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 Our Way of Emotions and Expression

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PostOur Way of Emotions and Expression

Today is the day I will explain what I think about emotions and expression, which play many important roles in our daily lives. Right now I wonder how I can end up in this shitty position of confusion and loss of proper thoughts. I could always take back the words I spoke aloud like a prayer, but that can not be done nor would have I done that because I meant every word I said. I will always stand by my words. So these words, ‘feelings’ are always finding a way into my life especially when I least want them in it. Sometimes I wish emotions would just fade away. Thinking like that never helps anyone. If we had no emotions we become just like glass dolls. Emotions, expression…all of it are part of our lives and a way to see the world from many different views. Visa Versa emotions help our expressiveness, but to express we need those useful emotions.

The strength in ourselves defines our emotional levels. Balanced emotions are like the painting of perfection. The truth is the possibility is limited, to have balanced emotions can be hard to achieve because as humans we are all flawed in some way, which includes emotional balance. To achieve this one must find balance within them in life and know how to control their own feelings. I recently read from “Health: The Basics” by Rebecca J. Donatelle on Psychosocial health that there is certain dimensions or qualities of a well balanced health social person. However even with all that there is still unlikely that we are faced with some quality to improve on. As a human being, emotions need to learn to be controlled properly, just like we need to write correctly.

Think upon how artists and writers describe their world. Their depictions of the emotions are expressed through colors, images, words or poetical sentences of deepest meaning. For being an artist emotion, love of art is required if they wish to gain any success because what is art without real passion? Nothing but emptiness? Through painters they describe through pictures of facial expressions or the postures, even just with color tones. Sometimes emotions can be drawn out from something more.

In a writer’s world it holds certain similarities to that of a painter. Their tools being vocalized words written out. The position of the words can set the foundation of character emotions. Writer’s face the challenge of being able to describe the scene, the appearance and the ideal feeling (dominant feeling), plus something deeper into the pool of that feeling. They can express the character’s confusion that is facing a whirlpool of emotions. Sometimes they even describe emotions by giving inanimate objects human personas. Another type of writer who I consider the master of the art of expressing is the poet. They face the challenge of having to make their emotions or story into forms of poetry that can be read and understand by others. Position themselves for the responsibilities of knowing the poetry forms and rules in which they attempt the flows of emotion into writing.

Emotions and expressing is a challenge because not every person can do it properly and some can. People don’t always have the vocal tools or mind set to stably show how they really feel. Everything in life there is a challenge and we must face it with no fear.


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Our Way of Emotions and Expression

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