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PostSubject: Greetings, Introductions, and Rules   Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:18 am

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the resident spirit of fire and your new mod for this section, if you'll please follow the flight attendant's lead we'll be able to take off shortly...

Drama Free Rulebook
This is the rulebook laid down by Joker's Ace. This is law. If anything I ask in this forum conflicts with what is written in that book, the book wins. Every time.

I'll be watching this area like a hawk, and since trouble in this section is likely to few and far between I'll probably be a very starved hawk before too long.
I'm expecting, as anyone would, basic levels of politeness and appropriate behavior from the people here. When in doubt about whether something is appropriate, read all the rules over again. If you still have questions, PM me. I'm on nearly every day, most often several times a day, so I'm never very far when you need me.

Let's go through the basic list of dos and don'ts...
1. Always follow the rules of the forum, linked near the top of this post and again HERE.
2. Don't steal other people's work. There's a sticky for unclaimed works for when you run out of things to write, so you have no excuse to claim someone else's work as your own.
3. Please note your works with a rating of 'E' through 'AO', or 'G' through 'NC 17'. Failing to understand the rating systems of games and movies, just put 'Mature' next to anything that you wouldn't show your grandmother.
4. Please don't post in someone's thread here. This is where they write, and there's a separate board where you respond. It's just like IC and OOC, you don't post in someone else's RP without their express permission, you won't do it here.
5. There is a section labeled 'FanFic'. That is where your work goes if it is based on someone else's work. If your writing includes characters or settings from a game, book, movie, television series, or anything but your own mind, it probably goes there.
6. If someone breaks the rules, please PM me. I'll be trying to read every thread, but I do make mistakes and I might not see something right off the bat. Whatever you do, don't try to solve a problem by yourself. That rarely leads to peace between members.
7. Belle requested while she was here that there be one topic per member per story type. I encourage you to be as creative as you can, and as such if you desire to produce more than one story at a time I don't mind if you wish to make a separate thread for each story. Just try to keep up with them and let me know if a story is dead, I'll lock it to prevent any confusion over which stories are still being written.

Most of this is just common, every day courtesy and general forum knowledge. It's not that hard to see why these rules are what they are, you're probably already following them even without me saying anything. So, in the spirit of trusting you to know what's mature and what's nothing but useless drama, please fasten your seat belts and return your chair and trays to their upright positions, we're taking off.
~Shiroi-Ka, The White Fire


Global Mod of Fire, PM for assistance
I <3 you... So so much...
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Greetings, Introductions, and Rules
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