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 About Wynds

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PostSubject: About Wynds   Thu Nov 05, 2009 4:14 am

Name: Wynd (Plural- Wynds)
{Racial name – Same}

Life span: 300-500 years, (can live up to 800)

Weight- 120lbs – typical male, 100lbs – typical female
Height*- 4'8” - typical male, 4'5” - typical female (*not including ears)
Wing span- 10-12' – typical male, 8-10' – typical female

Languages: Wynd-tongue, bat-speak, sign-language

Religion: Five Winds, Seven Storms
Notes – The two Wynd religions are often considered confusing to outsiders, since most Wynds follow both to some degree. The Five Winds are The True, The Tearful, The Shining, The Playful, and the Storm-bringer. The Storms are The Gentle, The Life-giver, The Death-bringer, The Call, The Terrible, The Endless, and The Merciful.

Description: Wynds are described as being the children of bats and angels, and it isn't a bad generalization. Wynds have two arms, two legs, and two wings, they're wings typically being twice as long as they are tall. They have very bat-like features, save for larger then normal eyes, with slit pupils that never turn truly round. Their eyes are considered overly large, sometimes, but they can't really see any further, or better then a human, save in the dark, which they can and do see as well as in light.
They have three fingered hands, not including the thumb that are just as agile as a human's, but their feet also can work as hands. Because of this, when they walk on the ground, they moving in hops, to keep from injuring their feet, unless they wear a special bracer that cushions the soles of their feet. Typically in a Wynd colony, they do walk on their feet in chambers, or in narrow corridors where wings cannot be spread, but normally they are seen flying and hovering in the colony, moving swiftly throughout.
The major obvious different between male and female Wynds, other then size, is their hair. Males typically keep the hair on their heads short, the longest seeming to be down to the chin, but their tails are kept long and trailing, which helps stabilize them in long flights, like the tail of a kite. Females, on the other hand, keep the hair of their tail short, specially since the length of their tails seem to be longer then males. Females also keep the hair on their head longer, and it is not uncommon to see a Wynd maid's hair braided, wrapped, or designed in interesting ways. Most of the time there is a story or reason behind the shape, but they will also tell one that is it also for fun.
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About Wynds
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