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 Little Women - The Musical?!?

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Sunal Wolfsbane
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PostLittle Women - The Musical?!?

Ok. So for those of you who did not know, I love singing. I love acting. I love anything to do with the theatre. So, this year I decided to try out for our schools musical. Now the thing is, I have never sang in front of anyone by myself before. I've never done any solos... At the time though I was to much of a man to back down from trying out.

The day of auditions comes along and I am flipping out. Reciting the monologue I had to memorize over and over again while listening to the song I have to sing. I am honestly freaking out. I go into the auditorium, stand center stage and just ramble through my monologue. Now our drama club director just gives me this look that says "calm down, breath, do it again." So I take a deep breath and re-give my monologue. Yay! Success. Crap. Time to sing. Our pianist starts playing. I sing, and I thought I did terrible. But after I finish our director (who is also the choir teacher) stands up and starts yelling at me. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU COULD SING?!?" I was like "Wait...what?".

Next day. Lunch time. I see a list on the auditorium door. I was dreading this moment and wasnt sure I wanted to go and look. I finally convince myself to go over and take a peek. I look down the list, find my name and another name written next to it. The name was John Brooke. For those of you who dont know the story, John Brooke, is a tutor and ends up marrying one of the female leads. He is also one of the male leads. I was freaking out. Me, a person who had never sang in front of anyone, never been trained vocally, and having no previous experience had gotten a lead roll.

The good news didn't stop there. Our choir teacher asked me to join Madrigals (our schools varsity choir), and I didn't even have to sing an audition piece for that, thank heavens. I was over joyed. Needless to say, I skipped around humming show tunes the rest of the day.

This was all back in October. For the past two months I have been at my highschool from sun up until sun down and later. Classes, rehearsal, and work have kept me busy. We rehearse every night. I also have found out I am setting up the lights for the show, though someone else is going to run them. There was a lot of drama, and a lot of arguments during our rehearsals, but the entire cast gets through it. Through all the drama, we all some how manage to have fun.

Skip forward two months to a week ago. At rehearsal, our director comes up to me and tells me he needs me to change all the lights. Re-aim, re-program....everything. I dont know why he had me do this but we had to. Also, Verizon just put up a new cell phone tower around us, and it messes with the connection our wireless mics get. It was getting very aggrovating.

Two days later. Set is completely finished. I have redone all the lights and have changed mic receivers so that we get better connection. Everything is ready to go, bring on dress rehearsals.

Will update this tomorrow after our last show. I need to get off.
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Little Women - The Musical?!?

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