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 Thoughts Of This

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PostThoughts Of This

From the time we breath life we sometimes forget what we are. Truly in the end we are nothing more than just mortals walking this earth, breathing, and sharing knowledge which is beyond our years. Can we truly say what is out in this world? Guessing, maybe even hoping answers will come upon us in the future. Here we linger, stuck in the same cycle, repeating of millennium of thinkers which brought forth our decisions and theories. Bare upon us the greatest opinions, which were shut down because they were out of the box came from these minds. Now I wonder what could answer the centuries old thought, what is out there? When in truth we will never know unless you have what is known as 'faith' in understanding, hope and belief. Maybe could the old age hate brought from our ancestors finally come to a rest. The belief to move forward and consciously making myself speak, but I quietly place my thoughts on paper. I would like to assess my thoughts and the thoughts of others. Ask and question everything to gain knowledge which others have gained, to observe in this unique world. Some have forgotten the world holds mysteries yet to be solved. So why continue on with this rambling because I wonder, my mind wanders, maybe it will continue after my death. Do minds/ thoughts of others die as well? Maybe so...There is still that 'hope'. Such an interesting term, which brought many together like 'Faith'. So strongly interconnected. A mystery yet to be solved.


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Thoughts Of This

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