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 Ode to You, Drama Haters

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PostSubject: Ode to You, Drama Haters   Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:38 pm

Kaely and I collaborated and created this.

An Ode to You, Drama Haters-

How could something or a place mean so much to a person.
Deep within a soul comes out the calling of community.
Things have changed for the best.
My heart sometimes ache, but it has healed missing a piece in the empty spot.

A place we're fortunate to be,
But sometimes we lack proper sites to see,
That the place we need's in front of us,
And gives us the proper trust.

Thus we lust after the creativity within the fold of this site,
That could change the very mind set upon the seals of mistrust,
Breaking through our insecurities with a renewed view of many things to come.

We are where we need to be be,
Perhaps this place is the key,
To something else within ourselves,
But for what reason we need to delve.

To unbury the chest that is within ourselves,
And monitor the place we love most,
So caring the burden for a reason we have yet to know,
This place we can call home.

But home is the people and not the place,
it's nothing that we can erase,
embedded in our minds and souls,
It fills up all of the right holes.

So this place where our family lives tightly knit,
We give you thanks for this special gift,
That is something more than we could have ever wished for.

It's said that time erases all things,
But there's something in this family that brings,
People together and not apart,
When we're together it's like we're art.

An abstract piece that fits just right,
Of brilliant colors of shapes and sizes,
Our's is where the art displays the most beautifully.

Paint me a picture of just this,
It's like I'm looking at complete bliss,
Although the colors stain my finger tips,
But pained words never stain my lips.

With this abstract art we have created let us contain our time preciously,
And show our greatest gift,
A piece of our heart will be left behind for this place to exist,

To exist within a place,
But a person, within them laced.
Brick upon brick this place is made,
And never at all will it fade.

It will remain in our hearts to the end of days,
This place we called home,
And the people who will remain within it.

Thank you DH of everything.


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PostSubject: Re: Ode to You, Drama Haters   Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:55 am

A Quick Translation by One of the Authors:

This poem basically means one thing:

We love you all very very much<3


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Ode to You, Drama Haters
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