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 Mystling Breakroom RP logs - Mature

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PostSubject: Mystling Breakroom RP logs - Mature   Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:39 pm

The characters and who RPs as them are all listed in the Mystling OOC thread. With that said, here's part one. Part two coming soon!

User from x.x.x.214 created virtual room 30 hours ago
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Shiroi-Ka from x.x.x.161 changed name to Jeremy Dillard 30 hours ago
Orik looks around, then finds a place to sit, nodding at Jeremy, then resting his eyes upon Val with an inquisitive look.
Jeremy Dillard sits crosslegged, his tail loosely draped over his shoulder, and yawns
Orik suddenly stands, walks over to val and seems to look her over before extending a hand to her.
Orik: Orik
Q from x.x.x.80 joined the chat 30 hours ago
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Shuanna from x.x.x.80 joined the chat 30 hours ago
Orik looks up at the new arival and smiles a wolfy grin at her.
Orik: "hey"
Shuanna: hullo..! ^^
Orik: "hows it going?"
Jeremy Dillard: Hello Shuanna. ^^
Orik completely forgets about Val and walks up to Shuanna

Shuanna: oh! darn i gotta go! i'll be back soon!
Shuanna from x.x.x.80 left the chat 30 hours ago
Orik blinks in confusion.
Orik: ..... what'd i say?
Jeremy Dillard: Back later, gotta cook. ^^

Jeremy Dillard from x.x.x.161 left the chat 30 hours ago
Orik: ... does the fur really throw people off that much?
Val from x.x.x.221 joined the chat 28 hours ago
Brock from x.x.x.250 joined the chat 28 hours ago
Brock glances at Val

Jeremy Dillard from x.x.x.161 joined the chat 28 hours ago
Val scowls at everyone
Jeremy Dillard sits and stares blankely at a wall, waiting on something interesting but too lazy to walk off
Jeremy Dillard from x.x.x.161 left the chat 28 hours ago
Orik from x.x.x.38 left the chat 26 hours ago

Val from x.x.x.221 left the chat 25 hours ago
Shuanna from x.x.x.80 joined the chat 25 hours ago
Shuanna: ...
Shuanna: oh my..
Ben from x.x.x.80 joined the chat 25 hours ago

Ben: Well well well.. looks like another psycho beat me here. The place is dead.
Val from x.x.x.221 joined the chat 25 hours ago
Shuanna: hullo! ..
Shuanna she'd run over to Val, away from Ben
Val: Um, hi? -suspicious look-

Ben: oh..
Ben *he'd look at the two from beyond a bar counter, helping himself to the liqour*
Val is hanging out in the corner
Ben: I didn't know you were here before me..
Shuanna: eerrm.. I was.. away in the bathroom! ..

Shuanna fidgets
Ben: Right..
Ben *he'd pour a shot of tequila*
Ben drinks his shot before looking to Valeria
Brock from x.x.x.250 joined the chat 25 hours ago

Val: Could you pass me some of that?
Ben he smiled
Ben: you mean you want the bottle.
Shuanna: ... I didn't know you drank, Valeria..
Val glares at Brock

Val: yeah, the bottle
Val: i do when there's reason to
Ben: Catch.
Ben he tossed the bottle at Val
Val catches and takes a swig

Val: much better
Brock takes it and downs the rest
Shuanna: ...
Val: Hey! -glare-
Shuanna shifts uncomfortably

Ben coughs casually
Brock burps
Brock: well I feel better. hello Shuanna. ::smiles::
Val: yeah, well i still feel miserable. -heads over to the bar for more alcohol-
Shuanna: ..ehm..! hullo!

Shuanna tries to keep calm
Ben: Hey pumpkin..
Brock: don't be nervous, i'm a nice guy really...val is just a bitch
Brock smiles
Ben looked over Val, at shuanna

Shuanna: ...
Shuanna has no clue Ben is talking about her
Ben: Mrs. Lite brite!
Shuanna: ...?
Val: I may be a bitch, but i have reason for it. -gets behind the bar to find somethin good-
Shuanna looks over at Ben like a crack addict looking at a cop

Ben: wooah woah, don't take all the good stuff..
Ben: Listen Lite brite.. c'mere
Shuanna shakes her head
Val: i will take whatever i need -pulls out a bottle of scotch-
Brock: your reason is because you are mentally insane, and thats hardly a good reason
Ben: Im not gunna hurt you! c'mere!

Ben looks at brock
Ben: who are you talking to?
Ben he'd smile, pointing between him and Val
Brock: ...val...crazy
Ben: riight.. She's a woman, she is more prone to it.
Ben he jumped over the counter, walking to Shuanna
Val: i can shoot you both. -drinking from bottle-
Ben: Aaww come on.. It's just Shuanna, she hasn't done anything..
Shuanna: ... I.. don't want to get shot..
Val: not you. the two morons -points at Ben and Brock-
Ben: are we getting femenist here?

Ben: I may have a particular bone for women..but it's crap like that, that really raises my killing rate..
Shuanna gulps
Val: no, just calling me crazy is not a way to get on my good side -takes another swig-
Brock: ...bullets don't really do much to me. ::the metallic coating flashed over him, then disappeared again, followed by a smile::
Ben: Yeah and calling a serial killer and mass murderer a moron isn't exactly the smartest thing..
Ben: I donno if I were a woman against a man.. I wouldn't push it..

Shuanna: ...but..
Ben: Lite brite, we're talking.
Ben: Here.. Drink it.
Ben he had gone back behind the counter and tossed shuanna a bottle of tequila
Shuanna: ... !!! wait-!
Shuanna she had her arms waving around like a 1 year old trying to walk

Val: fine, then i just mean him -points at Brock-
Ben: Good call.
Val: and i will find a bullet that'll work, just try me
Shuanna luckly the bottle landed on the couch she was sitting on
Ben: Oh, brock can be hurt.
Ben: Just not in the conventional way.

Ben: But I guess it's safe to say he's already taken some pretty big blows..
Val sits on the bar so she has easy reach to more alcohol if needed
Val: you don't mean emotional i hope
Val: because he obviously doesnt have a heart
Ben smiles sinisterly

Ben: I'll prove it.. just you watch.
Ben: Although for that to happen, you'll probably fall as well.. sorry..
Ben: You gotta crack a few eggs to make an' omlete.
Shuanna strains to open the tequila bottle
Val snorts

Val: just try, psycho boy
Ben he couldn't help but grin widely
Ben: Oh I can make it so I don't even have to touch you.
Ben: Just the fact that Broccoli is over there, I can always find a way in.
Val chuckles at the nickname

Val: good one that
Ben: heh heh. like that?
Shuanna: ... I can't get it open..
Ben: Shuanna you set women's rights back 400 years, you do realize that right?
Ben he took a bottle opener and walked over to shuanna, taking the bottle and opening it himself
Shuanna: I don't know if rights count for mystlings ..so..

Ben: Oh, so she's more intelligent then she lets on?
Ben: well that's nice to know..
Shuanna: ...
Val has half-finished the bottle of scotch by now
Ben: You know, I would kill for you to be in a porno..
Shuanna: ... your kidding..

Ben: The funny part is, is that I could actually do that..
Shuanna she sighed
Shuanna: I guess you would be into that sort of thing..
Ben: not too often..
Ben: there's a reason why I kill over 'the sins of the flesh'
Val: what kind of porno? -is sort of drunk by now-
Ben: bondage.
Shuanna: Valeria?!
Val: ah. -nods- not really into that myself. -shrugs, another swig- but whatever gets ya goin i guess
Ben: Not most people want to admit it.
Ben: It's not like I get a jolly off of killing someone..
Ben: It's a different kind of buzz..
Ben: Although if I were to kill shuanna, it'd probably be what it sounds like..
Shuanna: ...gee .. thanks..
Ben: welcome, lite brite
Val chuckles
Val is considerably happier now that Brock has left
Ben: What can I say? shuanna you scream jail bait.
Shuanna: im not jail bait.. I haven't even dreamed of going to jail!
Ben: That's because you are as pure and naieve as they come.
Ben: You want ot believe that everyone you meet is nice and happy-go lucky but they arn't.. and you know it.
Val: ain't that the truth -raises bottle in salute-
Ben: So that's why you gotta tie your ovaries up and be more assertive, else chances are you'll get taken advantage of.
Shuanna: that is.... assuming YOU don't before anyone else..
Ben: ...heeh heheh heh..
Alex from x.x.x.221 joined the chat 24 hours ago
Shuanna: ..! hullo!
Alex: Hi! -waves-
Shuanna she smiled warmly, taking her first sip of the tequlia and coughs miserably

Ben: Wow.. I am lucky tonight.
Alex: -tilts head- you alright?
Ben: I was afraid I would be forced to eat sausages here but I was wrong!
Shuanna: yeh! .. it! ... it's just.. strong..
Alex: maybe you should try something less strong then?
Shuanna: .. I dunno what to try..

Val: If the alcohol's weak, why bother drinkin it?
Ben: exactly
Ben: Pumpkin, take another sip, it'll all become clear soon.
Shuanna: ...I donno..
Ben: come on.. Broccoli isn't here, he ain't gonna judge you.
Shuanna: ...i've.. never been drunk before..

Ben: good time to start..!
Val: its better'n being sober
Shuanna: But..Im a minor..
Ben: You can't be any younger then 19 for chris sake..
Alex has taken some of the alcohol and set up a makeshift chemistry set and starts playing with it
Shuanna: ...

Shuanna: I don't trust you..
Ben: Your right, you shouldn't. Now drink it.
Shuanna: ...
Val: come on, try it. we dont care how old you are here
Ben: She's 20..
Shuanna: ...!

Ben: Oh yeh I did some research on you by the way..
Shuanna: ...
Val: close enough to the legal age!
Shuanna takes another drink of the tequila, cringing
Ben: yeeey!
Shuanna: ..it reminds me of nail polish..

Ben: that's because there is alcohol in nail polish..
Alex: -a small explosion is heard from where Alex is playing- ...Oops
Shuanna: ...!!
Shuanna she jumped
Val has fallen asleep behind the bar

Ben: what the shit..? /me he looked over at alex
Ben he looked over at where Alex was
Alex: ...um, forgot that that could happen when mixing those two ingredients... -has sightly singed hair-
Ben: ...yyyeh.. what ARE you doing?
Alex: -innocent look- playing
Ben: ..hmm.

Alex: ...trying to make something to remove bloodstains easier?
Ben: finding time to remove bloodstains would take too much time. You'll be caught before you know it
Alex: aww....
Ben: Just find your own way of making sure there are no prints of yours in the crime scene and dont kill in your own house
Ben: Money helps in a lot of situations too..
Alex takes notes

Ben: Before killing you
find out as much information as possible about these people, you don't
just rush in and whack them with out any previous knowledge. For all
you know, you could be killing the cheif of police.
Ben: study them, find out their habits and schedual, that way the people who are close to them won't find too many irregularities..
Alex nods, continuing to take notes
Ben: Why are you taking notes anyway..?
Shuanna takes a few more sips of tequila, finding it getting more and more tastier

Alex: Cause you're so smart, and awesome, and really cool
Alex: Very Happy
Ben: ...
Ben: eh.. thank you..?
Shuanna: ...Ben... your just.. taken a back.. 'cause she likes you..
Alex beams

Ben: Shut up
Ben: Your drunk already after a few swabs!?
Shuanna: ...im not too heavy..
Alex yawns, then pulls a large overstuffed chair near Ben and curls up to sleep in it
Ben: ...yeh.. I guess
Ben scoots away a bit
Shuanna: Ben..
Ben: what..?
Shuanna: Your slipp'un into darkness..
Shuanna she laid on the couch, slowly going to sleep
Ben he smiled
Ben: ...
Alex from x.x.x.221 left the chat 13 hours ago
Val from x.x.x.221 left the chat 13 hours ago
Val from x.x.x.221 joined the chat 2 hours ago
Val chills out at the bar
Orik from x.x.x.38 joined the chat 86 minutes ago
Orik walks up to the bar and takes a seat next to val.
Orik: hey...
Val gives Orik a look, but decides to refrain from commenting
Val grabs the same bottle of scotch she was working on the night before and takes a swig
Jeremy Dillard from x.x.x.161 joined the chat 78 minutes ago
Jeremy Dillard sits cross legged, his tail flicking slightly
Orik orders a water and chuckles lightly, speaking to Val without looking at her.
Orik: not much of a talker eh?
Val: Not to you people at least
Orik raises an eyebrow.
Orik: people are people... just cuz i look like a wolf, and you a human, doesnt mean we dont have other things in common
Val: i dont have the possibility of accidentally killing someone
Jeremy Dillard: Neither do I.
Jeremy Dillard flicks his ear in annoyance at the blatant misrepresentation of facts
Orik: ... true... but...
while i do... i dont think i could ever forgive myself if i did so to
an innocent person.... a killer though...
Orik trails off and clenches his fist, staring at it in silence.
Val: -snorts- No one's innocent these days.
Orik: ... you're
right... but... not everyone does what they do because they want to...
there are humans several times more sadistic than mystlings... humans
just fear us because we have abilities and appearances difficult for
them to understand
Orik turns to jeremy.
Orik: am i right?
Val: Most of them have a right to be afraid. A lot of you can't control yourselves. People end up getting hurt
Jeremy Dillard nods slowly, somewhat depressed by the whole topic
Jeremy Dillard: A lot? Hardly.
Orik sighs and turns back to val.
Jeremy Dillard: Most of
those who can't control the Myst properly aren't strong enough to do
any lasting harm. You only hear about the exceptions to that rule.
Val: Yeah, and the exception fucking terrify normal people
Orik: look... i'm just
trying to be nice... i havent used a single one of my abilities to or
even around you... even though i could... and for the most part it's
difficult for me to talk cuz of them, but i can control them... there
are just as many evil humans as there are mystlings... even a blind man
could see that
Jeremy Dillard:
Precicely. As a general rule, they concern us even more. We aren't all
that much more durable than you are, but even if none of us die from
those incident, many of us still die from those incidents.
Orik: uh... jeremy... you might want to rephrase that last bit
Orik chuckles lightly.
Jeremy Dillard: Pardon?
Orik: how can none of us die from incidents if "many of us still die from those incidents?"
Jeremy Dillard: I said
exactly what I meant. Even if the incident does not directly affect any
Mystlings at all, the response from the general population still
results in death.
Orik: .... ah... i see now... yeah...
Jeremy Dillard: Thus, we
may not die in the incident, but the incident kills us none the less,
and usually far more than the number in the incident itself.
Orik turns back to val.
Orik: whats your take on that?
Val takes a long drink from the bottle
Val: guess we'll just have to disagree on this one
Orik laughs and pats val on the back.
Orik: i guess we will.
Orik looks like he's having fun.
Jeremy Dillard looks dead tired and morbidly depressed by the heavy conversation
Val looks uncoferatble with the physical contact, but refrains from saying anything, merely scowling
Orik looks depressed at their body language.
Orik: come on guys... lighten up... this is a bar isnt it?... we should be having fun

Orik stands up and extends a hand to val.
Jeremy Dillard scratches his ear with his hand, and his foot twitches lightly
Orik: come on... lets dance... you know you want to
Val: -scowls more- I'm good right here, Dogface
Jeremy Dillard pours a cup of sake and passes the carafe back to the bartender

Orik droops his ears.
Jeremy Dillard sips at the rice wine
Jeremy Dillard: Don't worry Orik. She'll cheer up after she gets laid.
Orik: aww.... come on.... you never know if you're gonna have fun until you do something... but you have to keep an open mind too
Orik smiles brightly

Orik: if you dont like
it... i'll let you smack me across the face as hard as you can... how
'bout that?... only condition is you have to at least try and enjoy it
Jeremy Dillard becomes very blunt when he drinks, and does not drink very much around others
Val: -snorts again- Me getting laid? Not likely to happen anytime soon
Val is rather blunt sober
Orik: .... getting laid?... nah... i just wanna dance!

Val: I don't dance. At least not until I'm significantly drunker
Orik grins, then turns to the bar, slamming his hand down to alert the bartender.
Jeremy Dillard finishes his small cup of sake and places it back on the counter, then stands and stretches
Orik: alright then... MORE SHOTS!
Val has alread drunk a pretty good amount of the scotch

Jeremy Dillard: Val, try wine. Mixing the two should take care of it.
Orik grabs two of the shots, setting one down in front of Val and taking one for himself.
Orik: bottoms up?
Jeremy Dillard flicks his tail in a lazy circle and sits back down
Val quickly drinks the shot

Val: Not bad. What was it?
Orik drinks his with her and grabs two more.
Orik: ... uh... ask the bartender?... *shrugs*... ready?
Jeremy Dillard: I think that one is tequila
Jeremy Dillard: The first were vodka
Orik: meh... does it matter?

Val: Sure -again drinks too quickly to register what kind of alcohol it is-
Orik drinks with her again.
Orik: AHH!!.... ready to dance yet?
Val: Not yet. I can still see straight
Orik grabs two more.

Orik: then we'll keep going!
Orik is beaming.
Jeremy Dillard: I told you, wine Orik.
Val drinks
Jeremy Dillard: You mix wine with hard liquer, does it every time.

Orik: yeah, yeah
Orik drinks.
Orik: we'll get to it
Orik smiles
Orik: BARTENDER!!!.... get me what he's talking about!

Orik points at jeremy.
Alex from x.x.x.221 joined the chat 50 minutes ago
Alex: Is Ben here? -looks around-
Orik waves at alex, partially drunk.

Jeremy Dillard flicks his tail at Alex, but is too lazy to say anything
Alex: -looks over- Hmmm... You're not Ben. -pouts-
Orik: ... uh... not since i been here...
Orik laughs.
Val ignores Alex, focusing on her scotch again

Orik grabs the new drink as the bartender sets it down.
Orik: here... try this... jeremy says its good
Orik smilexs
Orik smiles*
Val examines it, shrugs, and downs it quickly

Orik: .... so?
Val: Not bad -slightly loopy-
Orik: wanna dance?
Val thinks about it then shrugs
Val: if you've got music, then sure
Orik: come on then...

Orik extends his hand.
Val takes it
Jeremy Dillard: I'm going to head back to the Alpha Site for the night. You three have fun.
Jeremy Dillard stands slowly and heads for the nearest door
Orik takes Val out onto the dance floor and begins to freestyle. He is not the greatest at dancing, but he's not bad either.

Jeremy Dillard from x.x.x.161 left the chat 43 minutes ago
Val chuckles, following Orik's lead and actually enjoying herself somewhat
Orik: see!... i told you it would be fu- whoa!
Alex sits in the big comfy chair and waits to see if Ben will show up
Orik forgets how drunk he is and falls flat on his rump.

Orik laughs.
Val laughs loudly, rather drunk herself
Orik: Gets back up as a much slower song comes on. Looking at Val, he raises an eyebrow and extends his hand once more.
Val smiles and takes the hand
Orik puts his other hand on her waist and begins to slow dance with her.

Orik: see... now this is fun.
Orik is smiling brightly.
Val: Suppose so -giggles slightly-
Orik wiggles his waiste lightly, not realizing he's also wagging his tail.
Val gets the giggles so bad she has to stop moving to try to stop

Orik is still wagging his tail.
Orik: what?
Val: -between giggles- nothing. just, your tail...
Orik: what? *looks back* huh?
Orik begins turning around trying to see it and after a few turn arounds grabs his tail.

Orik chuckles awkwardly.
Val is lauging even harder now
Orik: ... it uh.... kinda does that sometimes...
Orik is trying to hold his tail still.
Val: You look just like a puppy -laughing hard enough she has to sit down at the bar again-

Orik finally gets his tail to stop moving, then follows her to the bar, nuzzling her in the shoulder.
Orik: i get that a lot...
Val: I imagine so
Orik: ... well... i do have distinctly canine features
Orik chuckles lightly, sitting next to her, not realizing he's reaching for her hand once again.

Val: It's not just that... -tilts her head to the side trying to put her finger on it-
Orik blinks and cocks his head to the side, looking extremely curious. He subconsiously takes her hand in his.
Val doesnt seem to either notice or care about the hand holding
Orik looks remarkably dog/wolf -like in his expression of confusion
Orik: what is it then?

Val: Hmm... I don't know. -shrugs, grabs her bottle and takes a quick sip-
Orik shrugs and nuzzles her shoulder once again, this time staying close to her afterwards.
Val yawns, getting kind of sleepy
Orik: .... we... should probably go home... huh?
Val shrugs

Val: Probably. -makes no motion to get up-
Orik nuzzles into her shoulder, keeping his head resting on her after he finishes.
Val leans into him a bit, closing her eyes
Orik closes his eyes as well, his body fur acting like a blanket and keeping them both warm.
Val starts to dooze off

Orik begins to nod off as well,
but attempts to move forward into a cuddling position and falls off his
stool and lands on the floor with a thump and a yelp.

Val wakes with a start and looks down at Orik on the floor and laughs slightly
Val: Guess thats a signal to go home
Orik whines slightly, rubbing his rump as he stands.
Orik: .... yeah... i guess i'll see you around?

Val: -nods- most likely. -gets up, slightly unsteady, and heads home-
Orik heads home as well.
Orik from x.x.x.38 left the chat 15 minutes ago
Val from x.x.x.221 left the chat 14 minutes ago
Ben from x.x.x.80 joined the chat 4 hours ago
Ben he came in silently, having
a note and placing it on the bar counter. It read: " I assume my
absence must have been noticed my some of you, if not all. I have a few
errands to run today. Whether i'll be able to come back later to night
is uncertain. - P.S= im taking shuanna with me."

Ben from x.x.x.80 left the chat 4 hours ago

Val from x.x.x.221 joined the chat
Val chills out at the bar, ignoring the note on the counter
Ben from x.x.x.80 joined the chat 2 seconds ago
Ben: well if it isn't the famous Valeria.
Val: Ben. -nods an acknowladegment-

Ben: Why is it that when
im not around, this place is bustling but when I find a spare newyork
minute to pop in, this place is more depressing, dead and meaninglessly
hollow like stephine meyer or whatever the hell her name is..
Val: -shrugs- maybe it's because no one likes you
Ben: Yeh? what if I told you I killed them all?
Val: Why would I care?
Ben: because your lonely.
Val snorts

Val: Sure, whatever
Ben: uh huh.. well.
Ben it was noticed that he had brought in a bag, setting it on the gorund he took out a notebook and pen
Ben: have you heard anything from broc? he's been awful ghostly lately..
Ben: even during the short period where he was here, he wasn't too interactive.
Val: Why would I want to hear anything from him? -scowls-

Ben: Because your lonely?
Val suspicious glance at the bag
Ben smiles at Val
Ben: whut?
Ben: the bag?

Val: No matter how lonely I was, I'd prefer talking to a rock then him
Ben: was?
Ben: what about now?
Val: Yeah, I'll bite. What's up with the bag?
Ben: arn't you lonely now?
Val ignores the questions about her supposed lonelyness

Ben he side glanced the bag
Ben: It's just papers..
Val: Papers for what?
Ben: for only my eyes to see
Val: Hm. -tries to hide curiosity-
Ben: they're lawsuits..

Ben smiled, sticking his tongue out for a bit
Val: Lawsuits? Huh.
Ben: yeh, i've had a view lives before this one.
Ben: I was a medical doctor, you know.
Ben: but because of my complusion to kill, secretly if i wanted to, i'd kill patients and they wouldn't have a clue.
Ben: which probably started my whole thing

Val listens curiously
Ben: these people here suspect me. probably due to gut feeling.
Ben: but they have no evidence at all to put me down.
Ben: plus I have enough money to either buy them off somehow or get a decent lawyer, if I don't feel like representing myself..
Ben: So I eventually quit being medical doctor, since the lawsuits were getting tiresome.
Val: -grabs a drink and sips it while listening-

Ben: so of course I
needed a job, so I ended up at a company who invented a new type of
coffee filter. As you brew your coffee, the filter flavors it.
Ben: so, I signed on, starting working my way up the latter.
Ben: ladder*
Ben: The CEO passed his company to me, buh-zing.
Ben: Although by this time I haven't killed in over 10 years..I've tried to keep it down
Ben: but eventually i couldn't keep it caged.

Ben: so I got into a relationship with one of my secretarys.
Ben: I thought that maybe If i had settled down that it would go away.
Ben: got married, had twin girls, set up a good home.
Ben: It was nice an' all. But it didn't exactly scratch that itch..
Ben: I couldn't understand where it had came from.
Ben: So one day, I woke up.

Ben: Kids were gone.
Ben: Wife was hysterical.
Ben: She found out about those lawsuits when I was a doctor.
Ben: She suspected me of the disappearance of my own girls.
Ben: 'course I denied it. Because it really was the truth.
Val is listening intently

Ben: She didn't believe it, and she started getting physical.
Ben: She hit me, and she hit me, she pushed me, then she tried to scratch my face.
Ben: This was when I reached for a glass, took a hold of her head and held it away, I warned her but she kept coming.
Ben: So i hit her over the head with the glass and it shattered.
Ben: Of course I've scares on my hand from that. But to my surprise, I killed her.
Ben: My hand had probably jamed the shards of glass that were long enough into her brain.
Ben: because of this I had to learn how to write with my right hand.. I was a left hand.
Ben: I can't bend my left hand's fingers for too long.. they begin to hurt after a while..
Ben: anyway, as it turns out, my twin girls were already dead before I woke up.
Ben: After I barrie my
wife, I read in the paper that my Father was admitted to the hospital
because his stomach had ruptured. They found human remains inside his
Ben: Right away I knew it was my own children, and yes, unlike my wife I did grieve for them.
Ben: unlike for my wife that is
Val looks a little green, but takes a long drink
Ben: But it was my daughters funeral that I realized what was happening to me
Ben: I was becomeing my father.
Ben: From my older
brothers point of view, my father was very much sane, and a good man.
But it was around the time that my mother was pregnant with me, that my
father had started to change.
Ben: My father had become paranoid, and he would always mumble to himself, and look over his shoulder.
Ben: I don't remember him smiling..

Ben: He called me, my
older brother and eldest sister devils. Im not sure why, but I believe
he was referring to our child behavoir as being possed by the devil.
Ben: My older Brothers
sight was becoming worse. He's blind now, but he did see my father
finally snapping and turning all his anger on my mother
Ben: My mother was brutally murdered, and my Father had started his cannibalizing frenzy.
Ben: My older brother instantly ran to my eldest sister, telling her what was happening, and the three of us escaped the house.
Ben: I was only 6 months old, so my older brother says.
Ben: My eldest sister and older Brother had to grow up early, because they had me to drag around.

Ben: Although I do remember being a lone a lot.
Val continues to look a tad ill
Ben: Eventually my Sister
found us a foster home to stay in and I remember growing up, the fear
of my father finding us, since he wasn't caught untill he cannibalized
my daughters.
Ben: Which is amazing to me.
Ben: because I bet that bastard is so delusional, his brain looks and probably has the consistancy of swiss cheese.
Ben: Schizophrenia eats up your brain. creates holes in it too.

Ben: He's dead now, obviously.
Ben: He was old, and I don't know too many seniors who can survive a ruptured stomach.
Val: That'sgood to hear.
Ben: My brother still had a connection to him.
Ben: He believed in the father he grew up with. not the one that killed my mother.
Ben: Personally I never really knew either of them.

Ben: But anyway.
Ben: now that i've told you my lifes story..
Ben: I haven't cannibalized before.
Ben: perhaps my illness won't develop into that untill later.
Ben yawns
Ben: SO what about you?

Val: Not much to tell.
Ben: there is always a lot to tell
Ben: you can't say that you've gone through your life with out any hardships.
Val: Academy student, joined the police, was pretty happy with that until recently...
Ben: yeh?
Ben: what? old friend get shot and died?

Val: Pretty much got fired for some unauthorized recon.
Ben: Ah.
Val: Should of talked to my higher-ups, but of course I thought they'd prefer some initiative.
Ben: Well I got fired for being a mystling.
Ben: oh i see
Val: It wouldn't of been so bad if it weren't for Brock. -scowls at mentioning the name-

Ben: what do you have against Brock?
Ben looks at his notebook, beginning to write, but really was curious as to what Valeria had to add
Val: The bastard lied to me for seven fucking years
Ben: Did he now?
Ben his brows raised, chewing on the end of his pen

Val: Passed himself off as a human.
Ben: well perhaps he did want the fact of being a mystling to get in the way.
Ben: excuse me, he didn't want the fact.
Ben: however
Ben: Having children with a mystling could prove burden some
Ben: If the children where to inherit the trait, they would have miserable lives.

Val: Yeah, well once his secret came out, he just took off.
Val: Never even gave me a chance to process it before he was gon
Ben: hmm..
Ben: that says something about his character.
Ben: perhaps he isn't Alpha teams white knight after all.
Ben: how old were you two when this occured?

Val: 17.
Ben: hm..
Ben smiled
Ben: so you loved him?
Val: Yeah I did. Or at least the version of him I knew
Val: Guess he didn't feel the same

Ben: perhaps..
Ben: Or maybe he was just kidding himself.
Val: How so?
Ben: He knew that you had strict feelings toward mystlings. Yet, the want to be human lead him to pass himself as one.
Ben: You made him feel human
Ben: You were his escape

Ben: but when his secret was revealed, he had to awake from his 'dream'
Ben: He probably didn't want you to see him as a mystling, or he didn't want ot face you as one.
Val: He should of come back though.
Ben: But you were so headstrong about your beliefs
Ben: Plus there is that children factor.
Ben: What if he had gone back?

Ben: What if he had gotten you pregnante?
Ben: wouldn't that be worse for you?
Ben: The girl who had commonly called the Mystlings monsters, is now pregnante with one?
Val: I wouln't of cared. He was my best friend
Ben: Best friend and Lover are two different things..
Ben: Unless.. I guess you are the casual sex type..

Val: I was willing to give it a go. Would be better then what actually happened
Ben: Then again it wasn't just you who heard about it.
Ben: Once your secret is out, everyone knows.
Ben: Plus how would you know what it's like to be rediculed?
Ben: your suppose to be normal..
Val: We could of taken off together.

Val: I know plenty.
Ben: Ah..!
Ben he perked up
Ben: But I thought there wasnt' much to tell?
Val: My best friend turned out to be a Mystling? You don't think everyone just forgot about that, do you?
Val: Took me years to get over that

Ben: And they would've had realized that he was lieing to everyone?
Ben: Don't you think he would've had other friends besides you?
Val: None as close
Ben shurgs
Ben: fair game
Ben: a friend is a friend.. I bet the felt they felt as least some of what you felt. if not hald.
Ben: half*
Val: None who were making out with him right before the 'big reveal'
Ben smiles
Ben: Ooohh, now we're getting juicy?
Val: -shrugs- Never got any further
Ben: Well, no no it's not that

Ben: It's just that im trying to understand how you are his bestfriend and his lover at the same time
Ben: er..
Ben: at least was..
Val: Had a crush on hm
for a little while, turns out he did to. We figured it out the day
before and were trying out the dating thing, I guess
Ben: So then why are you
referring to yourself as his bestfriend when I made the statement about
being pregnante with his child? clearly, im already on the next sheet
of music where we play about a serious relationship
Val: We never got too far before the incidente, whereas as was his best friend for a lot longer. So thats what i remember most

Ben: so your saying you'd rather refer to yourself as his bestfriend, not his lover?
Val: I'm saying its confusing.
Ben: now you just want to distance yourself from the situation.
Val: Well of course I do!
Ben: So then yes it was a good idea for Brock to keep away.
Ben he chuckled

Ben: im not pissing you off am I..?
Val: Hmph. -gets another drink-
Ben looked around the room, finding a small CD player sitting on one of the shelves
Ben: Call me old fashion..
Ben he reached into his bag, taking out some CD'S

Ben: I remember when these costed an' arm and a leg..
Val: I wouldn't know. Never relly been that into music. The radio's enough for me
Ben: Radio is full of cliche and over played songs
Val shrugs
Ben: and those over played songs are only famous because they have lyrics like.. 'disco stick' ..
Ben shudders

Ben: Listen to this.
Ben he'd take the CD player
down, poping open the hatch and setting it on the small table in the
middle of a few couches and recliners of the room

Val moves from the bar to one of the recliners to be able to hear clearly
Ben: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF0pOmm4HcQ
Val: -listens- Hm. Not bad.

Ben: the sound quality from the speakers isn't too good..
Val: Still, not a bad song
Ben had begun to bob his head to the drums, the and the jazzy cool feel was always a good welcome.
Ben: Now I know you haven't heard these songs before not to like music very much
Ben: since these where made in the 70's..
Val: Pretty old then

Val finishes her drink
Ben: Do I dare ask you if you dance?
Val: Not sure if I've had enough to drink yet

Ben: Stand up
Val raises an eyebrow but does so
Ben he looked at the player, the song was pretty much over with
Ben: Alright, this next song is called Cisco kid.
Ben: http://www.wartheband.com/music.html

Val nodds, plaacing her empty glass on the table quickly
Ben as the song started, he had begun to mouth the words at Val,
Ben mostly bobed his shoulders and moved his arms to the song, really just staying in position.
Val chuckled, following his lead
Ben he'd bump into valeria playfully

Val shakes her head, smiling
Ben: haha whut?
Ben the song ended and begun with a slow, easy going song
Ben: ah, this is a nice mello one, it's called 'summer'
Ben: "riding around town before the wind goes down.. eight track playing all your favorite sounds.."

Ben moves his head when the bongo comes in
Ben: 'yes it's summer'
Ben he turned to valeria taking her arms and swaying them between them loosely
Val: Mellow is nice
Ben: hahaa

Ben he moved valeria in a circle, kind of like little kids just playing arund
Ben as the arms moved, he looked at his watch, realizing the time
Ben: oop..
Ben stopped ad held his wrist up
Ben: ma'm I gotta go.

Ben he turned back to the player and turned it off, then going back to his bag and put things away
Ben: I might be here tomorrow. possibly the same time.
Ben: Later Valeria.
Ben hoisting the bag over his shoulder, he headed toward the exit
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PostSubject: Re: Mystling Breakroom RP logs - Mature   Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:43 pm

Part Two

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Val chills at her usual spot at the bar
Val decideds to get a head start on drinking considering how she's ended up drunk the last two times she's been in here
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Orik walks up to the bar and sits next to val.
Orik: hey again.
Orik smiles at her.
Val: ...Hey. -a little awkward-
Orik notices her awkwardness.

Orik: ... whats wrong?
Orik seems concernend
Val: Nothing. Nothing at all.
Orik: good. *smiles* I told you that you'd have fun last time.
Val: -slight smile- Yeah. Guess it was fun.
Orik: and to think... we'd started off the night with a political debate... and ended with...

Orik fur on his face raises in his form of blush and he doesnt finish his sentence.
Val: Dancing?
Orik: ... that... and...
Orik he reaches out for her hand, attempting to grab it in his gently.
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Val: Ah. Yes, that. -allows the hand holding for now-
Brock coughs
Val is already a bit tipsy
Brock: right...just here for a drink...don't mind me
Orik turns toward the new person and shrugs, turning back to val.
Val nods in aknowledgement but doesn't say anything
Brock sits on a section of the bar that puts his back to them, grabbing a beer from behind the bar
Val eyes his choice then snorts as if somethings funny
Orik smiles.
Orik: whats funny?

Val: -shakes head- Such a weak choice. -takes a sip from her scotch-
Orik raises an eyebrow and releases her hand.
Orik: you know brock?
Val: You could say that
Orik: .... oh... i see... well... uh...
Orik leans forward and whispers.

Brock huffs out a laugh and shakes his head
Orik: you want me to do anything to make sure he leaves you alone... for the most part.
Val: -considers, then shakes her head- Nah. I can handle it. Thanks
Brock skin flashes metallic for a moment
Orik: alright *leans back* so anyway...

Brock: ...choose your actions wisely
Orik see's brock flash metal.
Val waves a hand
Orik: ... whoa... you guys REALLY dont like each other...
Val: Chill out.

Brock speaks over his shoulder
Val: I'm not gonna start anything tonight -finishes her drink and pours herself a refill-
Brock: thats a bit of an understatement
Orik: ....
Orik looks back and forth between them.

Orik: mind if i ask what happened?
Val is well on her way to being drunk, and is feeling way relaxed and cheery because of it
Brock: all i'll tell you is be careful...she hates our kind
Orik: i know... we had a debate about it last time i was here... it ended up with me dancing with her... and....
Val frowns but doesn't say anything to contridict the statement

Orik reaches out and grabs her hand again, though this time a bit more awkwardly.
Brock stands and faces them
Val giggles slightly
Brock: we've done more than dance...it doesn't mean anything
Orik stands, just in case this is a threat.

Brock goes behind the bar to find something stronger
Val rolls her eyes
Orik: i dont sense any evil from her... and you know i'm good at that brock
Brock raises from behind the bar with a bottle of whiskey
Brock: how about backstabbing

Brock ducks down again, then raises with rum
Brock: or sinister?
Orik: .... there's anger... but not... evil... *eyes narrow*... how is she sinister?... how did she backstab you?
Val: Backstabbing? You're one to talk
Brock drinks straight from the whiskey bottle and then points at her

Brock: i still don't want to talk to you, you ruined my life that day
Orik: ..... wait... we dont want a fight... do we?
Val: I ruined your life?
Orik: ... val... brock... calm down... please... both of you...

Brock: yes, that is what i said
Val: I seem to remeber things a bit differently
Orik uses his sonic ability to shake the entire building.
Brock: I remember me
reaching out to you in a time of absolute need...when i was more alone
than anyone else in this world...and you stepped away!
Brock turns metallic and glares at Orik

Val: -ignores the shaking and Orik in general-
Val: You never gave me a chance to say anything! I hadn't even proceesed what happened before you ran!
Orik has yellow eyes that have
a slight amount of red in them, making his once blue eyes appear
yellow-orange. Usually this means he's about to lose control

Brock blood pumped through his veins like ice
Orik is having trouble keeping his voice calm.

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Orik: both... of you.... need to calm... down....
Brock: i'm sorry...did you want me to wait for the whole mob to jump on me before you spoke up?!
Orik takes a deep breath and speaks to himself.
Orik: as do i...

Val: I fucking waited for you to come back for months. I even tried to find a way to get a message to you
Brock all the glasses began clattering, the ground beneath them shaking
Orik sighs and takes a step toward Brock.
Brock: with everyone else who had been betrayed by their friends and families!!

Brock bottles fall from their shelves
Orik: you need to calm down before i have to take you down... so you dont kill anyone you dont want to.
Brock faces Orik
Brock: Then take me down dog boy. put me out of my misery!
Orik has a serious expression, but is trying to be a friend at the same time

Val: -is starting to tear up a bit through the anger- You couldn't have tried coming back? Not even for me?
Orik: ... i dont want to hurt you brock... but i will if you dont get yourself under control
Val: And here I thought we were friends
Jeremy Dillard breaks a bottle over the edge of the counter
Jeremy Dillard: Enough.
Orik: .... i tried that jeremy... doesnt work with these two

Jeremy Dillard: It will. She wouldn't bother him if he didn't care, and she wouldn't be speaking to him if she didn't.
Brock: a friend wouldn't
of had to think about whether or not they'd take the hand of someone
they apparently cared about who was singled out
Jeremy Dillard: So whichever one of you keeps going, I'm going to lacerate the other.
Jeremy Dillard: Sit. Opposite ends of the bar.
Orik turns on jeremy with a
growl, then seems to understand and reluctantly lets stands down, but
keeps near Val in a protective stance.

Val: Can you blame me
for needing a second to process? Something I thought I knew for years
turns out to be a lie. -reluctantly sits down, descretly whiping her

Val takes a long drink directly from whatever bottle's closest to try to calm down
Jeremy Dillard slowly begins to lower his own weapon, a very gradual process that been used on him to lower the tension in the room
Brock takes a few more gulps of whiskey and then throws the bottle back over the bar, the tremors stopping
Brock: you can all wallow in it...i'm out of here
Jeremy Dillard: Brock... You were never one to run.

Val: -mutters very quietly- 'm sorry
Brock looks at jeremy
Brock: i've been running from her for 10 years!
Jeremy Dillard: And she's the only thing you've ever run from!
Jeremy Dillard: You've changed since then, you don't run any more. You're stronger than you used to be.
Jeremy Dillard: You're
one of the most trusted and responsible people in Alpha and it's
because when things get hard, you find a way to make them work.

Jeremy Dillard: How many fights have you broken up when food got slim?
Brock: the only reason im even in alpha site is because of her jeremy
Brock: you weren't there that day
Brock: you don't understand what its like...to have the only person you've ever loved turn there back on you
Val: -quietly, not even looking at Brock- You've been running from me? For ten years?
Val: -sarcastic chuckle- Explains why I was never able to find you, I guess
Brock moves his hands to his hair, his skin returning to normal, then looks off towards Orik.
Brock: i'm sorry Orik...she makes me...i'm just sorry
Jeremy Dillard has long since laid down the bottle and been sitting down, no weapons are currently raised
Val continues avoiding looking at Brock and takes another long drink from the bottle she grabbed
Brock slowly approaches Val and whispers in her ear
Jeremy Dillard: I'm going to leave you two to talk things out. Brock, I'll see you back at the Alpha Site later.
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Brock: you may of hurt me a long time ago...but you hurt anyone else...Orik included...i'll kill you myself
Val mutely nods
Val descretly wipes at her eyes again before taking another drink
Brock whispers again
Brock: I wish I could forgive you...but it would ruin the story
Brock shrugs
Brock: ah fuck it
Brock pulls her backwards and lays a wet one on her
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Val returns it with pleasure
Jeremy Dillard has picked a bad time to remember his overcoat
Jeremy Dillard: Well, at least the bar hasn't collapsed...
Brock isn't even aware Jeremy has returned
Val isn't even aware of anything else
Brock slowly pulls away from the kiss and places her back in her chair, staring at her
Brock: i've missed that
Jeremy Dillard grabs his jacket and tiptoes towards the door, but trips and hits his forehead on a table
Val: -chuckles- I'll say
Brock finally becomes aware of Jeremy
Brock: oh...shit...hey dude
Val giggles a bit
Orik blinks and shakes his head after zoning out.
Orik: .... what i miss?
Jeremy Dillard: Hello, just grabbing my coat... Sorry to interrupt...
Val: -blushes- Ummm..
Orik: ... what?
Orik is completely oblivious
Val doesn't want to say anything and avoids meeting Orik's eyes
Brock scratches his head looking the other direction
Brock: .....yeah
Orik: .... fight's over?
Orik: ... sorry.... kind of zoned out there...
Val: ...You could say that
Orik: what happened?

Brock: ...the fight ended
Orik smiles.
Orik: good.
Val nods agreement
Brock pulls up a bar stool and pours himself a glass of Val's scotch

Orik turns around and hops over
the counter, disappearing momentarily before poping up with three shot
glasses and some randomly assorted bottles.

Orik: who's up for some shots?
Brock: always
Orik looks at val.
Jeremy Dillard idles back to the bar, for once deciding that tonight would be an excellent night to drink.

Val: Sure, why not
Orik: Val?
Orik: .... oh... Jeremy... thought you left...
Orik pulls out another glass, then pours the four shots.
Orik smiles and holds his up, waiting on everyone else

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Val takes hers
Jeremy Dillard picks up his glass, tilts it towards the newcomer, and drains it
Brock downs his own
Orik drains his glass after jeremy.

Ben he comes back in with his bag, noticing jeremy and orik
Orik waves at ben and pours some more shots.
Val drinks hers as well
Orik: want some?
Ben: Well I see that we are drinking heavily tonight, what's the occasion?

Orik: .... uh..... no fighting?
Val: -spies Ben- Hey, Ben. -smiles-
Jeremy Dillard: No occasion, I just decided to drink.
Orik shrugs and downs his.
Brock: Val and I have put our differences behind us
Ben he'd nod towards val

Ben: Oh goodie..
Ben: does that mean it's baby making time?
Ben he stuck his tongue out
Orik responds with wide eyes.
Val blushes

Orik: THATS AWESO-... huh.... babies?
Brock: uh....um..........
Brock glances at Val
Orik turns to val looking confused.
Jeremy Dillard has decided it is most certainly a good night to drink.

Brock drinks scotch from the bottle
Val: Um... -tries to figure out a way to explain-
Jeremy Dillard hops the bar and grabs a carafe of sake
Orik has a lost puppy expression.
Ben: Lemem guess, your pregnant already?

Val decides to drink instead
Orik widens his eyes even more
Ben: Leave it to me to bring on the awkard sexual tension
Brock looks at val
Orik: HOW MUCH.... did i miss?

Brock: you better not be!
Ben: Appearently hot sweaty make up sex
Orik: but... but... but.... but i...
Val: I'm not! Really! I wouldn't be drinking if I was
Orik 's ears droop and he pouts.
Orik: but i like val...

Ben: Oh we have another contender on the side?
Ben he'd look at Orik
Ben: What are you guys? squealy, horny teenagers?
Orik looks all sad
Brock: only in our fingertips
Brock looks over his shoulder as if he was staring into a camera
Val: There was no sex! -does not sound dissapointed at all no really she doesnt-
Ben he'd set his large bag down, opening it up
Ben: Sure
Ben: Just oral sex then?
Orik purks up.
Orik: there wasnt?@
Orik: ?!*
Val: None
Brock: wait...so you wouldn't have sex with me given the opportunity then?
Ben: uh huh

Ben: Oh don't worry brocoli, she would.
Orik: ... i would!... um... with... val... i mean...
Orik is obviously a little drunk.
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Val: -whispers-I didn't say that -is just digging herself into a holw-

Jeremy Dillard is halfway through his carafe, and this gets funnier every sip
Shuanna bursts from the bag, gasping for air
Shuanna: ..!!! D8
Ben: Oh, sorry pumpkin, I forgot I put you in there..
Orik: .... uh.... what was shuanna doing in that bag?

Ben: wouldn't you like to know, lover boy?
Brock whispers to Val
Shuanna: ...Ben..
Orik: lover boy?.... what?
Brock: you realize you're going to have to choose....
Val: -glad to have another topic that is not her sex life- How long has she been in there?

Ben: Long enough for me to smuggle her out
Orik picks up on brock's comment w/ his wolf-like ears.
Shuanna: Ben!
Val: -whispers back- I already have. Just don't want to hurt any feelings
Ben: What?
Orik: .... smuggle her out of where?

Shuanna: help me out!
Ben: hold on guys..
Orik grabs onto the bar.
Orik: like this?
Ben he'd reach in, unfolding her legs which her knees hugged her ears, literally

Ben: Yeh that's good..
Ben: you'd be amazed how flexible woman are..
Ben: with a little training that is..
Ben: ...
Orik: .... really... how flexible?
Ben: I didn't mean it like that..

Jeremy Dillard casually walks
over to Ben, tripping twice and leaning heavily on everything he can,
and make an obvious swipe for the bag containing Shuanna

Ben: .......
Orik: mean it like how?
Orik is oblivious to the sexual reference.
Ben takes a hold of Jeremy's hair

Ben: Don't make me hang you in my warehouse.
Orik turns back to val, dismissing ben and jeremy.
Shuanna: ben..
Ben: What?
Shuanna: Let go of my ankles!
Orik: ... so... who'd you pick... it's best to put down the one you didn't now... so he cant get too attached and whatnot...

Ben: oh.. right..
Ben he'd let go of shuanna's legs, turning back to Jeremy and boping him on the head
Jeremy Dillard blacks out for a moment, and then staggers away drunkenly
Val: Um. -tries to put this delicately- Well, it's not that I don't like you...
Shuanna gets out of the back, flopping onto the ground

Ben he'd laugh
Jeremy Dillard: That'll teach you to kidnap girls...
Ben: OF course..
Orik 's ears droop again.
Orik: ... i see...

Jeremy Dillard wanders off to the bathroom, wretching is heard from just inside the door, nowhere near the toilet
Orik: well.... best i learn it now... i guess...
Val: I'm sorry, I really am. It's just...
Ben: Hey Orik, why not I rent shuanna to you? She's still fresh I haven't touched anything
Shuanna: Gee, Ben that's so kind of you..
Orik: .... um... rent?

Ben: She has the new leather smell..
Shuanna smells like the bag
Orik: ... no... i get it val... *smiles*... friends?
Val: -nods, smiling- Friends
Shuanna: Aaawww...
Brock leans his head towards Val

Orik: ... good...
Shuanna has no idea what's going on
Brock: I really hope you don't forget all this when you sober tomorrow
Orik turns to Ben.
Ben: Oh i'd have a hell of a time

Orik: i know what she smells like...
Val: I have a mind like a steel trap I'll have you know
Ben: I wouldn't let you live that one down, Brocolli
Orik whispers to brock.
Brock: Oh, well, good. make sure you remind me in the morning. ::takes another shot::
Orik: i might have to remind her for you.

Orik: *to himself*... and you... apparently...
Val: In the morning? -raises an eyebrow-
Orik turns to shuanna.
Orik: ... well... i feel like dancing... you?
Shuanna she gets up, sporting new cloths instead of bedsheets
Jeremy Dillard returns, his suit soaking wet and his tie missing entirely
Shuanna she had on a black coat, obviously Ben's taste, with a little vest over a pinstripe white shirt and a long black skirt
Orik makes a mental note: "jeremy drinks a LOT when he drinks."
Brock: I just assumed...we'd see eachother in the morning...
Orik: ..... annnnd.. i'm being ignored...
Ben: see? doesn't she look nice?
Shuanna: It's a little.. formal..
Val: Oh? Any reason why? -wicked grin-
Shuanna: ..orik?
Orik: .... hell... i dont wear clothes..... all i need's my fur
Jeremy Dillard staggers back to the bathroom for it's more conventional purpose
Orik smiles.
Shuanna she waved softly to him
Orik waves back.
Shuanna: I think last time we met, I suddenly had to go.. im sorry for that..
Orik shrugs.
Orik: happens.
Shuanna: I've always felt bad about that, I didn't mean to leave you hanging..
Orik: dont worry about it... if you absolutely want to make it up to me...
Brock: well, one way or
another we'll see eachother tomorrow. whether that be...coffee
somewhere or...::coughs:: we wake up next to eachother or...somethin
Orik vaults the bar and lands in front of shuanna with a small stagger, then regains his balance and extends his hand.
Orik: dance with me

Ben: By the way, pumpkin you owe me 400 bucks for the cloths..
Shuanna: ...
Val laughs
Ben: Have fun..
Ben smiled at shuanna

Shuanna: ...you really are evil arn't you..?
Ben: indeed
Val: -whispers- I think I prefe the second option
Orik turns to ben.
Orik: why cant she give them back after tonight?
Brock: ::glances at her:: then why are we still here?

Shuanna she took Orik's hand dantily
Orik: .... Ben... put some music on.
Orik smiles at shuanna.
Val: Not sure.
Ben: 'cause those are the only pair of cloths we got

Ben: well, excuse me, SHE has
Ben: I kept the receipt
Orik: ....
Brock stands and scoops her up off the stool
Jeremy Dillard finishes with a flush and much washing of hands, and then faceplants slipping in the puddle left from cleaning his earlier mess

Ben: again
Brock: where shall we go?
Ben: Have fun
Orik gives shuanna a once over glance with a slightly drunken eye.
Orik: ... she... might not need them by the end of the night...
Shuanna blinks

Val: -laughs- Where ever's closeby
Orik: ... what?
Ben: hey buddy if your going to bump unglies, don't be too rough with'er okay?
Ben: Use a condamn
Ben: If you don't have one I got a stash

Brock peeks out the door
Orik: alright... i'll make sure i ask you for one if it gets that far...
Brock: where the fuck is this break room located?
Ben reaches into his coat, which had large pockets on the side, and pulls out a hanful
Ben: Brocolli!

Ben: So you don't have any complications later..
Val: I think there's a hotel attatched
Orik pulls at the fur on his sides.
Orik: ... no pockets
Jeremy Dillard returns, toilet paper in his nose

Brock heads to the stairs leading to the upstairs hotel, passing ben and taking a handful
Jeremy Dillard: This is why I don't drink.
Brock: yes, steel scowling babies would be bad
Val laughs
Val: think you got enogh there?

Brock: ....yeah...you're right. ::grabs more::
Orik begins dancing with Shuanna and despite his drunkenness... he isnt bad (though he's not great either).
Shuanna she giggles loudly as orik begun to dance with her, clumsyly she followed his lead
Ben: I feel like a sex ed teacher for chrissake..
Ben: HEY Leave a couple for me an' the dog and the dame!

Orik: so shuanna... how're your feet?... fixed up good?
Brock: sorry mate ::gives one back:: i can stay hard as long as i want though ::grins and flashes metallic for a moment::
Shuanna she smiled warmly
Ben: Oh your sick
Orik stops dancing.

Ben he laughed at brock
Orik: .... that is a bit desturbing...
Ben: But that is helpful..
Orik goes back to dancing.
Ben: I guess you wouldn't have to worry about taking Viagra in a few years, eh?

Shuanna shudders
Shuanna: BEN!
Val: -giggles- Nice
Ben: What?
Ben: Viagra?
Shuanna: ...

Orik begins to dance a little bit more sexually oriented.
Ben: If they made Viagra for Women, then they would make BILLIONS
Ben: I gotta invent that..
Ben: that's my next project, Shuanna! c'mere
Shuanna: ..!! no!
Shuanna she clinged to Orik

Orik: .... well hi...
Orik takes the opportunity to lick her on the cheek. (his equivilent of a kiss)
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Ben: You honestly want to be with a horny,dog then with a sly, smooth talk'un guy?
Jeremy Dillard: Hello Sherry.
Shuanna: ...?sherry?
Sherry: good evening jeremy.
Shuanna: Hello sherry!
Sherry: ... yes shuanna?
Sherry smiles.
Sherry: good evening.

Orik: oh.... uh... hey mom...
Shuanna she turned to sherry, breaking her contact with orik and smling, bowing her head in respect
Ben: Hey..
Orik lets go of shuanna...
Ben he'd look to sherry

Ben: how old are you?
Sherry turns to ben.
Jeremy Dillard: (Sherry, Orik's adopted mother, human looking w/ blue hair and power over water, and when she gets wet she's mermaidish)
Brock nods to Sherry
Sherry: and just who are you?

Brock: evening...
Sherry: ... i'm 48 thank you...
Sherry: hello brock.
Ben: oh? haha
Sherry smiles.
Val still clinging to Brock, waves at Sherry

Ben he'd get up off the couch, moving to sherry
Shuanna: ..oh god..
Sherry: ... oh... and who's this?... Orik... is this that woman you spoke of?
Shuanna she'd hide her face
Brock: If uh, you don't mind. Excuse us. ::kisses Val and carries her upstairs::
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PostSubject: Re: Mystling Breakroom RP logs - Mature   Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:44 pm

Part Three!

Orik: yup...
Sherry: ... well... i hope they can at least keep it down...
Orik: mom!
Sherry: what?... it's a natural thing...
Ben: My name is Benjamin vereskct, call me Ben
Orik: still...

Ben he'd take her hand and kiss it lightly
Sherry looks surprised at ben's introduction.
Shuanna shakes her head in disapproval
Sherry: ... why hello there... um... how old did you say you were?
Jeremy Dillard drinks a little more to help the hangover

Orik stands by shuanna.
Orik: ... uh... please tell me she doesnt embarrass me...
Sherry rolls her eyes at Orik
Ben: Well im in my mid 30's. I have to say I am taken a back by you
Sherry: ... thank you... but... i'm not really interested in anyone at this point in time... i appologise...

Ben as he still holds her hand, he rubbs his thumb into the back of her hand, noticing a peculiar feel
Orik turns to shuanna without taking his eyes off sherry and ben.
Orik: is he hitting on her?
Shuanna she whispered to orik
Jeremy Dillard snorts a bit

Shuanna: no.. it's a trick..
Jeremy Dillard: Well duh.
Sherry blushes lightly.
Sherry: um... if you dont mind, ben, i'd like my hand back...
Shuanna: ..he wants to..kill her..! .. I donno what to do!
Ben: Of course' m'am.

Orik: what's he trying to... what?!
Sherry: thank you.
Ben he'd let go, standing up straight, and walking towards the bar
Sherry smiles politely at ben.
Sherry moves to sit by him.

Ben he'd nod to her, smiling a bit differently then usual
Orik watches them intently.
Sherry: ... are you going to buy me a drink?
Shuanna: what are we gonna do? ..
Orik: ... if he tries anything, she can take care of herself... but that doesnt mean i can't help her...

Ben: haha, certainly. What would you like?
Shuanna: ...! ..but..!
Shuanna: Ben can teleport..
Sherry: ... i'm not much of a drinker... order me what you usually have...
Shuanna: that means he could automatically appear behind you.. and !
Orik: ... my mother can manipulate the water anywhere around her... as long as it's there... she's safe.

Jeremy Dillard stands and stretches
Orik turns to shuanna and whispers urgently.
Jeremy Dillard: I'm gonna head back to the Alpha Site for the night.
Orik: turn on all the sinks in the womens restroom!
Val: *meanwhile, upstairs*

Ben: I see, well why not we go with somthing light?
Orik goes to do so in the men's room.
Val kisses Brock deeply
Shuanna: ..!! .. I gotta go to the bathroom!!
Sherry: alright.

Sherry smiles plesently.
Shuanna she says this rather loudly before running to the women's bathroom
Ben he'd look to shuanna suspiciously
Sherry: so, Mr. Ben... what do you do for a living?
Ben shaking his head lightly, he looked at Sherry again, getting up and going behind the bar to fetch somthing

Jeremy Dillard picks up his coat and heads out, whistling derangedly and entirely out of character teh moment he passes the door
Brock returns it, pulling them backwards onto a bed
Sherry: oh... you're allowed to do that?
Ben: yeh haha, it's fine
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Sherry: if you say so...
Ben: Well, I used to be the CEO of a corperation.
Ben: For coffee.. hah
Sherry: really?... what organization?
Val runs her hands over Brock, intent on undressing him
Sherry smiles politely.

Sherry: i've never been one for coffee.
Ben: yeh but americans are addicted to it
Ben: that's why it pays wel
Sherry: i'm just as american as anyone else... *smirks defiantly, yet playfully.*
Orik emerges from the restroom with wet paper towels and throws them in a nearby wastepaperbasket.
Brock pulls the covers up over their heads smirking
Shuanna turns on the water in the sink, eventually overflowing them and falling down on her ass
Orik 's ears twitch at the sound of shuanna falling, but does nothing... yet.
Ben: Well when I think american I think of many different cultures combined, living together in harmony and execpting one another.
Ben: but I guess that's the reason why the call it the american dream.. haha
Sherry giggles lightly and elegantly.
Shuanna: Oooow..
Sherry: i agree
Shuanna she'd sit up shakyily, rubbing her charlie horsed butt
Orik makes his way over to the women's restroom, trying to remain unnoticed.
Val practically attacks Brock under the covers
Ben: Now once congress
understands that mystlings are like humans mentally and emotionally
then that's when this country can truely be called 'america'
Brock awhile later
Shuanna: ...aah..! im okay..! ..im okay..!
Brock the entire building began shaking as if a strong earthquake was taking place on the floor above the bar
Sherry: yes... i agree whole-heartedly. Predjudices have too much stake in society today.
Ben: ........
Ben notices the bottles shaking
Shuanna: Oh!!
Sherry shakes her head and smiles.
Shuanna: Oh shi-!!
Shuanna she'd fall down again
Sherry: ... brock and his... um... well... i guess i'll leave it at that...
Orik takes the opportunity to slip into the woman's restroom unnoticed and walk up to shuanna.
Orik: are you alright?

Shuanna: I hate these tremors! where are they coming from!?
Brock stumbles down the stares half naked
Brock: sorry bout that everyone!
Ben sighs
Orik: from brock... and Val...

Ben: ...dood
Sherry smiles lightly.
Ben: Put some cloths on..
Sherry: brock... you should be more careful
Shuanna: ..what? how so?
Val laughs loudly
Orik: it's part of brock's power... just like i have a sonic resonance in my voice at times...
Ben: If I had somthing like that I wouldn't be walking around.. I'd be out..
Brock just then realizes he only has his boxers on
Brock: right...clothes...my bad
Ben: uugh..
Sherry giggles lightly again.

Ben: You used the condoms i gave you right?
Sherry: it isnt anything i havent seen before on other men...
Ben smiles
Brock: I'll be sleeping
though...exhausted and all...dunno if Val is staying down to drink more
or whatnot...see you all tomorrow ::stumbles back up the stairs::
Sherry thinks "though Brock does have a body i would have liked to be with in my twenties"

Shuanna: ...what?! how'd brock do that?
Shuanna: I thought he only could become metallic!
Val has stayed upstairs the whole time, and has fallen asleep
Orik: as i understand
it... he subconsciously manipulates the minerals and rocks around him,
feeding them enough energy to generate earthquakes... its an extremely
powerful and dangerous ability
Brock cuddles into bed with Val and falls asleep

Sherry looks around and notices orik isn't in the room, then leans forward to speak with ben.
Shuanna: If it's so dangerous then why did he use it just now? isn't he with Val?
Sherry: you wouldnt have to have one of those condoms left... would you?
Orik: he... cant exactly control it ALL the time... though he can usually make sure no one is in danger.
Ben pauses for a bit

Ben: ...pardon?
Sherry sits up straight.
Ben: well..
Sherry: just
because i'm almost fifty doesnt mean i've lost my sex drive... and you
seem to be attracted to me... also... my son appears to have left...
Ben he'd reach back into his pocket, pulling one condom out

Sherry smiles and stands before looking around to find a place to go.
Sherry: shall we?
Ben he was completely floored,
but kept his reserve. He didn't like this.. The fact that she wanted
sex so quickly killed his buzz. Suddenly he had no urge to kill her.
But he was willing for some nookie at least..

Ben: Sure.
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Ben he smiled, hoping over the counter and walking to her side
Sherry: lead the way ben.
Sherry moves to let him take her arm.
Ben smiled letting her take his arm and moving away upstairs, passing the bathrooms
Ben as he walked, he noticed the floor was wet

Ben stopping he looked down
Ben: what the..?
Shuanna: ...!!! .. are they?
Orik presses his finger to shuanna's mouth.
Shuanna: ..........

Sherry turns to ben.
Sherry: is something wrong?
Ben: The bathrooms are flooding..
Shuanna: !!!!!!
Sherry looks down.

Sherry: hmm.... so they are...
Sherry smiles as the water creeps back into the sinks, the floors drying and the sinks somehow turning off.
Sherry: better?
Orik gulps.
Ben: Come to think of it, Shuanna said she went to the bathroom

Ben he'd knock on the door
Ben: 'Ey.. Pumpkin? you in there?
Orik turns to Shuanna and mouths "hide"
Shuanna she paniced
Ben: Hey! Shuanna!

Orik picks shuanna up and moves toward the window, leaping out silently, manipulating the air to slow their fall to the ground.
Ben: I"ll have you know im not that embarrassed to barge into a womans bathroom
Sherry: ... perhaps i should go in?
Shuanna she held onto orik tightly
Ben: I guess that would be best..

Orik whispers.
Orik: come on... we dont want to let him kill my mother...
Orik turns back toward the building.
Shuanna: ...but how can we? she manipulated the water back into the sinks!
Sherry goes in and checks. After about fourty seconds she re-emerges.

Ben: ?
Sherry: there's no one inside ben... she must have gone back downstairs when we weren't paying attention.
Orik: i can still control the air... and you can do something useful, Right?
Orik hurries inside.
Shuanna frowns

Shuanna: ...
Orik: what?
Orik sets shuanna down.
Ben: ..hmm..
Ben: well..
Ben: alright..

Shuanna: I can't do much..
Sherry: ... so...
Shuanna: im useless..
Sherry moves up and presses her chest and body against ben's.
Sherry: ... where were we?
Orik: no one is useless... without you i wouldnt be able to protect her... would it?

Orik: now come on...
Shuanna sighs
Orik: i*
Ben: heh..
Ben he'd smile warmly, rubbing sherry's back sensually, before looking at the bathroom

Sherry smiles, looking up at ben expectantly.
Ben: So you manipulate water do you?
Sherry: ... yes... what do you do?
Orik quietly moves over to the stairs and creeps up them slowly, being as quiet as possible.
Ben: Well I can teleport short distances, but bound long distances..

Ben: like over a tall building..
Ben mocked
Sherry laughs quietly.
Sherry: really?... that is a unique ability...
Shuanna she moved to orik, leaning into his back and looking over his shoulder

Ben: Yeh but I guess superman beat me to it..
Orik makes sure he doesnt move close enough to be seen.
Sherry giggles.
Sherry: indeed... now... are you going to take me to a room or what?
Sherry gives Ben an impatient smile.

Ben: heheheh why not a bathroom?
Sherry smiles.
Sherry: alright...
Sherry stands on her tiptoes in an attempt to kiss him first.
Ben: im sure some perspiration would make things all the more exciting

Ben: ...
Ben he'd kiss sherry deeply, moving a hand to the back of her head
Shuanna: ....
Shuanna: are you sure you can watch this..? ..orik?
Sherry closes her eyes durring the kiss. then moves into the bathroom.

Orik: shh!...
Orik his body is completely
tense and his fingers have formed the shape of claws as his blue eyes
show a hint of red in them, causing a slight amount of purple near his

Shuanna: ....
Sherry doesnt notice shuanna's or Orik's voices
Shuanna she'd start to worry, causing her to be a little light headed

Ben he'd move inside the bathroom, pulling away from the kiss but still very close to her, he'd breathe out
Ben: okay how are we gonna do this..?
Sherry: ... any way you want...
Sherry begins to remove her top.
Orik moves to the door, but cant muster up the willpower to look inside.

Shuanna she'd whisper close to orik's ear
Shuanna: that coat of his is dangerous! .. He has all kind of..- of..!!
Ben: Haha.. well well! we're anxious arn't we?
Ben he'd take off his coat, not really caring if it got wet
Orik speaks harshly under his breath.

Shuanna falls over Orik and smacks her head into the door
Orik: all kinds of what?
Orik manipulates the air to make her hit the air and make no sound.
Ben: .......
Orik whispers harshly.

Orik: Careful!
Shuanna: ....
Sherry moves up to ben and begins to undress him the rest of the way.
Orik 's eyes have more red in them now.
Shuanna she'd whisper

Shuanna: orik..?
Orik: ......
Orik: what?
Shuanna: ...I need'a tinkle..
Orik grits his teeth as his eyes redden even more.
Orik: use the men's restroom.

Shuanna: ....
Shuanna: orik..
Shuanna: your not mad at me are you..?
Orik: yeah?
Orik: ........
Ben: Haahahahaa! wooah!! wooah!

Orik sighs and takes a deep breath, closing his eyes in the process, when he opens them, his eyes are blue once again.
Orik: no... just... trying to stay calm is all...
Sherry pulls back.
Sherry: ... is something wrong?
Sherry looks confused.

Ben: nothing nothing, it's just that you're getting a little crazy
Sherry: crazy?... i am?
Sherry looks slightly worried.
Ben: Well I mean,
personally I'd like to go a little slow before the get go. I can't just
charge in there with a floppy disk if you know what I mean..
Sherry smiles.

Shuanna: ...
Shuanna clamps her hand over her mouth, trying to hide her laugh
Shuanna: ..floppy disk..
Sherry: don't you worry about that... just relax...
Sherry begins to run kisses down his chest toward his lower regions.

Orik is trying not to growl.
Shuanna she whispered
Shuanna: is it me or does it feel like we're watching soft porn..?
Ben: heh heh..
Orik finally loses control and the door is thrust open with a blast of wind as orik stands in the doorway, growling.

Sherry quickly covers her chest.
Ben: ....
Sherry: ORIK!
Ben looks to orik, his pants down and his heart dotted boxers showing
Ben: ....

Ben: well.. that pretty much kills the buzz..
Orik steps forward with a menacing growl as wind rushes past him toward ben.
Shuanna: ..!! orik!!
Ben: !!
Sherry looks shocked.

Ben teleports behind shuanna, although his pants are left on the ground
Ben covers his tenders behind shuanna
Orik 's eyes are deep red, and his gaze focus's on Sherry.
Orik steps forward, still growling.
Shuanna: ....!!

Sherry looks at ben and shuanna.
Sherry: RUN!... both of you!
Ben he looked to shuanna fiercly
Ben: You bitch
Shuanna: .....!! b-ben!

Ben he'd grab a hold of Shuanna, teleporting onto the roof
Orik roars in a howl of rage as a nova of wind encompases him, tearing apart the building with the blades maid of pure air.
Sherry protects herself with water from the nearby pipes, shielding herself at the last possible moment.
Shuanna: Aaughh!! Orik!! nooo! Please!!
Shuanna she clinged to Ben helplessly

Ben: Shuanna!!
Ben he bounded up into the air, trying to escape
Shuanna: ..!!???
Shuanna: ...!! Aaaugh!! BUT!!!
Ben: DO IT!

Orik turns toward the sound
with a growl and launches himself after both of them, the air visibly
rippling as he passes through it but more force than either of them
thought possible, howling in anger.

Ben he'd take her in his arms, turning around in mid-air and facing both him and shuanna in Oriks direction
Orik howls with a sound burst, the air rippling with the effect as the force reaches out toward them, threatening to engulf them.
Sherry 's voice is heard as if from far away.
Sherry: just run!
Shuanna she took a deep breath,
opening her throat widely she let out an ear shattering scream, so
menacingly loud it created sound waves that clashed against Orik's
howls and winds

Ben: !!!!!
Orik clashed against shuanna's
opposing soundwave and thrust his hand out, appearing to block the
incoming air that neutralized his own sound burst with a single hand.
Thrusting his other hand forward, he tore through it and continued to
advance, the wind around all three of them rising to huricane force
winds in the process.

Ben: Jesus!
Shuanna: BEN!!
Sherry is now dressed and seems to be following them, standing on a platform of water as she moves through the air.
Ben: hold on pumpkin!
Sherry: i told you to run! Teleport out of there!
Ben taking Shuanna he teleported down to the ground, and bounded a mile away form orik
Ben once in cover, he hid shuanna in a tree and bounced back to find his cloths
Sherry seemingly battle's
orik in some sort of sky battle before the winds finally die down, and
the figures begin to descend before one catches the other and they both
return to the bar.

Ben his pants slapped his face, as it had been hurled around with the wind
Ben slipping on his pants, he
found that he had no shirt on, and his ponytail was out, leaving his
long hair to rest on his shoulders

Ben: damn that bitch..

Ben angryly, in a series of teleports he reached the place
Orik is unconsious on the bar.
Ben walking in he had seen that Orik was out, cursing ot himself, wishing he was awake so he can chew his ear off
Sherry is sitting on one
of the stools with what looks like dark bluish-green blood staining
some of her "skin," which seems to have been cut from her in several
places, but already seems healed.

Sherry sighs when she see's ben.

Ben his face softened, taking a moment to regain his composre.
Ben: So much for that Idea..
Sherry: sorry
about that... i told you i didn't want to do anything with him here...
he.... lets his emotions get to him sometimes... and he loses control...
Ben: If I recall correctly, you said that it seemed the he left, not that if He saw me with you that he'd go into a wild frenzy.
Sherry: i didn't
know he'd react so violently... he's never seen me be intimate
before... though... i would think that he had more control.
Sherry looks at Orik with a saddened frown.

Sherry: ... i dont like hurting my son...
Sherry turns back to ben.
Sherry: or anyone for that matter.
Ben: I guess it's understandable.
Ben: If I had my coat.. It might've been differently..
Ben: Maybe it was for the better...

Sherry: ... i'd be surprised if there was much left of your coat.... i am deeply sorry... i didn't want this...
Ben he was alarmed inside, but calmy he shook his head
Ben: It couldn't be helped.
Ben: Would you know if the next time he saw me, would he come after me like this agian?
Sherry: ..... i
dont think he would... but he wasnt coming after just you... when he's
like that... he'll attack anything, and anyone... you just got the
short end of the stick i'm afraid...
Sherry: ... one way of knowing when to run... his eyes... they'll be a pure, blood red...

Ben: Well
Ben: Just a future warning.
Ben: If this does happen again.
Ben: I won't hesitate to take action
Ben: I needed to think about the were-abouts of shuanna, and i did not have my tools with me.
Ben: Next time might be different.

Ben: In self defense, I will not hesitate to kill him.
Sherry: .... i
dont think this will happen again... but i wont blame you for defending
yourself if it does... though... i would never be able to forgive you
if you killed my son... either way i need to get him home.
Sherry looks down at the
ground as water materializes from the air and picks up Orik, making him
appear to be on a stretcher as he floats behind her in her departure.

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Ben: ...
Ben: To think I wanted to kill you, sherry..
Ben: Your skin.. is different then what i've felt.. im curious about you..
Ben: I think I have my buzz back..
Ben he smiled to himself, not bothering to look for his things, he left the building to retrieve shuanna
Ben as he came to Shuanna, he had daggers for her

Ben: What the shit was taht?
Shuanna: .... I knew you were going to kill her!
Ben: ....
Shuanna: I've seen that closet, Ben..
Ben he teleported up to the branch shuanna was sitting on, taking a hold of her jaw harshly and holding it tightly
Shuanna: ..!!

Ben: If you do anything like that again.. I'll stuff you in that closet just like the others..
Ben: I will kill you in the worst way I can.. I will keep you half alive and half dead for days!
Shuanna: ....
Ben: Do not fuck with me
Ben he'd let go of her
Shuanna: ...Ben I..
Ben: you know what?
Shuanna: ...?
Ben: Just to make sure..
Ben he'd take her arm harshly, yanking her up and he grabbed a hold of her, pressing her body against his
Shuanna: ...!? Ben?
Ben: ....This won't be enjoyable..
Ben he'd teleport them out
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PostSubject: Re: Mystling Breakroom RP logs - Mature   Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:45 pm

Part Four

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Orik looks around, then finds a place to sit. His posture suggests he's depressed.
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Alex curls up on an overstuffed chair and waves at Orik
Orik: ... hey,,,
Alex: Hello! -smiles-
Orik chuckles lightly, yet without humor.
Orik: why are you so happy today?

Alex: -shrugs- Why not?
Orik: ... i went berserk and nearly killed my mother last night... how about you?
Alex: Well... umm... at least you didn't?
Orik: ... true...
Alex: -smiles-
Alex: See, something to be happy about

Orik: ... still... i shouldn't have to be happy that i didn't kill her when i went berserk in the first place....
Alex: -tilts head- why did you go berserk, anyways?
Orik: ... i thought someone was trying to kill her... turns out... i was more wrong than i could have guessed...
Alex: Well make sure you have all the facts next time then.
Orik: .... yeah....
Alex: `That way it won't happen again -nods-

Orik: yeah...
Orik doesnt look to cheered up.
Alex: Hmmm... Do you need some hot chocolate or something? That always makes me feel better
Orik raises an eyebrow, then indicates his wolfish appearance.
Orik: ... chocolate makes me sick

Alex: -winces- Sorry, should of figured that
Alex: Do you have your own comfort food or something?
Orik: .... steak... raw
Orik: a lot of people i know think it's gross though
Alex: Well I'm sure there's some in the kitchen. You want me to look?
Orik: ... nah... i'm fine... just need to sit for a bit

Alex: Alright, if you're sure
Orik: .... running around usually helps too... but at the moment...
Orik stares at his hand for a moment.
Orik: i don't think that's such a good idea...
Alex: -head tilt- Why not?
Orik: ... too much tension and agression... might end up getting too excited and hurt someone

Alex: -nods- Makes sense
Orik: i have that tendency...
Orik chuckles lightly again.
Orik: this one time i
accidenly barked at my mother before i could control my sonic abilities
while we were playing.... she said her ears didnt stop ringing for
weeks... i was just glad she wasnt hurt when she was knocked back...
Alex: Yikes. And I thought I had it rough...
Orik: yeah... sonic abilities are hard to control sometimes

Alex: -nods- Compared to that I have a mere inconvenince
Orik raises an eyebrow.
Orik: what do you do?
Alex: I sometimes kinda transform into a more foxish form.
Orik: ... ah... thropism... an interesting talent... but it could be useful when used correctly
Alex: Too bad I have no control over it.
Orik: ... i never had
control over my sonic bursts... but once i mastered my other
abilities... i realized the sonic blasts were rooted in my ability to
manipulate the air
Alex: I don't know where mine come from. And it's not even triggered by emotions, it just sort of happens. It's frustrating!
Orik: ... mine arent triggered by emotions either... but more... an extended sense of self... it's hard to explain...
Alex: Well at least you know the reason. I still haven't figured mine out
Orik: ... have you tried meditation?
Alex: -looks around, noting that the place is still in disaray from the night before- Wow. Was this all you?
Orik: .... yeah... mom said i nova'd
Alex: It looks like there were about five major disastors
Orik: ... well... uh... like i said... i went berserk...
Alex: I guess this place doesn't have anyone to clean... -nudges a shard of glass from a broken bottle away with her foot-
Orik: ....
Alex: That's kind of odd, isn't it? there's never anyone here working, is there?
Orik sighs. He closes his eyes
and everything begins to move, propelled by the air. The trash is swept
into the corner and the fixable furnerature is moved back together by
the air.

Orik: ... nope... we just kind of... help ourselves...
Alex: It's bizzare

Orik shrugs.
Alex: yet the place is always well stocked... -puzzled-
Orik: ... um.... dont ask me...
Alex: it's a interesting mystery, that's for sure. perhaps one of the others might know something?
Orik shrugs.

Orik: maybe
Alex: I'll have to remember to ask them when they show up. Do you know when that might be?
Orik: no idea... jeremy usually shows up at least once a day
Alex: Hmm. No one said anything last they were here? That's inconveinent
Orik: yeah...
Alex: Guess we can only hang around and hope they do show up

Orik: yup... though i'm getting kind of bo-
Sherry from x.x.x.38 joined the chat 3 hours ago
Orik: oh hey mom
Sherry: Feeling any beter Orik?
Orik: a little
Alex: -waves at Sherry in greeting-

Sherry: good... good afternoon Alex
Alex: -smiles- and a good afternoon, it is
Sherry: indeed.
Sherry nods to alex politely and moves to sit down near Orik, but not close enough to upset him further.
Orik puts his head down on the table.

Alex: -looks at the other two and sighs-...Well this is kind of depressing.
Sherry smiles.
Sherry: oh dont mind him. I'm fine and he doesnt need to worry about me... i've already told him that countless times.
Alex: Still. Kinda darkens the mood, you know?
Alex: Unless it's just this place... Hmmm. -puzzles over something-
Sherry smiles deviously
at Alex and mouths "watch." She then turns toward Orik and reaches out
to him, brushing against the fur on the back of his neck.

Orik: NGH!
Orik twitches and sits bold upright.
Sherry laughs.
Orik glares at her, trying not to smile.
Alex giggles

Alex: much better now -smiles-
Sherry: are you done sulking yet Orik?
Orik: i'm not sulking.
Sherry giggles lightly.
Sherry: if you say so.
Alex: I'm pretty sure you were suling
Orik: no i wasnt.
Orik looks like he's starting to get frustrated, but is still fighting a smile.
Sherry cant help smile
Alex: You totally were. -nods-
Orik: no i wasnt!
Alex: Deny it all you want, but I know sulking when i see it
Orik: i wasnt sulking!
Sherry chastises him lightly.
Sherry: you're being childish Orik.
Orik: no i... oh forget it...
Orik crosses his arms and leans back in his seat.

Alex: Aw.. come on. Lighten up. I was just teasing
Sherry: you're still being childish...
Sherry giggles.
Orik sighs.
Alex: Man. Is this place always so down? Or is it just when I show up or something?

Orik: nope... only when you're here
Orik smiles
Sherry rolls her eyes at Orik.
Sherry: it was much more happening last night
Alex: So I do miss all the fun -pouts-

Sherry: i'm sure you just have had bad timing
Alex: It better be just as fun tonight...
Sherry: it might be.
Sherry giggles lightly.
Orik looks disgusted.

Orik: mom!
Sherry: what?... i'm a grown woman... i'm entitled to my fun.
Alex: -tilts head- what happened?
Orik: still...
Sherry: oh... I
was about to have some... physical relations *smiles*... and Orik
over-reacted... thinking he was trying to kill me or something silly
like that...
Orik mumbles.

Orik: it wasn't silly to me...
Alex: wow. sounds like quite the party
Sherry: it was...
Sherry smiles
Orik: ... at first...
Shuanna from x.x.x.5 joined the chat 3 hours ago

Alex: I miss everything awesome -pouts-
Shuanna she came in silently, surprised that a group of people where here. She wanted to be alone...
Shuanna: ..oh..
Shuanna she faced the door to
turn back away, but she knew it was inevitable, facing them, it could
be seen that she had her arm in a sling.

Alex: -eyes widen- What happened?

Shuanna: um..
Ben from x.x.x.5 joined the chat 3 hours ago
Ben he'd walk inside, holding his head high
Ben: evening.
Shuanna: ...

Alex: Ben! -smiles-
Ben had a different bag with him this time, since the fiasco last night probably ripped everything to ribbons
Ben: Alex, was it?
Ben: Nice to see you again, ma'm.
Ben he nodded formaly to alex, showing little emotion, it was hard to tell whether he was intentionally putting on tension or not.

Alex: -beams-
Ben: Shuanna, Lay down. I have you Ibeprophen today, you should get drowsy soon, I don't want to up and walking.
Shuanna silently she sat down on a couch, leaning on the arm chair mostly
Alex has moved closer to Ben
Ben setting his bag down beside the couch, he had a different coat on as well. but this one was much more bulky

Ben he sat down on the couch next to shuanna, taking his glasses off and rubbing the bridge of his nose
Ben: So how are things?
Alex: Boring. -pouts- There was apparently a big party last night and I missed it!
Sherry: Orik is a bit depressed...
Orik: hmph...
Ben smiled, closing his eyes for a second, and then opening them

Orik looks to shuanna and glares momentarily, then his expression softens and he sighs before looking away.
Ben: WELL.. I wouldn't say it was a party..
Sherry: i still had fun...
Sherry smiles.
Shuanna sighs hoplessly, it was evident in her eyes that she had been cry previously
Alex: What was it then?
Ben: heh..
Ben: I guess im glad to hear that..
Ben: WELL..!
Ben to took a big sigh
Sherry: well?

Ben: Im not sure what to call it..
Orik is watching ben out of the corner of his eye, still unsure what to think of him
Ben: If we had cameras in here then I guess we could sell it to a sitcom, I don't know..
Alex: Well what happened?
Sherry laughs.

Sherry: indeed we could
Orik mumbles.
Orik: i'll show you sitcom...
Sherry: i already explained that earlier alex
Ben laughed silently at orik, putting his hand over his mouth

Shuanna: ...
Shuanna she was beginning to dose off
Orik notices shuanna beginning to dose.
Orik: hey ben... you want me to take her upstairs so she can sleep?
Orik points at shuanna.

Alex: Sounded a bit like a party to me.
Ben his face becaome serious
Ben: No.
Ben: She's fine where she is.
Ben: Shuanan come here..
Orik: ... she looks tired...

Shuanna she shook her head lightly
Ben: come here.
Orik: ... ben
Ben: What?
Sherry remains silent as the tension fills the room.

Orik: why are you always ordering her around?
Ben: Because she has no idea what to do.
Alex watches quietly
Ben: Shuanna is the kind of girl who needs someone to hang onto.
Ben: She need someone to show her that she needs to be more assertive
Orik 's eyes narrow.

Ben: and once she makes a stand up to me, she will prove to me that she can be on her own.
Ben: You wouldn't say that to a Parent would you? Parents order around their kids
Orik: she has no idea
what to do because she's not allowed to think for herself... and she
doesnt need anyone to show her that... and that's not assertiveness...
its being agressive... and she is standing up to you... isnt she?
Sherry clears her throat.
Ben: not really.
Sherry: orik... calm down... he's not hurting her...

Orik growls and looks away...
Ben: By the way, it's because of your little stunt that her arm is broken.
Ben: So don't tell me what's best for her.
Ben: You dont' have much controll, so who are you to tell me that im being 'aggressive' towards her?
Orik stands and his body is tense as he glares at ben.

Ben smiles
Sherry is strern.
Ben: What?
Sherry: orik dont...
Ben: what'r you doing to do? hm?

Orik scoffs and heads for the door.
Orik leaves
Ben: ...
Orik from x.x.x.38 left the chat 2 hours ago
Sherry sighs.

Sherry: i'm sorry ben... he gets... emotional...
Ben takes shuanna's other shoulder, bringing her to rest beside him
Ben: Yeh...
Sherry: ... has she seen a doctor?
Shuanna sleeps soundlessly but discomfort is seen in her face because of her arm

Ben: Yes..
Ben: I guess im thankful that it wasn't her leg..
Sherry: good... i would offer to help... i used to be an RN... but if she's seen a doctor...
Ben: At least she's still able to move around and get excerise, rather then just sit all day waiting for this to heal..
Ben: Although she'll probably have to learn how to write with her other arm
Alex: ...I must of missed a lot last night. -is unsure of what is going on-

Ben: Im sorry alex..
Ben: Last night was a bit difficult..
Sherry: yes... it was...
Ben: Orik was drunk.. he had seen Me and his mother, sherry become intimate. We thought that Orik had gone but I guess not.
Ben: Orik ahd Shuanna with him and when he had seen us, he became angered so much that he went into a frenzy..
Ben: Pumpkin was caught
in the middle of this, and the flying air and deris probably caused her
arm to break. Im not sure what did but..

Ben: Perhaps I was too rough with her while trying to escape..
Ben: Im thinking about putting shuanna through a bit of daily training to give her body more strength...
Ben: That way she'll be more prepaired for this..
Alex: Wow. Guess it really wasn't a party then...
Sherry: that would be a good idea ben... though you should wait for her to heal first...
Ben: Yes of course..

Ben: At least, you weren't there to get caught up into it.. It was quite the ride..
Sherry: and i
appologize about Orik... he gets upset when he loses it like that... i
have explained the situation to him... but i dont think he likes it
anymore than he did last night...
Ben: hhmm...
Ben: Well..
Sherry: ... if you remember ben... i knocked him out while he was upset...
Sherry doesnt look happy about it.

Ben: He probably doesn't want change..
Sherry: no... i dont believe he does...
Ben: He's threatened by me, obviously and now he wants to prove the worst of me, Like the instance with Shuanna
Ben: I can't help but think of him as a struggling 14 year old boy... no offense..
Sherry smiles.
Sherry: Orik has always had the heart of a child...
Alex examines the supply beind the bar
Ben he laughed silently
Ben: would've been usefull information earlier..
Ben: Sherry..
Sherry: yes ben?
Ben: Im obligated to tell you that I have a weapon on my person..
Ben: I hope you understand..
Alex: Yeah, just as I thought. Everything is completely restocked. Odd
Ben: Don't worry... It's not a gun.
Sherry: ... it's
fine... i also feel it necessary to tell you that i can use any
moisture in my general vecinity for any purpose... including weaponry.
Sherry: ... though i try not to...
Sherry notices alex.
Sherry: um... what are you doing alex?
Alex: I'm safe assuming that people have been drinking here, right?
Sherry: ... um... not from what i've seen today... but Orik and his friends were last night...
Sherry: and ben too i believe...
Ben: Not excessively.. but yeh, a little bit

Sherry: i didn't have anything... i usually just drink water...
Ben: I can't remember the last time I was seriously drunk..
Ben: I think I had gotten alcohol poisoning and that just.. pretty much sold me..
Sherry: i've never been.
Alex: And the others, did they drink a lot?
Ben: Yeh

Sherry: Orik and Valerie did... and so did brock i believe
Ben: particularly Valeria and her knight in shining armor, Brock..
Sherry: Valeria?... oh... and here i assumed it was Valerie...
Sherry giggles lightly.
Alex: And yet every
bottle is back here, and they're all full. So either there is someone
working here, or it's all replaced some other way.
Sherry: .... dont ask me

Alex: It's rather odd
Alex: If it's the first option, then why is there no one else working? If it's the second, then what is the other way?
Sherry: it is... but Orik has never had a problem with it...
Ben: hmm,,
Ben: well a logical explination is that someone is employed here but of course in the wonderful world of mystlings.. I don't know..
Sherry: .... maybe the bartender is invisible?

Sherry: ... and.... mute?
Ben laughs
Ben: that would work.
Alex: Hmmm. Maybe.
Alex is not quite satisfied

Sherry seems either satisfied or disconcerned.
Sherry: ben, would you like to finish where we left off... i dont think Orik is coming back any time soon.
Ben: heeh heh is that a trick?
Sherry stands up straight.
Sherry: no... if you really want me to i can use my abilities to make sure no one outside our general vicinity can see us.

Ben: hmm..
Ben paused for a momment, shrugging
Ben: Alright.
Ben: Alex you wouldn't mind watching Shuanna for me? unless you have some qualm about this..
Sherry: good... i'll see you upstairs then.
Sherry turns and walks up the stairs.

Alex: ...I guess not. Anything special I gotta do?
Ben: Just make sure she dosn't fall over on her arm or anything..
Ben: She usually doesn't move around too much while sleeping..
Ben: If she wakes up ask her for some water or if she is hungry..
Alex: Alright. -sits down on the couch-
Ben he'd glance upstairs curiously

Ben: Persistant arn't we..?
Sherry has already
vanished down the hall and is waiting inside the room with the door
open, the doorway and windows covered in tansluscent films of water.

Ben he'd get up and move Shuanna as carefully as he could but there isn't a way to move her with out pain
Shuanna: ...!! ...augh!
Ben: sorry, sorry! .. hold on.. i'll be back

Ben he lightly floated in the air, before his body flashed in and out, before disappearing to sherry
Shuanna: ...
Shuanna she watched as Ben disappeared, looking to Alex groggyily
Alex: Um. Hi?
Sherry jumps as ben appears in the room.

Alex: You feeling alright? Hungry, thirsty?
Sherry touches a hand to her chest and laughs lightly.
Sherry: you scared me.
Orik from x.x.x.38 joined the chat 2 hours ago
Orik walks in, literally making
no noise and surrounding both alex and shuanna in a film of vacume so
that even if they do make any noise they wont be heard by anyone but

Orik walks up to the bar and
silently pulls out a bottle of whisky and drinks directly from the
bottle before sitting down, glancing at shuanna and Alex.

Shuanna: .................
Shuanna: I.. I gotta leave!
Alex: But you're hurt!
Alex: I'm not sure if you should...
Orik: ... they can't hear us... and where would you go?...

Orik: ... alex is right... you should rest...
Shuanna is reluctant to tell orik
Shuanna: what to you mean.. ? ..
Ben: Sorry.. hah.. there really is no way to warn people before I appear..
Sherry: i see that... now...
Sherry moves closer to ben.
Sherry: where were we?
Orik: i manipulate air
shuanna... they cant hear us because sound cant travel when there's not
air for it to travel through... so i've surrounded us in vacume...
Orik looks at alex.
Orik: all three of us
Alex: ...Awesome! How thin is it? Could we walk out if we wanted to with no ill effects?
Shuanna: ..........

Shuanna: You weren't.. listening in were you?
Orik: you could... but i
could just as easily move it again... and all i know is what's been
happening here today... and if mom wants to sleep with him, then she
can... i have no right to stop her...
Orik takes a large swig from his drink.
Ben: uhhm.. well we were at the part where you had your shirt off..
Sherry smiles and removes her shirt.

Alex: -is geeking out over the vacuum bit still- I wish I could do cool stuff like that
Sherry: like this?
Orik: ... in time you might learn to control your change...
Orik: and shuanna... what are you talking about as far as listening in goes?
Alex: Still isn't that cool though.
Orik: i never thought until recently that my body being like this was cool... but now... i wouldnt have it any other way

Shuanna: ...nothing.. never mind..
Alex: Wonder when the rest will show up. I don't think I've met 'em all yet...
Ben: heheh heh.. Indeed..
Ben he'd take off his coat again, although it was noticibly heavier then the previous one as it fell to the ground with a thud
Sherry giggles at the weight of his coat and moves forward to kiss him.

Orik: you'll meet them eventually...
Orik: something wrong shuanna?
Shuanna: no...
Alex: Can't be any orse then you guys. -smiles at the joke-
Orik chuckles.
Orik: nope

Orik takes a drink
Shuanna rolls off the couch
Shuanna: ...Leaving..
Ben: Mmm..
Orik: ... where are you going shuanna?

Ben he'd kiss into her again, just like before and taking sherry off her feet and onto the bed
Shuanna: no where..
Orik: ...
Orik looks concerned.
Orik: what's going on shuanna?

Sherry lays there, allowing him to do what he would.
Alex: Um, I really don't think that's a good idea
Shuanna stood up wearyly, moving to get out of this.. soundless barrier
Alex: -chews her lip- No really. You should probably rest! -is unsure what to do-
Orik: shuanna... please... tell me why you want to go?

Ben he moved to lay ontop of her, loosening his belt and taking something from his pants pocket
Shuanna: no.. your mad at me already
Orik: ... no... and even
if i was... thats no reason for me to avoid you are stop talking to
you... in fact... it's more reason to talk... to come to an
Alex: -nods- Talking always help
Sherry smiles up at ben, but glances down at what he pulled out of his pocket.

Ben: Your skin feels sos urreal.. I wonder..
Sherry giggles.
Sherry: that's... not really my skin...
Ben: oh?
Shuanna: Don't care!
Sherry: no... it's a protective film that looks like it...

Orik stands and moves to cut shuanna off.
Alex frowns, worried
Shuanna: Ah!!
Orik: please shuanna... talk to me... what's wrong?
Shuanna she tries to push Orik, obviously some of Ben's influence

Orik lets her, but maintains his balance.
Orik: shuanna... i'm sorry... for whatever you're mad about... can we talk about this?
Ben: So I wonder...
Ben smiled sinisterly, taking a large can of salt, and jamming it into her face, pouring it into her mouth
Ben: What would happen?

Sherry: mmf!!
Ben he' held her throat down with his hand, squeezing tightly
Shuanna: NO! WE CAN'T!!
Shuanna her voice resonated
Ben: You know.. You almost got out of this..

Sherry 's eyes widen as
she struggles to push him off her, her physical strength weakening as
he chokes her. Suddenly he's hit in the side of the head by a blast of
water and realizes that it's seeping into his ear.

Orik stands aside.
Orik: ... i'm sorry shuanna...
Ben he'd shake his head,
teleporting back to Sherry, dropping the can he fastened both hands
onto her neck this time, putting all his weight on her

Shuanna her hands and legs where shaking as if she had parkensons disease

Sherry forces the water
into his ear and into his nervous system as she attempts to force such
pain upon him that he would have no choise but to let go.

Orik obviously doesnt know what to say.
Orik: .... i'm sorry...
Alex is worried, but has no clue what to do
Ben grits his teeth, ear cannals are not connected to the brain, he telelported in and out to distrupt the flow of the water

Shuanna: Im..!! just not comfortable here..!
Sherry when he teleported
out, she rolled off the bed as quickly as she could and moved to run
out the door, bringing water up around her as she gasped for air,
grabbing at her neck. As the water connected with her "skin" the film
disolved and showed the almost turquios looking skin beneath, but the
water was practically solid as it surrounded her.

Orik is pleading.
Orik: why not?
Ben he'd appear in front of her, pushing her back and whipping out a knife

Ben: You know I did like you..
Ben: But you just had to ruin the ride..
Ben: I was looking for a more challenging, elegant woman..
Ben: Someone who had a bit of pride..
Sherry holds a serious
expression as she stands up straight and moves her hand forward, water
rushing from the window behind her to pass her and form into spikes as
they speed toward him as fast as bullets.

Ben he'd teleport in and out, in a flash he was right in her face

Ben: Nope.
Ben he'd jab her with the knife
Shuanna: Orik.. You didn't break my arm.. It wasn't you..

Ben from x.x.x.5 left this message 82 minutes ago:

brb people mother called

Sherry grimaces as the
tip of the knife hits the water, but there is no cutting, and no blood.
The water surrounding her has somehow hardened to the consistency of
steel and the rest of the room begins to fill with the liquid as well.

Orik: wait... wha-?
Orik 's eyes widen at the sudden realization that it was ben that did it.
Orik: ... no...
Orik allows the vacume to fill itself in with a loud poping noise as the air forces itself back into place.
Shuanna: ....!!

Ben from x.x.x.5 left this message 74 minutes ago:

back btw

Ben pushed sherry back onto the bed, landing on the spilt salt, the impact causing the salt to fling upwards and fall everywhere
Sherry: ... so... Orik... was right.... about.... you...
Ben: Half..
Ben: At first I was curious about you, And I had the buzz to kill you..
Orik moves so quickly it seems
unreal, the same sound that resonated through the air when he
reliquished the vacume to the air following him in his wake as he moved
up the stairs.

Orik: MOM!
Sherry struggles beneath ben and arches her back, moving forward to headbutt him as hard as she can.
Ben braced his head for the
impact, wincing, he held on as much as he could, his right hand
grasping onto her shoulders again moved to her neck, while his other
held the knife, he dabbed it into some salt beside them to try again

Shuanna: ...!! .. Alex..! we need to leave!
Sherry: ... you didn't know?.... salt makes me.... stronger!
Alex: Leave? Where? What's going on?
Sherry water swirls
around the room as the water surrounding her skin hardens even further
and she manipulates it, as well as her body, to strike forward,
slamming him across her face with her palm.

Shuanna: just come on! follow me!
Shuanna she turned around, running for the door
Alex follows after her
Orik appears in the doorway
with a whirlwind, sees the scene and rushes forward with a roar, the
air around them focusing into wind that swirls around Orik.

Ben he had a sickening grin on
the whole time, he was clearly enjoying every minute, even though he
was out numbered. His killing buzz was greatly satisfied,over flowing.

Ben he'd jump up off of sherry,
disappearing in an' instant, outside of the building, and his manical
laugh was what was left in his wake

Shuanna running outside, she is stopped by Ben, who appeared in front of her.
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Part Five

Shuanna: !!! ...
Alex skids to a stop
Alex: Ben! Um.. -tries to think of an excuse-
Ben he was breathing heavily, like he had ran a marathon, he was drenched, but overall, in the best mood he has ever been in years.
Orik continues to rush forward
and bursts through the window. Seemingly planting his landing not only
partially upside down, but on the air itself, he vaults toward ben with
a blood-curdling howl as the air converges on his target, forming into
blades in the process.

Ben teleported out of the water, leaving him completely dry before taking hold of Alex and Shuanna, faceing Orik
Shuanna: ... !!! Ben!
Alex winces
Orik manipulates the air to
move around Shuanna and Alex, still advancing on Ben with the cutting
power of diamond. Orik moves to the side in another display of creating
vacume and moving into it. Moving at incredible speeds, he moves in
towards ben's sides as the air impacts him.

Sherry lies on the bed and pants, forming her hands around her face as she cries silently.

Ben he was blasted back, and he
let Orik hit him, sliding on the ground with him, he took a gun from
his pants and putting it right up against Oriks abdomen

Ben: Dodge this..
Ben he fired the gun
Sherry: (OOC g2g so the family can eat)
Ben: (ooc: okay bro!)

Alex: ((should we have an ooc chat?))
Ben: (yeh that'd be nice)
Alex: ((ill get on that then))
Ben: (GOD! such a way to leave it! Haaha!! im excited as hell!)
Alex: ((http://www.chatzy.com/127530737590))
Orik 's eyes widen as the gun
touches his stomach, but he reaches out and grabs ben's face as the
weapon discharges and backfires, the barrel full of hyperdense air so
hard that the bullet never left the barrel.

Orik then attempted to thrust Ben into the pavement by the head with all his might.
Sherry: (OOC back)
Ben: (wewt!)
Ben such a thing in the gun made
it expload into peices of shrapnel, Ben disappearing before he could
touch the pavement, and landed on Oriks back, pushing him into the

Shuanna she fled back to the place, running up the stairs to see the damage to Sherry

Alex watches the fight with alarm, having no way to stop it
Shuanna: Sherry!! ..
Shuanna she immediately went to her side, noticing the salt.
Shuanna: Ooh god..
Orik Orik cushioned his fall
with the air, making sure that there was no impact to be seen. Without
even attempting to rise, he manipulated the air around Ben to move
forward and solidify into hyperdense blades that converge on ben,
heading toward his abdomen, neck, and knees.

Sherry is still crying,
but is unhurt by the salt. when Shuanna appears, she begins to cry even
harder as she sits up and wraps her arms around Shuanna, her amphibious
skin feeling somewhat wet.

Shuanna: Oooh!!..!! Sherry!
Shuanna she wraped her arm around her, as tightly as she could, sobbing herself
Sherry: ... he tried to kill me.... i... i'm sorry... i doubted you...
Shuanna: I-! .... I lost
doubt myself.. I thought that.. since he didn't do anything yesterday
.. I thought that.. maybe he..wouldn't! .. and when Orik appeared I got
scared..! ..

Alex: -quietly- Do we gotta do this?
Sherry: (OOC: sigh... brb again)
Ben he'd bound off of Orik, shooting up high into the air, looking down at Orik
Ben: you know, At first I wasn't going to kill your mother..
Ben he floated in the air for a bit

Ben: But really it was You what set me off! If you haddn'ta come after me like that, I would've just had sex with her! Hahahaa..!!
Orik leaps to his feet and
turns to face ben, then feels out the air in his lungs. Orik's eyes
narrow as he forces the air out of ben's lungs, and attempts to make
sure no more can get in.

Ben he'd teleport out of sight,
and to the bar. gasping for air he clutched his bag that he brought in,
pulling out a flame thrower he disappeared up onto the roof and aimed
it at Orik

Ben: we all know that fire burns oxygen
Ben: I was going to use this on mom, but I'd figure that it would be over kill don't you think?

Orik 's eyes narrow.
Orik: touch her... and i'll kill you...
Ben: I already did.
Ben: Oh, did I mention this is all your doing?
Ben: What a son.. bravo
Orik manipulates the air around the flamethrower so that there can be no spark, as he has surrounded the weapon with vacume.

Ben he'd teleport out fireing the fun and a burst of fire blazed from the nozel
Ben: You know, What I like about you 'civilized people' is that deep down.. you'll eat eachother up..
Orik solidifies the air around the flame and moves it inward, causing the fire to go out in what seems like implosion.
Orik then attempts the same with ben, hoping the mad-man to be crushed.
Ben: eh..
Alex: -louldly- Can't you guys please stop?!

Orik: ... i'm willing to take on the sins of a killer... to protect my mother
Ben teleports out, appearing close to Orik
Ben: But that's where it gets crazy..
Ben: Is it justice?
Ben: Just because you killed a serial killer, your a hero?
Ben: Yet you killed just like the killer did?

Orik: ... it's murder... justice or no... and i'm no hero... i'm a vigilantie... like i said... i'm willing to take on the sins.
Ben: Then you are no more important, no better then I am.
Orik turns to face Ben again,
once again focusing on the air within the man's lungs. This time he
solidifies only a small portion into a spike and attempts to thrust it
into the side of the man's lung, heading toward his heart.

Orik: i am better than you... i have a conscience...
Ben he'd teleport behind Orik

Ben: You know what makes it hilarious
Ben: I have a sense of right and wrong..
Ben: Yet I choose to kill
Ben: I don't kill just mystlings..
Ben: I kill everyone.. Humans are too easy
Orik: .... i only kill people who don't know remorse...

Ben: oh I have remorse..
Orik swirls the air around him, throwing ben backward.
Ben he is flown backwards but regains controll and teleports onto the ground, looking up at Orik
Ben: So would you say that someone who doesn't cry? or has no feelings? you kill them?
Ben: What if they've been a war vetren? they've seen it all..
Orik continues to swirl the air around him, the cement cutting appart as he steps forward toward ben.

Ben: and the sight of a beaten up woman doesn't phase them, because they've been painted with their friends brains?
Ben stands his ground, still having an adrenaline rushed smile
Orik: killers... men
like us... only deserve to live if they wish to redeem themselves for
the lives that they've taken... and i dont know what i want to do for
redemption... but i'm going to try... and i'll meet you in hell...
Orik continues his slow advance.
Ben: Oh so now im like you? But I thought you were 'better' then me?

Ben: Mr. Orik you have to listen to what you are saying..
Alex has suddenly found herself to be a cute, mostly foxlike, werefox
Orik: we have things in
common... but we're also vastly different.... i have something to
protect... shuanna is just a possession to you from what i've seen.
Ben: From what you've seen..
Ben: If I didn't care about shuanna, why would I save her from you?
Orik: ... prove to me
you actually care for her... and that you feel sorry for the lives
you've taken... and i'll stop coming after you...

Alex: o.o
Ben: and if you cared about any one anyway? Why would you go for shuanna in the first place?
Orik: ... i had no control over myself... i would like to think that shuanna is my friend...
Ben: It's said that I have the right in persuit of happyness..
Ben: Killing people makes me happy..
Ben: Whoa re you to deny my right to kill if I can't live with out it?
Ben: Mind you, the founding fathers wrote this
Orik: you have the right to the persuit of happiness... yes... inside the law
Alex runs around in circles, frustrated about her inability to say anything in this form
Ben: there's nothing in there that says that
Ben: they were pretty vague..
Orik: ... i wont let you hurt my mother...

Ben laughed
Ben: Yeh.. Your mom is a tricky one.
Ben: Although.. really..
Ben: I do love doing psycholigical damage..
Ben: and that's the ultimate power..
Ben: human or mystling..

Orik: ...
Ben: I've planted some good seeds in Shuanna already..
Orik 's eyes narrow once again, but he says nothing. His eyes are extremely close to red, but he still has control.
Ben: and with a little bit of tender love and care.. they will fester
Ben: and eventually, you will have another me..
Orik: Shuanna isn't like you... she never will be...

Ben: we'll see about that..
Ben: Shuanna isn't my ace in the hole..
Orik: oh?... what is?... wolf's bane?... silver?... you cant beat me ben...
Ben: OH Im not talking about you either! hahaa
Ben: Im not aiming to kill you..
Ben: your just too much fun..

Ben: Im talking about .. someone New..
Orik: ...
Orik growls.
Ben: Aah..
Ben stretches casually

Ben: I think I might've threw my back out..
Alex Her head is going back an forth between the two as they converse
Ben in a series of teleportations, he made his way back to the bar.
Ben walking up stairs, intently noisy
Shuanna: ...! ..O-.. Orik?

Ben teleports inside the room, looking to shuanna
Alex attempts to follow Ben, curious
Shuanna: ..!!
Shuanna: B-b.. ben..
Ben: Come on...

Ben: Your coming with me
Shuanna: ...! but!..sherry!
Ben: ...
Ben he grabbed shuanna by the arm, prying her from sherry
Ben: Sorry, Sherry. Turns out your not the girl for me
Ben he teleported out, taking shuanna with him

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Alex curls up on a chair, still i her wereform
Brock from x.x.x.188 joined the chat 25 hours ago
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Brock glances at Ben

Brock: wild night?
Ben smiles
Ben: indeed.
Val: Why does this place get wrecked so often?
Ben he had no bag with him, and no coat. Just his usual suit.

Ben: Because we have people who can't handel things I guess.
Alex looks up at the sound of voices, still in wereform
Brock slides down to Val and puts his arm around her
Brock: didn't see you here
Ben: So how are you two?

Val smiles at the contact
Ben he smiled warmly at the couply
Val: ((OOC chat: http://www.chatzy.com/127530737590))
Brock: (it's not working)
Alex: (( http://www.chatzy.com/127530737590 ))

Ben: (take the parenthisis out of it.. XD)
Val: A little exhausted, I suppose. -grins-
Ben: Hahaa! Oooh I see! haha
Brock: Is that my fault?
Val: -winks- Not that I'm complaining
Ben he was smiles all around, stretching again

Ben: I had a bit of fun myself..
Ben: best day of my life, really..
Brock: I think last night was probably mine
Ben: haaha? yeh? good for you
Val: You weren't too bad yourself
Ben: although Shuanna can't make it, she's feeling a little under the weather.

Alex growls slightly at this
Brock doesn't recognize the werewolf
Ben shakes his head
Ben: I could have a big feast right now..
Val eyes the werefox curiously, but doesnt say anything

Ben: oh!, so nice of you to join us..
Ben he looked at the werefox
Alex is unable to speak in her current form and is rather annoyed about this
Val snuggles into Brock a bit
Sherry walks downstairs
seemingly in a trance. She has her shirt back on, but the human "skin"
has not yet re-formed. Without a word, and with the remnants of tears
on her face, she moves to the bar and sits down.

Brock snuggles back and tightens his arm around her
Ben he sat on the couch casually before Sherry came down
Sherry still looks like she's in a trance and doesn't even look like she's noticed anyone.
Alex walks over to Sherry, and watches her, concerned
Sherry doesnt seem to notice alex.
Brock raises his head from leaning over on Val's to look at Sherry.
Brock: You okay Sherry?
Alex nudges Sherry with her nose
Sherry jumps when alex nudges her.
Sherry: oh?.... hey alex...
Sherry sounds distant and slightly upset.
Alex wimpers in concern
Sherry: ... alex... did you see where shuanna went?
Ben just stares at sherry as she moved
Alex shakes her head
Sherry: oh... i wonder where she went...
Sherry: me turns away and stares off into the distance again.
Sherry: (XD supposed to be an emote)
Ben: She's fine
Ben he raised his voice a little
Sherry: uh!

Ben: ...
Sherry looks frieghtened by ben's voice.
Ben: Yes..?
Sherry: ... I uh... um... should get going...
Ben he smiled

Ben: great sex by the way, sherry..
Sherry gulps and can't
make eye contact. Sge feeks ger abdomen where he'd tried to stab her
earlier. There is a bruise underneath her shirt.

Alex glares at ben, then suddenly turns back to her mostly human form, minus her clothes
Alex: umm... -blushes and dives behind the bar for cover-
Ben: Mmm...

Sherry: uh... alex... you should come home too...
Ben reaches into his pants pocket, taking out a candy
Sherry is getting more flustered by the moment.
Alex: -embarresed- no, i'm fine behind here
Ben: Have fun.. Be safe

Sherry nearly jumps when he reaches into his pocket and moves her hand up to her throat.
Sherry: ... uh...
Ben: .........
Sherry gulps.
Sherry: ... i'll try...

Ben: I guess we'll have do it again some time..
Sherry: NO!
Ben he'd stare into her eyes menicingly
Sherry: ... um... i mean... no thank you... once is enough for a great while for me...
Ben: Aaww.. was I too rough with you?
Ben he'd take the candy again and opened the wrapping, nibbling on it

Val watches all this with concern, but sees no reason to intervine yet
Sherry: ... i... just dont... LEAVE ME A LONE!
Sherry moves to leave in a panic.
Ben: Mmmmhm..
Ben takes a bite ouf of the candy

Brock stares at ben curiously, his sense of being always helpful kicking in
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Ben looks at brock
Ben: Can i help you?
Brock: Did you hurt her?

Sherry is at the edge of the room.
Sherry lifts up her shirt enough to show the bruise.
Ben he smiled
Sherry: he... tried to... stab me...
Ben he laughs

Brock stands from his seat, a disgusted look spreading across his face, his eyes shining brightly, but not mutating yet.
Brock: Why?!
Ben: Why do you honestly think?
Brock: Because you are just a bad person...
Ben: Uh
Val gets to her feet

Ben: Bad person is the understatement of the century
Sherry: ... he tr... tried to kill me...
Sherry: ... and orik...
Sherry is shaking heavily.
Ben he'd toss the candy wrapper away on the floor

Ben: I don't know If I can say that im sorry..
Ben: But your son just happened to push that little red button..
Val: Well that's just not right. -reaches for her gun, just in case-
Brock: That can be forced out...
Ben: If you want to force out that button, spill my brains.
Brock: I mean the apology you filth

Brock the rest of his skin turns metallic
Ben: Im not some psycho who doesn't have control..
Ben: Im a psycho who knows it's wrong..
Ben: Yet I do it anyway..
Alex remains behind the bar hiding now from the possible fight

Ben: And I go for everyone..
Brock: Yeah, well I'm the good guy
Ben: Well whoop-de-do..
Brock: That doesn't have a problem with kicking your ass
Ben he'd stand
Ben: I don't need to become the silver surfer to beat you..

Sherry: brock... no...
Ben: Hell I don't neven need to fight you
Val draws her weapon, ready to back up brock
Ben: All I can do is just talk..
Ben: So lets see what happens..
Ben: Go ahead.
Ben he faced the two
Ben: come get me
Brock cracks his neck and charges forward swinging at Ben's jaw
Orik appears in a gust of wind and moves to grab ben by the hands to inhibit his movement.
Ben he teleports in and out, still in the same place but Brock's arm had already passed
Brock he yelled loudly...sounding more like a roar
Brock: what are you going to do? him me?!
Brock: (hit*)
Sherry screams.
Ben again his sinister, sickening grin came forth, his eyes wideneing, his teeth bearing at them
Ben he laughed uncontrollably, he was like a kid at a candy shop, drunk with sugar
Orik jerks ben's wrists up in an attempt to dislocate the shoulders.
Ben: Oohh!! HAahahahaaa!!!
Ben he lets Orik do so, he does nothing at all
Ben: Look at you go! Haahahaaa!!
Val just watches, waiting for her chance to fire her weapon
Brock reaches forward to grab him by the suit and lift him up in the air
Orik grabs ben by the back of the neck and thrusts him to the floor, trying to thrust his face intot the floorboards to shut him up.
Ben he'd disappear, appearing before them, near sherry. But he doesn't care, he's not interested in her at all
Ben he'f flail his arm about, grunting and moving it back into place

Orik growls and shoots forward in a vilent burst of wind and throws his fist forward toward ben's chest at high velocity.
Val aims for his knee and fires quickly, hoping to catch him off gaurd
Ben he teleported again, this time, on the roof.
Ben: aaughh..
Ben he streched his back, backwards,

Val: Damn. Thought
Val: I had him
Brock: Stop running coward!
Ben: Yeah.. IM pretty
sure im the coward when i've already killed about 20 people in this
city, and left them to hang on my wall in my closet.
Orik leaps out the window and
uses the wind to propel himself upward. Spotting ben on the roof, he
propelled himself forward and huricane force winds surrounding his hand
as he thrusthis hand forward toward ben's face.

Brock: If you weren't a coward, you'd stand and fight!

Ben he'd bound upwrads, looking down at orik
Ben: Not really.. !
Ben: Not if you have a strategy!
Brock: You can't beat me if you can't hurt me!
Val: I'm not sure I like this... -is supicous of how things are going-
Ben: OH i've had this talk with Orik here.. haha

Ben: I can hurt you with out any powers..
Orik used the wind to alter his
course and once again moved toward ben, riding on the air itself. He
thrust his arm forward once again, this time releasing a nova of
wind-blades in every direction just in case he teleported to a
different locations.

Ben he'd teleport close to Orik, knowing that the blades would be moving away from him.
Ben: Mr. Orik? What'd I do to mommy?
Brock: So be it!

Ben he'd teleport infront of Orik
Brock closes his eyes and
focused hard. Pulses of myst erupted from him, tremors spreading
through the room, getting steadily stronger

Ben: I guess it's too late to say, 'sorry for wanting to do your mom..'
Brock speaks softly to Val
Brock: You should be running.

Val stumbles slightly at the shaking
Orik whirls around with a kick aimed at ben's abdomen, novaing again at the same time.
Val: And leave you with this psycho? Fuck no!
Brock: I've already started the quakes! I'd rather this building not collapse on you.
Val: -shakes her head no- I'm not leaving until this is done

Ben he'd teleport lower to the ground, waiting for the shards to speparate as they traveled, before heading back up again
Ben: i can do this all day
Ben: So borack-o obama! you down there?!
Brock: ::grits his
teeth:: Fine, at least get under me so nothing falls on you. ::the
quakes were getting stronger, the walls had began shaking and small
cracks were spiderwebbing along the ceiling::
Val nods and does so, holstering her gun in the process

Sherry screams in terror. Some of the liquid from the broken bottles from the shelves moves above her, acting as a shield.
Ben: ...??
Ben teleports inside the building, grabbing sherry and teleporting out
Orik gets frustrated and
removes all air from the surrounding area, except for what is in his
lungs and a small supply for him to breathe.

Brock: I'm here and waiting ben!

Ben lets sherry go outside, before looking to Brock
Ben: now that that's taken care of
Orik lets the air the atmosphere.
Orik: ..... you... saved my mother?
Ben hold his mouth

Ben never the less, he was smiling
Ben even though the air was gone, he mouthed the words ' fucked up isn't it?'
Orik let the atmosphere return.
Ben breathes
Ben looks at his watch

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Shuanna: Ben!!
Shuanna she came running from a distance, her stride wobbily and shaky
Ben he smiled as if expectant
Orik: shuanna!

Ben: Why don't you come out here?
Orik moves to shuanna speedily, ignoring ben for the time being.
Ben he called
Ben: you said you were going to 'kick my ass' lets see the bark behind your bite!

Shuanna: Orik!..
Brock yelled in frustration and
a very large tremor sent a crack rushing through the floor, the
building beginning to collapse all around them

Shuanna she falls down on the ground early, knowing that Orik would help her soon
Orik: ... are you alright?
Orik helps her up.

Orik: how's your arm?
Shuanna: it's alright.. it.. still hurts
Orik: ... common... i'm gonna get you out of here before he notices and tries to hurt you more...
Shuanna: I-! it's not like that!! really!
Orik moves to pick up shuanna bridal style, being careful about her arm.
Sherry ran away as soon as she'd been teleported outside.
Orik: ... then what's it like?
Shuanna: He didn't mean to..
Ben he teleported closer to brock, taking hold of some of the large debrii and teleporting it and himself at brock
Orik: he didn't mean to
hurt you?... well.. he meant to hurt my mother, and he wants to
re-create himself in you... i dont want that to happen.
Shuanna: w-what? no!
Shuanna: It's not his fault! .. his father was like this! It was born into his mind!

Orik: he said so himself... and he's just manipulating you!
Shuanna: He has a good side to him! i've seen it!
Brock stands firm, letting it hit him. it wouldn't hurt
Shuanna: why would he sling and cast my arm?
Ben he jumped back off of brock, standing before him

Orik: ... good side or not... he kills people for fun!
Shuanna: But how do you know that's his father talking?
Shuanna: He's very very ill!
Shuanna: Your making it worse! Don't fight him!
Brock: Hit me all you want. Your power will only help you run from me.
Orik: ....are you sure?

Shuanna: be good to him! it'll set him off!
Ben: That's very true.
Orik: .... right.... alright... but make me a promise.... you wont turn into him.
Ben: But did I mention me and your chicky-poo held hands a few days ago?
Shuanna: ...? .. I don't understand..
Brock he reached out and grabbed him by the throat

Ben: I don't know about her, But I bumped into her a few times, i'll tell ya that
Orik: promise me you wont try to kill people... for any reason... dont turn into him...
Orik grimaced.
Orik: ... or me...
Ben he let brock take hold of him

Shuanna: ...what do you mean.. you?
Orik: ... i dont enjoy it like he does... and i only go after evil people... but...
Brock squeezed tighter around Ben's neck
Orik grimaces once again...
Brock: Don't make me do this

Ben he still managed to talk
Ben: Would.. it m- .. make you feel better..?
Shuanna: ...
Brock lifts him into the air off his feet
Orik: ... dont turn into us.... promise me that shuanna...

Brock: I don't want to have to kill you Ben!
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Ben: Because.... it.. would stain your.. reputation?!
Ben: TO.. have that on you.. your conciounce?!

Ben: What...?
Ben: ...do you.. think you can save .. me?
Ben: Please...
Brock: Because I'm not a killer like you! ::turns, throwing him as hard as he can towards a wall::
Orik: ..... i'll be back
Ben he lands with a crash, peices of the wall falling down

Shuanna: ...oh Orik..! Don't hurt him anymore!
Orik rushes into the building only to see ben flying into the wall. He hurries to ben's side and moves to help him up.
Shuanna: He's just confused..!
Orik: ... hey... you hurt?
Ben rolls his eyes waiting for brock to say somthing

Brock moves through the rubble to Ben, gripping him again.
Brock: give up!
Orik: ... brock...
Orik sighs.
Orik: let it go brock...

Ben he smiled as brock lifted him through the rubble
Ben: I think your going to have to kill me before Im happy
Orik: ... then you're going to have to be miserable ben... because we're not killing you...
Brock ignores Orik and picks ben back up into the air

Ben he laughed, disappearing
Brock brings their faces close together
Brock: (dammit...)
Ben: (oh whoopse, sorry)
Ben: (repost?)

Brock: (jes)
Brock: Why do you want to die so badly?
Ben he'd let himself fall, landing and making no attempt to move away.
Ben: just to make a point..
Ben: the point that you, are just a peice of shit..
Brock: ::lowered his
hands and stared down at him:: It's because of mystlings like you that
we have to be feared and live in a place like Alpha Site.

Ben: Im not a mystling..
Orik: .... brock... calm down... let it go... please...
Ben: Im nothing like you..
Brock: You are exactly like me...
Orik sighs.
Brock: (he is calm, sort of lol)

Ben: Im not an' idiot if that's what your asking..
Orik: ... guys... stop...
Ben: there is no good.. there is no evil..!
Ben: There is no such thing as normal!
Brock his skin returns to normal
Brock: there are good and evil deeds

Orik: ... "evil is in the eye of the beholder"... right....
Brock: But I won't fight you anymore....
Brock: I don't care what you do to me..
Ben: So what if I go after Valeria..?
Ben: you won't do anything..?
Orik: ... then i'll stop you, and i wont kill you or fight you... but you wont get to her.

Ben he laughed
Ben: Oh i'd love to see that..
Orik: ... even if i have
to trail you for the rest of my life... i wont let you kill again
ben... there are other ways to have fun...
Orik: ... and.... i need to stop killing as well...
Ben: lets see how well you two are educated..
Ben: Do you know about the old greek saying? "Man is the Measure of All Things" ?

Orik: .... i've heard of it...
Brock: As have I
Ben: Do you know what Sophism is, gentlemen?
Brock: I've heard the term
Orik: ... i'd have to look it up or be reminded... but it sounds familiar
Ben: in other words, No.

Orik: ... like i said... i'd have to be reminded.
Ben: Sophism promotes Relative Morality Morals, i.e. Good and Bad. It depends upon the situation, it is relative to your needs.
Ben: For example, gentlemen..
Orik: ... yeah... but in it the lines of good and evil are always scewed, because each situation is different
Ben: Torture of prisoners is a bad thing, but necessary in times of war?
Orik: i've heard this debate before...

Ben he stood up, smiling to himself
Ben: "The Wise Man is the only one who knows best how to manipulate others and gratify his own desires"
Brock: (....copy/paste fail)
Ben: (Indeed.. XD)
Orik: ... ben... do you consider yourself a wise man?
Ben: Probably..

Ben: Knowledge is not useful, but false knowledge and twisted arguments are my weapons..
Orik: ... ben... go home... please...
Ben he laughed
Ben: Home..
Ben: yeah right..
Brock: why do you believe death will bring you happiness? it will bring you nothing.

Orik: ... you dont have a home?
Ben: If you make me go home now.. I might sacrifice a few people to help me calm down..
Ben: and let me remind you, you've just doomed shuanna
Orik: how have i doomed shuanna?
Ben: becaue I made her my squeeze..
Ben he turned to face where the door was, walking away slowly
Brock: (i need sleep...
Brock: )
Orik turned to walk with him, not in front of him or behind him, but at his side.
Ben: Sorry Orik, Im not up for threesomes..
Ben he disappeared
Orik: ... damnit...
Orik grimaces.
Orik: ... i'm sorry... shuanna... for what he's about to do to you...
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The Break Room will be mysteriously repaired, everything back in plcae the next time anyone enters
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Val enters and heads straight to the lounge area with a rather bad headache
Val has dosed off
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Part Six

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Shuanna she stubbled in,
having trouble getting a walking cane past the door frame. She was
hunched over, like an' old woman trapped in a young body

Shuanna she noticed Val passed
out in the lounge, deciding to take a nice warm seat on the couch near
her. At least it was quiet, and peacful now. It was only now that she
noticed that the place was fixed up bran-new.

Shuanna as she laid her head
back, closing her eyes, she breathed quietly, but noticeably. She had a
rough night, and a strange morning..

Shuanna she whispered to herself, opening her eyes slightly

Shuanna: ben... your such a weird, unpredictable bastard..
Shuanna she waited, for a sound to disturb her peace.. wondering when Benjamin would wake.. and come to the break room..
Shuanna she reached into her coat's pocket, pulling a cell phone out. Ben bought her this.
Shuanna opening it, she looked
through it idely, and noticed that there was a text. She hasn't made
any text on the phone yet, she had just gotten it this morning

Shuanna under her coat, she was wearing new cloths, a pretty, simple white dress. It was very comfortable

Shuanna she opened the text and in it, it read : " dinner at 8"
Shuanna: ....
Shuanna: dinner..?
Shuanna she paused, looking at
the cellphone.. she grimiced, throwing the cellphone at the wall, she
wanted it to shatter, but it prevailed

Shuanna: ....

Shuanna pausing again, staring into space she pulled herself back, fidgeting with her hands.
Shuanna: whats happening..to me?
Shuanna maybe this was what Orik was trying to tell her. Don't stoop to his level, don't give in
Shuanna she clutched her head with her good arm, wincing
Shuanna why did she stand up for him? last night why?!

Shuanna is she.. some kind of idiot?!
Shuanna hanging her head, she sobbed quietly
Shuanna getting up sternly, she clung to the walls, and made her way out of the door, leaving her cane, and the cellphone on the ground
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Val is still sleeping

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Sherry spots the cellphone on the ground and walks over to it, picking it up, she looks it over.
Sherry: hm...
Sherry walks over to the bar and sets the cell phone down there.
Val awakes with a start, hand going to her holster on reflex

Sherry starts and places her hand on her chest.
Sherry: ... oh... Val... i didnt see you there
Val: -yawns, relaxing- Yeah, sorry. Habit
Sherry takes a deep breath.
Sherry: dont worry about it... no harm done

Sherry smiles and holds up the cell phone.
Sherry: this yours?
Val: -frowns- No, mine's a different color. Where'd you find it?
Sherry: ... on the floor...
Sherry looks around.

Sherry: ... i wonder who fixed everythi-... hey... what's that?
Val: Huh. Someone else must of dropped it.
Sherry points at the cane.
Val: -looks- A walking cane it looks like. I didn't know anyone used one around here...
Sherry: ... me either... though...
Sherry remembers shuanna's broken arm after the first time ben and orik had a confrontation.
Sherry: ... you dont think?... perhaps shuanna's?
Val picks up the cane, examing it
Val: Well it is the right size for her...
Sherry: i wonder why it's here...
Val: -shrugs- I'm not sure, I pretty much dozed off almost as soon oas i got in here
Sherry: ... i see... well... i guess all we can do is wait...

Val: I guess. -looks
around, noticing for the first time how nice everything looked- Huh.
Would of imagined there would of been more damage done last night...
Sherry: .......
Sherry: there was...
Val: Huh. Doesn't look like it. How bad was it? -tries to avoid looking dissapointed at her early exit from the fight-
Sherry: .... half the building was destroyed...
Sherry: and i didnt stay... i... didn't want to stay around ben...

Val: Damn. Missed some good stuff then. Do you know that they at least got the bastard?
Sherry: Orik said they let him go... Shuanna thinks that if they're nice to him, he'll realize he wants to be a good person...
Sherry: i dont believe it for a second...
Val: -snorts- I'm with you on that. He needs put down before he does any more damage
Sherry: ... what i dont understand is... Orik stopped Brock from killing him... and he wouldnt tell me why...
Val: Possibly showing the guy mercy. -shakes her head- Which is usually a bad idea, if you ask me.

Sherry: ... he seemed distant about it... i've never seen him like that...
Sherry sounds concerned.
Val: Well, I'm not exactly the best person to talk about this kind of subject.
Sherry: ... i'm sorry... i just... i'm worried about my son is all...
Val just turns her head, her own parental issues threatening to surface

Sherry: does it bother you... me talking about Orik?
Val: No, not at all. -is lying-
Sherry: .... um... do you know if they have anything... non-alcoholic here?
Val: Probably. Haven't had any myself, to be honest
Sherry: ... alright... so do i... just... get it myself?
Val: It's what I always do

Sherry turns around to look at the stuff behind the bar without jumping back behind it.
Sherry: um.....
Sherry: i dont see anything...
Val: Really? they should at least have some soda or something
Sherry: i dont see it...
Sherry frowns.

Val walks behind the bar, digging around before she finds a bottle of generic cola
Val: Here it is
Sherry: ... oh... i just figured that everything was organized so we could see everything by looking at what's out front...
Sherry: thank you Valeria
Val: No problem. -small smile-
Sherry returns the smile
as the bottle leaves val's hand gently and sets down in front of sherry
before she opens it and a small amount emerges from the top, gliding
it's way to her mouth.

Val: -blinks, trying hard not to say something rude- ...Nice parlor trick
Sherry: oh... sorry... i've just grown accustomed to using my ability for minor conviniences...
Val: -shakes head- Don't worry about it. I'm trying to get better with it, but old habits.
Sherry: you... havent had good relationships with my kind... have you?
Sherry looks saddened
Val: -smiles- It's getting better

Sherry: ... may i ask what happened?
Val: Long story. A lot
of it probably has to do with government propaganda, to be honest. And
what happened between me and Brock really didn't help...
Sherry: you and brock?... but i thought you two were an item...
Val: Not until recently. Spent a lot of time angry at him, actually
Sherry: i'm sorry to hear that...
Sherry: would you like to talk about it?
Val: Sure, why not. We used to be best friends, actually, way back when. Met when we were ten, best friends for seven years.
Val: At some point developed crushes on eachother, actually
Sherry: sounds like a great relationship... what happened?
Val: Well, we ended up
decideing to eaplore a relationship. Apparently this one creep, despite
me clearly not having any interest, decided to interfere
Sherry: i see...
Val: Got a bunch of friends together, mobbed Brock while we were in the park
Sherry: so... he tried to beat him up? how terrible
Val: And you can probably guess what happened next. -tries to stay unattatched, but is sounding a little bitter-
Sherry: ... Brock got upset and his skin turned to... what happened after that?
Val: Well, I just found
out my best friend was something I hated, so there were conflicting
emotiongs. He reached out, I guess, and I hadn't gotten everything
figured out yet. So I didn't do anything
Sherry: ....
Sherry looks sad and concerned.
Val: And he ran. Never came back. No matter how many months I waited for him to... -blinks back tears-
Sherry: ... oh honey... i'm so sorry...
Sherry leans forward to embrase Val in a hug.
Val is clearly taken aback by this, and after a moment awkwardly hugs back
Sherry pulls back after a few moments, still holding onto val's shoulders and looking into her eyes.
Sherry: you're with him again now... you need to focus on that and be happy... okay?
Val: -smiles- That's what I've been doing. What's past is past, right?
Sherry: yes... good for you val... i hope you can keep that mindset...
Val: -blushes a little, not quite used to this kind of thing- Thanks
Sherry: it's no problem...
Sherry smiles.
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Sherry still has the cell phone in front of her

Val: Thanks for the chat, Sherry. But I think I need to rest some more.
Val exits
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PostSubject: Re: Mystling Breakroom RP logs - Mature   Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:52 pm

Part Seven

Shuanna walks inside, not
really paying any attention to noise, the first thing she went to was
the couch, holding onto the armchair and ploping herself down silently.

Shuanna the shamful look in her eyes was hard to tell if she was glareing, or just plain tired
Sherry: Shuanna... is something wrong?
Shuanna: nothing out of the ordinary..
Sherry: ... what happened?
Shuanna: ..nothing out of the ordinary..
Sherry sighs.
Sherry: did... ben hurt you?
Shuanna: No, he didn't..
Sherry: ... is... that cane yours?
Sherry points at it
Sherry: or this?
Sherry holds up the cellphone.
Shuanna she blushed, embarassed.
Shuanna: they are mine..
Sherry: good.
Sherry smiles.
Sherry: here... take it.
Sherry: me holds out the phone.
Shuanna getting up, she held
her broken arm close to her body like always, the cast made her feel as
if she could kill some one with it..

Shuanna walking to sherry, she took the cellphone back with her good hand
Shuanna: Thank you sherry..
Sherry: it's no problem... but...
Sherry trails off.
Sherry: nevermind
Shuanna: I don't mind..
Shuanna she sat back on the couch, but closer to sherry
Sherry: ... this might sound awkward... but... why do you stay with Ben?
Shuanna: because I can't leave..
Shuanna: He always finds me..
Sherry: ... you've tried?...
Shuanna: Of course..
Sherry: do you know how he finds you?
Shuanna: no..
Shuanna: Maybe im just too predictable..
Sherry: ... shuanna... are you sure he doesnt hurt you honey?
Sherry looks concerned and subconsciously feels her neck.
Shuanna: not any more...
Sherry: ... is he the one who broke your arm?
Shuanna: he did..
Sherry: ... i'm so sorry shuanna...
Sherry is beginning to tear up.
Shuanna: but it's not in the way that you think..
Sherry: it... it's not?
Shuanna: .. There was someone else in the house..
Sherry: ... what?
Shuanna: Ben broke my arm.. but whether he ment to swing at me or the other person, im not entirely sure..
Shuanna: It becomes void because of the fact that the man was dead later on..
Shuanna she was even starting to sound like Ben
Sherry: ... what?... he broke your arm... did you at least ask him if he meant to?
Shuanna: I don't feel the need to ask if he casted and slung my arm..
Shuanna she sighed
Shuanna: I can't figure him out..
shuanna...if he did it on purpose... then i dont think something like
that would make up for it... if he hadn't broken your arm he wouldnt
have had to do that to begin with
Shuanna: why would he hurt me, just so he would patch me up?
Shuanna: that doesn't make sense..
Sherry: ... sometimes... people do things... to make it look like an accident when it really wasnt...
Shuanna she sighed again, fidgeting with her cast, instead of her other hand.
Shuanna: I donno..
Sherry: shuanna... has he ever... tried to kill you... like he tried to do with me?
Shuanna she shook her head lightly
Shuanna: no..
Sherry sighed with relief.
Sherry: good...
Sherry: but...
Sherry: do you know why he tries to... why he does what he does
Shuanna: ...?
Shuanna: is that your indirect way of referring to the sex..?
Sherry: ... he... he tried to kill me shuanna...
Shuanna: I realize that..
Shuanna: I saw you..
Sherry is tearing up again.
Shuanna: ...
Sherry: why?...
Shuanna she has the same expression on, a souless, tired and jaded face.
Shuanna: probably just to mess with your head..
Shuanna: Or maybe just to get to Orik... I don't know.. there could be many reasons..
Sherry begins to cry, but has not started sobbing yet.
Shuanna: Notice how he didn't care that he haddn't succeeded..
Sherry: why do you defend him?
Shuanna: ...
Shuanna: ..I don't know..
Sherry continues to cry, her tears seemingly soaking into her skin.
Shuanna she looked away, swallowing as she tried to keep everything together
Sherry: why shuanna?... he's a murderer...
Shuanna: Sherry.. please.. this is difficult for all of us..
Sherry: di-... difficult?
Sherry suddenly becomes hysterical.
Shuanna: ........
Shuanna she stood up with difficulty, trying to tone her out
Sherry has finally begun to sob, her body convulsing with each heave and tears streaming down her face as she burries it in her hands.
Shuanna: sherry.. please.. keep quiet..
Sherry: i ca-... i ca-... i ca-... nt...
Shuanna: .... maybe that's the sole reason why he attempted..
Shuanna: because he knew you wouldn't be able to get over it..
Shuanna: He knew that he would be the reason that you loose sleep at night..
Shuanna: ...
Sherry continues to cry and sob.
Shuanna: ...maybe you should leave soon..
Shuanna: Ben might wake up any moment..

Orik from x.x.x.38 left this message 23 hours ago:

Orik's voice reverberates throughout the lounge. "SHUANNA STOP!"

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Shuanna: ......
Orik appears in a whirlwind standing next to shuanna, but facing sherry.
Orik: ... you're becomming like him...
Shuanna sighed, perhaps even rolled her eyes
Orik picks up his mother and disappears in another gust of wind.
Shuanna: does it matter any more..?
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Ben he appeared behind Shuanna, sliding his hands from her shoulders down to her waist and pulling her against him
Ben: Aawww...
Ben: Don't mind them pumpkin..
Shuanna: ...
Shuanna: were you listening..?
Ben he took Shuanna's phone, flipping it open and looking at it
Ben: indeed I was.
Shuanna: ...
Shuanna: your making me look bad, ben..
Ben: But bad is sexy..
Shuanna: ..oh stop it..
Ben: If they really were your 'friends' wouldn't even attempt to keep you from harm?
Ben: No, they'd leave you out there..
Ben: ..really all that matters is you..
Ben he turned her around, pressing his forehead against hers, his hands at her lower back
Ben: Come on..
Ben: I'll give you that massage you've always liked..
Shuanna: ...hmmm..
Shuanna sliding her head down onto his chest, she embraced him
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Ben with a few flashes of their bodies together, they floated upwards slowly to disappear in a puff of black smoke
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Shuanna many hours later, she was back inside
Shuanna she flopped on the couch, giving out a long sigh
Shuanna shuanna had a light smile on, her body still hot and sweaty under her cloths
Shuanna shifting around a bit,
she couldn't shake the tingling, the lingering exctasy that hid and
covered every nook and cranny of her body. Feeling the good type of

Shuanna opening her eyes
Shuanna she had to get the things she left..
Shuanna standing, she reached for her cane, having to bend over and feel all along the trim of the couch before retreiving her cane
Shuanna once the cane was in her good hand, she walked out of the place silently
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Val enters, and heads over to the lounge area to hang out
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Ben he pops right in, whistleing,seemingly having a good day today
Val glares
Val: And what're you so happy about?
Ben: I don't think you want to know..
Ben he smiled, smuggly. bringing a large garbage bag, and a machette in his hands
Val tenses, her hand automatically heading for and resting on her gun
Ben he looked at her, stoping
Ben: Pleaase..
Ben: you and I Both know you wouldn't try to shoot me by yourself now would you?
Val: ...I'm rather tempted, but no, you're right. -scowls and relaxes-
Ben: Good choice..
Ben he had begun to head to the bathroom with the bag, opening the door and leaving it open useing his foot.
Ben: By the way, I wouldn't come in here after a while
Val is rather curious, but decides to take his advice
Ben: Really, It's a present for brocolli and Oreek, it's not for the eyes of girls
Val: .... -curiosity gets the better of her and she gets up to peak in the bathroom-
Ben he continues to whistle. taking the contents out of the garbage bag
Ben he pulled out a couple of dead bodies, a few were young teenaged girls, while others were large, big dogs
Ben taking the trash back and
wadding it up, he turned back to the door way to throw the trash bag
out, but that's when he catches a glimpse of Valeria

Ben he shruged, looking at her
Val: You are one sick bastard. -looks a little ill-
Ben: Do you want somthing to add to this?
Ben: 'cause if you do then I suggest you turn around and sit down..
Ben: (don't*)
Val: -shakes her head, but does go back to the lounge area-
Ben he left the door open and
the stench of death had to filter out of the bathrooms, since there was
nothing the smell could cling to

Ben turning back he took his
machette and had begun to hack off peices, and use the limbs as a
'paint brush' to stain the tile walls red

Val is fine for a minute, but the smell quickly gets to her and she rushes to the bar's sink to throw up
Ben: The smell grows on ya after a while!
Ben he called from the bathroom
Val manages to throw a very disgusted look his way before she has to throw up again
Ben after a few hours, the bathroom was painted blood, and a distugsting humidity filled the room and cloged the lungs.
Val: Did you have to do that? -has stopped throwing up, but still looks very pale and unhappy-
Ben he walked out of the bathroom, rather dirty and 'stinky'
Ben: yeah..
Ben as he walked to the door
Ben: It means that none of you can touch me
Val: I will find a way to shoot you one of these days -glares-
Ben he opened the door to exit
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Val kicks the bathroom door shut, then sits as far away from it as possible, holding a bucket just incase
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Val still looking ill and clutching the bucket, looks up
Brock: Val...what's wrong hun? ::Looks around:: what the hell happened here?
Val: Ben, of course...
Val: I suggest avoiding the bathroom
Brock: Will do
Brock moves towards her, putting an arm around her shoulders
Brock: you okay?

Val: -smiles a little at
the contact- Yeah, pretty much. I've pretty much gotten used to the
smell by now. Stopped throwing p a little while ago even
Brock: I've been breathing through my mouth since I came in. I'm a little afraid to smell this place. ::looks around disgusted::
Val: I swear, if it weren't for that damn teleportation...
Val: -sighs- Of course, if he couldn't teleport there wouldn't be a problem -leans into Brock a bit-
Brock: ::tightens his grip around her:: he's just...misunderstood. some people can't be reasoned with.
Val: -snorts- Misunderstood? He's a psycho who needs to be put own is what he is

Brock: That may be true. But, for the time being, he is still one of........well, he's like me. If he can be saved, i'll try
Val: Good luck with that.
Val: At least the headache's gone today.
Brock: That's always a good thing.
Val: Yeah. -attempts a
stealth snuggle- Slept through most of yesterday too. Still can't
believe I missed most of the fight... -sighs-
Brock: It's okay. Unfortunately, there will probably be more.

Val: Good thing this place can seemingly repair itself then
Brock: I've been wondering about that....it's always clean. Is this place alive?
Val shrugs
Val: Possibly
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Sherry walks in and sits down in the lounge with a sigh.
Val: Hey, Sherry. -smiles-
Sherry gives an unsteady smile back.
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Val: -frowns- What's wrong

Orik walks in and sits down at the bar, a serious and aggitated appearance on his face.
Sherry: ... oh... i... had a somewhat unsettling conversation with shuanna earlier...
Brock: Everything alright?
Orik scoffs.
Sherry: ... we've been... under a lot of stress lately... and shuanna... i think we might care too much

Sherry gives a small, awkward laugh.
Orik snorts before getting up and grabbing a large bottle of vodka before stitting back down.
Val: That doesn't sound
good. Oh, and I'd avoid the bathroom. Ben was in here earlier...
-disgusted look- Uh, avoid the bar sink as well...
Sherry: ... why the bar sink?
Val: -blushes slightly- Well I kind of threw up in there and haven't had the chance to clean it yet...

Brock: The room will get around to it eventually ::pats the bar like a dog::
Sherry: oh... i see... is there any bleach around here?... i could do it
Orik is drinking heavily.
Val: I haven't seen any
Sherry: oh... oh well... i guess we just have to wait... like Brock said...
Orik: ..... has anyone seen alex around?

Val: Sorry.
Brock: Haven't seen her for a couple days now that you mention it
Sherry: it's not a problem val.
Orik growls.
Orik: Ben better not have gotten to her...
Brock: I'm sure she is fine

Sherry sighs.
Val: Probably just scared of the place coming down again.
Brock: Yeah....sorry about that
Sherry: I'm sorry... he's been like this since...... the big confrontation with Ben...
Orik: I'm fine mom...
Orik takes another large drink.

Val: No need to be orry. -smiles and whispers- I actually found it kinda hot. -winks-
Brock: ::whispers to
val:: I'll be right back ::kisses her cheek, then stands, moving to
Orik and sitting next to him:: Look, I know I'm not the boss of you or
anything, but you should take it easy on that stuff man. What if he
comes back?
Sherry looks shocked and whispers back.
Sherry: you mean brock or Orik?...
Brock: ( XD )
Orik: ... i'll be fine... i just need... to vent...

Val: -chuckles- Brock, of course.
Sherry giggles as well.
Sherry: then why did we have to whisper?
Brock: You want to step outside with me for a minute? that way we can have some privacy?
Orik looks at brock for a moment, then sets the bottle down and turns to walk outside.
Val: Don't want him getting an ego or anything.
Sherry: Orik... be nice... remember... Brock's a friend...
Orik stops at the doorway
Orik: ... i know...
Orik continues outside.
Sherry turns back to val.
Brock follows him out, shutting the door behind them
Brock: What's on your mind?
Sherry: sometimes, a man with an ego can be very arrousing.
Orik: ... Brock... you know me... better than most except She-... my mom...
Val: Only as long as its deserved
Brock nods
Sherry: Oh?... and Brock doesn't deserve to have an ego?
Sherry has a smile on her face.
Val: -smiles- I suppose he does.
Sherry giggles.
Val: I'll have to let him know when he gets back in here
Sherry laughs a bit louder this time
Orik: ... i've killed
people... i dont know if you knew that... but... i've only done it to
people who deserve it... people like murderers, rapists, child
malestors... for the longest time, i believed that i was making the
sacrifice of my own innocense, i was doing the right thing... but...
now... i'm.... not so sure...
Brock sighs
Brock: Orik...what I'm about to tell you, I haven't told anyone else...ever.
Orik doesnt seem to be able to look at brock.
Orik: ... i'm listening...
Brock: ....I've killed before too. And depending on who's view you are looking from, he may or may not of deserved it.
Orik looks up, giving brock his
full attention, rather than inwardly hating himself. A slight
expression of shock can be seen in his eyes.

Brock: It was only about 2 years ago. The reason I did it wouldn't make sense to you unless you knew my past, but he ruined my life.
Orik: ....
Brock: My point is Orik.
We all have our reasons for doing things. Have you ever heard the
expression "Every man is right in his own eyes?"
Orik: yeah... i have...
Brock: Well, it's right.
It's true that as mystlings, we should show a restraint for breaking
the law, being that we are already disciminated. But if you felt you
were doing the right thing, you were. Those people had done very bad
things, and you just sped up the process of justice. Had they been
caught, their fate would of eventually been the same.
Orik seems to mull this over for a couple of seconds.
Orik: ... yeah... thanks brock...
Orik sighs as the tension slowly drains from his posture.
Orik: ... thanks
Brock holds his arms out.
Brock: Come on...bring it in
Orik chuckles.
Orik: alright. You asked for it
Brock: I did
Orik walks up to brock and
gives him a bear hug, knowight that even his muscles that are more
dense than the average humans cant hurt his friend.

Brock laughs and closes his arms on him, giving him a tough pat on the back.
Brock: You are a good
person Orik. You just have to remember that we live in an age where
even decent people must sometimes do indecent things.
Orik: yeah... it's just... some of the things... i should stop listening to crazy's
Orik releases brock.
Brock let's him go
Brock: Yes, but...there is something I need to talk to you about now. Something very serious
Orik gives brock a serious look and his arms tense up.
Orik: alright...
Brock he stared back with a straight face
Brock: I am thinking of retaliating....
Orik: ... against ben?
Brock: ....against everyone....
Orik: ... everyone? what?
Brock: everyone who has
discriminated, and kept us living in that shithole Alpha site. The
regular humans that look down on us just because they are afraid of us.
I can't stand it anymore. I can't take being attacked and put down for
something I was born into. It is time for them to realize we won't take
it anymore.
Brock he was pacing around now
Orik clenches his right fist, his knuckles each making an audible crack.
Orik: I.... I can do
it... but i only want to be fighting people i KNOW... aren't
innocent... i wont be on the frontlines unless i absolutely have to...
Brock a small smirk broke across his face
Brock: That's easy. We
take down the military. They are the root of all the hatred. It's them
that put out all the propaganda against us.
Val has poured herself some scotch as she waits for the boys to finish talking
Orik: ... you think we can take the military?
Sherry sighs.
Sherry: ... how long do you think they're going to be out there?
Brock: I know we can. But it will take everyone's help. I'm just glad Val got out of there.
Val: -shrugs- Who knows? Hopefully not too much longer
Orik: ... Brock... what
if we only go after the higher ups... the ones who run it... i dont
want to kill so many people that may or may not be bad people...
Sherry: ... yeah... I hope whatever Brock is saying to Orik... it's helping cheer him up...

Brock: I never said kill, I said retaliate.
Orik: oh....
Orik smiles maliciously.
Val: Yeah, me too.
Orik: ... you mean take out the bases...
Orik: taking out tech... that i can do no problem...

Brock: Exactly. If we kill them, they can never learn to respect us. This is just how we are going to get their attention.
Orik: one thing though brock...
Orik currently has deep green eyes.
Brock: What?
Orik: have you ever noticed my eyes eyes change color?
Brock: Orik, I've known you since you came to Alpha Site. You think I wouldn't of noticed by now?

Orik: ... yeah well... have you ever seen them a pure, unfiltered red?
Brock shook his head no
Brock: I can't say I have.
Orik: .... if you do... you have one of three options...
Brock listens

Orik: the first:... run
and hope i dont see you... the second:... stand your ground and
fight... and the third happens if you're not strong enough to take on
my abilities... not my... but the raw power behind what i can do... the
third:... i kill you
Brock: I'll do what I can to get out of there...but if I must, I'll rely on my own abilities to keep me safe.
Orik: ... only if you
think they will... i'm not bullshitting here... I nearly killed mom the
other night... she told me i attacked anything that moved...
Brock pats his chest
Brock: Still indestructable last time I checked ::smiles::
Orik: ... sound travels through liquids and solids better than it does through air... that's why i'm telling you now...

Val idly watches the door, glad the smell has mostly gone
Brock: Well, If I happen
to get angry enough where I start causing uncontrolled earthquakes,
you're only option is run. I've caused a 7.9 on the Richter scale
before, but I think I could cause an 8.5.
Orik: ... i dont have to
touch the ground to move around... if you ever get that high... think a
sonic burst in your ear might knock you out...
Orik smiles
Orik: aside from giving you a nasty headache of course

Brock pats him on the back.
Brock: Keep all this to yourself for now. Let's get back inside.
Orik nods.
Orik: yeah... the girls must be getting worried about us... i mean... my mother and your main squeeze...
Orik nudges brock in the ribs with his elbow.

Brock he laughed and bumped him back
Brock: My only squeeze...I don't have the sexual prowess to have more than one.
Orik: ... oh really?.... wanna learn?
Orik opens the door with a laugh.
Brock: ....Val would should me in my sleep

Brock laughs and walks through it, returning to Val and kissing her cheek again.
Sherry sighs with relief when they re-enter the building, then smiling lightly at the expression on Orik's face.
Orik walks up to the bar and sits down where he was.
Val: -smiles- Welcome back. Have a nice chat?
Orik: .... i think i've had enough... anyone want some before i put this away?

Orik holds up the bottle
Sherry giggles.
Brock shakes his head
Sherry: you know i'm not much of a drinker Orik.
Val: -shakes head- I'm good with my scotch, thanks

Orik shrugs and puts the bottle back, coming back with a gallon of cran-palmagranite juice.
Orik pours himself a glass and begins drinking.
Brock nips Val's shoulder
Brock: you're going to have a headache again
Orik: ... Brock...

Val: -giggles- It's just one glass
Orik leans over and taps Val's neck right where it meets her shoulder.
Orik: try here...
Brock laughed and gives Orik a small shove
Orik: k

Brock: I wasn't trying to initiate anything
Orik: (XD oops)
Sherry looks taken aback.
Sherry: Orik!
Orik laughs and pushes brock back playfully.

Orik: yeah... but teasing is always fun too
Val: -suspicious glance- Okay. What was that all about?
Brock laughs and gives Val a kiss.
Brock: Nothing..
Orik: huh?... i was giving brock a pointer about something
Sherry glares at Orik, obviously trying and failing not to smile.
Val: A pointer? About what?
Orik: ... forget about it
Orik laughs.
Val is suspicious, but drops it with a shrug
Brock wraps an arm around her and yawns
Val: -winks- Besides, my ear is a much better spot anyways.
Sherry sighs.
Sherry: i give up.
Brock: I'll remember that. As for now though, I'm heading to bed.
Orik laughs loudly and exuberently.
Val: Need some company?
Brock: You know I always enjoy it. ::Smirks::
Orik: ... remember what i said brock
Orik grins.
Val: -places her 2/3 empty glass on the bar- Then lead the way. -smiles-
Sherry picks up the glass.
Sherry: ... i wonder...
Sherry downs it and makes a disgusted face.
Brock takes her hand and heads to the stairs.

Brock: I'll see you all tomorrow.
Orik laughs at his mother and waves at brock and Val
Val waves over her shoulder
Sherry: ugh... yeah... note to self... don't drink scotch...
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Ben walking in, he had a rather satisfied expression and at peace
Ben he gave a mello smile to everyone in the room, before proceeding to the couch to sit down
Orik turns around at the new arrival and his expression gofrom a happy one to a cold, calculating stare.
Sherry sees been and instantly tenses, showing obvious signs of fear.
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Ben: ...well!
Ben: why so quiet in here..?
Orik: ... my mother was just going home... i'll be staying for a while though...
Sherry: wha-... oh... yes... yes i was just leaving...
Ben: OH really? I'll give you money for hookers when she leaves..
Sherry stands and heads for the door.
Orik doesn't respond as he watches his mother go.
Ben: seriously, I don't like sausage fests..
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Orik: ... neither do i... but i have something i want to talk to you about...
Ben burps casually
Ben: ..whuts that, rin tin tin?
Orik: rin tin tin?.... nevermind... Ben... you like killing... right?
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Ben he eyes Orik wearyly
Ben: what kind of question is that?
Ben: where are you getting at?
Orik: .... damn... we'll talk about this later...
Alex cautiously enters, looking around the fixed room
Orik: .... hey alex...
Ben: Don't use the men's bathroom for any purpose..

Ben he waved to Alex
Alex: Hi. Wasn't this place wrecked>
Orik: ... uh.... why?
Orik: ... it was... now it's not... i choose not to ask questions.
Orik chuckles

Alex shakes head
Ben he shrugged
Alex: As a scientist, its my job to ask questions
Orik: my mother was wondering where you've been lately *chuckles*... she seemed worried about you.
Alex: Really? I just assumed te place woud be a mess...

Orik laughs.
Orik: you should have seen it yesterday... you weren't here... me, ben and brock practically brought the building down
Orik: right ben?
Ben coughed, bored
Ben: ..yeh

Alex: But it's not. -seems put off by this-
Ben: We had the battle of the brains..
Orik laughs at ben's comment.
Ben: literally, we scooped out brains out with icecream scoopers and threw them at eachother..
Ben he smiled at alex smuggly

Alex: -tilts head- Who's brains?
Ben: ...
Ben looks at Orik as if saying : " really?"
Ben: Never mind..
Orik: ... i dont know how the room fixed itself... maybe the entire place is a mystling who can regenerate and turns into a bar.
Ben: that would make sense

Orik shrugs.
Orik: ...i just made that one up on the spot
Alex: -blinks- Is that even possible?
Ben: Well really like i've said before..
Ben: in the world of mystlings, anything can go
Orik: ... i can generate winds strong enough to bend steel in less than a second... considering that... it's entirely possible

Alex: But there's science behind that! -ignores the magic behind it-
Ben sticks his finger in his ear, twisting it
Orik shrugs.
Ben: Anyway.
Ben: Shuanna should be here any minute..

Orik: i'm no
scientist... but a person with a rapidly fluctuating DNA structure with
the capability of self repair... might be able to pull it off...
Ben: heh
Orik: ... cool... i've always like shuanna...
Alex: But also being a building?
Ben: ...
Ben: say that again?

Orik: ... the fluctuating DNA...
Ben: no the other thing
Orik: .... i've always liked shuanna?
Ben: Why?
Orik: ... i dont know...
Orik shrugs.

Ben: I don't know isn't an' answer
Ben: I hate, I don't know..
Orik: ... it can be when it's the truth... i dont know.... she seems... carring... and i like that?
Orik seems to be making it up as he goes.
Alex: I don't know means you need more investigation
Orik: ... yeah... what alex said.

Ben: Which means you don't know what your talking about.
Orik: ... as far as shuanna goes... yeah... i dont...... but i already said i dont know
Ben: then don't talk.
Alex: You should investigate further then.
Ben: You should shut the hell up
Orik: you asked a question... even if i say that i dont know the answer... i'm gonna at least express that
Orik: whoa whoa whoa ben... dont get your nickers in a twist...
Orik: it's just the way i am...
Ben he shook his head a little violently, as if he had some water in his ears, perhaps he did
Orik laughs.
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Orik: ... hey shuanna!
Orik: we've been waiting for you.
Orik smiles.
Ben: Shuanna, come here..
Alex waves at Shuanna
Shuanna: ...
Shuanna blinks at all of the attention, not really knowing where to go to
Shuanna: ..Hullo guys!..
Orik: ... actually... ben... let's let the girls talk... i still wanted to speak to you...
Shuanna she smiled
Shuanna: ...
Alex tilts head
Orik suddenly has a serious expression.
Alex: Talk about what?
Orik: ... nothing alex...
Ben: I don't like this.
Orik: ... you might once we talk...
Ben he stood up, facing shuanna and walking to her
Alex: You obviously have something to talk about
Alex: Why won't you say what it is?
Orik: ... because it's private... hell... i probably shouldnt even discuss it with him... but i think it's necessary...

Alex: awww...
Alex: -sticks tounge out then leaves-
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PostSubject: Re: Mystling Breakroom RP logs - Mature   Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:54 pm

Part Eight

Shuanna: ..
Orik: sorry alex...
Shuanna she clings to Ben's shoulder

Orik stands and walks up to ben and shuanna.
Ben he keeps an arm around Shuanna's waist
Orik: ... well... as
long as shuanna doesnt say anything... i dont think it will matter...
but i didn't want Alex to know... she's... too innocent...
Ben: You eat babies now?
Orik: no... just listen Ben...

Ben he sighed taking his glasses off and squeezing the bridge of his nose
Orik: you actually enjoy
killing... there's no question about that... but i think i may have
found a way to help you out... basically give you targets so you dont
have to involve innocent people... i'll be frank... it'll be basically
using you as a weapon... but i know i cant kill someone unless i know
they're a bad person... and there might be some people who i don't know
well enough to make that kind of decision... you on the other hand...
don't seem to care... but... me and a few other mystlings are putting
together a resistance against the oppression we endure... i was hoping
you would help...
Shuanna: ...
Ben he perked up, putting his glasses back on and looking at orik suspiciously
Ben: It's not like that..

Orik: ... then what's it like?
Ben: Im not just some idiot to points to someone and says, 'Yeh, lets do that' no.
Ben: If i was like that then Shuanna would be dead
Orik sighs and runs his hand down his face.
Ben: Im picky..
Orik: ... if you do
this... then i'll stop trying to stop you... as long as you leave me
and my mother alone... i'll turn a blind eye......

Orik: picky?... how so?
Ben he laughed
Ben: Orik there is no way you can stop me
Ben: you can't ever stop me
Shuanna: ..ben..
Orik: ... and you can't get by me either...

Ben: I've lost the buzz to kill your mother
Orik: way i see it...
with me around... i'm taking the fun out of what you do... if i'm
turning the other cheek... you dont have me constantly looming over you
Orik: good...
Ben: Can I ask you a question?
Orik: go for it...
Ben: If it wasn't for me then would you 'mystlings' have decided to go through with this?

Orik: ... yes... but someone with your... talents... it's an opportunity i'd feel uneasy about letting slip through my fingers...
Ben: who am I going after..?
Orik: so far... that hasnt really been talked about... but i assure you that when we have targets... you'll be the first to know...
Orik: all i know is i
have a think that doesnt allow me to kill people... and even if i
didnt... i'd be too noticable... we dont want anyone knowing how they
died... someone who can vanish without a trace...
Ben: Before I kill, I do a little research before heading in there
Ben: Although I've learned that this only applies to Human targets

Orik: go for it... just as long as it's done without knowledge of mystling involvement...
Ben: Not mystling Targets because no one gives a fuck
Orik: ... you never know
who might be one of us... its possible for mystlings to pass themselfs
off as humans... so why not people who become notable enough to become
a target?
Ben: Because Mystlings are a challenge
Ben: Like your mother for instancce
Orik: ... my mother....
with her abilities... she could have killed you without a second
thought... problem is she doesnt have the mindset... or the conscience
to do it

Orik: she's one of the few people who could do it without you being able to get away...
Ben: Which is why I attacked her
Ben: Because I knew she didn't have it
Orik: ... she never will... no matter how much you mind fuck her... like you and shuanna did to me...
Orik: you can insert doubt... but you cant change a person's nature...
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Ben: Your right, I cant' completely change someone
Ben: But I can make someone
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Orik glances at shuanna.

Shuanna: ...
Orik: only if the person is weak minded enough to let you...
Ben: Hey, your business is with me, not her.
Shuanna she couldn't look at Orik
Orik: well... if she'll
concent... we might take her too... but that's her choice... and she
wouldn't be doing what you do unless she has the skills for it...
Orik: but you're right... right now the focus is you...

Ben: No, Shuanna will not be anywhere near where ever it is we will be retailiating.
Orik: ... we don't need her... but we could use her... if SHE concents...
Ben: And she doesn't.
Orik: ... whatever... you still havent given me an answer... or do you need to think about it?
Ben: ..I need to think about it.
Ben: It's not that I don't want to..
Ben: But I can't risk Shuanna
Orik: i wont force her to do anything...
Orik: but let me put it this way to you Ben... do you care about her?
Ben: Of course
Ben: Why else would I be planning around her?
Orik: do you want her to be happy?
Ben: She will be.
Orik: then... compare how protective you are of her... to my relationship with my mother...
Ben: And..?
Ben: We're talking about retailiation
Ben: your changing the subject.
Orik: ... i would go to
the ninth circle of hell several times over... and then i'd do it
again... just to make sure she was safe... if you feel the same about
shuanna... you'd let her make her own decisions... let her say it
herself... it's her decision...
Ben: I can't do that
Orik: ... why?
Ben: Your mother has powers to protect herself
Ben: Your mother has experience and she is older
Ben: Shuanna can only fly, sing an' opra and serve as a night light
Ben: To me, that spells jail bait
Orik: who said she'd see combat?
Ben: Who said that these people won't come to the site to kill all of us?
Ben: whoever they are
Ben: I don't know about them, I can't study them
Ben: I don't like that
Ben: I gotta know who these people are before I head in..
Ben: And Shuanna will make her own decisions when she is ready.
Orik: ... how about
this... you have my word... and don't break my word... that whenever
you're not around to protect her, if you do this, that i, or someone
else of considerable strength will be...
Orik: are you letting her be ready ben? or are you controling her to the point where she never will be?
Ben: Just as you boys are going to retailiate against whoever these people are, Shuanna will eventually retailiate against me
Ben: When that happens I will become more leanient
Orik: ...
Orik sighs.
Orik: you're missing my point...
Ben he shifted weight to one side
Ben: Maybe I don't want to
Orik: in an opressive
environment... each person chooses how they react... they can lay down
and roll with the metaphorical punches... or they can stand up and do
what they have to for a better life... at the moment... you're not
giving her the chance to choose which she wants for herself... give her
at least that...
Ben: Do you not notice that she comes here by herself sometimes? that usually I come after her?
Ben: Or that I come alone?
Ben: I let her come here when she doesn't want to be home.
Orik: ... i have noticed... but that's not the point... you're evading again
Ben: you know what? fine
Ben: Im done.
Ben: Shuanna, go do whatever the hell you want.
Shuanna: ...
Shuanna: But..
Orik sighs.
Ben: oh, so now what?
Ben: What am i doing wrong? tell me, Orik 'cause I want to know

Ben: I just live to have a 7foot dog barking at me on what to do
Orik: ... there's no need to lose our tempers here ben... i'm just trying to point out some things...
Ben sighed
Ben he paused, obviously thinking about something
Ben: I can't do it

Ben: Sorry. But im not willing go after someone I have no clue about
Ben: that's the easiest way to get caught
Ben: Have fun.
Orik: ... are you sure?
Ben he turned away looking at shuanna before leaving
Ben: Call me.

Ben: I'll come get you
Orik: ben...
Orik: ... i'm sorry... let me know if you change your mind...
Ben: What..
Ben: Your not sorry
Ben: You don't give a damn about me

Ben: All you care about is her, and your just being polite because she wants you too
Orik: ... that's not
true... if i didn't... i probably wouldnt have tried to help you see
that people need to make their own decisions...
Ben: Orik, don't talk about what you don't know
Orik: ... i'm only
giving you one man's perspective... i cant know yours... your right
about that... but... i'm only trying to help ben... at least give me
Ben he paused for a long while before proceeding to open the door and close it behind him
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Shuanna: ...
Orik clenched his fist at his side as gritted his teeth.
Orik: ... damn it...
Orik sighs and turns to shuanna.
Orik: ... you alright?

Shuanna: Im fine..
Shuanna: don't worry about Ben.. he'll cool down..
Orik: ... i hope so... i didn't want things to turn out like that...
Shuanna: ...he just has qualms..
Orik: ... so does everyone...
Orik: we all deal with them in our own way...

Shuanna: But ..I believe that he kills because he's frustrated..
Orik: that could be it...
Orik: ... will you be leaving... your do you have time for a drink?
Orik motions to the bar.
Shuanna she frowned, becoming uncomfortable

Shuanna: I can't drink..
Orik chuckles.
Orik: i'm not drinking
alcohol... cran palmagranite juice... i already had more than enough
earlier... didnt want to actually get drunk...
Shuanna: ..oh..heh hehe..
Shuanna: I guess I could..
Orik smiles.

Orik: then come on... i need to calm down myself anyway.
Orik is slightly shaking, something that was nearly unnoticable until after ben left.
Shuanna she brought her hands together, although she made a habit of resting her good hand on her cast
Shuanna she seemed unaware of Orik untill she sat down
Shuanna: ...what's wrong..?

Orik: ... just... i'm really sorry shuanna... if... what ben did made you feel...
Orik sighs.
Orik: ... i dont even know what i'm trying to say.
Orik pours them both a glass of juice.
Shuanna: ..it's okay..

Orik: though... i probably should have been more careful about upsetting him... before you got here...
Shuanna: ..It's fine..! really..i'll be okay..
Orik chuckles.
Orik: not what i'm talking about...
Shuanna: ...hu?
Orik: ... i mentioned that i liked you a little bit... and he seemed to get upset about it...

Shuanna she smiled and blushed
Shuanna: Ooh.. you did?
Orik: yeah... i dont even know why... just something... i just can't put my finger on it...
Shuanna: maybe in some way I remind you of mom..
Orik: ... possible... but... i still don't know you that well...
Shuanna she sighed

Shuanna and shruged
Shuanna: maybe Ben senses that..
Orik: ... that i dont know you that well?... or that i like you?...
Shuanna: probably both..
Orik shrugs.

Orik: i'm usually a pretty open guy... people just need to ask and i usually spill my guts.... metaphorically of course
Orik grins.
Shuanna she hasn't even touched her drink, continueing to stare at the counter
Shuanna: oh, hah..
Orik: ... you alright?

Shuanna: I don't know..
Shuanna: A lot of things are uncertain..
Orik: ... yeah... that happens a lot...
Orik: and i'm not just talking about you... i'm talking about everyone
Shuanna she sighed
Shuanna: I think I remember Sherry asking me about why I stay with Ben..

Shuanna: I didn't know myself but.. I think that there is a man in there somewhere..
Orik: ... she did?... sorry if she made you uncomfortable... she... REALLY... doesnt like him after everything that happened...
Shuanna: I've seen him before..
Orik: there is... and personally... the only one who i think could make him surface... is you...
Shuanna: I think he realizes that.. which is why he left..
Shuanna: He didn't want you to see that..
Orik: ... i already saw it... the moment that my mother told me he protected you from me...
Orik: ... sorry about that... by the way...
Shuanna: ..It's okay.. not everyone has self restraint..
Orik: ... i usually do... but... well... after what you told me... and seeing my mother like that...
Orik: shuanna...
Shuanna: ...?
Orik: if you ever... EVER... see my eyes turn pure red again... ever... run... don't even try to talk to me... just run...
Shuanna she smiled sweetly
Shuanna: If I can make a man out of Ben I think I could make a man out of you..
Orik gulps.
Orik: uh... what?
Shuanna she laughed
Shuanna: Maybe that came out wrong..
Orik: ... did i interpret that right?... or is my mind just being perverted?
Shuanna she laughed again. blushing deeply
Shuanna: It's just you
Orik sighs.
Shuanna: what I meant was that if I could bring out the good in Ben, Im sure I could do that with you too..
Orik: ... i dont know whether to say "good" or "damn it"
Orik chuckles.
Orik: if you can bring out the good in ben... you can bring out the good in anyone i know... me included...
Shuanna: hahaha! Aaaww Orik..
Orik: what?... it's the truth
Shuanna: thank you Orik..
Orik looks confused at first, but then smiles plesantly.
Orik: it's not a problem...
Shuanna: I just hope Ben will be okay..

Orik: yeah... me too...
Orik: and... about you joining...
Orik: you dont have to if you dont want to...
Shuanna she sighed
Shuanna: no..
Shuanna: He wouldn't want me to..

Orik: ... let me ask you
something though... and i'm not trying to sway you either way... but...
i know he doesnt want you to... but take him out of the equasion in
your mind... do you want to?
Shuanna: I don't..
Shuanna: If I were, i'd probably be used as a distraction..
Shuanna: ..it's all I can do..
Orik: no... i'd find a
use for you... but... if you dont want to... you dont want to... i cant
change that... and i dont want to try...
Orik: either way... you saying no... makes both you and ben happy... right?

Shuanna: Yes..
Shuanna she shifted around in her seat, again fidgeting
Shuanna: Its- ...
Orik: then you've made
your decision... don't doubt it either... no matter what anyone says
from now on... and it may be someone else asking you next time... stick
to your decision... as long as it's still what you want
Shuanna: It's both mine and Ben's decision.. Because it's what is best for the baby..
Orik: ... wait... what?

Orik looks completely shocked.
Shuanna: ..im pregnant..
Orik: ... really?... that... wow... i mean... that's awesome!
Shuanna: The man has been having sex with me for about a week..
Shuanna she smiled, a little shameful

Shuanna: you honestly think that I wouldn't get pregnant at all?
Orik: ... only a
week?... but how do you know?... i thought signs didnt start to show up
for at least a few weeks after conception...
Shuanna: ... I just know.. I can sense it..
Orik: ... have you told him?... ben i mean...
Shuanna: He wanted it first..
Shuanna: but.. no I havnt told him..

Shuanna: But I think he expects it..
Orik: ... when are you gonna tell him?
Shuanna: when im sure..
Shuanna: I guess I shouldn't have said that I was pregnant..
Shuanna: I should've said : ' I think im pregnant'
Orik: i see...

Orik: you seem pretty sure to me... you just want the proof before you confront ben about it... right?
Shuanna: yeh..
Shuanna: im not too worried about it..Im sure he'll approve of it of course..
Orik: ... something tells me he will... and if he doesn't... i'll kick his ass... probably in his sleep so he cant run from it
Orik chuckles.
Shuanna: heh heh..!

Orik: ... i'm kidding... he'll get an earful though
Orik smiles.
Shuanna: anyways..
Shuanna: now that it's come all together..
Orik: ... what's all come together?
Shuanna: ..doesn't it make sense that he doesn't want to fight along side you?

Shuanna: that he's so protective of me?
Orik: it does... i just thought his skills would be useful... that's all...
Orik: and i would be protective of you to shuanna...
Shuanna: thanks orik..
Orik: it's not a problem... and... i dont think you ever promised me...
Orik turns to look at her with a serious expression.
Shuanna: ...
Shuanna she looked confused
Shuanna: promised you what?
Orik: dont become a
muderer... of any kind... me and ben... we'll have all those deaths on
our conscience for the rest of our lives... and i dont know about
him... but it tears me apart every day...
Shuanna: ...
Orik: promise?

Shuanna: As people we have 'the right to bear arms.'
Orik grins.
Orik: why not wolf arms?
Orik holds up an arm.
Shuanna: very funny, orik..

Shuanna: But since we're not 'americans' how are we suppose to know that those rights apply to us?
Orik: sorry... couldn't
resist... anyway... yeah... defend yourself you need to... but... try
not to ever kill anyone... trust me... it eats away at you...
Shuanna: What justifies your retaliation as a good cause comparied too.. lets say trying to rid the world of the 'terrorist' attacks?
Orik: ...... don't you
want to be treated as equals shuanna... to not be descriminated against
simply for being born the way we are... i didn't ask to be born like
this... but i was... and i would have died because of it had Sherry not
found me in that dumpster... where's the justice in that?
Shuanna: There is no justice..
Orik: exactly...

Shuanna: So what's the point of retailation?
Orik: ... maybe i'm a
shallow person... maybe i put to much thought into how i've been
treated... but... revenge... pure and simple...
Shuanna: then from both sides, this retaliation isn't right..
Orik: ... no.. it's
not... but... i cant just sit here and do nothing while everyone around
me is opressed... sometimes... to obtain a goal for the betterment of a
people... some of those people... have to commit evil...
Shuanna: but doesn't that.. contridict..?
Orik: ... life itself is a contradiction...

Orik: the only thing... that everyone in the world has in common... is that we're all born... and we all eventually die...
Shuanna she sighed
Shuanna: so really your just doing this just because you want to..?
Orik: ... yes...
Shuanna she stuck her tongue out playfully, like Benjamin but less.. Jean simmons

Orik rolls his eyes.
Shuanna she laughed
Shuanna: whut?
Orik: and people point at me and say i'm weird...
Shuanna: how am I weird..?

Shuanna: just because I stick my tongue out?
Orik: don't forget your expression
Shuanna: your a wolf man! do you have any sweat glands or somthun'?
Orik: ... i was born
from a human... but i'm more like a wolf... so i do have them... but
they don't work as well as yours... so i occasionally end up panting...
though i try not to do it in public...
Shuanna: so don't go telling me that im weird...
Orik: hey... i know i'm weird

Orik chuckles.
Shuanna: yeah well..
Orik: gonna stick your tongue out at me again?
Orik smiles playfully at her.
Shuanna: what if i do?

Orik shrugs.
Orik: i might have to grab it.
Shuanna: ew!
Shuanna she laughed looking away
Orik: people do it to dogs all the time...

Shuanna: don't remember the last time i've done that to a dog..
Orik made his voice sound high pitched and rediculous for his next statement.
Shuanna: ..!!!
Orik laughs.

Shuanna she recoiled, covering her ear that faced him
Shuanna: sheesh.. XD
Orik: what?
Shuanna: XD
Orik: i'm not entitled to be rediculous at times?
Shuanna: i've just never known for you to be like this..

Orik: you never talked to me long enough
Orik chuckles.
Shuanna: yeh.. i know
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Shuanna: m!

Sherry walks in, looking angry and practically stomps up to Orik.
Shuanna: .....
Shuanna she wants to hide
Sherry: it's almost 3 in the morning... you're coming home to sleep.
Orik: oh come on mom... i'm twenty fo-

Sherry: i don't care how old you are...
Sherry grabs his ear and drags him out of the bar.
Shuanna puts her hand to her mouth to keep her from laughing to hard
Orik: owowowowowow! mom!... let go!!!
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Shuanna takes out her phone, and flips it open pushing a few buttons and putting the phone to her ear
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Ben: Hey pumpkin..
Shuanna she slid off the stool, walking to him

Shuanna: Are you alright..?
Ben: im fine..
Ben he slung an arm around shuanna's waist, puling her close to him again.
Ben: Did you say what I told you to say..?
Shuanna: I did..
Ben he smiled

Ben: good girl..
Ben he embraced Shuanna tightly and warmly before kissing her on the cheek
Shuanna: ..Mmmm.. heheheheh..
Ben: lets go..
Ben and with a blink of an' eye, he teleported out, taking shuanna with him

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Orik walks up to the bar, sits down and waits for people to show up.
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Ben he yawned, stretching casually. Again, quite mello
Val from x.x.x.31 joined the chat 49 minutes ago
Val enters, waves at Orik, ignores Ben, and chooses a seat at the bar
Ben he looks around, rather bored but he doesn't know what to do with himself
Val is glad the breakroom seems to have cleaned itself by now

Nate from x.x.x.249 joined the chat 4 minutes ago
Nate wanders in leaving craters in his wake.
Ben: .......
Ben he stands, looking at the craters, before smiling
Val nods a welocme to the newcomer but otherwise doesn't move
Nate sits down crossleggedly before quietly muttering , "Hello"
Ben: And what'r you suppose to be?
Val: Don't think I've seen you around here before...
Nate: Nothing.
Nate: I'm new.
Ben: obviously.
Ben: what do you do?

Val: So, new kid. What's your name?
Nate grabs a rock and it explodes.
Nate: I'm Nate....
Ben: ..you... make explosions..?
Nate: Uhuh...
Ben: ...

Ben he laughed
Ben he laughed
Ben: That sucks
Nate looks down at his feet, embarrased.
Ben: im surprised your not dead

Ben: I hope you know what things like gasoline and C4 look like
Nate: Me to.
Nate: it doesn't hurt me.
Val: Just make sure you stay away from the alcohol and you should be fine in here
Ben: explosions don't hurt you?
Nate: Not mine, they blast zone is send outwards.

Ben: So if you did touch a bomb you would be hurt.
Ben: since.. the bomb's 'blast zone' would be directed at you twoo
Nate: I don't know... I'm not sure is both explosions would happen. I've never touched anything that could blow up.
Val: I'd suggest not testing it
Nate nods meekly, not used to talking this much/
Ben: I'd laugh my ass off

Ben: put it up on yewtoob..
Nate keeps looking down.
Val: Hey, kid. Lighten up
Ben: yeh
Nate shifts his weight uncomfortably.

Ben: I guess one good thing is that you'll be able to jack off every now and then
Ben: Unless..
Ben: I guss that explods too
Nate stiffled a laugh and tried not to smile, "No I can't hurt myself that way."
Val gets a slightly disgusted and exasperated look

Ben: oh that's good!
Val: Word of advice. Avoid ben here as much as possible
Ben: invite me to your wedding btw..
Ben: I'd like to see that..
Ben: sorry Val, im already under everyone's skin
Ben he walked to the bar, leaning on the counter

Ben: This kid shouldn't be too hard to crack
Val mutters something under her breath
Nate wakes up from his sudden nap. "Huh?"
Ben: ...
Ben: I guess it'll be easier then I thought..
Nate from x.x.x.249 joined the chat 26 seconds ago
Nate grumbles something.
Ben: Hi, welcome back..
Val reaches around for a bottle of soda, wincing as she stretches too far
Ben he sighed, bored
Ben: Hey val
Val: ...yes?
Ben: your a noob
Val: ...A what?
Ben: A noob
Nate chuckles a bit.
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Val: Which is?
Orik walks in and yawns before moginve to sit down at the bar.
Ben: Exactly my point
Orik: huh?... what point?
Ben: Valeria is a noob
Orik: .... how so?
Ben: she doesn't even know what noob means
Val shrugs it off and takes a sip of her soda
Orik: ... we talking noob saibot from mortal combat, or newb as in newbie?
Ben: newbie

Orik chuckles.
Ben: hahaa haa
Orik smiles.
Ben: I guess you could say that Val acts like amn
Ben: man

Shuanna from x.x.x.7 joined the chat 4 seconds ago
Nate looks away from Val
Val: In what way?!
Orik: ...um... no... she's not macho... she just... more assertive than most
Val glares

Ben: Riiight
Ben: I bet she's the one on top too
Nate stands up and moves away from Ben and Val , leaving craters in his wake.
Shuanna: ....!!
Orik looks shocked at the explosions.

Nate chokes out a cough, "He just went there
Orik: whoa...
Nate sits down and looks at his feet.
Ben: hey -ey now.. *he teleported infront of Nate and Shuanna*
Orik: ... hey... new kid... what's going on the the explodin'?

Val: Why the fuck are you on about this anyways?
Nate mumbles something, "..invonlutary. .. feet.. boom... fingertips... sigh."
Shuanna she clinged to Ben's back
Shuanna: what..? ..
Ben: Im really considering to shank you in your sleep, pal.
Nate: Me?
Ben: Yeh you
Nate: Never know, I might explode when I die.

Ben: And I can teleport out
Ben: Thanks for the tip btw
Orik: .... how about this... i can contain the fire... but the kinetic force is something brock would have to handle...
Nate is confused.
Ben: Brock is a ghost
Ben: he's hardly here

Orik: ... i manipulate air... no air... no fire
Ben: which means we can't always contain it
Orik: ... good point...
Orik grins
Nate shurgs."I don't really want to die.

Nate: but I guess it doens't matter
Orik: we could always put you there to contain the force as a meat shield ben
Ben: no it doesn't
Orik chuckles.
Val keeps out of it, but is glad for the subject change

Ben: yeah I'd like to see you try
Orik laughs.
Orik: lighten up man... i'm just messing with you
Nate jumps for Ben, his left hand ready to grab.
Ben: ...?? what th shit?

Orik: .... oh no... here we go...
Ben he grabs shuanna and teleports out over behind the counter
Shuanna: !!
Orik sighs.
Nate grins and falls on his back. "Sucker."

Ben: I don't like this kid
Ben: He's too dangerous and too inexperienced
Orik: hey... i've got an idea...
Ben: Fuck your ideas
Nate has decided that he wouldn't mind if Ben blew up.
Orik grins.
Orik: you might like this ben...
Val: I kinda like him. He's obviously is a decent judge of character.
Orik manipulates the air around nate to make him levitate in the air so he cant touch anything.
Orik: vuala... problem solved
Orik laughs.
Orik: i'll agree with that on Val.
Nate attempts to blow up the air. "Fuck" 'voila'
Orik: see... no esplody!
Ben he pulled out a gun.
Orik plugs the barrel with air... again.
Nate pulls a glove out of his pocket and puts it on. Sighs, then grabs a rock out of another pocket and throws it at Orik.
Orik creates a hyperdence layer of air directly in front of him just before the rock hits it and falls harmlessly to the ground.
Ben: that's a load of shit..
Val rolls her eyes at Nate
Val: Kid, just chill out.
Orik: if you want me to put you down... just ask...
Orik: but... you need to calm down first
Nate sighs and lays down.
Shuanna she wraped her arms around ben's neck lightly
Orik watches as nate's attempt to lay down only make him swivel in the air is if he were in 0-G
Nate grabbs his own arm and doesn't explode. He sighs again.
Orik: ... he's gonna get dizzy soon...
Shuanna: ...that doesn't seem so pleasent..
Nate vomits into his hands, the vomit promtly explodes flying in everyone's ('cept Nate's) direction.
Orik: .... whooo!
Orik creates a wall of vacume so the fire cant get through... but the kinetic force does.
Ben: ..............
Ben: Im kill'u this son of a bitch..
Ben: kill'un*
Orik sets him down.
Nate watches the hot pieces of burning vomit get sucked into the vaccumm
Nate sighs checks his watch then runs out, leaving more foot shaped craters in the ground.
Orik: you should lay down fora bit... and ben... leave him alone... he's just a kid
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Val is almost knocked back by the kinetic force
Shuanna is already on the grund
Val: ...I think I changed my mind about that kid
Orik: ... seems to have a good heart... just... idk... with an ability like that one... easy to do things you dont mean or want to
Shuanna: ..he's.. just inexperienced.. like Ben said..
Ben: He's an' idiot
Orik rolls his eyes at ben.

Orik: ... i need to get going too...
Orik leaves
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Val: If he's inexperienced then he should know to be careful and not do stupid stunts like that
Ben: ....

Ben: you mean he shouldn't know to be careful ..
Val: No, I meant what I said. If he's inexperiened, he should know better then to pick fights. He'll only lose anyways
Ben: But since he is inexperienced he doesn't know..
Ben: Like I siad
Ben: he's an' didiot
Ben: idiot*

Ben: But I guess Orik can use is god powers to do whatever..
Ben: still though
Val: Inexperience is no excuse
Ben: he bugs me
Ben: yeah it is
Ben: he's a kid

Ben: He doesn't know
Val: When I was a kid I didn't go around picking fights with everyone.
Ben: that's 'cause your a woman
Ben: Women are less likely to start fights then men are
Val mutters something about sexism but lets it slide
Ben: 'cause Men are testosterone fuled tanks

Ben: and Women are estrogen butter balls..
Ben: no offense..
Ben looks to shuanna
Shuanna: ..hehe.. none taken..
Val glares at Ben, but really doesn't feel like getting into it today

Ben: anyways..
Ben teleports over to the couch, having shuanna with him
Val leaves without a word for the next hour or so
Ben: sheesh.. tough crowd
Shuanna she smiled as Ben grabbed her waist and pulled her onto his lap, rubbing her legs

Shuanna: But.. Ben what if someone comes back..?
Ben: naah no one is gonna come back..
Shuanna: Mmm.. I donno..
Ben: Jus' relax nobody'll see you..
Shuanna: ..Benny-poo..
Ben: hahaha.. whut?

Ben he'd lean on her, dragging her down to lay on the couch
Shuanna she giggled loudly
Shuanna: stop it..!
Ben: Ooh you like it
Shuanna: haahaha..! I do not.. !

Ben: Don't lie!
Shuanna she'd thrash around a bit, half pleasing ben, half trying to get away
Ben: Nope! nope! you can't do that! your cheating! Cheeaating!!
Shuanna: Aah!! Haahahahah..!!
Shuanna she got up from the couch, already her pants down and her shirt unbuttoned

Ben: rooar!
Ben he teleported infront of her, lunging at her he tore her down back onto the couch, causing it to flip over on the ground
Ben: Ooh shi-!
Shuanna she screamed loudly and kicked her legs but it was followed by an uncontrollable laugh
Ben: heh heheheh!
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Part Nine

Ben a few awkard positions and suggestive hours later..
Shuanna she is asleep on her stomach, with a blanket draped over most of her body
Ben he teleported off of the couch, and lazyily looked over the counter to browse at the alcohol, completely nude
Ben he picked a bottle of alcohol, turning around and leaning his back against the counter
Ben: sweet..

Val returns, pausing once she sees what she's walked in on
Ben: ...
Val: ...the fuck?
Ben: well howdy! 8D
Ben smiles brightly

Val has a rather disturbed look on her face
Ben: yeh it's real..
Val: ....again, the fuck? why the fuck are you naked?
Ben: why do you think?
Shuanna: .....mmm..? .. whu..?
Shuanna looks over at val and freaks

Shuanna: Aaaauugh!!
Shuanna she hides under the banket
Val: -looks over at shuanna- You're saying you...? That's just wrong
Ben: Sorry Val, no trial runs..
Ben opens the bottle and takes a drink

Shuanna: ..ben! I told you it was a bad idea!
Ben: She's old enough to know what it looks like..
Val: Could you please put some pants on?
Ben: nope
Shuanna: Ben...!! have some self respect!
Ben: Shuanna, I have enough skill to sever a human spine and that takes some frack'un skill

Shuanna: what does that have to do with anything?!
Ben takes another drink
Ben: I dunno..
Val: -has terned her head- Fuck, I'm never leaving you two alone again
Ben: oh you want it
Shuanna scrambles for her cloths

Val: That's a laugh.
Shuanna: im sorry Val! he had me cornered!
Ben: don't deny it
Val: There's nothing to deny
Ben: oh there's somthun'
Ben walks slowly to val

Val backs away
Val: nothing outside your imagination
Ben smiles deviously
Ben: can I give you a hug?
Val: you can not touch me in any way
Shuanna has trouble with her pants
Ben: Aaaww, it won't bite'cha
Val: In fact, I want you to get the hell away from me
Ben: Aaaaww I know you wanna touch it
Shuanna: Ben! put it away!
Val: Are you trying to make me throw up again? Because I'm about to

Ben: you know what im about to do again?
Val: I don't want to know
Shuanna: Ben!!
Shuanna flails her arms, fully clothed
Ben: okay okay..!
Ben he turned to shuanna to gather his cloths

Val: -mutters- Finally...
Ben he'd pick up his pants, hold them against his waist and in a flash the pants were on
Ben: So anyways
Val relaxes slightly now
Val: Took you long enough

Val: So you two...? Really?
Ben: what do you mean?
Val: Don't play dumb. You know what I mean
Ben: Well it's not like you and brock was a real shocker
Val: -rolls her eyes- -looks over at shuanna- It was consentual, right?
Ben: Of course it was

Val: Wasn't asking you
Shuanna: yes Valeria it was..
Val: Alright then. -heads back to her spot at the bar, grabbing another soda-
Ben: We'll be heading out..
Ben he took shuanna and with out another word, he disappeared
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Val has decided the soda isn't enough and has grabbed something alcoholic to scrub the image of a naked ben from her mind
Val is still drinking, despite being pretty drunk by now, but has slowed down a bit
Nate from x.x.x.249 joined the chat 2 hours ago
Nate wanders in wearing his special gloves.

Val waves drunkenly
Val: Hey new kid! -smiles-
Nate rocks back and forth on his feet making the craters even bigger... "I think your drunk..."
Val: -waves it off- You'd be too if you saw what I saw -shudders-
Val: But nevermind that. C'mere

Nate looks around for someone to save him, seeing no one he walks up to Val.. "Umm...."
Val: -drapes her arm around him almost protectively- You, kid, need a few lessons. Lessons I'd be glad to teach you
Nate looks around, still seeing no one. "Umm, lets not? Please..?"
Val: -ignores him- For one, you're extremely sloppy. That's not good.
Nate: Sloppy?

Val: Yeah, sloppy.
-continues on like that explained things- Two, you need more technique.
Just going at it will not get resaults, trust me.
Nate is very confused. "Umm... what?"
Val: You need finese. -nods- And some training too. Practice makes perfect and all.
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Nate is getting more confused, "Finese? What for?" Nate was getting quieter and shrinking back upon himself trying to be smaller.

Ben he walked in , clearing his throat at the two
Ben: Promiscuous are we?
Nate mouths 'Help me' at Ben.
Val: -ignores ben and
takes a swig of the bottle she's holding in her other hand- You'll
never get anywhere without finese, trust me
Nate is getting frustrated, "For what?"

Ben: ...?
Ben: It's real simple, nate. Just take off the glove and give her a nice little hug back..
Val: -continues to
ramble on- And of course, you'll need to devolope a style all your own.
I personally like the eficient yet fun type of thing myself.
Nate clenched his hands into fists, then barely mutters, 'No'.
Ben: Kay, fine just sit there in hell then..
Ben he sat on the couch him and shuanna had sex on, looking on one of the seats to find a stain.
Val: I guess you can't use anything but your own self, huh? Shame, takes some of the fun out of it.
Ben: oh whoopse..
Ben: uuhh..
Ben he lifted his head up
Ben: it's safe to assume that this couch is no officially mine..
Ben: now*

Nate tries to pry her arm off his shoulder.
Val moves her arm so she has a hand resting on his nearest shoulder
Ben takes some cleaner out of his long coat pocket to clean the mark
Val: First things first now. You need a partner
Ben: Uh oh!

Nate "Partner??" his voice came out strangled and sorta wierd.
Val: Yeah. You can't expect to learn this by yourself, can you?
Nate: Define partner....
Ben: she wants to give you siphulis
Val: Someone to practice on, of course! Learn new moves and stuff from
Nate: Practice what on...

Ben: Her blow up doll she keeps in the back
Val: -rolls eyes- The techniques I'm gonna teach you. What are you, dense?
Nate: What kind of techniques...
Ben: doggy style, woooo!
Val: You? Mostly hand-to-hand stuff.
Ben: like hand job! woooo!

Nate: You realize hand-to-hand with me is touch-and-explode?
Ben: that's what she said! Woooo!
Val: Not with those gloves, it isn't. Right?
Nate: I guess.... I could blow throught I think...
Ben: There's not point for hand to hand because why would he need it if he could just explode their bodies?!
Nate agrees with Ben... for once.

Val: -finally aknowladges ben- If he can't get an opening he can't.
Ben: .........
Ben: Even if the dood as a gun, he could just simply touch the gun and that would expload
Nate sighs.
Val: And if he continues to telegraph his moves like earlier, he win't ever get an opening
Ben: ......

Ben: This is why I don't drink too much..
Nate: Telegraph?
Ben: Don't reason with her..
Ben: just smile and nod..
Nate smiles and nods.
Val: So, I need you to
read these. -takes her hand off of Nate to duck behind the counter,
coming up with three books on hand to hand combat and another bottle of

Val ditches her empty bottle and starts on the new one
Ben yawns
Nate: Ummm... why?
Val: Cause you need to learn the basics. These books cover it pretty well. The physical stuff comes later
Ben: So really your not teaching him at all?

Val: I'll teach him after he knows how to learn.
Ben: riight..
Nate starts reading the books.
Val takes the time to use the bathroom
Ben he looked to nate

Ben: I'll talk to her for you.
Ben he followed Valeria into the bathroom silently
Ben: are you getting sick?
Ben he asked her as he walked in with her and shut the door
Val: -ignores the question- What do you want you psychotic freak?

Ben: Hey I thought you were drunk
Val: Just cause i'm drunk doesn't mean I like you
Ben: I guess that's true..
Val: Now what do you want?
Ben walked up to the bathtub, turning on the cold water
Ben: Don't you want to take a bath..?

Val: -blinks, a bit taken aback- I don't think so
Ben: I think you do
Val: why do you think that?
Ben his face becomes stone cold
Ben: because I hear that drinking a lot of water rids of the hang over!
Ben he grabbed her neck, squeezing tightly and throwing her down into the pool of water in the tub
Val is again taken aback, but
after a couple of moments her reflexes kick in and attempts to gain
leverage and pull herself out of the tub

Ben he puts all her weight on her, shaking her head violently to disrupt her corrdination
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Val kicks out with her fett, trying to cath Ben
Nate is still reading the stupid books.

Ben smiled widely, flashing in
and out using his teleportation, tricking valeria that he has let go of
her neck, only to appear back in to clamp his hands around it. Making
her take in more water.

Val attempts to both use her training to get him to let go and trash around a bit to make some noise
Ben using one hand to hold her
down, he used the other to curl into a fist and beat on her chest to
make sure all of the air escaped

Nate was reading another boring
chapter in the stupid books started to hear trashing and other noises.
Jumping up he headed out, pulling off his left glove. He saw Ben and
pointed his left hand in the shape of a gun. "Let her go... please?

Ben: ?

Ben he looked to nate, smiling before disappearing
Nate thinks Ben abuses his power. Nate then went and helped Val out.. WITH HIS RIGHT HAND
Ben he reappeared behind nate, placing his hands on his shoulders
Ben: yeh you help her..
Ben he pushed Nate against Val

Val coughs out water as soon as her head is above water
Ben he teleported out onto the roof
Nate was falling down he spun
and tried to grab something with his left hand. He grabbed the tub
making it explode and probably hurt Val.

Val managed to roll away slightly, so only her left leg and hand were caught in the explosin
Nate: Oh! SORRY!

Ben after the exploasion he
teleported back to look at the damage, huge chuncks of the porsline tub
was scattered every where, making walls and rubble

Val shakes her head, her ears ringing slightly
Val: Not you're fault
Nate stummbled around and put his left glove back on. Theres now a large crater for the floor.
Ben: Im sure sorry is the right word, wouldn't you agree?

Nate: I should make some socks...
Ben looks down at the crater
Ben: you should
Nate runs out, furthering his embarassement.
Ben: ..........

Val gets to her feet, a bit shakily and with a slight limp
Ben: Well he's a valient one now is he?
Val glasres at Ben
Nate has returned to his reading.
Val: You fucking bastard. -reaches for her gun-

Ben he teleported next to a
large peice of porsline, touching it and picking it up. Using his
teleportation to appear right before val, with the porslin chunck
raised high above his head

Nate keeps reading and starts to mumble something about socks.
Ben he sung at val with all his might
Val darts towords the right, unholstering her weapon and firing at Ben
Ben: (swung)

Ben he disappeared behind the porslin chunck, using it as a shield
Ben he pushed the porslin at Val
Val moves out of the way, barely, firing at Ben again
Ben suddenly appears on the wall above val
Ben flashing in and out for the bullet, he smashed his foot onto vals gun hand

Ben he turned to her giving his sinister grin again
Val stiffles a cry as her fingers were forced to release the gun
Ben: this is why humans are too easy..
Ben: But for such a valient try..
Ben: I'll let you go.

Val tries to twist around to get the gun with her left hand
Nate finishes the first book.
Ben he smacks val's face with his hand
Val spits at him
Ben: Im giving you a chance here..

Ben: Don't fuck it up..
Val: And I should trust you?
Nate echoes Ben.
Ben: yes
Ben: because I want you to live
Nate: yes

Nate: because I want you to live.
Ben he walked off of her hand leaving the bathroom
Val: Why? How do I know this isn't a trick?
Ben: Because I left sherry alive
Nate: Because I left sherry alive.
Ben he walked towards the door, looking at Nate, before shaking his head
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Val: I will kill you one day, trust me. -slowly gets to her feet-
Nate keeps reading the second book.
Val stumbles out of the ruined
bthroom to the counter, finding some first aid stuff in a drawer, and
takes it with her to the lounge area

Val: -starts cleaning and bandaging herself and glances over at Nate- Kid, you can quite reading that
Nate reaches over the bar and pulls out some Captain Morgan. "Huh?"
Val: I'm pretty sure it's not gonna help you grow some balls
Nate: What?
Val: You heard me -frowns, examining her wounded leg-
Nate: Well it was your idea.
Val: That was before I found out you were such a pussy. -pulls off her pants in order to clean and bandage her leg-

Nate: I didn't want to hurt anyone.
Val: Not an excuse.
Nate looks at his feet.
Nate then mumbles something.
Val finishes with the first aid and just lays back, worn out from the fight and still rather drunk

Val: What was that?
Nate takes a long drink from the rum and grimaces. "Nothing."
Val: No, you said something. What was it?
Nate: I said nothing
Val scoffs but doesn't say anything

Nate keeps reading the book and drinking.
Val: -groans- What I wouldn't give for a good massage...
Nate: Sorry.
Val: -snorts- What? You think I meant you? I doubt you know the fist thing about giving a massage
Nate: Obviously...
Val: Fuck. I am never getting that drunk again

Nate: Pfft
Nate drinks some more and keeps reading.
Val: -glnces over- You know I said you could forget the books, right?
Nate completely ignores val and keeps drinking and reading.
Val: Cause they're not gonna do you any good

Val: Trust me
Nate keeps reading. He finishes the bottle then drops it on the floor, then steps on it causing it to explode.
Val: Dammit kid. You should be more careful about that
Nate grabs another bottle and starts reading the last book.
Val: So that's how it is, huh? Not gonna talk to me? Why, cause I hurt your feeling or something?

Nate drinks somemore. "Meh."
Val: Like I said. Grow some balls.
Nate finishes the bottle and throws it in Vals general direction.
Val: -ducks out of the way of the bottle, letting it shatter on the floor- Oh, that's mature.

Nate: Yep.
Val: You gonna pick that up? Cause I'm not.
Nate grabs another bottle, "Go fuck yourself"
Val: -snorts-Guess I have to, cause no one else in here could.
Nate finishes the third book and throws that at val to.

Val holds up her hand to deflect it, wincing when contact is made
Val: Here's a tip Grow some thicker skin.
Nate kicks the bar causing it to explode. "Arg!" takes another drink.
Val: Oh, you are so lucky that this place fixes itself
Nate grabs another bottle and starts alternating which one he's drinking from.

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Ben he suddenly appears ontop of the counter
Ben: Are we having a little squabble? children?
Nate glares at Ben and throws an empty bottle at him.
Val: What the fuck are you doing back here?

Ben catches the bottle, looking at the labeling
Ben: just wanted to see you guys again
Ben looks at nate and chucks the bottle at him harshly
Val: Yeah, well fuck you
Nate slaps the bottle out of his way. Nate finishes his fourth bottle and takes off his gloves.

Ben: Shuanna does just fine, thank you.
Val winces at the mental image that brings up
Ben: every once in a while I let her at the drivers seat
Nate looks at Val and notices her state of pantlessness.
Val: Will you stop talking already? -still wincing-

Ben: oh yeh that's right, you've seen me naked haven't you?
Nate walks over to Val and blows up her pants "Hehehe"
Val: You little fucker! -glares at Nate-
Ben he smiled before laughing
Ben he claps for nate

Ben: well done!
Nate: WhatchewgunnadoBiotch!
Nate puts on his left glove. "Gimme another one!" he yells to Ben indicating he wants more booze.
Ben he raised his eyebrows
Ben: goodness

Ben: well..
Nate: C'mon!
Val: You are so lucky I can't relly move right now.
Ben takes some tequlia and tosses it at Nate
Ben: try that on for size..
Ben: It's hard stuff, so careful..

Ben: it burns your throat a bit
Nate catches it with his left
hand and opens the bottle with his mouth. Grinning he takes a long
gulp. Grimacing he starts laughing. "Thanks mate!"

Ben: ..yeh'
Ben he looked to Val, giving her an amused smile
Ben: I think this kid is alright after all..!

Val: Great. Psycho and Psycho jr. Just what I need
Ben: heehehehe!
Nate reaches out and grabs her shirt. "Ha!"
Ben looks at nate
Val: Hey! -slaps his face, hard-

Ben: just for your information im not much of a rapist so..
Ben: knock yourself out.
Ben: I can't help you there..
Nate laughs, "Huh?" Nate stumbles out and falls down.
Ben clears his throat as he is treated to the better momments of human behavior

Val: Hands. Off. -glares-
Nate rolls over and starts going "Weeeeeeee"
Ben: ...
Ben shakes his head
Ben: You know there is this one thing called LSD

Ben: Im wondering if you've had it
Ben looks at some of the bottles that Nate has drank
Nate keeps rolling around making a 'crater-ditch' type thing with his feet. "Weeeeeeeeee"
Val: Fucking psycho...
Ben teleports onto a bar stool, putting his elbow on the counter and holding his head up with his hand

Nate forgot to mention the empty bottles behind the counter.
Ben he took off his coat, and unbuttoned his suit.
Nate suddenly stands up and waltzes out signing something that sounds suspiciously like Avril Lavigne.
Ben unraveling his tie and taking off his formal buttoned up shirt and handing it to Val
Ben: I think you might want this..

Val: Why?
Ben: because you have no shirt or pants?
Val: doesn't mean I want yours. -tosses it to the ground-
Ben he took off his tie, leaving him completely shirtless
Ben: Doesn't it sadden you?
Ben: to realize how alone you are?

Val: Doesn't what sadden me?
Val: Alone?
Val: What're you getting at?
Ben: Where's brock?
Ben: where is to protect you?
Ben: Nate wasn't much help at all

Val: I don't need protection. I can handle myself.
Ben: ....
Ben: I wouldn't be too sure
Val: Yeah, well fuck you
Ben he laughed
Ben: Brock is hardly here...

Ben: leaving you to sit here and drink
Ben: to a stupor untill he comes
Ben: of which you are too drunk to really interact with him
Ben: SO .. really.. you two arn't much for a couple
Val: You're wrong about that. We have plenty of interation, thank you very much.
Ben scratched his nose
Ben: like what?
Val: Like it's not of you damn business
Ben: in other words, nothing.
Ben: in other words, waking up and not having anything to do, so the first thing you do is come here to drink
Ben: you may go to bed with him but whether or not you wake up with him is a question

Val grabs the book on the floor and tosses it at Ben
Ben he held his hand up, teleporting the book away and onto the counter
Ben: So what are you going to do here?
Ben: just going to sit here, licking your wounds and hope he shows?
Val: Don't you have anywhere else to be?
Ben: Nope, my evening is free
Ben he smiled sweetly
Val: lucky me...
Ben: indeed
Val rolls her eyes and refuses to look at him
Ben: How is brock by the way?
Val: He's great
Ben: He's great from what you've seen or from being away from you?
Val: -icily- From what I've seen.
Ben: So, then how do you know he's not just putting on a show?
Val: Because I do
Ben: that doesn't sound too sure..
Val: It's hard to explain. Intuition
Ben: so your relying on denial?
Val: Nothing to deny
Ben: Brock is away for most of the day, everyday?
Ben: and you only get to see him late at night, if that?
Ben: sounds suspicious to me
Ben: I wouldn't be surpised if he was seeing someone else on the side.
Val: No, I see him during the day sometimes. And he wouldn't do that
Ben: ..someimes?
Ben: somtimes?*
Ben: Ooo.. that hurts
Ben: I bet i've had more sex with shuanna in one week then you have ever had your entire life..
Val: What? He's busy.
Val rolls her eyes
Ben: And what is he busy with?
Val: That's not the important thing anyways
Val: Alpha Site stuff.

Ben: ...stuff..
Ben: Riight..
Val: Hey, I don't really understand what all he does, okay?
Ben: but your the love of his life right?
Ben: shouldn't you be apart of it?
Val: Yeah, that'll go over real well with the locals

Ben: it shouldn't matter
Ben: I mean.. he loves you right?
Val: Sure. Doesn't mean everyone else will.
Ben: I mean, yo could always say that you have this sort of power and they wouldn't really know
Ben: I could pass of as a human
Val: That'll only work for those that haven't seen me before.

Ben: Could disguse yourselt
Val: -shakes her head- too much trouble
Ben: But you love him don't you?
Ben: Are you saying that you don't want to be with him because it's too much trouble?
Val: You're twisting my words.
Ben: Not really

Ben: im just explaing them to you
Val: I'm saying it's too much trouble just to hang around him 24/7 like a clingly chick with no life of her own.
Ben: Oh, sure you have a life Val..
Ben: because I allow it
Ben: And you just spend it drowning yourself in alcohol
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Ben: Oooh the triumphant returns
Brock rubs his head and yawns
Brock: And what's that supposed to mean?
Val tries to hide the relief she feels
Ben: Well.. you seem pretty scarce around here.. you missed all the fun..

Ben he sliped off the bar stool, taking his shirt and putting it back on
Val: -smiles- Hey Brock. -thinks nothing of her state of dress, just glad that he's here so she's not left alone with Ben-
Brock: I basically run Alpha Site...I don't have time to be here drinking very often. ( my excuse for a life XD)
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Brock looks at Val

Brock: what happened to your clothes Valeria?
Orik walks in and nods to brock before moving to the bar and taking a seat.
Val: Oh, um. Long story.
Ben: The new kid is weird
Brock nods to Orik and looks back at Val

Orik: ... more trouble w
Brock: Perhaps you can tell me later
Orik: with him after i left*
Ben: He wanted to see a chick naked for the first time so he exploaded Valerias cloths off..
Ben: then for some reason he was rolling on the ground..
Brock: ....exploded?

Orik: .... wow... that is weird...
Val: That's pretty much it
Ben: ..and he left singing avril lagvine..?
Val: He probably shouldn't have been drinking
Orik: .... yeah... i guess so...
Ben: I dunno if i've seen a drunken man do that..

Ben: I asked if he did any drugs, of course he had no idea what I was talking about..
Orik: ... you havent seen me wasted... but still
Val: He was a kid, not a man
Brock: Wow, sound's less mentally stable than you.
Ben: Which is easy picken's for me..
Orik laughs.

Ben: Im planning on killing him or not..
Ben: But I don't like it if it's too easy..
Val: Although I have no clue why I'm even bothering defending the little fucker
Ben: I don't know either..
Val: A fat lot of good he was against you
Ben: Indeed..

Orik: ... i subdued him pretty easily earlier...
Val: Cause he's a fucking pussy
Brock: I don't believe he'd be much good against me.
Ben: I believe bullets would be dangerous for him, seeing as they would expload when they would hit him
Ben: But.. I donno I think that's wrong, actually..
Orik: ... wait... who's a pussy?... cuz last i checked i'm a puppy...

Val: Just cut and ran when the going got tough. -unconsiously rubbing her injured arm-
Ben: Pretty much
Orik: ... hey val... what happened?
Orik indicates her arm
Ben smiles sheepishly

Brock rubs her arm lightly
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Val: Him -jerks her chin towards Ben-
Sherry: ... oh... uh... ben....
Ben: Sherry! baby! how have you been?

Orik: .... what'd you do ben?... oh... hey mom
Sherry: dont!... talk to me...
Val: Fucking psycho attacked me
Brock faces ben
Brock: I told you not to touch her Ben
Ben: If you didn't want to talk to me then why did you acknowledge me?

Ben looked to brock
Ben: I don't quite remember that
Sherry walks over to the lounge and sits down, ignoring ben completely
Ben: But really you gotta have a better handel on that lady
Brock: That's probably because I had just thrown your head into a wall

Val: Then tried to play nice. Even offered me his shirt. Like I'd even want to touch it
Ben: Luckly for you, I let her live
Orik: ... you sure it's not you we need to get a handle on ben?
Brock: You mean luckily for you.
Ben: Well no..
Ben: because I knew she'd go home and tell you

Ben: but you know..
Val: You're just lucky I was drunk enough you could get the drop on me
Ben he stretched his hands up over his head
Sherry: ... Val... what happened to your arm?...
Ben: riight right
Ben: Like i've said

Ben: I don't need to attack you
Val: The psycho happened
Ben: I could just attack them, and viola
Orik: ... i..... think we should drop it....
Ben: Why?
Ben: we're having pleasent conversation

Sherry: ... mind if i look at it?
Orik: ... it's threatening to get agressive...
Brock: It's more like promising now...
Val: No, not at all -holds out her arm-
Ben he scratches his head casually
Sherry stands and moves over to examine Val's arm. When she lets go she looks back up at val.
Sherry: is the sink usable yet?
Ben: OH , that's right you guys have to 'be nice to me' because that will set me off..
Val: Yeah, everything was cleaned last night sometime
Sherry: good.
Ben: So basically I can have as much fun with your women and your mother..
Orik: ... no... you cant... that... i wont allow...
Ben: Mmm there is always a way
Val: I still think the worse part is what I walked in on that made me get that wasted..
Ben he beams
Val: Still can't get that image out of my head -has a disgusted look-
Ben: oh you liked it..
Sherry smiles and turns
to the sink, turning on the cold water. She then turns to Val, a stream
of water following her. Gliding to the injured woman's arm, the water
seems to somewhat merge with her skin as the effected area heals
rapidly. The water then flows back into the sink and Sherry turns off
the faucet.

Orik grins and leans to brock before whispering.
Orik: i wonder how he'd react if we cut off his tongue while he was sleeping...
Val: -examines her arm, amazed- Wow. Thank you -smiles at sherry-
Sherry: it's not a problem.
Sherry smiles back

Ben: that is you gotta find where I sleep first..
Orik shrugs*
Ben: and the fact that I can teleport doesn't really help any witnesses outs ide..
Ben: soo
Ben: you can eat me..
Orik shrugs. I could find you... though... it would definitely take a while...

Orik: i can?!
Ben: yeh you can..
Ben unbuckles his belt
Orik jumps at ben and snaps his teeth at ben's face.
Val: Well, where ever it is it's apparently not good enough for fucking shuanna -glares-

Ben teleports behind him
Ben: do you use a toothbrush..?
Brock tries to ignore all the
controversy and sith with Val, being that they haven't had much time
together, which he only noticed because of Ben's comments

Ben buckles his belt again
Orik: ... yeah...why?

Orik turns and snaps again, this time chuckling slightly
Ben: I'd say you'd need a tick-tac right about now
Ben he teleported ontop of the counter
Orik: ... i'm a wolf... i have dog-breath.
Orik keeps snapping at him.

Ben: OH so that's why no girl wants to kiss you.
Val leans closer to Brock, practically crawling on his lap
Ben teleproted back on the ground
Brock wraps his arms around her
Brock: ...you want me to kill him?
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Part Ten

Sherry looks shocked and turns to val.
Ben: I love how brock is doing completely nothing, seeing how I just practically whacked his girlfriend
Sherry: he did what with shuanna where?
Val: Nah, I think that's something I'd prefer to do myself
Orik: .... hey... you said i could eat you... now why wont you let me.
Orik sounds frustrated.

Brock: I'm not doing anything because you will just run and last time I almost brought this place down on Val
Orik lunges one more time.
Val: -turns to sherry- He had sex with her. Here, on that couch -points-
Sherry: ... and... why did they not use the rooms upstairs?
Ben he teleported back on the couch

Ben: Because im marking my territory
Ben: I've tried to clean it, but to no avail..
Val snuggles into Brock a bit more, feeling extra touchy-feely tonight
Orik gives a frustrated snort and turns to Sherry.
Orik: ... you ready to go mom?

Sherry: ... yes... i think i am...
Brock: Ben...if you'd stand and fight like a man, i'd kill you...
Sherry turns to leave.
Orik follows her.
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Ben: That would be wonderful
Ben: but impenitrable skin kind of just makes it onesided doesn't it?
Ben: So really, it wouldn't be a good fight
Brock: I wouldn't use my mutation.
Ben: im not stupid, brock

Brock: That has yet to be decided.
Ben: Oh, and leaving your girl here alone , knowing that I come here frequently?
Ben: that's pure genius
Brock: I don't leave her here. She just happens to be here way more often than I am.
Ben: just happens?
Val nods in agreement

Ben: just happens seems too much of a chance type statment
Val: its not like i have a job anymore
Ben: She IS here way more often then you are
Ben: because she chooses to be
Ben: why?
Ben: I have no clue
Val shrugs
Val: It's a decent place, usually
Ben: why would you go anywhere, knowing that Im here?
Ben: why would you come here, knowing that the place will be torn down for some unknown reason?
Val: Ignoring you is usually enough
Val: And the reason's not exactly unknown

Ben: IM sure you'll be ignoring me while I keep your head underwater..
Val: Fuck you
Brock rises from his seat
Brock: I'm not kidding Ben. Lay off.
Ben: So once is all it takes?
Ben: what if I decided to end her life? what would you have done?

Brock: I'd make you wish I'd end yours.
Ben: But that's not much of leverage to me
Val: I wouldn't of gone out that easy anyways
Ben he looked at Valeria
Ben: Im sure that's true..
Val: -shakes her head,
ignoring Ben and turning to Brock- Well I'm exhausted. I'm gonna check
out for the night. See you soon? -hopefully-

Brock: I'm coming with you.
Val smiles
Val: Even better
Ben: only to wake up to spend the day alone?
Ben: yeh that sounds promising
Brock throws a beer bottle at Ben

Ben lets it hit him, he laughed
Brock: Freak....come on Val
Brock wraps his arm around her and heads for the stairs
Ben he laughed some more
Ben: At least when I wake up, shuanna is there with me

Brock: Because she thinks you will kill her if she leaves
Brock: At least my girl loves me
Val: Just ignore him
Ben he smiled
Ben: I wouldn't worry about shuanna
Ben: Unlike Val, she's taken care of

Ben: So naturally, she loves me
Brock muscles tighten up and he has to strain to keep walking the other way
Ben: You haven't been her much, havn't you brock?
Ben: ever so slowly
Ben: She'll be sitting here with me, helping me hold you down
Val heads up stiars
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Ben: Sweet dreams
Ben he stood up
Brock: ...Fuck you Ben. ::walks up stairs::
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Ben he smiled widely, staring up at the stairs
Ben: I love Alpha site..
Ben me turned to the door and teleported out
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Nate wanders in, now wearing socks.
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Nate hops over the bar and looks for something non-alchoholic to drink.
Ben he walked in, playing with a monocle
Ben: Oh..! It's the young youth, of Nate.

Ben he smiled at him, amused already
Nate groans before crouching behind the bar with a can of Coke.
Ben: what's wrong, son?
Nate sits down crosslegged behind the bar and opens his coke. Pointedly ignoring Ben.
Ben: What?

Ben he looks confused
Nate finishes his can and throws it blindly at Ben.
Ben watched it fall
Nate leans agianst the bar getting another can of pop.
Ben he checked his watch, turning away from Nate

Ben: I have somthing to do..
Ben: I'll be back later.
Ben he quickly teleported out
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Nate falls asleep behind the bar.

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Nate wakes up and gets another coke.
Nate starts reading 'Eye of the World'
Nate sighs and leaves.

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Val walks into the room and takes a seat by the bar
Jane strutts in a tiny mini dress before sitting elegantly on a barstool, crossing the legs.
Val rolls her eyes, not impressed
Jane smirks, "Whats up your ass?"
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Ben walked in, immediately spotting the new woman
Ben quirking his eye brows at first he didn't know what to think, but then he smirked evily
Val: Nothing. Just don't think the whole tramp look is that great
Val: -spies Ben- Oh, fuck. You.
Ben he laughed
Ben: Val I think your glad to see me
Ben he looked to jane devilishly
Jane pretends to be offend, "Me, a tramp?" clearly ignoring the fact she's wearing stilletos and a itty-bitty dress.
Ben: Miss..? would it be too personal if I asked your size?
Jane: Yes... Yes it would.
Ben he nodded to her, sorry m'am.
Val: -resists grabbing a drink, although she's clearly tempted- Of course you. Is that a skirt or a belt?
Jane acts offended again, "It's cleary a dress."
Ben: Clearly..
Ben: I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't wearing any underwear..
Ben he walked into the bathroom, bringing out a towel, and tossing it at Jane
Ben: Do me a favor and cover up the beaver.
Jane stands up and flashes her panties at Ben, "I'm not that loose.
Jane: "
Ben winces
Ben: I hate this generation
Ben: But im sure your loose enough for the three of us..
Jane smiles at Ben before leaning over the bar to grab a bottle of wine.
Val: So, who exactly are you? Local prostitute?
Ben: most likely..
Ben: Sorry I don't have any change with me..

Ben: But you go a head, get drunk and see what happens..
Jane looks at val suprised. "I'm not a prostitute. That's degrading."
Val: And that dress isn't?
Ben he took another wine bottle, opening it and giving it ot her
Ben: have another

Jane: This dress is flattering... Unlike whatever that is. *she takes the bottle from Ben and pours herself a glass.* Thanks hun.
Ben he took another bottle, but he hadn't opened this one, holding it out her
Ben: what about this one?
Jane reads the label. "Nuh-uh, I'm fine for now." she winks at Ben.
Ben: good because I hope you don't mind if I use it.

Ben gripped the nosel, holding it like a baseball batt and swinging at Janes head with enough force to break the glass
Jane yelps and phases through the bottle, her body becoming untouchable.
Val should probably intervine, but decideds against it
Ben: oh shucky darn darns, I guess I should'a gotten more information.
Ben he held the bottle inside her head

Ben: eventually you'll have to come out of your little shadow act
Jane steps to the left.
Ben: and I imagine this bottle will compress and expload in your brain
Jane turns normal. "Nice try."
Val: You probably shouldn't kill her. -is oddly relaxed about this-

Ben: why not?
Ben: she's annoying enough
Ben: plus I could steal that thing and use it as pajamas for Shuanna
Jane gaps, "Me? Annoying? How dare you." Jane steps in to slap Ben
Ben teleports in and out

Val: Because it'll probably start some huge battle and for once I'd like the night to end on a nice note.
Ben: Val, Im here
Ben: there is no happy ending
Jane stumbles a bit. "What the..." then regains her composure. "I guess I should'a gotten more information." mimicking Ben.
Ben: I've been practicing with my teleportation
Jane: I see...

Ben: it's just a test of reflexes, really.
Jane: Well then, I guess this is pointless.
Ben: not really
Val: Okay, a not violent note then -eyes the alcohol behind the bar but doesn't grab anything-
Ben: I donno about you but I have wits
Jane smirks and Val, then phases through the bar. Unphases then tosses val some Vodka. "Enjoy Miss.

Ben waggled his finger at Val
Ben: Remember our little talk? Miss valeria?
Val: -bites her lip then puts the vodka down- No thanks
Jane phases back through the bar ending up besides Val before unphasing. "C'mon, just one drink."
Val: I said no. -glares-

Ben: Good girl
Jane sighs and picks up her full wineglass. Pouts. "Your no fun." Takes a sip.
Val: Oh shut up Ben
Ben: hahaha
Ben: So jane, do you know any exotic dances?
Val: I'm plenty fun. I just feel like staying sober tonight

Jane: None for dirty old men!
Jane slinks around to Val's other side. "Besides it's not a party till everyone's a bit tipsy."
Ben: old men?
Ben: So what? Does that make you 15?
Jane: You'll never know.
Val: I'm not drinking. Nothing you can do to convince me otherwise

Ben: that's pretty gross..
Ben: I may be psychoitic, but im no pedofile..
Jane flashes ben a smile, "Don't worry I'm legal."
Ben: Sorry but..
Ben: I don't have any interest..
Jane pulls her liscense out of her purse and tosses it at him.

Ben he caught it, reading it
Ben: cool, now I know where you live
Ben he put it in his pocket
Ben: good job.
Jane shrugs. "I can sleep phased."

Ben: but eventually you will have to get up, put on cloths
Ben: eat
Ben: take showers
Ben: drive cars, give handjobs, whatever it is that you do
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Jane: Hmmm... I guess you got me!

Sarah enters with a smile
Sarah: Hello, hello! Is this where the party is?
Ben: ....
Jane gaze flows to sarah looking her and down. "Well hello there, I'm Jane!"
Val: Oh no. Please no
Jane: *up and down.
Sarah: Nice to meet you Jane. I'm Sarah. -starts to offer her hand to shake, but spots Val and stops- Valeria? Fancy seeing you here!
Jane: Oooh, you know each other.... Do tell! *flutters her eyelids.
Ben: ...For some reason I feel gay..
Ben: we need some more men in here..
Val: -fake smile- Sarah. Please get lost.
Jane: Huh, thats wierd.... so do I!
Ben wishes orik and brock were here
Sarah: Aww. I get a please now?
Ben: Jane, armwrestle me
Jane: Ewww, I don't touch old guys.
Val: Would you prefer a 'get the fuck out of here'?

Ben: Im sure you have to inorder to make money
Ben: And I'll have you know my skin is still as tight as ever, thank you
Jane smiles, "KEep on saying that."
Sarah: -shakes her head- I have every right to be here you know
Ben: That's more then I can say about you
Ben: you scream used, burlap sack

Jane glares at Ben. "You did not just go there."
Ben: by the time your my ages you'll be tripping over your own boobs
Ben: oh indeed I did
Jane grabs a wine bottle and whips it at his face.
Val: The hell you do! -points- There's the door. Now go

Ben holding his hand, he waited
for the bottle to touch his hand before teleporting and reappearing in
the same place, holding the bottle

Jane shakes her head in disgust. Before going back to the girl drama. "Show her who's boss Sarah!"
Sarah: -sighs- You know Mom wouldn't like you talking to me like that. -takes a seat next to Val-
Val: When have I cared about that? -leans away from Sarah-
Ben opens the bottle and splashes jane with it

Jane shrieks. "You fuckign asshole!"
Ben he laughed
Ben: Aawww gee..
Ben he speaks with a lisp
Ben: your dress is all ruined!

Sarah: -pouts- Come on, Sis. Can't we at least be civil towords each other?
Jane concentrates a moment before phashiing herself and the dress, but not the stain.
Jane smirks "I'm still angry!"
Val: -snorts- Fat chance
Ben: yeah, im real scared..

Jane walks over to the bar and pours out four shots of tequila. Smirks at Ben before doing them all. "You bore me."
Ben: And Im worried about that because?
Ben: you know what's a real thrill?
Sarah: Fine. If you insist on being that way. -gets up and moves to the other end of the bar-
Ben: Go in the bathroom, i'll meet you there in a few seconds
Ben: Val knows what im talk'un about

Jane: Sex?
Ben: you wish
Jane: Not really.
Ben: hey, your the one whose fantasizing about me..
Ben: It's not my fault
Jane smiles, "You wish your fat wife was like me."

Ben: uh my wife is dead
Val: -catches what Ben said- Fucking bastard. -glances at the vodka quickly before looking away-
Ben: so make that ex, dead wife
Jane: You're fat ex dead wife.
Jane: *fat dead ex wife.
Ben: My wife never really was fat. She didn't get the chance too, since after a few years of our kids' birth. I ended her life

Jane: oohhh Kinky.
Ben: how do you find that kinky again?
Jane: Hmmm... I don't, I figured you did
Val: -remembering ben's life story- ...I think I'm gonna be sick.
Ben: Im psychotic, Not a necropheliac..
Ben: there' s a difference..

Jane: You could've killed her after sex.
Ben: Then my children wouldn't have been born..
Val: -to Jane- What the fuck is wrong with you? -still looking kinda green-
Jane sighs then sits down on a clean couch. "Never mind."
Ben: of course im only proving my point that this lady is a complete idiot..
Jane: whatever.

Ben: she isn't even denying it
Jane takes another sip from his wineglass.
Ben: she must be inbred
Val: -mutters- I don't remember the last time I've felt this sick...
Jane has stopped paying attention to Ben. "Hey Sarah c'mon here darling."

Ben: so she has to pop
out as many babies out of that loose, over used infected bag with as
much men as possible to stop from inbreeding with dad, brother and
Sarah has been mostly ignoring the conversation but perks up upon hearing her name
Sarah: Hmm?
Jane: Come sit beside me. *pats her hand on the empty spot*
Ben: don't
Ben: you might get an' STD

Ben: she has the T-virus
Jane: Aim high ben... Aim high.
Sarah: Alright... -walks over and takes a seat on the couch- Any reason why?
Ben: 'cause she'll rape you
Jane: Because *again ignorign Ben* Vals a prude and it *indicating Ben * is a retard. You however are soemthing completely different
Ben: I like valeria
Ben: she's my friend
Jane: No one asked you Douchebad.
Val: Okay, now I know I'm gonna be sick
Sarah: Aww. Don't judge Val too harshly. She's been through a bit
Ben he had teleported behind the
bar, teleporting back infront of jane, and thrusting the bottle at her,
the drink rushed to the nozzel of the bottle

Jane phased out with the
couch and Sarah, making the liquid splash against the wall. Unphase,
and goes to crossher legs making one foot aim at Ben's balls. "Sure

Val: What the hell would you know about it?
Ben teleports in and out holding the bottle close to janes face
Jane: Oh do shut up.
Ben he pointed to the top
Ben: Notice how I didn't open it?

Sarah: -whispers- She's also a little sensitive about it
Ben he looked to sarah
Ben: sorry, m'am
Jane: I see... Interesting. Do explain.
Ben: well.
Ben: removing the top.. would create hole, which would allow the liquid to pour through..

Ben: but you know all about holes, don't you jane?
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Orik walks in.
Ben looks up and orik
Jane glares at Ben. "I wasn't
talking to you. I was talking to Sarah, who matters. Unlike yourself.
Now if you please go fuck yourself."

Ben: Oh thank merciful god..
Sarah: -still whispering- Ah, well a lot of the usually sibling rivalry stuff. And then in school...
Orik: ... well... lot of new people lately...
Ben he teleported behind orik, pointing out jane
Ben: that?
Val shifts around on the bar stool a bit before getting uo and dragging an over stuffed chair to the bar and curling up on it

Ben: is pure evil
Orik laughs.
Orik: how so?
Ben: 'cause she thinks she hot shit
Ben: which bugs the hell out of me
Ben: plus I need that thing she's wearing..

Orik chuckles.
Orik: no offense... but so do you ben...
Val: ...I feel like apsolute crap right now... -sees Orik and waves- Hey.
Orik: hey... what's wrong val?
Ben: but im not a raving slut wanting to blow all the chicks in here..
Orik blows off ben and walks over to val, taking a seat.

Jane: What happened in school?
Sarah: Well, something happened with a boy she liked.. Not sure exactly, I only found out by reading her diary, to be honest
Jane: oooh, she had a diary. Spicy... Whats his name?
Ben he teleported , leaning over the couch and getting inbetween them
Ben: his name is brock
Val: -shrugs- Not sure. Just feel kinda tired and sore today...
Ben: she loved him
Ben: he loved her
Ben: she didn't like mystlings
Ben: he was a mystlings
Ben: he lied
Sarah: -jumps- What do you know about this?
Ben: she didn't like that foudn out
Orik reaches out and begins to rub Val's back gently.
Orik: i hope you dont mind...
Ben: he ran away
Ben: she got even more mad
Ben: stayed away for a few years

Jane: Please move... NOW
Ben: reuinited
Ben: now bumping uglies
Ben: and you can kiss my ass, jane
Val: -relaxes- Oh, not at all. -smiles- That really helps
Orik: ... well... if you sit up... i can do more... as a friend of course... just face away from me...

Jane glares at Ben. "Fine, come one Sarah. " Jane gets up with his wine and grabs Sarah's hand leading her to another couch.
Val turns and sits up
Sarah: Um, alright
Orik reaches up and begins
massaging Val's shoulders and neck, using his palms and fingertips
simultaniously for the pessure. After about a minute or two, he moves
to her back, pressing against her with his fingertips.

Orik: feel good?

Jane heads towards a loveseat and sits down, pulling Sarah with her. "So what do you know about Val
Shuanna from x.x.x.7 joined the chat 9 seconds ago
Jane: 'love affair'
Jane: With this brock fellow.
Val: -smiling- Oh yes, thank you

Ben: because she wants to steal brock from val
Jane: Sounds yummy
Shuanna she walked in, wearing a nice white jacket and a long black skirt with a pinstipe shirt
Orik: ... no problem... but tell brock it's just a friend thing... dont want him mad at me
Sarah: Not much, really. I haven't talked to her in years, actually. And the diary was a long time ago
Orik chuckles lighly

Shuanna: ...!.. oh..
Shuanna: more people!
Jane pouts some more. "Well damn. Thats no fun." grins. "I should make some new rumors.!"
Shuanna she smiled warmly
Orik snickers at Shuanna.

Val: I'm sure you don't have anything to worry about
Jane looks shuanna up and down. "Ooohlala, fresh meat."
Ben: ........
Orik looks at Jane.
Orik: she's taken...

Orik nods at Ben.
Ben: Why do I feel the urge to punch you as if you were a man?
Jane suddenly sees the wolf-man and promtly shriek. "What the hell!"
Shuanna: ...umm..
Shuanna she waved at everyone daintyily

Orik raises an eyebrow as he continues Val's massage.
Shuanna: hullo..
Jane: Ummm Sarah.... what is that thing...?
Sarah: -jumps at the shriek- Jane... Please, calm down
Orik: what do you mean "what the hell?"... havent you ever seen a mystling with a prominant mutation before?
Sarah: He's just a mystling

Ben: no, she's just used to pubic hair..
Jane: No! I live in the real world not in crazy land you talking dog.
Ben he teleported to Shuanna
Orik: ... um... yeah... sure, whatever...
Ben: pumpkin..
Sarah: You haven't seen many mystlings, have you?

Shuanna: hehehe! ..
Jane: Nope! I generaly stick to normals.
Orik mumblessomething about "you're own little world" that only Val can hear.
Val giggles at Orik's comment
Orik whispers.

Orik: thought you might like that.
Orik smiles.
Jane tries to find somewheres to look without seeing Ben or Orik.
Jane finally decides to close her eyes.
Sarah: Well, there are
numerous physical mutations as well as the type you and I have. They're
usually not that different then mystlings like us

Orik continues to whisper.
Orik: ... i suddenly feel devious...
Ben he grabed shuanna,
teleporting onto the bar stool next to Orik, having shuanna sitting on
his lap and embrace her to rest his head on her shoulder, quite

Jane: Right no different ... Cept for the fact that he;s a wolf-man.
Shuanna: Mmm...

Val: -whispers back- Embrace the feeling
Orik manipulates the air to blast Jane out of her seat, though not hard enough to hurt her.
Shuanna she held Ben's hands
Shuanna: Orik is a nice wolf-man!
Jane starts getting blown away and quickly phases through whatever it is.

Jane: What was that!
Orik: thank's shuanna!
Orik smiles.
Orik: ... what was what?
Shuanna: welcome orik!
Ben plays along

Ben: damn I dunno!
Jane: The..the.. gust of ... something... air? SHUT UP BEN!
Sarah shakes her head, giving up on the subject
Ben: it's nothing i've ever seen before..
Ben: is that another power of yours? a super queef?
Val: I didn't feel anything myself

Shuanna: ..!!
Shuanna slaps ben on the face lightly, which would be the only person to beable to do that
Orik chuckles and causes the air to rise up from beneath Jane, keeping it going for almost sixty seconds before he stops.
Jane calms down a bit. "I would appreciate an answer!"
Jane feels the air go through her phased form. "Thats very uncomfortabl..."

Val stifles a giggle
Ben: Wooah! That was a big one!
Ben: I wonder if you can't break the sound barrier like that..
Shuanna: Ben..
Ben: can you fly or somthin?
Sarah: Jane, please. Just ignore him.
Ben: what? im not the one with the weird flying technique!
Jane calms down some more and unphases. "Yes. Ignore. Good."
Ben: Shuanna do you do that?
Orik: break the sound barrier?... like this?
Orik looks away from everyone
and barks. The sound seemes to funnel out of his mouth visibly and
slams into the wall, the sound burst leveling half the scenery.

Shuanna: ..no.. that's.. just.. unsanitary..
Ben: that's right, your a good girl..
Jane shakes her head in disbelief. 'I don't even want to know'
Ben he covered Shuanna's ears protectively
Ben: your too clean and modest to do somthing like that

Shuanna: ..
Orik: ... sonic resonance... i manipulate the air for heavy impact as sound passes through it.
Shuanna doesn't know whether to say thank you
Jane crosses her legs and fills her wine glass back up.
Sarah: -strokes Jane's hand comfortingly- Now let's talk about something else

Ben he leaned over to Orik whispering
Jane face lights up. "Like what." Janes tone was bit... suggestive,
Ben: 'make air fill the glass to move the liquid splash up
Orik speaks loudly.
Orik: shemale sex!

Orik chuckles at his own stupidity.
Ben: Woah! jane!
Orik whispers back.
Ben: that would explain a lot about you!
Jane: Ben you know I'm not a shemale.

Orik: i'm messing with her... i'm not THAT mean...
Ben he whispered back
Ben: i've already done it..
Sarah: -blushes- Well, what about you. Other then your name, I don't know much about you
Orik chuckles and lets his arms down off Val.

Orik: Better?
Jane: Not much to know.
Ben: I don't know, jane your pretty hyped up on sex like a man
Ben: I wouldn't be surprised if you had a jimmy..
Orik: ... i'm not that hyped up on Sex... but i'd take it if i could get it....
Val: Oh yes. I've felt like crap the lat few days. That really helped, thank you

Orik: and i'm pretty obviously a man...
Jane visibly shudders.
Shuanna she looked to orik smiling
Shuanna: well of course! you have muscles orik!
Ben: tehcnically chicks have muscles too..

Sarah: Well, what about you're interests?
Orik: ... yeah... and i don't wear clothes... cuz fur is usually enough for me... and my uh.... sheath... is kind of hard to miss...
Ben: we're talking about something a little difference.. haha..
Jane: Hmmm....drinking, dancing.... and fucking *she grins *
Shuanna: ...
Ben: ....wow..

Sarah: -blushes- Oh, uh..
Ben: I have the sudden urge to clean myself for earing that..
Ben: hearig*
Orik: ... what?... it's true... don't tell my you guys havent noticed by now
Orik laughs.
Ben: no, I understand you, orik

Jane pats Jane's hand. "It's alright hun"
Ben: but the image of that adomination there being screwd?
Orik: ... you do?
Ben: ugh..
Ben: Shuanna kill me..
Orik laughs.

Shuanna: ...I can't..
Jane: I can
Ben: Jane you couldn't kill me if you had a gun
Sarah: I'm afraid I'm not sure what to say to that actually. -slightly nervous chuckle-
Orik chuckles.
Val: ...Unfortunately

Jane smiles again. "Theres no wrong answer."
Orik: i can generate
winds strong enough to make hurricanes look like a gentile breeze...
and i cant kill ben... trust me i've tried... though... he can't kill
me either
Ben: yeh, we're level
Ben: but you are fun, orik.
Jane: ... Hey Shuanna could ask you a favor.
Shuanna: ...

Shuanna: yes m'am..?
Orik: nope...
Sarah: Well, uh. I just
got done with a bad relationship so I'm afraid I may be a bit awkward
at all this.. -guesters with her hand in a nonspecific way-
Orik chuckles then smiles toward ben.
Ben he laughs

Jane: In one of Ben's pockets you'll find my driver liscense. Could you bring it back to me?
Shuanna: oh! .. okay..
Orik: ... don't do it
Jane: Hmmpf. Akward? Howso?
Shuanna: ..how did he get your drivers liscense..?
Ben: ....

Orik: you're too forward Jane...
Jane don't ask.
Ben: now, pumpkin don't do what that she-male says, she just wants to get in your pa- ..
Shuanna takes a hold of one of ben's coat pockets and searches for it
Sarah: -chuckles- That is one way of putting it. I'm just used to a bit more.. subtly, I suppose

Ben: what'r you doing..?
Shuanna: the right thing..
Jane: Uhuh... Well thats too bad, subtly is slow and boring *smiles again*
Orik wink's and ben and mouth's "i'll get it."
Val curls back up in the chair, visibly more relaxed

Ben he mouths noislessly at him 'thank you'
Orik: i didn't say be subtle... just less agressive... assertive, not aggressive... that's the way to go
Orik smirks at Jane with a slight nod.
Shuanna she looked through the pocket, not having any luck
Sarah: -shakes head-I wasn't saying that was a bad thing exactly. I'm just taken aback, I suppose

Shuanna: Ben wher'ed you put it..?
Jane waves Oriks statement away. "Thats great pooch."
Ben: ...in my pants..
Jane: Oh.... well.. hmm...
Shuanna: ..it is not..
Orik snickers at ben's comment.
Ben looks around suspiciously
Shuanna: ben..
Shuanna: do I have to call out your nick name?
Orik: i'm a wolf Jane... not a dog... please don't mix them up...
Ben: .......
Ben: no..

Jane: Sorry wolfie.
Shuanna: give it here..
Ben: ..eehh.
Orik: thanks... and ben... nickname?
Ben he reached into one of his coat pockets, pulling the liscense and holding it flimsyly to shuanna
Ben: .. it's what she uses to threaten me..

Orik manipulates the air to push the liscence into the ceiling.
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Orik laughs.
Orik: you must hate it pretty bad if it actually works.
Jane groans. "Stupid dog.. err wolf,"

Orik sticks his tongue out at jane, though it looks more like he's panting.
Sarah has absently let her hand move up Jane's arm a bit
Shuanna: ..ah!!
Shuanna looks up at the window
Shuanna: ...

Shuanna she struck a pouty face at ben
Ben: WHAT?!
Ben: It isn't meee!!
Jane moves her hand onto Sarah's thigh. "Well now.."
Sarah giggles slightly, blushing

Orik: don't blame him Shuanna... i'm doing this of my own will... you know i like messing with people.
Jane moves her hand further up Sarahs thigh. "Come on wolfie... please?
Val is looking a bit green
Orik: what you gonna do for me?
Orik: ... Val... you feeling alright?

Val: ...can someone pass me the bucket.. I may need it again...
Jane: Ummm... not call you pooch?
Shuanna: ..Valeria..?
Orik manipulates the air to move the trash can over to Val.
Sarah inches closer to Jane

Orik: ... not really good enough... think of something better
Orik grins smugly.
Jane moves her hand further up Sarahs thigh. "Please Wolfie??"
Orik: .... i have a name Jane
Ben: Orik, could you create a vaccum around those two ? so we don't have to hear them talk..?

Val: ...thank you.. -is looking even greener-
Jane pouts, "But Wolfie is so much cuter then 'Orik'
Ben: I'll set up a drape so I don't have to look at it..
Orik: no problem Val.
Orik: ... if you want to call me something cute... stick with "puppy"
Jane: Will you be mad if I call you puppy

Jane: ?
Sarah has movied close enough to whisper something suggestive to Jane, blushing ferociously the whole time
Ben: ......
Orik: i suggested it, do you think i'd get mad about it?
Jane 's face lights up. "Yes!" then to Orik. "Err... no.

Ben: because she's a dumb bitch
Orik shrugs.
Orik: what you gonna do for me ben?
Jane: Shut up ben1
Shuanna blushes as she remembers her's and ben's time on that couch

Ben looks at shuanna and reads her mind
Ben: OH by the way, I've had sex on that couch
Ben: So..
Ben: Goodluck.
Orik: ... he has...
Jane whispers something less suggestive and more blunt to Sarah. Comepletely ignore the douchebag that is Ben

Ben: I stained it too
Ben: So really that should be mine..
Orik: ... he did...
Ben: I've tried to clean it up but I feel that it will forever be by couch
Ben: my*
Jane: Jesus! Shuanna can you shut your bitch up?!?

Val finally throws up into the trash can
Sarah: -has somehow managed to blush even more-
Orik: ... though ben... you talking about this might make val... nevermind...
Sarah: uhh.. -nods-
Orik bursts out with laughter.

Orik: i don't think ben is anyone's bitch.
Orik turns to ben.
Ben: Yeh
Orik: you're thinking about different ways kill her... aren't you?
Jane stands up and pulls Sarah towards the staircase.

Ben: Nothing would make me happier
Orik sighs.
Ben: If I killed that bitch
Ben: I would completely give up killing, ever
Orik: i thought you picked your targets more... carefully...
Ben: forever

Sarah giggles as she's being pulled along
Ben: I feel that im doing this for a good cause
Orik: ... really?.... sacrifice one for the sake of many right?...
Ben: I really don't want her to spread her inbreeded children everywhere and infect the world..
Jane reaches the staircase and turns back to the people. "Ciao!" before heading up the stairs for some fun.
Orik: .... technically... if she's a lesbian... she wont have kids
Ben: She winked at me a few times
Ben: I think she's bisexual
Ben: ..whichi s worse..
Orik shrugs.
Sarah ducks her head, a bit embarresed at everyone knowing what she's going to do, and follows Jane

Orik: have fun ladies.
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Ben: I'd take a long shower, sarah
Ben: and peel off a layer of skin while your at it..
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Val groans, looking like she's about to be sick again
Orik laughs at ben.
Orik: man... you really need to lighten up...
Ben: I honestly am sick about that chick..
Orik turns to Val.

Nate from x.x.x.249 joined the chat 42 minutes ago
Orik: hey... you need me to take you home or something?
Nate wanders in with his socks and gloves.
Val shakes her head
Orik: ... hey... it's mister esplodes!

Shuanna: that's because in some weird way, you feel threatened by her because she's more prettier then me..
Val: I'll be fine
Ben: ...whhut?! she ain't pretty!
Nate: Hi...
Orik: ... you sure... you'd probably feel better some place quiet.
Nate wanders over to the bar and pulls out a can of Coke.

Ben: she's proof dinosaurs once roamed the earth!
Orik: how you doin' kid?... by the way... i dont think i ever got your name...
Val: No, I'm alright, really. -makes a face- I've been sick a lot around here, haven't I?
Nate: Um.. Nate... Nathan Michaels
Orik cracks up at ben.
Ben: what? it's true!

Orik: you can call me Orik.
Ben: Shuanna you are much more sophisticated, and polite and respectful then that... thing..
Nate: oh... ok....
Nate: ... Did I miss something?
Shuanna she sighed, can't help but compare herself to her
Val: I'd just call him pussy, really. -pushes the trash can back closre to where it was-

Ben: Ooh pleeaaasse!
Orik: ... i agree with ben on that one... Shuanna is more attractive... but... Jane still looks good... at least in my opinion...
Orik: yeah... you missed an overly aggressive lesbian...
Val is still pissed at Nate
Nate: Oh... well...*pulls some rocks out of his pocket and sprinkles them on the bar*
Val: You owe me a pair of pants and a new shirt, by the way

Orik: ... please... dont make those 'splode...
Ben: yeah! see? orik agrees!
Nate takes off his left gloves and starts taping random rocks. making little rock pieces fly all over the room.
Orik: ... i asked you not to do that Nate...
Nate: Oh... sorry... *puts his glove backon*
Orik seems agitated by not even being considered.
Orik: ... thanks...
Ben: ........
Ben: we have women here? nate?
Nate: Wha...?
Ben: don't be a little dick and pelt them with rocks please
Nate: Sorry....
Val: Hey, kid. Did you hear me?
Orik: yup... they're having sex with each other up stairs... maybe you should blow up the door and watch...
Nate: Uhuh... I owe you pants and shirt.
Ben: Oh that's a great idea!
Orik looks to ben and mouths "If he does... their reactions aught to be hysterrical."
Val: Yeah, and you better get one that. Nothing cheap either.

Ben: nate, run in there and go : " AHLALALALALALALAA!!"
Nate mumbles something about not having much money.
Shuanna: ...
Orik busts up laughing again.
Val: I don't care. That was perfectly nice clothing you ruined

Shuanna can't help but stifle a laugh
Nate jumps over the bar and sits behind it.
Ben he smiled widely
Val: What the fuck was that about anyways?
Ben: huh?

Nate grabs a bottle of vodka.
Val: The clothes destroying thing
Orik: reference to september eleventh, 2001... before any of us were born i believe...
Orik: ... oh... nevermind...
Nate mumbles something about being stupid and not really remembering much.

Val: -rolls eyes- Speak up kid.
Orik: he's shy val
Orik chuckles lightly.
Nate: Sorry
Val: He's not shy. He's just a pussy
Orik: ... theres a pretty close corrilation

Nate stands up and takes off both gloves stuffing them in his belt.
Orik: ... kid... i wouldn't...
Nate: Bathroom
Orik: ... upstairs...
Ben: yeh
Nate looks at the staircase sighs, puts his gloves back on and sits down.

Orik shrugs.
Nate socks explode. "Whoops.
Val rolls eyes
Val: idiot
Orik: ... nice... might want a new pair before you go up there...

Nate: Last pair.
Ben: good job
Orik: ... ouch...
Ben: you fail
Nate: Thanks.
Shuanna: aaww..! maybe you could use my socks?

Ben: .. yeh, use shuanna's socks..
Val: -finally gives up on the no alcohol thing and decides to have one drink and pours herself a glass of scotch-
Nate: Thats ok. Mine were special.
Ben he took off one of her shoes, revealing a pink, lacey sock, slipping it off of her foot, it retracted to a daintly, small sock.
Ben: there ya go..
Shuanna: aaww... well I guess that makes sense..

Nate: THanks for understanding.
Shuanna: it's no trouble!
Nate smiles.
Orik: ... i need to go... it's getting late... dont want to be pulled out of here again...
Ben: yeh
Ben: I need to go too.

Orik gets up and walks out
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Ben he pushed shuanna off his lap softly standing and turning to Val, mostly
Ben: well I can't say that this wasn't gun
Ben: fun*
Val: I can.
Ben: haha
Shuanna: Oooh! .. Val! i'll come back tomorrow and bring you somthing!
Ben: I wouldn't bring food..
Ben: We, might not be here in the mornings. But near the afternoon we could stop by
Val: Something? What kind of something?
Ben: then we'll have to leave again, we'll be returning.. late..
Shuanna: oh I dunno.. I'll think of something..!
Val: Oh, alright. Thanks.
Shuanna: welcome!
Ben: yeh well..
Ben he held shuanna's hand before disappearing
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Val finishes her drink before heading home herself
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PostSubject: Re: Mystling Breakroom RP logs - Mature   Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:28 pm

Part Eleven

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Shuanna she walked in quietly
like usual, sporting her white jacket, and an adorable yellow buttoned
dress. Looking at her, her appearenced seemed quite sunny

Shuanna suddenly she held her abdomen. she tried to hold her cheeks in from puffing out.
Shuanna: Urk..!
Shuanna she ran to the ladies bathroom, and much to her dismay, she threw up in one of the toilets
Shuanna she stood back up, flushing the toilet along with her dignity
Shuanna stumbling around, feeling sicker then ever, she made her way to the door
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Jane wanders in wearing skinny jeans a purple shirt and black jacket.
The Break Room from x.x.x.221 joined the chat 4 hours ago
The Break Room has expanded at
some point, and now contains a larger lounge area, a dancefloor and
jutebox, and an entirely new room that resembles the dining room of a
high-end restaraunt

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Jane sees the new addition. "Nice."
Jane 's material girl ringtone starts going off. Reading the display she rushes upstairs to take the call.
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Jane wanders back down stairs and sits at the bar
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Val enters the break room heading to her usual spot, but hesitates when she sees the changes
Jane: Much better init?
Val: It's different, that's for sure. -points to the new door- Where's that lead?
Jane: Huh... not sure... Whydon't you go check?
Val: ...After you
Jane: Uhuh sure.
Val: -shrugs, then continues examining the changes- Well this is odd...
Jane walks over and opens the door. "Huh ... dining area it seems..."
Val: Is it nice?
Jane: Meh
Jane: Pretty enough.... Kinda empty though..
Val: -rolls eyes- What were you expecting?
Jane smirks, "Stip joint."
Val: -snorts- Keep dreaming. I doubt that's gonna happen
Jane pouts. "Your the only one who'd object.
Val: -raises eyebrow- You sure about that?
Jane: Pretty much.
Val: Well, you are new, so I probably should cut you some slack for assuming that.
Val makes her way to her usual spot and relaxes
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Jane: Right...
Val: Wonder why the room decided to expand
Jane: No idea.... If I was the room I'd have pimped myself out. Halloween style.
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The Break Room As if in
response to Jane, the room is suddenly decked out in Halloween
decorations. Webs, skeletons, Jack-O-Lanterns, even the lighting was
significantly spookier

Val: SON OF A BITCH! -is completely taken by surprise by the sudden change-
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Jane phases through the walls and floors yelling something about needing a costume!
Val is slightly less startled when the jukebox starts playing halloween-themed songs, and grabs a drink to help recover
Jane phases back into the
room wearing a costume. And holding a box with a big bow with Val's
name on the tag. "Here ya go hun!" holding the box out for Val.

Val: -caustiously takes the box- Uh, thanks? -eyes Jane- Is that a costume?
Jane gestures to herself with a hand. "Of course, what did you think it was?"
Val: -refrains from making a comment and instead opens the box- ...What is this? -holds up the costume-
Jane jumps with joy and claps her hands. "Cute Right!"
Val: Not the word I was going for
Jane pouts. "You're a kill joy."
Val drops the costume and pushes the box away
Val: Listen I already have a costume, actually
Val: So let me put that one, okay?
Jane lights up. "Oooooh put it on!" smirks. "I won't watch!"
Val: You better not. -heads upstairs to get changed-
Jane phases and follows.
Val: -sees Jane out of the corner of her eye- What did I just say?
Jane unphases. "Fine." pouts.
Val: Wait downstairs. Before I'm forced to kick your ass
Jane sits at the bar.
Val quickly gets dressed in her spy costume and returns downstairs
Jane claps. "oooh Sexy."
Val: -smirks slighty- Don't get excited. It's not for you
Jane smirks. "I can still enjoy it lady."
Val: -chuckles- I guess you're right about that
Jane: I usually am.
Val: Don't get too cocky. This gun isn't fake
Jane laughs. "Right cause that could hurt me."
Val: That confident in your reflex? Just remember, I've had training.
Jane: Well, shooting me would definately ruin my party . *Smiles*
Val: -snorts- Your party?
Jane: Yes, my party. You started it? Me!
Val: So you decorated, planned, and organized the whole thing?
Jane: Yes.
Val: -snorts again- Uh-huh.
Jane: Ya-huh.
Val: You forget, I was here when the Room suddenly decorated itself
Jane: You forget, I asked it to *smiles again*
Val: -shakes head as she grabs her drink- Coincidence. You can't prove it's related
Jane: Uhh.... yes I can....
Val: Then prove it.
Jane: ...... You prove me wrong.
Val: Exactly. -takes a victory sip of her drink-
Jane: Whatever. I'm hosting it now .
Val: -sarcasticly- Great turn out so far.
Jane: Well, last minute thing y'know. The word should.. possibly... getout.
Val absently nods, focusing on the door
Jane sighs and starts looking for a drink.
Val muters "come on, please show up" under her breath
Jane looks over at Val. "I'm going to go have a nap, you're in charge."
Jane heads upstairs.
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PostSubject: Re: Mystling Breakroom RP logs - Mature   Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:29 pm

Val nods, still watching the door and taking an occasional sip from her drink, unusually nervous
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Orik walks in and sits down next to Val
Orik: ... hey... what's up?
Val: -guesteres to the decorations filling the room plus her costume with a smile- Halloween party. Kinda last minute, actually
Orik chuckles lightly.
Orik: i can tell... though i didn't get the memo... just kind of... showed up...
Val: -shrugs- It honestly wasn't even my idea. The room just... decorated itself. Scared the crap out me actually...
Orik chuckles... i'm dressed up for once then... instead of nude... right?
Val: Best werewolf costume I've ever seen
Orik smiles.
Orik: why thank you... i do my best
Val: Drink? -guestures to the special halloween themed beverages avalible-
Orik: ... never been one much for pumpkin stuff... though.... i am a fan of raw meat... as long as it's warm
Val: We do have a new dinning area apparently... -points to the previously nonexistant door-
Orik glances over.
Orik: ... cool... but... i usually get a little bit too roudy at parties... so i'll wait till later
Orik chuckles lightly.
Val: Well, so far it's not much of a party
Orik: ... true... i wonder if ben, shuanna, or brock will show...
Val: Brock better show.
Orik: though... Nate could cause problems if he did... exploding everything and all...
Orik: he better?
Val: Yeah. I chose this costume especially for him
Orik raises an eyebrow, asking for an explaination without actually saying anything.
Val: It's... personal.
Orik: ... i see... sorry... i don't want to pry...
Val: -shakes head- It's not that. It's just, really hard to explain I guess
Orik: ... well... if you don't want to talk about it, i wont ask
Val: It's not that I don't want to talk about it. I just don't think that it would make any sense really...
Orik chuckles.
Orik: try me... i'm good at understanding...
Val: Oh, well. It was
the costume that I was wearing when we were kids. 15 I think. And there
was this big thing with my family. So Brock ended up walking me home
that night and we ended up talking the whole time...-trails off, a
little embaressed-
Orik smiles, obviously interested.
Orik: sounds like a lot of fun... what happened next?
Val: Nothing really. We just talked. And that's pretty much the point where I relized I liked him
Orik: i see... so... the point of you wearing that... is to remember your realization of your feelings for him...
Val: -ducks her head a bit- Yeah, I suppose
Orik chuckles lightly.
Orik: i told you i was good at understanding.
Val: You did. -smiles, still a bit embaressed-
Orik seems not to be able to stop smiling.
Orik: don't be
embaressed... love is a beautiful thing... something to be treasured...
not embaressed about... i can only hope it lies in my future at some
Val: I'm sure it does, don't worry
Orik shrugs.
Orik: ... you never know.... but i do sincerely hope...
Val: -chuckles- Hey, if it happened to me...
Orik: .... you.... don't look like this...
Orik uses the air to bring a beer over to him and begins to drink.
Val: Yeah, but I was a bit... well, a bit of a bitch. Just as bad, really
Orik: ... at least
you're still beautiful... me... i have to deal with the fact that
anyone who wants to be with me... has to first accept the concept of
Orik takes another drink.
Val can't really think of
anything to say to make him feel better, so instead just takes another
sip from her glass and sends another nervous glance to the door

Orik: ... if he doesn't show up... i might have to kick his ass... simply for standing you up...
Orik attempst to chuckle, but it really only sounds dark.
Val: -chuckles- Does it count as standing me up if he has no idea he needs to be here in the first place?
Orik forces a smile.
Orik: yup
Val: -shakes her head- Doesn't really feel fair
Orik: ... you're the woman... it doesn't have to be
Orik chuckles, his good mood begining to return.
Val: -smiles- Almost feel sorry for Brock
Orik smirks.
Orik: almost.
Val: I'm sure he can take it though
Orik: i'm sure he can
Orik suddenly looses his smile and gains a serious expression, but not a scary one.
Orik: ... val... can i... tell you something?
Val: Something? What kind of something?
Orik: don't take this
the wrong way... but... i... I'm actually jealous of brock... and not
just for being in a relationship... if you get my point...
Val: What're you.... Oh, you mean...? -blushes slightly-
Orik: ... yeah... I...
like you... more than anyone who comes here actually... and... it's
hard at times... not to try and make a move... but i know i can't...
because you're with brock... and you're happy... but... i wanted you to
know... because if i ever do anything... out of line... i know you'll
put me in my place...
Orik: ... you will... wont you?
Val: -pauses, absorbing it all- ...yeah, of course
Orik: ... thanks... it
feels good to get that out... and to know i can trust you... regardless
of the fact you used to hate people like me...
Val: -winces slightly at
the last statement, but otherwise says nothing, glancing at the door
again hoping for something to happen to chase away the awkwardness-
Orik: ... sorry... if i made you feel uncomfortable...
Val: -nods, but again can't think of anything to say-
Orik sighs.
Orik: i would never
purposely make an advance while you're with anyone... least of all
Brock... I respect him a lot... and... you guys are great together...
Val: -softly- ..Thanks.
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Orik: it's true... it's like you guys belong-....
Orik: .... hey Jane...
Jane wanders back downstairs. Sees Orick. "Oh.. Hey Wolfie, welcome to my party!"
Val rolls her eyes but refrains from commenting
Orik: ... i thought we already spoke about calling me that...
Jane pouts. "But it's cuter then Orik. Haven't we covered this already?"
Orik: i told you... if you can't call me by my name... call me puppy...
Jane: But puppy makes you sound like a baby -.-
Orik: ... i still chase my tail... sometimes...
Orik sounds slightly embarrased.
Jane: Awwww, thats adorable!
Val giggles, remembering one instance of that
Orik sighs.
Orik: ... no... mostly it just makes me dizzy...
Jane rifle's through her
purse and pulls out a afro wig and fake mustache. Runs over to Orik and
puts the wig on his head and the mustache on top of his nose. "THere we

Val sighs, sending another glance to the door
Orik growls menicingly before the afro and the mustache disintigrate in a single powerful gust of wind.
Orik: ... don't...
Jane pouts. "Your no fun."
Orik: ... i'm dressed up
for halloween everyday without even trying... and you try to mock me on
the one day that everyone else looks like me?... i don't think so...
Jane: But thats not a costume./
Orik growls and stands up with a menicing gaze and a angry voice.
Orik: I wear my costume... every... day...
Jane thinks for a moment. "Can you take it off?"
Orik: .... no...
Jane: Well then. It doesn't seem to be a costume.
Val: Oh, lay off of him already.
Orik moves to grab jane by the throat, but stops short as Val's voice hits his ears and he turns back to the bar and sits back down.
Jane: Fine....
Orik snorts.
Jane: Sorry Wolfie..
Orik: ... don't worry about it...
Orik still has his back to her.
Jane: Goodie!
Orik: .....
Orik takes another drink.
Val: -looks at Orik with concern- You alright?
Jane wanders over to behind the bar. "I'll be the bartender Kay!" using her ditzy voice.
Orik: ... i'll be fine... just... give me a minute...
Jane: Want something to drink Wolfie?
Val: Alright, if you're sure.
Orik: ... i can take care of myself...
Jane pouts. "NONONONO! I'm tending the bar. Cause I'm like... the bartender.... Sooooz, I do it!"
Orik: ... though... i do kind of wish either Brock or Ben was here... kind of hard to stay mad when they're around.
Orik glares at Jane.
Val: I'd prefer it if Ben never came back here again myself
Jane: Me too... I hate that lecherous old man.
Orik: ... yeah... but he at least know's when to shut up...
Jane pouts and says nothing.
Val: Lecherous? More like psychotic...
Orik: ....
Jane: I still don't like him!
Orik: he's psychotic... but you can't deny his intelligence...
Val: I don't care how intelligent he is... -unconsciously rubs the arm that had been injured in the fight with him-
Orik: ... i need to cool off...
Orik: ... im gonna... go for a run... i'll be back shortly...
Orik gets up and walks over to the door.
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Jane: Awwwww
Val finishes her drink and ducks behind the bar, ignoring Jane, to grab a beer and returns
Jane: Oh come on!
Val offers a shrug, reaching for the bottle opener from behind the bar and using it to open the beer
Jane storms over to a couch and lays down on it. "You ruin my life!"
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Val hides the smile at Jane's reaction behind the beer bottle
Orik walks back in, his hair
looking wind blown and his posture much more relaxed. At Jane's
reaction to his return, however, his eyes narrow.

Orik: ... what did i say about that?
Jane: Oh come on!
Val: -sternly- Jane. Just stop.
Jane collapses back down onto the couch. "You ruin my life!"
Orik: ... i'm serious here Jane... it's beginning to piss me off...
Orik: ... you're the one who comes here of your own free will...
Val: -rolls her eyes- Seriously. Stop being such a spoiled brat
Jane: Right, I'm soooo spoiled.
Orik: ... i've never
heard anyone who wasnt accuse someone else of ruining their life for
something as simple and easy as not calling someone a name they
strongly dislike...
Jane: I don't mean it litterally.... it just... Ugh!
Val: That whining routine? The very definition of spoiled
Orik: ... yeah...
Orik sits down next to val after grabbing some Jones soda from behind the bar.
Jane: Right. My parents spoiled me sooo ver much.
Orik: ... and here comes the justification routine....
Orik sighs.
Val: I so hate this whole fucking routine
Orik: ... yeah... me too...
Jane rearanges herself. "Just leave me alone. Alright. You've kiled the mood."
Orik raises an eyebrow.
Orik: no... i think you did.
Val: What mood?
Orik: .. hers
Jane closes her eyes and pretends to sleep.
Orik rolls his eyes.
Orik: ... hey val...
Val: Yeah?
Orik: see how her breathing hasn't slowed at all... and how she still looks mad...
Orik laughs.
Val: Oh, yeah. Totally faking it. I wasn't gonna say anything in the hopes she'd stay quiet
Orik: ... yeah... probably should have thought of that myself.
Jane rolls onto her side and bends her knees abit, using her hands as pillows. She closes her eyes and pretends to sleep...again...
Orik cant help but snicker at Jane.
Jane wnats to throw something at Orik.
Val just shakes her head and takes another drink of beer before shooting another glance at the door
Orik: ... so anyway... i wonder if we can make this party thing last another night... one not so... quiet...
Orik: that way... you don't have to hurt Brock for not showing up...
Val: -slowly nods- I say we give it a shot
Jane mummbles something about parties never ending.
Orik points at Jane with his thumb.
Orik: i wonder if she realizes she's acting like you're average fifteen year old...
Jane chuckles. "Well duh. They had it good."
Val shakes her head, hiding a smile
Orik: ... Oh... Jane...
i just remembered... did you get your liscense after i left last
night?... i kind of just left it there... it should have fallen after i
Jane: Hmmm.. yeah. I got it in the morning.
Orik: alright... just making sure...
Jane rifles through her purse and pulls it out brandishing it high in the air before putting it away. "See?"
Orik: so Val... you said
i'd find someone... out of anyone we know who's not in a
relationship... who do you think i have the best chance with?
Orik: good... wouldnt want you without it...
Val sighs, shooting the door yet another glance, trying to hide her dissapointment
Orik smiles at Jane.
Val: Uh, really? I'm not sure. I don't know everyone enough I guess...
Orik sighs.
Orik: ... sorry... i must seem kind of desperate...
Jane: Sorry wolfboy I don't swing that way.
Orik: ... uh... Jane... i wasnt asking about you... it's pretty obvious you don't like men...
Jane: You picked up on that huh?
Val: -attempts a comforting pat on the back, which ends up a little awkwar- Sorry Orik
Orik: ... yeah... thanks Val...
Orik: and... you dont
have to feel awkward around me... i'm still the same guy i was before
you knew... and did i make any unwanted advances on you then?
Jane: If I were straight I'd like you Wolfboy.
Val: -smiles- Don't worry. You will find someone
Orik: .... uh... thanks
Jane... but... in this case i'm actually happy your a lesbian... you're
cool and all... but... not someone i'd want to date...
Jane: Well I'm not straight so no big.
Orik: yeah...
Orik: ... and thank's val...
Val: -smiles, taking another drink of her beer- No need to thank me for saying the truth
Jane rolls back onto her back. "Sigh... this place is dead tonight."
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Sherry walks in and notices Jane.
Val frowns at Jane's comment
Sherry: why hello there... and who might you be?
Jane bends her head backwards over the couch and sees sherry upsidedown. "Jane Michaels. And who're you?"
Sherry: Call me Sherry. I'm Orik's mother.
Sherry smiles plesantly.
Jane looks at Sherry then at Orik. "How did that work?"
Jane: Ohh whoops. That was rude.
Val: Huh.. Perhaps there's hope for hr after all
Jane: Oo shut it prissy.
Sherry: I found Orik when he was a baby and raised him... i never met his biological parents.
Jane: Huh, Me niether.
Orik: ... you're still my mother, regardless...
Sherry smiles.
Jane puts her head in a more comfortable possition.
Sherry: i love you too Orik.
Jane: Well Wolfboy's fun is over .
Orik: ... you never knew you're parents?
Orik: ... how's my fun over?
Sherry moves over to sit on the couche near Jane, but is mindful not to invade space.
Jane: Nope, I'm a foster kid. And You can't really drink and/or fuck around your mom can ya?
Orik: ... i'm twenty
four... though i wouldnt want to as you so elegantly put it... "fuck"
around my mother, no... but she knows i'm a man and she allows me to be
who i am
Jane: You have a nice mom then.
Jane sounds sad.
Sherry: ... Orik drinks all the time...
Orik: ... you alright Jane?
Jane: Yeah...
Orik: ... you sure you don't wanna talk about it?
Val: -smiling- Hey, Sherry. Where's you costume? It is a halloween party after all.
Jane: Positive. I'd just get angry.
Orik: ... alright...
Jane tosses the costume she bought for val at Sherry. "Enjoy."
Sherry: ... turn on the sink
Val turns around in order to reach the sink to turn it on
Jane phases.. just in case.
Sherry manipulates the
water to fly from the sink and Sherry is soon soaked as it all moves to
her and douses her body with it. As the water moves over the film of
what appeared to be human skin, the layer disolves and Sherry is left
looked like a mere'folk with human feet.

Sherry: ... alright... you can turn the water off now.
Jane stares at shock. "Thats just wierd..."
Sherry smiles pleasantly as the water floats back to the sink and flows down the drain.
Sherry: it has its uses.
Jane: Uhuh... Well as .. cool.. as it seems I prefer mine.
Val turns the water off and softly applauds Sherry's costume
Sherry giggles lightly.
Orik: great job mom.
Jane mutters something about how mystlings come in all shapes and sizes.
Orik chuckles.
Orik: you should meet Ryan... talk about big... lovable big guy though...
Sherry: he is quite adorable at times, isnt he?
Jane would rather not.
Val: Ryan?
Orik: the big guy that escorted you out when you... uh... visited the Alpha Site...
Val: Oh... -looks away-
Orik: don't worry about it... you were a different person then...
Jane phases through the couch and leaves the building.
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Sherry: ... i wonder where Jane went...
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Jane walks back in. "That was refreshing."
Val: Still feel pretty bad. Probably the worse way I could see Brock again after eleven years...
Sherry: where did you go?
Jane: Through the couch. *lays back on the couch*
Orik: hey... at least it
brought you two back together... sort of... either way you're with him
now, and you'r happier than you've been in years... right?
Sherry: ... so... you phase through objects?
Jane: Yep
Jane: Pretty useful I think.
Val: Yeah. -smiles slightly- Didn't even realize how much I missed him until I saw him again
Val: If only I had reacted better though...
Sherry: it sounds like it... from what i've heard about it...
Orik: well... you both realize it now...
Jane: What do you mean? Heard about it?
Sherry: Have you
ever heard of the old TV show... about people with genetic super
powers... it aired a few years before 2010... was called Heroes...
Jane: No.
Sherry: one of the main characters in the first season could do it
Val: Yeah. I suppose so -smiles again-
Jane: I see..... well that was bullshit, I'm not *smiles(
Orik: .... you love him a lot... don't you?
Val: ...yeah, I do
Jane sighs again.
actually... it was explained that he was able to wedge his atoms in
between the spaces of other objects... though... i'm not sure i believe
the part about him making his hand solid again inside someone's head
and it killing them, leaving his hand unharmed...
Orik: .... what would you say... if he asked you to marry him?
Orik looks extremely curious.
Jane: I've never tried
that but I believe I could do that. I think I move between atoms of
things. So I'd push the other ones away from me if I unphased.
Val: Uh, I'm not sure. I wouldn't exactly say no...
Sherry: ... if you didn't do it exactly right... you'd horribly disfigure yourself... be careful honey.
Orik: ... i think... that you should say yes if he does...
Jane: I'm not gunna try with myself I'd use an object.
Val: I don't know if I'm ready for that big a step yet...
Orik: ... i see... well... you could always tell him you need time...
Orik: though... he's not asking yet anyway
Orik laughs.
Orik: just something that crossed my mind
Sherry: ... you can phase other objects?!
Jane: What? Yep. and people.
Sherry: ... nevermind... i mean... you just did it... and your not nude...
Jane chuckles. "Want to try it??
Jane: "
Val: -laughs, although her's is a little nervous- So you don't know something you're not telling me?
Sherry looks excited.
Sherry: would you?
Orik: ... no... trust me... i would tell you if i did...
Orik leans forward to whisper to her.
Jane shrugs "Sure." she gets up and walks over to Sherry, holding out her hand.
Orik: ... i can be as bad as a teenage girl when it comes to romance.
Sherry eagarly takes Jane's hand.
Val giggles
Orik: it's true...
Val: Well just in case, you don't need to tell me. I think I'd like it as a surprise, actually
Orik: then tell brock not to tell me... cuz i'm not sure if i could keep my mouth shut long enough for him to do it...
Jane phases herself and Sherry. "Thats all there is to it. You can go through anything... " she smiles.
Jane: Just don't let go of my hand.
Sherry: ... um... like... this?
Val: I don't know if I could bring that up casually
Sherry reaches out to touch the wall and her hand goes through it.
Sherry: wow!... that's incredible!
Jane: I know right?
Orik: ... me either... but brock might punch me for it... you... he'd probably just laugh...
Val: Maybe... Might think we were moving too fast or something too...
Orik shrugs.
Orik: you never know.
Sherry: so... we can walk through... anything?
Jane: Yep.
Sherry: i wonder how it feels with my whole body...
Sherry starts to lightly pull Jane towards the wall.
Jane stifles a laugh "Ok then." walks into the wall.
Sherry shudders slightly at the feeling after they pass through it.
Sherry: well.. i can safely say... i've never felt anything quite... like that...
Val: Wonder what he'd think about this...
Jane lets go of her hand, "Glad to have shown you something new."
Orik: about our conversation?
Sherry: thank you Jane... you've made my day.
Sherry smiles.
Val: Yeah... and about our relationship in general
Orik: we're good friends... nothing more... and while your with him it will stay that way
Jane smiles back before jumping back on her couch.
Orik: ... and i dont think you'll ever leave him... nor do i want you to
Orik: so long that you're still happy with him anyway...
Sherry walks back into the room and sits down next to Jane once again.
Val: -nods-
Jane needs a drink.
Orik: be happy... you deserve it
Val: do you think... Brock would want to get married?
Jane: All men want to find 'the one' they just don't admit it.
Orik: ... i dont really know... to tell you the truth... though... i think he will eventually
Orik turns to Jane.
Orik: I admit it.
Sherry: Orik admits it
Orik chuckles.
Sherry giggles lightly.
Jane: I should say that most don't.
Val: -smiles- It would be nice...
Jane: Beside Wolfboy is better then most guys...
Orik turns back to Val.
Orik: as long as it makes you happy, i'm all for it
Val: Thanks
Sherry: ... well... i didn't raise him to be like most men... i raised him to be honest and true to himself.
Orik: it's not a problem
Jane: I wished I had a mom like you... I just equalled a paycheck to my 'moms'
Sherry: ... I'm sorry to hear that Jane...
Sherry seems genuinly saddened.
Jane: ... well the pasts the past.
Val: ...Is it too soon to talk about this do you think?
Orik: possible... but sometimes... you get that feeling... and you just know it's going to work...
Sherry: ... you... still wish you had a mother figure... don't you?
Val: Maybe next time I could try bringing it up... -frowns, unsure if this is a good idea-
Orik: ... you could...
or... you could let it arise on its own... and if he hasn't asked by
the time you want him to... you could always find a way to light a fire
under his ass...
Jane shrugs. "Sorta... But it's to late now."
Sherry: ... it's never too late...
Val: That would involve me being subtle. I've never been good at that
Jane: Uhuh..
Sherry leans forward and embraces Jane.
Orik: or...
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PostSubject: Re: Mystling Breakroom RP logs - Mature   Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:30 pm

Orik grins deviously.
Val: Or what?
Orik: you could ask me to give him a.... gentle nudge... in the right direction
Jane hugs her back, "Thanks."
Val: Would you?
Sherry: anytime honey...
Orik: yup... if you asked me to
Val: That would be great -smiles-
Orik: just tell me when val
Orik smiles back
Jane sighs. "Hey Wolfboy.. could you bring me something to drink?"
Orik: uhh....
Sherry: i'll get it.
Jane: Thanks Sherry/
Sherry: what do you want?
Jane: Anything will do.
Sherry: alright.
Jane: Just not beer... thats not very lady-like.
Val: I will. Probably not for a while, I should think... -isn't looking entirely sure-
Sherry manipulates the liquid in a whine cooler and watches as it hovers through the air towards her before she grabs it.
Val rolls her eyes at Jane and takes a long drink from her beer
Sherry: ... you are eighteen right?
Orik: just let me know...
Jane: 24, but I've been drinking for awhile.
Sherry: alright.
Sherry hands Jane the wine cooler.
Jane thanks Sherry before opening it and taking a drink. "Not bad."
Val nods absently, thinking
things over. She sends a quick glance towards the door, although she's
already given up on Brock showing tonight

Sherry: it doesnt have much alcohol... but it tastes good
Orik yawns.
Orik: ... i think it's about time for me to turn in...
Jane nods."It does... Although more alcohol would be nice..."
Orik turns to sherry.
Orik: you comin' mom?
Sherry: only for some.
Sherry smiles and nods at Orik.
Sherry: Yes... it's getting late...
Val: Hey, if you see Brock... lay a few hints will you. enough so we end uo talking about it
Orik: ... alright... will do
Jane: Well bye I guess?
Orik gets up and walks to the door.
Val: Thanks
Orik: cya guys...
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Sherry stands and nods to Jane.
Jane: Bye Wolfie and Sherry!
Sherry: see you around.
Sherry walks to the door.
Jane: You too.
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Jane: Hey Val are there any apples or oranges at the bar?
Val: Probably. You can always check the kitchen
Jane gets up and finds out in the bar.
Jane putting the orange on the bar she finds a empty wine bottle and phases it.
Jane pushing the narrow end of the bottle into the orange she un-phased it causing the orange to explode. "Ewww nasty!"
Val barely dodges being splattered by orange bits
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Jane: Wow.... hmm... usefull.
Val: Would it of killed you to warn me before trying that?!
Jane: Didn't know what would happen.
Jane: So I couldn't have warned you stupid.
Ben: ...
Val: You could of warned me something could happen!
Jane: Ugh... It's the old man.
Ben: Sorry, Jane. This is a lounge area, not a porno scene..
Jane phases off the orange bits and sits back down on her couch. One that Ben didn't fuck on.
Jane: Sure.. that makes sense.
Ben: ...
Ben: where were you when they handed out the brains..?
Jane: Why would you hand out brians? Thats sick.
Ben: ...
Ben: you are depressing me..
Ben he turned to the bar, slumping over. Appearently he wasn't in too much of a good mood
Jane: Why?
Val rolls her eyes at Jane
Jane sighs.

Disembodied Voice from x.x.x.38 left this message 8 seconds ago:

Ben needs to cheer up! Do some partying! Have fun douchebag!

Ben: ....eehh..
Ben: this isn't exactly my ideal of.. party..
Ben: seems pretty dead if you ask me..
Ben: ..heh..dead..
Ben he chuckled a bit
Val sighs, shooting a look towords the door one last time

Disembodied Voice from x.x.x.38 left this message 2 seconds ago:

If you would quit killing people then it wouldn't be so dead now... would it? Angryface.

Jane sighs. "Then put on a
costume. " throws the box that has the costume Jane bought for Val at
Ben. "You should like this one. Probably fits you to."

Val: -mutters under her breath- Guess he's not coming tonight...


...Shuanna she slipped off her own stool, going over to Orik and turned around and sat on his lap, leaning onto him
Shuanna she felt guilty about it, but it was part of the indoctrine that Ben had taught her to follow
Shuanna: im sorry Orik..
Orik sighed as he put his hands on her waist in a comfortable position, but not an invasive one, so that she would not fall.
Orik: don't worry about it
Onimaru suddenly drops his can, the brown liquid spilling all over the floor with a metallic clatter as he clutches his arm wincing.
Onimaru: UGH!... damn it!... not... now....
Onimaru thrusts his arm from its
sling as bony looking portrusions burst from it, shredding his sweater
and the bandages that had been coving his groteque arm.

Onimaru finally turns to face
them, still clutching his arm and they see his face, his right eye
seemingly glowing as he glares at them without a word, then runs out of
the building

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Orik: ... what... the... hell?
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Shuanna: ....!!
Shuanna she turned around and clutched Orik
Orik holds her protectively as the man leaves.
Shuanna she had already stared to breathe heavily
Orik: ... you alright?... he's gone now...
Shuanna she still clutched Orik's chest, much like what she would do with Ben
Orik: Shuanna...
Shuanna: ..can..- you sleep here tonight..?
Orik: ... um...
Orik seems a bit nervous about the request.
Orik: ... uh... sure...
Shuanna: I don't want to be here alone! please!
Orik takes a deep breath to center himself.
Orik: i'll stay
Shuanna: ...you don't seem very pleased about it..
Orik: ... no... its not that... its just... i dont want ben to think i'm making a move on you... or the other way around...
Shuanna: ..if he told you to protect me, im sure he'd understand
Orik: ... yeah.... alright...
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Onimaru walks back in the bones now laying flat against his arm, the sleeve that had covered it completely ripped off now.
Orik moves to stand in front of shuanna in between her and Onimaru and growls.
Shuanna: ..ah!
Shuanna she felt vaunerable with out someone to hold onto
Onimaru reaches up and grabs his
hood before he removes it, showing his grotesque face. One eye seems
slightly apologetic, the red eye seems to still be glaring.

Orik crouches lightly and flexes his fingers, readying himself for a fight.
Onimaru: ... uh... either
of you... got... extra bandages... or at least a new sweater i can
uh... hopefully only borrow... i'll pay for it if that happens again...
Orik seems surprised.
Orik: ... what?
Onimaru holds up his arm.
Shuanna: ...?
Onimaru: i don't want to go walking around town showing this off...
Orik still has his guard up.
Orik: ... i dont usually wear clothes... let alone shirts...
Shuanna: ..sometimes I wear some of Ben's shirts..
Onimaru: he... got any sweaters?
Onimaru sounds like he's actually nervous.
Shuanna: ..well..I don't think so.. Ben.. is.. kind of formal..
Onimaru sighs.
Onimaru: ... damn it...
Shuanna: all he has is work shirts, ties and suits..
Onimaru: ... there free rooms here too?... i need a place to crash while i'm in town anyway...
Shuanna: although he
does have some jeans and a few ragular t shirts but.. those are short
sleeved and he doesn't wear them out in public too often..
Shuanna choaks up
Orik: ... yeah.... there is...
Orik whispers to Shuanna.
Orik: you can stay in my mother's trailer with us... how about that.
Onimaru: ... good... i've been sleeping in ally's for about a week now... it'll feel good to have somewhere soft to sleep for once...
Shuanna she beams at orik, but then it dies down as she remembers the last encounter with sherry
Shuanna: '..what if sherry doesn't want me there..?'
Orik: ... something wrong with that?
Orik: ... she will...
Shuanna: ..okay
Shuanna: at least Ben won't know to look there..!
Orik: ... wait... what?
Shuanna: ben wouldn't know to look there
Orik: ... are you... still gonna keep hiding from him?
Shuanna: so he can't barge in unexpectingly
Shuanna: well..I dunno..
Shuanna: I tried going home..
Shuanna: but it's a mess..
Orik: i see...
Onimaru: um... i just realised.... i never introduced myself.... I'm Onimaru...
Shuanna: ..o- .. onne..maru?
Shuanna she tried to pronounce
Onimaru chuckles a little bit, accidentily showing his sharpened teeth on his right side.
Onimaru: you can just call me Oni if you want
Shuanna: ...
Onimaru: ... or... not?... uh.... "weird arm guy"... "ugly"... i've been called a lot of names before...
Shuanna: Im sorry.. I .. just don't know what to say
Orik: ... we'll think of something to call him later... for now... i think i'm ready for bed... ready to go?
Onimaru: yeah... i was getting tired myself anyways...
Shuanna: Mmmhmm I am..
Orik grins and picks her up bridal style.
Orik: ... hold on tight...
Orik: its gonna be a bit more bumpy than teleporting...
Shuanna: oh.. okay
Shuanna she held onto Orik for deal life
Shuanna: (dear)
Orik bent his knees and with a
mighty leap propelled him and shuanna through the air at such a speed,
that before she knew it, Shuanna and Orik were already more than half
way there, and less than a second later they arrived.

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Onimaru shruged and walked upstais, finding a vacant room to sleep.

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Jessica wanders in looking over the room.
Jessica: Ummm... Hello?
Onimaru walks in, wearing a
yellow hoodie, his face unable to be seen, and his right arm covered by
the sleeve of his shirt, and his hand by a black glove. He moves to the
bar, grabs a pepsi and sits down, careful not to look at anyone.

Onimaru speaks in a gruff, raspy voice that seems somehow alien.
Onimaru: hey...
Val wakes up, having been
asleep on the couch since the previous night. She doesn't look that
good, having not gotten a good night's sleep

Jessica: So.. ummm what is this place?
Val: ...Who? -looks around at the new faces with suspicioun-
Onimaru: ... all i know... is that mystlings hang out here without... pursecution...
Jessica wanders over to the bar and pulls out a bottle of water.
Onimaru hasnt shown his face.
Onimaru: ... my name's Onimaru...
Jessica: So... umm... I guess you two are mystlings?
Onimaru: ... yeah... i am...
Val: ...No. Human. -says in a flat tone of voice-
Jessica: Oh... well... I think I\m a mystling...
Onimaru chuckles darkly.
Onimaru: .... you... think.... you are?...
Jessica: Yes... I'm sorta like an anti-mystling.. i think...
Onimaru: ... i doubt it...
Jessica: What do you mean?
Onimaru reaches up with his left hand and removes his hood before looking at her.
Val yawns, heading to the coffee maker behind the bar
Onimaru: ... what do you
think?... If you can take this away... try all the anti-mystling shit
you can think of... but dont be suprised if i accidently kill you...
anyone who gets close... ends up dead...
Jessica: ...well.... I can't actually make you look normal...
Onimaru: ...
Onimaru puts his hood back up.
Onimaru: ... that's what i thought...
Jessica looks down and opens her water.
Onimaru: ... so... what is it you do do?
Onimaru is staring straight forward again.
Jessica: Well.. i think I stop myst from being used and .. umm... i sorta stop mystling abilities...
Val has made herself some coffee and sits at the bar, watching the newcomers as she slowly wakes up
Onimaru turns toward her, surprise showing in his left eye, his right eye seems to carry a bored expression.
Onimaru: ... you... stop abilities?!
Jessica: Umm.. yeah...
Onimaru: p-.... permanently?
Jessica: Umm.. no... only if you're near me..
Onimaru seems dissapointed, while his right eye takes on an amused expression.
Onimaru: ... damn...
Onimaru clenches his right fist.
Onimaru: .... damn...
Jessica: Whats with the eye mister?
Onimaru: ... you... probably... don't want to know...
Jessica: I'm.. uhh... curious.
Onimaru looks at her again, most
of his expression a solumn one, while his right eye seems excited. He
slowly reaches up and removes the black, leather glove from his right
hand, showing jessica the grotesque, twisted tendrils of flesh and
tendons that lie beneath.

Onimaru: ... it starts here...
Jessica flinches.
Onimaru puts the glove back on, and pulls the sleeve of his sweater back over his wrist
Onimaru: like i said... didn't think you'd want to know...
Jessica: Well... it's not that bad.
Onimaru chuckles darkly again.
Onimaru: ... you havent seen my entire arm...
Jessica: Point taken..
Onimaru looks away from her again.
Onimaru: though... at least... around you... i'm not dangerous...
Jessica: You don't seem like a bad person, how would you be dangerous?
Onimaru: ... when people touch my arm, or any part of my... mutation... they start to look like my arm... most don't survive...
Val: -has finished her first cup and pours herself another- So you guys are new around here? You both from the alpha site?
Onimaru: ... no... only recently heard of it... i'm from cali... originally...
Jessica: I'm heading there.\
Onimaru: ... it sounds... nice... but i still have to be just as careful there.... with my arm...
Val: Damn. Was hoping one of you could tell me if you saw Brock at all last night... -looks worried-
Onimaru: ... don't know him... sorry...
Val: Dammit...
Onimaru: ... he important or something?
Val: Yeah. He pretty much runs the place,
Onimaru: ... i see... i'll have to find him... ask him if it's alright i check it out...
Val: -sounding kinda distant- He went off somewhere yesterday. You'll have to wait until he comes back.
Onimaru: ... alright...
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Jessica finishes her water and throws it into a recycle bin,
Val: -finishes her second cup of coffee- ...It's too early for alcohol I suppose
Onimaru: ... i don't drink...
Jessica: I'm underage.
Onimaru: ... same here... and... i don't know how... i'd react...
Jessica: Well, I'd probably keep you normal.. well as normal as a person can be drunk.
Onimaru: ... still don't want to risk it
Val: -sighs- Well we're a fun crowd
Onimaru: ...i... don't spend much time around people...
Jessica: Well thats too bad.
Onimaru: ... would you?... if you killed people just by touching them?
Jessica: I guess not..
Onimaru: ... there you go...
Jessica: uhuh
Val: So who are you two?
Jessica: I'm Jessica!
Onimaru: Onimaru... no last name
Jessica: Onimaru? That chinese? or something?
Onimaru hasn't looked at val yet, or showed her his hand/arm.
Onimaru: ... Adopted parents were japanese...
Onimaru: keyword... were...
Jessica: Oh! Well... I um.... they died?
Val: Well, welcome I guess. Word of advice, Jessica? Avoid Ben.
Jessica: Ben? Who's he?
Onimaru lifts up his arm.
Onimaru: ... yeah... they died...
Jessica: I'm sorry..
Val: A complete psycho.
Jessica: Well.. yes... I'll avoid him... What does he look like?
Onimaru: ... it was a long time ago...
Val: He has a pony tail, wears a suit.
Onimaru: ... i dont bother people... most of the time they don't bother me...
Jessica: Uhuh... Well I'll stay away from suit wearing ponytailed men.
Onimaru: .... hmph...
Jessica: ?
Onimaru isnt looking at either of them.
Val shrugs and alternates watching the clock and glancing at the various bottles of alcohol
Onimaru sighs.
Jessica goes and sits down in a chair, still close enough to Oni that she's affecting him.
Val: Ah fuck it. -gets up and grabs a bottle of beer, opening it angrily and starts to drink before sitting back down-
Onimaru: ... you... said your name was jessica... right?
Jessica: Yep.
Onimaru: ... so... do you think... that... if i touched you with my arm right now... it... wouldnt... do anything?
Jessica: Pretty sure.
Onimaru: ... i... thank you... you... you're the first person... that i didn't feel scared that i was going to kill on accident...
Jessica: No problem. I;m here, not scared 24/7
Val: -mutters sarcastically- Well isn't this sweet...
Onimaru: ... thanks...
Jessica: Lady, just because you boyfriend is ignoring you doesn't mean you have to be a bitch.
Val: What the fuck do you know?
Jessica: Just a guess... I figured the only reason you'd ask us is if you haven't seen him in a bit.
Onimaru: ... whoa, whoa, whoa... lets not start a fight please...
Val: Yeah, well fuck you.
Jessica: No thank you.
Onimaru lets out a low, gutorial gurgling sound, reminiscent of a growl.
Val: Just keep your damn comments to yourself. You don't know a thing about the situation
Jessica looks over at Oni. "Wow..."
Onimaru: ... both of you... calm... down....
Val: -takes a long drink and continues to glare at Jessica-
Jessica sighs.
Onimaru takes a deep breath, but his right arm is shaking slightly.
Jessica: Calm down Oni..../she tries to force her power to make Oni stop but it doesn't do anything.
Onimaru begins to shake more
heavily, unbeknownst to Jessica that it is not his power acting up, but
his mutation itself. He drops his drink as she lets out a grunt of pain
and clutches his right arm with his left.

Onimaru: GUH!.... Not... again!....
Jessica: Um... Oni?
Val: -looks on with concern- You have any idea what's happening?
Jessica: I don't.. but I think it's happened before..
Onimaru speaks frantically, his already gruff voice adding a new sound quality that make it sound lower and almost demonic.
Onimaru: dont!... stand!... so close!!
Val: -rolls her eyes- I figured that part out myself, thanks
Jessica: Umm... Oni?
Onimaru yells in pain and
collapses to his knees as something from inside his sleeve on his right
arm begins to press against the inside of his sweater. He glares up at
jessica, pain in his left eye, and an excited glare in his right.

Jessica starts backing away.
Onimaru grunts in pain once more
as his sleeve explodes into shreds of cloth as the bony spines on his
arm tear through the fabric. He then supports himself on the ground
with his arm and begins to pant heavily.

Val: ...You done?
Onimaru begins to chuckle lightly, yet darkly, not raising his head or rising to his feet.
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Jessica: Umm... Oni? Is it over?
Jessica cowers behind a couch her head peeking up.
Onimaru continues to laugh, his
light chuckle slowly growing louder into a menicing cackle as he slowly
rises to his feet. The twisted monstrosity that is his right arm
reaches up and pulls back his hood. his right eye has a malicious gleam
in it as he stares directly at Jessica, while his left shows a pleading
fear. His mutation is slowly spreading and beginning to cover his face

Val: This place is gonna get trashed again, isn't it?
Onimaru: ... come now...
don't be scared Jessica... it's been a long time since i've gotten to
come out an play... you wouldnt want to deny me that... would you?
Val: Dammit
Jessica: Umm... yes I would actually..
Val pulls out her gun, just to be safe
Onimaru glares and contorts his
face into an expression of anger and malice as the left side of his
face is overwhelmed by the mutation.

Onimaru: ... how far away would you say... that your... nullification power works?
Onimaru grimaces as more spines
explode from his back, showing that his mutation is growing all over
his body, and not just his face. He smiles once again afterwards.

Jessica: Umm... Well, I don't think you can hurt anyone in a odd way... you could still probably hurt me. alot...
Jessica: Please Oni? Calm down?
Onimaru narrows his eyes at Jessica, becoming impatient.
Onimaru: how... far?
Jessica: I don't know! *she sounds desperate (sp)*
Onimaru: ... then we'll just have to find out then.
Jessica: Stay away!
Onimaru turns to Val and lunges.
When he's about ten feet away from Jessica, his arm begins to cannel
fire and electrical energy into it as he reaches forward toward Val's

Jessica jumps over the couch and gets closer to Oni. "Please stop!"
Val ducks to the left to avoid the lune-
Onimaru thrusts his arm into the
bottles behind Val, fire energy exploding to his left melting the glass
as the alcohol in the bottles catches aflame, and the electrical energy
flowing out to his right as the surge of electricity caused the bottles
to explode.

Onimaru turns around and moves to loom over Val. He reaches for her with his right arm, but more slowly this time.
Jessica gets alot closer to Oni hoping her power will make him calm down. "Please stop!"
Val holds up her arm to protect
her face from flying glass, getting struck with some and as such has
trouble attempting to get away from Oni

Onimaru reaches out and grabs Val
by the arm, grinning maliciously as her flesh painfully begins to
mutate to a form similar to his own arm The only difference is, she has
no spines coming out of her arm... yet.

Jessica runs up to Oni and pulls him backwards.
Onimaru releases Val and turns to backhand Jessica, but catches his own wrist with his left hand.
Onimaru: ...no.... i... don't... want... to.... SHUT UP YOU NINNY!!!
Jessica: Umm.. Oni??
Val is swearing profusly at the pain
Jessica stumbled back a couple steps before she said that
Onimaru seems to be struggling with himself.
Onimaru: LET!!!.... ME!!!.... G-... I... wont... let... you hurt her!...
Onimaru seems to be somehow un-mutating, the effect stemming from his left arm.
Jessica: What the...
Onimaru when his body has returned to how it originally was when he walked into the room, he fell to his knees, panting once again.
Onimaru: ... Ma'am.... are.... you alright?
Jessica: Yeah.. Bitch Lady are you alright?\
Val: Do I look alright?! Fuck...
Jessica looks at Oni, "She's fine."
Onimaru shakily gets to his feet and walks over to Val, still extremely week, he reaches for her mutated arm with his left hand.
Val is not really in any state to push him away or anything
Jessica: Oni... don't hurt her...
Onimaru grabs where he had before
with his left hand, and Val's new mutation begins to receed with a
slight soothing feeling. It takes noticably longer to receed than it
took to form.

Onimaru: ... i'm not...
Jessica: Alright, just making sure
Onimaru: ..... i... I'm sorry... Enigma.... kind of... gets off on fights... tends to try and take over...
Jessica: well, I'm sorry I couldn't stop you.
Onimaru: that... wasnt me...
Val looks over her arm, before
weakly nodding, satisfied. She tries to get to her feet, shakily,
covered by cuts and slashes from the exploding bottles, some of the
shards of glass still stuck in her skin.

Jessica: Who was it then?
Onimaru: ... are you alright ma'am?
Onimaru: i already told you... Enigma...
Onimaru: it's... hard to explain...
Onimaru: you... know how most mystlings have mutations?
Val: -stumbles and is back on her knees- ...don't think so... -winces-
Jessica: OH! Thats he's name! SO.. you have like, a multi-personality disorder?
Onimaru: sort of... it's more like... my mutation... has a mind of it's own...
Jessica: ... Wow... thats freaky
Onimaru: ... you havent lived with him since you were five...
Jessica: It's still rather odd *frown*
Onimaru: ... i know... trust me... i know...
Onimaru: ... ma'am... do we need to get you to a hospital?
Val: ...that wouldn't be a bad idea...
Jessica: I doubt Bitchy Lady would like that... beside it'd raise to many questions..
Val: -manages a glare at Jessica- ...fuck you...
Orik appears in the doorway.
Orik: ... what the hell?....
Jessica: Just being practical.
Orik see's oni and steps forward, growling.
Orik: what the hell did you do kid?!
Onimaru: I... this woman needs medical attention...
Jessica: Umm... hello? furry guy?
Onimaru looks guilty.
Orik turns to her and reaslises it's val.
Jessica: DOn't be upset Oni it's not really your fault... I think...
Orik: Val!.... Onimaru... stay away from her... you... girl... see what you can do to get the alcohol out of her wounds...
Orik: i'll be back...
Orik turns and vanishes in a gust of wind.
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Jessica walks over to Val. "Umm...."
Onimaru backs away, still looking guitly.
Onimaru: .... damn it....
Jessica looks to Oni.
Jessica: It's not your fault!
Val has given up on the whole standing thing
Jessica: Umm... Bitchy Lady, Val? What do I do?
Val: ...the fuck should i know?
Jessica: Your old, don't you know??
Val: -winces- kid, you are really lucky i'm in too much pain to kick your ass for that
Jessica: Sorry !
Onimaru: i... i'm sorry...
Val: how about apoligizing later? its not really helping now
Onimaru grits his teeth and looks away, not really knowing what to do.
Jessica stands around uselessly.
Val: -/manages to pull a
particularly large shard out of her side, where it then begins to bleed
a bit- ...fuck.... -holds her hand to it to try and stop the bleeding-
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Sherry is hovering on
water as she landed in front of the door. She walks in, the water
floating in the air behind her as she hurries to Val's side.

Sherry: ... Valeria... this... is probably going to hurt... quite a bit...
Val: can't be worse then what i've already felt today..
Jessica covers her eyes with her hands. "Actually I'll be in the bathroom." Jess leaves and goes to the bathroom.
Sherry forces the water
into Val's wounds all at once, healing the wounds and closing the cuts.
As the healing process begins, the healing fragments of tissue created
by the water push the glas from her body, causing a fair amount of pain
as the glass clatters to the grount around her.

Sherry: .... there... how are you feeling now?
Val winces, biting her lip to avoid shouting, but relaxes after it's done
Onimaru can't seem to meet Val's or Sherry's eyes.
Val: Better, thanks -attempts to get up, still a bit weak-
Sherry moves to help her.
Jessica yells from the bathroom. "Can I come out now?"
Sherry: ... yes dear... yes you can...
Val smiles and leans on Sherry slightly
Jessica comes out. "Well.. I... umm.. yeah..."
Onimaru: i... i'm sorry... i... i'll go....
Onimaru turns and makes his way to the door, giving everyone a fair amount of space.
Jessica: You don't need to leave!
Onimaru: i.... this is my fault jess.... i should just... leave you all alone...
Jessica: Well... I'd actually blame the myst, or even what ever god you believe in.
Onimaru: .... god.... god doesnt ever do anything... this is my fault... for letting it happen...
Jessica: Well.. If it's your fault then you did it on purpose, it seems like an accident to me.
Onimaru turns on her.
Onimaru: It's my fault for not being able to control him!
Onimaru grams her with his right arm, not realising which arm he's using.
Jessica: Ok sure, but don't beat yourself up.
Onimaru: don't you understand that?
Jessica: Whatever, I tried just leave then. *glare of death... directed at Oni*
Val ignores the exchange, grabbing an undamaged bottle and leaning on the bar to drink from it
Onimaru isn't paying attention to her words or her glare. He's staring at his hold in her with disbelief.
Onimaru: .... Jess.... i'm... holding you... and.... nothing's....
Onimaru looks up at her, both sides of his face still showing disbelief
Val snorts derisively, but doesn't comment
Sherry: ... what's up with the new kid?
Val: I don't really know. I think he explained it, but I wasn't paying attention. Went all psycho earlier
Sherry: ... i see... is that why Orik told me to get here as fast as i could?
Val: Yeah, pretty much.
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Sherry: ... i see... he... doesnt seem to like hurting people though...
Val: He was liking it
just fine a little while ago. -sounds rather annoyed/bitter about that-
-takes another long drink from her bottle-
Jessica sighs, "Didn't we cover this already?
Val shrugs
Sherry: ... well... at least everyone is alright now...
Val: Everyone here at least...
Onimaru: ... sorry... i... i just... the last time i... touched someone... without anything... was before i was five...
Sherry: ... he seems somewhat troubled...
Jessica: Uhuh, yes well. I pretty we had this conversation earlier.
Onimaru is smiling, tears flowing down his face.
Val: Somewhat?
Onimaru: ... you... have no idea what.... this means.... i... i can touch people... when your around...
Jessica: It does seem that way *she's still kinda mad at Oni*
Onimaru has completely forgotten
about his guilt due to his excitement and is unable to contain himself
from moving forward and embrasing her, picking her up as he spins in
his hug. He is laughing with ecstacy as he sets her down, tears flowing
freely from his left eye, his right eye appearing bored.

Jessica stumbles when he puts her down. "Well now. Thats just umm...Yeah.."
Onimaru suddenly realises he may have been out of line.
Onimaru: ... oh... sorry... i uh... hehe... sorry
Sherry: ... well... he seems to at least want to be normal...
Jessica: Hmmph!
Onimaru: ... sorry... i
should probably go... that Val woman probably doesnt want me around
right now... um... will you still be around if i come back?
Val: -somewhat sadly- Who doesn't?
Sherry: ... i'm happy with who i am
Onimaru appears to be slightly nervous about his question.
Jessica: I might...
Onimaru smiles happily and nods.
Onimaru: alright... cya...
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Jessica: Or I might not.
Sherry: ... i should probably go too...
Sherry heads toward the door.
Jessica: Well bye.
Sherry leave
Val: -seems somewhat dissapointed- See you later then
Sherry: cya...
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Jessica: Well...
Jessica: I'd best be going home...
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Val looks down at her
bloodstained and ripped clothing, considers going to change into
something clean, but decided instead to sit on one of the couches and
work on her drink

Jessica from x.x.x.152 joined the chat 80 minutes ago
Jessica wanders in.
Val: Hey girl, what was that you said about me being old earlier?
Jessica: you're older then me arent you?
Val: Doesn't make me old
Jessica: Compared to me it does /
Val: -snorts and rolls her eyes- I should kick your ass for that comment
Jessica: But you won't because your tired and beat up.
Val: No, I won't because it would be pathetically easy. And I'm a tad drunk
Jessica: Your right I'm just a defenseless girl, wheres the fun in beating that up?
Val: -chuckles- It'd be satisfying
Jessica: I wish there was someone here to protect *is being overly dramatic, with the back of one hand on her forhead and stuff*
Val: -shakes her head-
Val: At least you have a sense of humor
Jessica grabs a can of Coca-Cola and pops the tab, taking a sip. "You're awefully boring"
Val: -sarcastic- Sorry I'm not in the mood to entertain
Jessica: I gathered that.
Val makes a noncommittal sound then takes a long drink of her bottle, her eyes flickering to the clock
Jessica sighs
Val: -searching for a distraction- What's your story?
Jessica: I don't have a 'story'
Val: C'mon. Everyone's got a story
Jessica: I don't...
Val: How'd you end up here?
Jessica: I left home..
Val: Any reason why?
Jessica: Because my brother was a mystling and well, I stopped him from ... uhh.. 'mystling up' and so I think I'm one too so I left.
Val: What about your brother?
Jessica: Not sure...
Val: Your parents hate him or something? Or didn't they mind the mutation?
Jessica: I don't know what happened..I sorta ran away XD
Val: So your brother's
mutation popped up recently then. Well, sorry for your luck. -eyes the
clock again, chewing her lip when she sees the time-
Jessica: Uhuh
Val isn't really bothering with hiding her worry anymore. She's turning the bottle in her hands about and staring at the clock
Jessica: I doubt he's coming.
Val: -icily- And I doubt you have any idea what you're talking about.
Jessica: Uhuh, whatever. I doubt you even had a date. Either that or he got fed up with your Bitchy-ness.
Val: Fuck you
Onimaru from x.x.x.38 joined the chat 33 minutes ago
Jessica: Yahuh...
Val: You really have no clue what the fuck you're talking about
Jessica: Uhuh, whatever.
Onimaru walks in with a new
sweater and glove. He see's val and instantly moves to another part of
the room and sits down without a word.

Val: For one thing, it's not a date
Jessica: Uhuh. So why are you checking the clock every three seconds?
Val: I'm worried about someone
Jessica: Uhuh. sure.
Val: He left to do something dangerous yesterday. Haven't heard from him since...
Jessica: Well... If it was only yesterday....
Val: He said it wouldn't take him long
Jessica: A day isn't ver long.
Val: It is when you're with a teleporter... A psychotic teleporter
Jessica: Oh... well maybe the 'psychotic teleporter' killed him.
Val: -voice grows a bit dangerous- Don't even fucking think that
Jessica: Uhuh
Onimaru: ... um... you ladies... fight a lot... dont you?
Val: We wouldn't if she would just keep her mouth shut on things she didn't know the first thing about
Onimaru: ... she talking about that brock guy again?
Jessica: I have no idea, SH'es just a bitch
Onimaru hasnt looked at either of them.
Onimaru: .... i.... i'm gonna stay out of this....
Val: Yeah, why? You hear something?
Onimaru: ... no... i just.... two women fighting... i wouldnt know what to say anyway...
Val: He better come back in one piece, or teleportation or not... -pauses, thinking of something- Hey, Jessica, right?
Jessica: Yes....
Val: You have any idea how close you have to be for your mutation to work?
Jessica: Uhh.. pretty close.
Onimaru: ... abilities... and mutations... arent the same thing...
Onimaru looks at his arm for a moment.
Onimaru: ....
Onimaru speaks in a lower, more menacing voice.
Onimaru: ten feet.
Onimaru shakes his head.
Onimaru: .... sorry....
Val: -ignoring Oni- You think you could help me out with something maybe?
Jessica: Umm.. maybe...
Val: I just may need you to stand close enough to somebody so he can't teleport out of the way when I shoot him
Jessica: Sorry, can't help you shoot someone.
Onimaru: ... killing people... isnt something you should do willingly...
Val: Fuck that. The bastard tried to kill me
Onimaru: ...
Onimaru stays silent.
Jessica: Sure he did, probably because your such a bitch *she smiles*
Val: He's a fucking mass-murder. He needs to be stopped
Orik from x.x.x.38 joined the chat 4 minutes ago
Orik: ... Val... isn't a bitch...
Jessica: Uhuh
Orik walks in and sits down next to val.
Val: -smiles- Thanks Orik
Orik: ... no problem
Orik: so.... what happened earlier?
Jessica: Nothing... not really..
Val: Ask him. -points to Oni- Jekyll over there went all Mr. Hyde and attacked me
Onimaru looks further away.
Orik: ... well kid?
Onimaru: ... my mutation... can think for itself... it attacked Val.... i'm sorry...
Orik growls
Onimaru: i couldnt hold him back... i.... i'm so sorry....
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Mystling Breakroom RP logs - Mature
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