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 Sig and Avi Request Forum Rules! (Read Please!)

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PostSubject: Sig and Avi Request Forum Rules! (Read Please!)   Fri Oct 16, 2009 4:49 am

Hello users of the Signature and Avatar Request thread! I'm Kaely, the new mod for this forum! This forum is for people looking to find someone to design a set for them or for those set makers to open up a shop. This is not for posting any other kind of art.

First of all, this is a request thread, but that doesn't mean you don't have to follow the site's rules. All DHRPG Rules apply.

Mike wrote:

For shop owners: Please ensure you are clear with your instructions to members about what you require to carry out their requests.

For those making requests: Please follow all of the instructions of the shop owners, to enable quicker, smoother, and a higher quality service.

Also, if you're going to post just a random request thread for any an all set makers, try to put some guidelines or pictures for the set makers to use. It makes it easier for them and they are more likely to make you a set. But really, I suggest you find a shop, check out the type of sets they make and if you like the art, post a request. It's really easier for everyone.

And with that, enjoy and I hope all your new sets, sigs, and avis are beautiful!

- Kaelynisfree


Mod of All Things Art, the Music Hall, and the Forum Playlist

Visit the Sig and Avi Request subform to request new sets!
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Sig and Avi Request Forum Rules! (Read Please!)
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