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 Third of My College Experience

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PostThird of My College Experience

Third Day of My College Experience

I will record my thoughts on my third day at the University. I will express my concerns without hesitation as to what seems real to me on this. Here, I sit now at a desk lost to the world of Gender Women's study, though honestly I could careless about this class. I see it as something bigger for us women to view a broader spectrum for the future. Though this class is of little interest to me, does not mean it will not later on in its own time mean something to me. It sheds light on the struggle anyone can face themselves. To know our own history and what we went through as a whole gender has its importance for us and for all. People could find this little fact funny, men take this course too. It may show them or of their thoughts, maybe it's something bigger. Assuming could not survive without knowing what the other is thinking because the boundaries of the mind. The capacity to expand thought into others or even consider trying to read others thoughts is ridiculous.

Eight minutes until the beginning of class, the room is full of students and yet there is little sound. It reminded me of the silence in a movie theater and watching and waiting, expecting something worthwhile. It's nice to the extent no one is annoying me, but it is also a tad creepy.I find it completely eerie to be on in here with no voices or the echoes. I can not even imagines voices ever bouncing off the walls earlier. So far introductions was what we have accomplished within the hour I had been in class.

This school system could be improved because it has been falling. Freshmen are being told they can only have four classes. The semester's tuition is up and students can not get all the classes they need. They can not transfer into another class so easily anymore,but instead they have to go into a class and sign up on a waiting list that can possibly have something up 10 people already on it. So right now there is a since of limit. This is a problem because it involves all the cal state colleges. Plus they are not allowing in the same amount of students, and intend to lessen the students they take in Spring. The school this year is testing out its new schedule, which can be not well planned. the expenses some students have to face and commuting to school can add more money and make it difficult. Some in my case have to get up early and go to the bus station and take two buses to get to eight o'clock classes. College is proving to be harder then said by those around me. Not classes are the challenge, but having to get up early and commuting to college and being able to afford it. Being able to buy my books and other school supplies.

As for the class it has taken a turn for the better. We have begun a discussion on Feminism and the negatives within it. How the negatives are not correct, but miss given information. Thinking about college and this gender class might not intermix well. It is my thinking of life, it does have a significant connection. Without feminism in the 1920s we wouldn't be able to vote or maybe not be able to attend college. I can say the teacher was right or will be. GWS will and can be applied to any job assortment. I feel it is useful after I go out into the real world. To be honest for once I would want to try and make everyone's life easier at College because of all the class cuts and waiting lists plus the tuition costs going up.


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Third of My College Experience

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