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 The Tale of Ethopul (one-on-one: Progs & Mai)

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PostSubject: The Tale of Ethopul (one-on-one: Progs & Mai)   Fri Nov 06, 2009 12:42 am

The Region of Ethopul was a gigantic one that bred non pure breeds. It was mix city, the one that allowed interbreeding of species and races of people. Elves, dwarfs, humans, and anything you could think of that existed in their world of equality. Though a large city/region, its outside defenses were nothing in comparison to its neighbor a militant city that sought out to make all the cities/regions and smaller communities into one nation. This City was called 'Cathurias'. The ruler over the vast land of that region was General Ecri, a violent man who has slaughtered too many people in trying to unite the common people.

In the inner city of Ethopul, the council was meeting to discuss what they planned to do about the dying crops in the Southern region where they had their farmland. It was devastating. The summer had been cruel to their farmers they depended on. But they were able to make do with the little vegetation they could grow. The farmers made little this year and people had little nutrition, but the they were not losing hope. They had plenty of meat and the people besides the farmers were anything but poor. Most of them lived good lives.

A young girl, a simple page and messenger ran through the cobble stone streets towards the Governor's home, their leader of her small town, Folksor one of the many small towns that made up the region or city Ethopul. Her wild red hair blew past her hair like a horse's wild mane. The blood pumping through her veins, making her feel the natural high running gave her. Her dainty body was perfect for this. Her portioned limbs made her agile and boyish. She was almost there...(Lala was what she had been nicknamed, not that she liked it.)

She beat the ground with her powerful legs, running past horse back riders and carts, beating their superior speed.


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The Tale of Ethopul (one-on-one: Progs & Mai)
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