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 Keillar And The Surrounding Kingdoms

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PostSubject: Keillar And The Surrounding Kingdoms   Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:04 pm

Technically it is original work, but it was for an RPG site that was almost entirely IC. I'm using it in my new story, and I'm going to dump it here for ease of access.

A History Of Keillar - To Present

Years gone by, the Stronghold was once a quiet village, seen as neither threar nor advantage to military powers of the time. A social and economic backwater, the place stood unchallenged, yet with very poor defences. A band of travelling warriors came across the town, and took it over as their respite, with no resistance whatsoever. The villagers saw no threat from these friendly men and women, and welcomed them into the village as if they were their own children. However, these warriors were being pursued. It wasn't long before the village was under attack. The town only had a small population of around 100, but it held its ground. Ancient texts found at the site told of a "steadfast resistance and defiance" to the attackers. The Stronghold was born.

The next few years were very important for Keillar, it's defences improved vastly, with large stone walls erected around it, and a barracks built, almost doubling the town in size. The new stronghold withstood wave after wave of both organised and barbarian attack. Its young children sent to the barracks, and given both an intellectual and physical education, training them to be the future of this once small village. Soon there was to be an elite group of warriors, and these are believed to be the old-aged equivalent of the Watchers of today. They were the front line of defence against any approaching attack. And they were incredibly successful. Generation after generation of young warrior, male and female, rose through the ranks to become Watchers, and those that weren't quite cut out for such an important role, were assigned as troops to defend the interior of the stronghold.

In later years, lawlessness and panic started to creep in to the stronghold. There were no discernable laws, nobody to prevent crimes, nobody to effectively police the village. It was not long before warriors begun to fight among warriors, Watchers among Watchers. The stronghold fell into a state of scruffy disrepair, with the once great stone walls crumbling. It was at this time that a group of villagers, tired of seeing their once great village fall into such a terrible state, decided to take matters into their own hands, setting about cleaning and repairing everything in sight. It took two whole years to get the stronghold back to it's former glory, and once this had been achieved, a village council converged to discuss ways to ensure that the previous levels of disrepair were not reached again. It was decided they needed a leader. A person strong of will, with a deadly sword arm.

It was by chance that, almost a mirror of the first warriors that settled, a young warrior by the name of Mikael approached the gates of Keillar. On entering and approaching a local inn, he broke up a fight between two young trainee warriors, knocking one unconscious in the process. This caught the attention of a villager, who mentionned it to a councillor. The young warrior was summoned to appear in front of the village council, where he was offered the position of 'Enforcer'. He accepted, and set about cleansing the stronghold of internal struggles, starting with five simple decrees.

Decrees Of Keillar:

1: There will be a restriction on the use of magics in the stronghold. We did not get where we were as a defensive structure using magic spells. We used our collective might. There will be no use of agressive magic. What will be allowed are constructive magic, such as those used in communications, healing and construction. Necrosages are also permitted, as they fall under the communication banner.

2: I decree that there will be a designated force designed to deal with trouble makers. A police force if you will. They shall be called the Watchers, and will uphold all the laws of the stronghold and of the world, by force if necessary.

3: Absolutely no criminal activities by any citizens, visitors or Watchers. Throughout Sadhadur, this is seen as the ultimate crime a person in this world can commit. If it is found here, it will be reported by Necrosage to the necessary powers that be.

4: In the event of an attack, regular citizens will be charged with the protection of all minors, with their sole duty to get them to the underground shelters built precisely for this reason. All warriors will be stationed at various points throughout the stronghold, each assigned different duties, playing to their strengths. I will lead the front line for any attack that we are to make.

5: There will be a curfew of regular citizens, who must ensure that they are indoors before darkness falls, with only warriors and Watchers allowed to partol the streets at night.

Mikael - The Keillar Enforcer

Character Name: Mikael
Dimension/Country: The Keillar Strongold
Race: Human
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: His wisdom belies his tender years. Although shrewd and unforgiving on the exterior, he doesn't have a heart of stone and has been know to fight long and hard for personal allegiances.
Class: Warrior
Written Description: Carrying his rare and valuable Pyros Blade, Mikael is a hardened warrior, who has fought against many a fiend, many a force and many a fellow warrior. His armour bears the scars of battle, and he wears it with pride. These scars are his trophies, as he treasures nothing more than his own life, and the life of his allies. These scars remind him of the near misses, as well as prove the durability of the armour itself. Known to charge headfirst into battle, Mikael is a 'slash first, think later' type of fighter. He is a master swordsman, and is also trained in unarmed combat. He knows not of magics, deeming them untrustworthy forces, instead relying on his own strength and quick thinking to see him through any situation.
His physical appearance is of long black hair, steel body armour with various slashes and marks, chain mail sleeves, steel gauntlets, armoured platelegs, and steel boots. He wears a long black cape, and his only weapon is the Pyros Blade.
Character Sketch: (I have no sketch... I've no aptitude when it comes to drawing... seriously...)
Character Bio/History: Mikael was brought up by his father, as his mother died during childbirth. Because of this, they were exiled from their home village, forced to live as scavengers, roaming from city to city, selling any junk they may find. His father was a crafty man, who had a wicked way with words. Managing to get food and drink every night for his son, Mikael's father was content to live in this way. Not Mikael however. He wanted to make more of his life, and one day, as his father was attempting to sell some old swords he'd collected from a battlefield, he took one of the swords and began hitting logs, stones, anything that didn't crumble straight away. Several years later, Mikael was a lot stronger, and had developed his own left-handed swordsmanship. He joined a gathering force when he was seventeen and quickly rose up the ranks, thanks to his now equally gifted tongue to that of his father. Once he was within touching distance of actually commanding the force, he had to prove his battlehardiness. A training battle was set up, where Mikael almost killed his opponent. From that moment, he had become a powerful commander, and led a force into what was eventually a fruitless battle, but killing over 200 men in the process.
He sought refuge, eventually finding it in the Keillar Stronghold, where his abilities and power were not unnoticed, and he was promoted to the Enforcer for the city.

Current Demographics and Popuation:

This is a detailed demographic of the Keillar Stronghold.

Military Wing:

Barracks - The entire west side of the Stronghold is dedicated to our illustirous Warrior Academy and barracks. The facility is capable of holding up to 5000 male and 5000 female trainee and full warriors at any one time. It covers a space of 6 miles north to south, by 2 miles east to west. It is currently undergoing a rearrangement of training rooms, making more space available for outdoor melee training.

The Watchers Facility: This facility is based to the north-east of the Stronghold, and is a very high security building. It is guarded by permitted defensive magics and a Watcher Mage. Its area is 500 yards squared, and its main building is ten storeys high.

The Enforcer's Facility: The same size as the Watchers Facility, but only three storeys high, and is based directly north. This facility is designed specifically to cater for the Keillar Enforcer's personal and tactical needs. It also is guarded with permitted defensive magics, but the Enforcer requests that no Watcher Mage be present. This is where strategic meetings are held, also for general committee meetings.

Civilian Wing:

The Three Estates

Keillar: This is the first civilian estate of the Keillar Stronghold, built on the site of the original village, where most of the original dwellings are kept inhabited by the eldest of our denziens. This estate has 2300 houses, the main courthouse and prison, several inns and a market square, where traders from all over the world come to sell their wares. This estate is loosely based in the centre of the Stronghold.

Leistar: This is the second estate built inside the Stronghold, built to handle an early increase in population. It has 2000 houses, and again, several inns. It is positioned to the east, stretching to the south-east of the Stronghold. It's general inhabitants are middle aged adults, and families with children.

Agenar: This is a relatively new estate, built originally as an extension to Leistar. It became it's own estate as it's identity grew and the generally younger inhabitants grew tired of being spoken about in the same tally as Leistar residents. It is the most independent of the estates, with it's own inns, a market and a small Magic Academy, which has only recently been approved by the Enforcer. It has 2000 houses, and is based to the south of the Stronghold.


Magic Academy: This is a small building in the Agenar Estate, which specifies in the training of permitted magics, as an extra curricular activity for trainee warriors. To be brought in line with the Decrees, only trainee warriors may train these skills, no civilian must apply for this, as they face a court marshall presided over by the Enforcer's chosen Watcher.

Current Population:

Trainee Warriors: 3288 Male, 2101 Female
Warriors: 1511 Male, 922 Female

Watchers Faclilty:
Watchers: 100 Male, 100 Female

Civillians by Estate:
Keillar: 2011 Male, 2011 Female
Leistar: 1922 Male, 2100 Female
Agenar: 1007 Male, 991 female

Total Population: 18,064
(Not including Enforcer and Enforcers Aides)

Stronghold Planning Committee statement on the Magic Academy

The current official stance on this Academy is as follows:

Quote :
Magic Academy: This is a small building in the Agenar Estate, which specifies in the training of permitted magics as an extra curricular activity for trainee warriors. To be brought in line with the Decrees, only trainee warriors may train these skills, no civilian must apply for this, as they face a court marshall presided over by the Enforcer's chosen Watcher.

A new order has come from the Enforcer stating the following:

The Keillar Enforcer wrote:
Following on from word from our long distance scouts, I have decided to legalise the training and usage of ALL FORMS OF MAGIC due to an impending threat. This will hopefully allow us to repel this distant threat, and will create a more rounded group of Warriors.

However, I must impress on all citizens of the importance of being responsible around magic. Citizens will be allowed to learn basic defensive spells, provided they can give just reason for putting their name forward.

I thank all citizens, trained or otherwise, for their understanding in this situation.

Rule Book---Mature RPing Rules

Thanks Belle!
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Keillar And The Surrounding Kingdoms
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