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 snOw's "exOticfLOweR seR!es" pOems!!!! =] **NOTE: Some of these are Rated M**

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PostSubject: snOw's "exOticfLOweR seR!es" pOems!!!! =] **NOTE: Some of these are Rated M**   Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:28 am

A small heads up: Some of these are Rated M<-- I can't stress that enough! But please use your imagination when it comes to the interpretation of some of these!

[ Exotic Flowers ]

Petals on the floor
As if they’d fallen from the ceiling
Petals on my pillow
As if they’d fallen from the sky

A shower of flower petals
Greet me at the max
A petal falls on my nose
Your lips find a place over mine

So soft, like a petal
The sheets tangle in our grip
A whisper from the wind
Chills vibrate through my body

Petals float silently – like the first time it snows.
Something inside me blooms for the first time.

[ misS DIStress ]

Kiss me behid the curtain
Lead me down the hall
Allow me into your forbid world
And catch me when I fall
Give me a meaning,
A definition of some kind
I know I am your secret
So leave your wife behind.

Whisper to me gently
Give me all your love.
Let me lay beneath you
And focus on what's above.
I'll please you like she can't,
You know what I can do
Even though you tell me you love me,
I know that it's not true.

[ Miss September ]

Around the block
Or around the bend,
Finding love
Or deciding to send.
Open your arms wide
And invite me in.
Don’t be afraid
Even if it’s a sin.
Touch me in the evening
Or in the dead of night.
Trust me, young beauty,
Don’t put up a fight.
It’s become our secret,
Our moon light dream.
An intimate, blissful moment
A cherish memory I deem.
No one will find out
Nor will this last forever
Because you are my fix
Only this September.

[ Drag ]

From the beginning of detachment
You start to lose your mind
This emotion is struck into you
From that stick, the sickening kind

At first it was like flying
Or resting on a cloud
When indeed you lose yourself
And speak ugly truths aloud

You’ve lost the lock on your lips
Your cat’s hold on your tongue
And told everyone your secret
You’re not your father’s son

Reporters from across the world
Began to write your name
From word documents into newspapers
And all kinds of rumors came

But one rumor stood out
One that was undeniably true
You are addicted to that stick
You let IT become YOU

Grab a hold of your dignity
And put your face in a bag
Sit back in a corner
And end the day with a drag

[ Call it True ]

He told me about himself just briefly before my heart began to skip beats.
He kissed me before I fell in love.
He touched me seconds before my body pleaded for his.
He told me he loved me before I could show him.

Things went so fast, that my heart couldn't keep up.
I fell breathlessly into his arms
And he told me that he'd take it slow,
Just because he loved me.

[ Confession ]

Kiss me like you mean it
Say it like you care
Tell me how you truly feel
Tell me if you dare

Show me how much you do
Express it through your actions
Hold me and never let me go
Don't leave me for your factions.

I told you how I felt
And now's the moment of truth
Please confess your emotions
Before I lose my youth

I'll give you some time – before you say what's true
Because I want you to mean it when you say it, “I love you”.

[ Absence of Me ]

Slowly erasing myself
Because I'm hollow inside
Still completing loving acts
That connects a rope from you to me

It's like a walk on a tight rope
The fall is more important
than the impossibility of the act
Being comfortable out of balance
Rather than being more balance
Has become the key to impossibility

It feels like I'm walking on the horizon
That I've always looked at
Finally touching it for the first time
Gaining the right amount of energy to recreate myself

– and what will I become?
A painting at the hands of an artist
A miracle of the hands of God
A mother in the eyes of a child
Or will you complete me
And make me a woman at the hands of a man?[b]
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snOw's "exOticfLOweR seR!es" pOems!!!! =] **NOTE: Some of these are Rated M**
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