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 The poetry of Xirius

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PostSubject: The poetry of Xirius   Thu Jul 23, 2009 12:51 pm

I have a lot of work I'll be putting up here over time, for now, here are a couple of old ones.

I want to jump for joy, to shout her name,
to express my feelings without shame,
But through my fear, within my doubt,
I fail to leap, I do not shout.
Because I know, or more, I fear,
that should her feelings be made clear,
my worst predictions will come true,
the pain might be less if I only knew.
But my doubt grows as time moves by,
and deep inside, I weep, I cry.
And though we may never be together, I will always care for my beautiful girl.
No.........not mine,
Always beautiful,
.....never mine.

In battle armour, tall and proud,
The gladiator stands.
He does not hear the thundrous crowd,
Nor feel the bone-dry sands.
His eyes seek only his next fight,
His shield and sword held high,
Though mortal he, he feels no fright,
His target finds his eye.

As he circles his hated foe,
His stance is safe and still.
But soon, for reasons he can't know,
His lust o'erwhelms his will.
He leaps with sudden bursts of speed,
Abandoning his shield,
With weight lost, his movements are freed,
His foe appears to yield.

The warrior abandons fear,
He lets his armour fall,
But things are not as they appear,
He has not won at all.
His opponent strikes, with strength unknown,
And deals a crippling blow.
The fighter falls on ground like stone,
And shameful tears soon flow.

Though the victor has been named,
And the noble knight has lost,
He feels his own haste should be blamed,
His grave injuries, the cost.
For one who fights without defense,
Who casts their shield aside,
Will always suffer their penance,
For their openness and pride.

But such brave knights will not refrain,
Only death can make them rest.
Gladly, they suffer through their pain,
For to them, it is a test.
Our hero's battles will restart,
Though his fate's not yet unfurled.
This warriors name, it is My Heart,
His foe is called The World.
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The poetry of Xirius
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