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 In Wrath (Possible mature)

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PostSubject: In Wrath (Possible mature)   Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:07 am

Ena shivered, wrapping the fur robe around her shoulders as the ship came through the Frozen Sea to its destination. The Tundra was close, the crew were busying themselves preparing to dock in Vanguard Keep within a few minutes. She watched them hurry around while she half-lay in the hammock in the lower decks of the ship. It wasn't nearly as large or as spectacular as the Defias one... Shaking her head to snap out of her creeping nostalgia, she decided it was about time to get ready herself. Slipping out of the hammock, Ena picked up the bags she'd brought with her to the frozen land, then gripped her staff and walked up the stairs onto the main deck. The cold wind hit her bare face causing her to rub it shivering hard again. And to think, this was one of the warmer areas of Northrend. Pulling the crude map she had received when boarding or Northrend, it showed where the Keep was, where the borders of the Tundra ended and where the Basin and Dragonblight began, along with the location of Icecrown, Howling Fjord, Grizzly Hills, Zul'Drak and the Storm Peaks. Peering a little closer a the map she found a small area between Dragonblight and Icecrown that looked like it read Wintergrasp with what looked like crossed swords. This Wintergrasp must have been a battlefield and one likely of great importance.

Looking around as the ship came roughly against the dock, she caught sight of the Scourge pressing a constant attack against the walls of the Keep, construction still going, people running around trying to put out the fires attempting to consume the scaffolds. The Alliance Soldiers were out attacking the scourge, medics nearby on hand to treat the wounded in the short time between one Scourge Nerubian falling and another bursting through the sand and taking its place. She could feel a dark presence similar to the type she had control of, her eyes scanned the dock as she put her foot down but could see nothing that gave their presence away. Shrugging a bit Ena continued walking, a couple of lines lead to a desk where upon seeing her, one of the Lieutenants called her over.

"You've come to enlist, right? Normally you'd have to stand in line like the other recruits. Normally you'd be out of luck because the recruitment ledger's gone missing and I can't process anyone until the new books get here. Fortunately for you, Ena, I've heard about you and what you did in Outland. To be honest, you're a cut above these poor saps. Lines aren't for you. Go to the barracks and speak to General Arlos. He'll be more than happy to meet with someone of your caliber." Nodding, Ena picked up the papers and made her way out of the line amidst taunts and snide remarks of those still in the line that she had been pushed up the front of. Heading down the steps and leaping onto the docked ship, across the deck and off to the other side where the Keep stood, Ena made her way in and up to the General in the highest part of the keep, deep in discussion with the others while pacing at the farthest wall.

"General Arlos, Ena Van Cleef." She stated, clearly and loud enough to catch their attention. If it wasn't her sure tone, it was her surname that caught attention of the General and his officers. The General stopped pacing and nodded, calling her up with his hand for the papers she carried. Handing them over, she felt the eyes of the others watching her.

"We've been expecting your arrival, Ena. Welcome to Northrend. It's good to have you among us, Ena. We've all heard of your past deeds. As you know, King Wrynn is moving great armies into Northrend to meet those of Arthas. But armies are nothing without true heroes to inspire and lead them. I want you to be that hero for my men. Fight alongside them against the Scourge that lays siege to our stronghold. Report to Sergeant Hammerhill outside the inner hold. Valiance Keep cannot fall. The future of our campaign depends on it. "

Ena nodded and turned, walking confidently out of the Keep toward this Sergeant. Upon seeing her, he threw his arms into the air. "By Magni's beard! Looks like the heavy artillery's arriving."


Mikael sat on the stairs, watching as the group he had infiltrated Utgarde Keep with, run toward the final opposition standing on Tyr's Terrace. Ingvar the Plunderer shouted orders out to his Dragonflayers pointing to the areas below, the flayers and their Proto-drakes continued on their way. Hearing the would-be heroes and adventurers approach, the Plunderer took to battle. Simply shaking his head, he watched the battle rage on, one of the Horde fell, before they took the final blow to the Plunderer. Preparing to return life to their fallen comrade, none saw the Val'kyr appear. She cursed the fallen Vrykul, the Horde's eyes widened as they realised their battle was yet far from over. The fallen one, a rogue who had gotten too cocky, was to remain that way until they were able to defeat this new monster. Mikael knew, this battle for them would now be a futile one. The warrior orc who tried to maintain the undead Plunderer's rage directed at him grit his teeth as the axe sunk deep into the shield he carried, the one that had just saved his life. Without warning, the axe was thrown to the Blood Elf priest, felling her in a single attack. The warrior and the shaman started backing off, the Shaman throwing out totem after totem to try help the remaining force in their escape.

As though knowing the duo were trying to flee, the Plunderer leapt into the air, bringing his axe down in a single heavy crash on the bridge. The bones of the fleeing horde jarred, Mikael knew this much, their attempt to flee now was useless. The warrior brought his shield up again as the rotting face of Ingvar shoved into his and roared, knowing victory was now his. Mikael stood, and as the Shaman fell, approached the Plunderer looking at the fallen corpses. Annhyde The Caller returned. "These should be fine soul for the Lich King." He kicked the shaman, then noticed the Ankh gripped tightly in his hand. Pulling out his sword, Mikael brought it down to be met with the shield of the risen Shaman.

"You traitor!" The Tauren's words were loud and sure. "You have sold your soul for naught!" Lightning slammed into him then jumped to the Plunderer and Annhyde. The Plunderer fell, his body no longer able to withstand the damage he had sustained. Bringing his sword around again, Mikael found the mark this time, the blade slicing into the shaman's side. The shaman tried to call upon his healing ability but received a fist to his jaw, cancelling the call on nature. The Shaman fell again, this time he wasn't getting up.

Mikael looked to the body, the brought the blade down across the neck and severed the head of the Plunderer. Annhyde simply looked at him then moved off to retrieve the souls of the fallen to return to the Lich King. With the head in tow, Mikael leapt down into the water and made his way out of the Keep and over to Vengeance Landing and High Executor Anselm. He would be the sole survivor of the Keep, but the head of the Plunderer was there and there was no reason for any to venture back in.


Ishura moved easily in the snow of Dragonblight toward the Ruby Dragonshrine, avoiding the careful gaze of both Horde and Alliance scouts and weaving between rocks to avoid being seen by the Red Dragons flying overhead while they attacked the scourge below. Taking the opportunity of the dragons locked in battle, she slipped through the forces and into the small cavern beneath the tree in the middle. To her surprise the inhabitant was still living, but only just. Dahlia Suntouched looked up to the Undead Night Elf before her, the blades on her back gleaming in the odd light that filtered in. Ishura shook her head to the unanswered question that touched the elf's face, both relief and despair replaced it. "If I were to try and help you, you would die, and the hold of your body would become his. I simply request a petal."

Dahlia indicated to the sole flower that lay in the cavern and Ishura shook her head, looking to her hands. Silently, Dahlia pulled a petal off and wrapped it in a light piece of cloth before placing it on the ground where Ishura bowed her head reverently to the Shrine's Keeper and picked it up, making her way out again, leaving no trace of her arrival as the Scourge made their way deeper into the shrine.


Shekinah sat in the medic centre of Dalaran, a bandage around her chest that needed frequent changing. She didn't like the feeling, it was, she had to admit, somewhat painful. But then that was to be expected, after all she had just returned. And as though to make sure she didn't run away, beside her stood the twins, Vanilla and Cinnamon. It looked as though they were her body guards, which made her want to laugh, a blood elf protected by those two? Not in this lifetime. It was a bit of a surprise however that they let themselves be seen in such a crowded town, but then this was probably also the best place to be hiding, in plain view. Though, Vanilla had said previously she had something to do here so knowing it best not to ask what sort of business it was, Shekinah kept her mouth closed and her head remained on her shoulders. Not that she would have minded of course returning to her dead state, though preferably remaining that way next time.

Olisarra moved between Vanilla and Shekinah to reach around behind her, peeling off the bandage as gently as she could. It had been hours since they had started trying to heal her and for some reason her wounds simply refused to close. Sighing, she pulled the entire bandage off and sat there washing them before rubbing a salve into the wounds to keep them at least sterile, feeling the eyes of the twins on her she worked hard on the warlock's wounds, Olisarra kept her eyes only upon the wounded woman, wondering silently as to how she received such injuries. She shook her head. "I don't understand it, they just won't close. What caused these injuries? If I had something to go by-"

"That doesn't concern you." The voice was harsh, it had come from Vanilla, the twin standing slightly behind Olisarra as though preparing to launch an attack if provoked, and watching that she did exactly what she was told.

She sighed, this had been the most agonising thing she'd done thus far today, even worse than holding that terrible bag of 'fishing treasures' as a certain Miss Chase had called it for the person who was game enough to bring back the severed arm for the man on the bed to her left. Shekinah shook her head then stood, painfully crying out as the wounds opened more. Olisarra went to berate her when Vanilla's hand slapped across the elf's mouth. She watched as the warlock began to cauterise the wounds, the open bleeding turning into nasty looking scars, though two on her back that she could see reminded her of wings, as though she had wings that had been ripped off.

"You can deal with these now, can't you?" The warlock was gritting her teeth, her chest heaving, the pain obvious on her face, the pain not being just the fact she'd seared her own wounds closed, but that she was starving of mana and magic. She could have been able to call on her own life force to restore her own mana, but it was clear to most she was in no shape to do that just yet. Olisarra nodded as Shekinah collapsed onto the bed again, hissing between her teeth at the painful addiction growing stronger.

Vanilla looked to Cinnamon, the younger nodding and reaching into the pouch on her hip, bringing out an abyss crystal and held it before Olisarra. "Please make this into something she can absorb before her pain grows any more." Olisarra called over another of the nurses who took it and crushed it into tiny pieces, before mixing it into ice cold water and returning to Shekinah's side, holding it for her as the warlock put it to her mouth and swallowed it in a single gulp. The pain lessened, she was able to breathe again, and with that she fell asleep while Olisarra continued to tend to her, Cinnamon looked back to Vanilla who shook her head sharply yet almost unnoticed. Vanilla vanished from sight and out of the medic centre to handle her own business.

That business just so happened to involve the Underbelly and the bank they kept there. The two above were too crowded, while larger, they had business from more Horde and Alliance than even the ones she could remember from Shattrath. The bank down here had only two goblins by it, and only one of those actually watched the bank, thankfully that bank also happened to be very close to an exit through the sewer pipe. Ducking down into the Underbelly, she picked up one of the elixirs on the ground, holding it up to her eye she could see that it held a lot of random magic that had gathered in the sewer. Wondering briefly who would have bothered to actually put it in a container but decided anything could work and pocketed it. She made her way down toward the Cantrips and Crows, moving among the shadows, eating a deviate delight, transforming her appearance into that of a human pirate, before slipping into stealth approaching the bank. Taking out one of the largest bags she could find, Vanilla went to work quickly. She sapped one of the goblins, then proceeded to plant her boot in the back of the other as they turned to look at their companion, sending them flying into the water. Bringing her sword out and down in a ferocious arc, slicing through part of the mesh, enough that she could kick through it at least.

Moving quick, Vanilla's boot burst through the mesh then she leapt in and began stuffing everything she could, particularly the gold, into the bag before sprinting out upon hearing voices and weapons being drawn, the loot gripped tightly in her hand as she ran through the sewer pipe, dodging shots being fired at her and ricocheting off the stone walls. Reaching the end, she grinned and leaped out, looking over her shoulder to the guards that had chased her to the end and waved to them as she fell toward the ground before activating the flexweave parachute that she had sewn onto her cloak, falling gently to the ground.

"Well that wasn't nearly as bad as expected." She put her fingers to her lips and whistled, a twilight drake landing before her, the one that she had seen around Shekinah, waiting for her to climb on its back. "Well let's get this to safety." Vanilla climbed onto the drake before taking off at quite a speed toward Zul'Drak, the loot safely before her.

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PostSubject: Re: In Wrath (Possible mature)   Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:07 pm

Relaxing in the comforts of Dalaran, Artemis Morningstar saw opportunity abound with the magi of the Kirin Tor. So easy it would be to rob these wizards blind for the simple task of slaying a dragon. With Onyxian at his side, and the shadowy under workings of the Midnight Syndicate at his command, Artemis rarely felt anything but confidence when it came to a contract. He had to admit though, the constant stares from the High Elves grated on his nerves. They were so... callous towards the Sin'dorei people that he often found pleasure in hunting their number out in the field.

Ignoring the tugging of his malevolent heart to let one of his felsteel longblades to find the lung of another of the Enclave, he turned his thoughts instead to the Blood Reavers. They were... for lack of a better word... fools. One and all, they were fools, seeking acceptance from Dalaran. Personally, he found the entire situation laughable. Tapping his fingers on the side of his half mask he wore over his lower face, Artemis smirked a bit, his glowing green eyes lighting with pleasure at the thought of taking them blind as well.

He found all sorts of things to amuse himself with in Dalaran.

Leaning back against the chair he'd occupied for nearly three hours in the sewers of Dalaran, looking around the bar, Cantrips and Crows, with a light amusement. Everything seemed to amuse Artemis these days.

He was waiting for one of his contacts in the bar, a very special contact that he'd personally trained. Looking down to his gauntlets, he clenched his hand for a moment, before looking back up to the rotted wood of the bar, his eyes empty and full at the same time; filled with a malice that rivaled a demon's.

Adara, where are you?, he thought to himself.

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PostSubject: Re: In Wrath (Possible mature)   Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:57 am

She was flying. Flying up, higher and higher, faster and faster. Oh how she loved to fly. The feel of the wind whipping, the freedom of being alone. Not worrying of an attack, not fearing for her life, well... Unless she fell off her mount, but that wasn't going to happen. Not with Adara Star'Gazer as the rider. She was an accomplished rider, with more than enough experience flying around the world of Azeroth plenty of times. And today was no different... Unless you count the body hanging along the back of her mount. That was rather different. It wasn't every day, after all, that Miss Star'Gazer had an occupant with her. Grinning lightly to herself, Adara reached up, lightly tugging her black face mask that covered the lower half of her face down, so that her laughter could be properly heard throughout the skies as her deep red hair whipped behind her, almost as a crimson flag of death.

"Up! Up you get." She called to her passenger, who wast startled awake, a terrified scream erupting from his throat as he clutched the back of the black Drake she rode. "Wha?! What's the meaning of all this?! Who are you!?" His cries of terror were only music to the rogue's ear as she turned around, her back now facing forward. Startling green eyes, glowing softly, pierced into the man as Adara grinned wickedly to him. "Sorry Magistrate. You understand business, don't you?" The Sin'Dorei whispered as she shoved with all her might, causing the tall Night Elf to topple down the Drake, and fall fall fall, thousands of miles into the city below. It would cause a scene, definitely. And more than likely a large fight, then again, Adara never really cared for matters of the state. She'd been paid to kill the Magistrate, quite a bit, and dump his body in any Alliance town. Perhaps a bit of in house fighting? She didn't know, nor did she care as she flipped back around on her Drake and flew the rest of the way to Dalaran. There was a man with an agenda there, and Adara had no urges to piss him off, or be late.

As she jumped from her Drake's back, dismissing it with a simple wave of her arm, Adara quietly melded with the shadows, choosing to walk the streets of Dalaran in secrecy than letting everyone know she was about. It was safer that way. Rather... Safer for the citizens of the city. Quietly, the rogue made ehr way into the sewers, stopping only for a moment to stock up on her poisons before making her way to Cantrips and Crows, Artemis' favored meeting place. Though something distracted her on her way as she stood to stare at the pair of Goblins standing around the bank. Robbery? she wondered carelessly to herself. Someone had robbed the bank? Well that was just fine. Great. Shaking her head, leaving things as such to people more inclined to care, Adara walked over to the table Artemis was sitting at and plopped into the chair, her booted feet lifting to rest on top of the table, legs crossed at the ankles. Inclining her head lightly, she indicated to the small bank, a light shrug on her shoulders. "Your work?"


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In Wrath (Possible mature)
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