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 What Christmas Means to Me

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PostWhat Christmas Means to Me

I'd like to open this first blog with a poem I wrote c:

What Christmas Means to Me

It's Christmas Eve,
Yet, I drive alone
In a rusting silver camery
Yet, the roads are alight
With headlights of the others
Just as lost as me
On Christmas Eve.

We sit on our false thrones,
Crowning the pot holes
The puddles of mud and rain,
Alone as the sun on a cloudless day

We sit in the safety
Of a metallic frame
And glass shield
Commanding the wheels
To turn
The gears to shift

We are Alexander the Great!
Our forces are mighty
But only within the confines
Of our small shell
Keeping us from
The real treasure

I drive alone,
On Christmas Eve,
Yet I know

Someone's waiting for me.


There are so many different forces out there, making us retreat into our own little shell. It's meant to keep our minds busy, keep us working, keep us from what's really important in life. But not at Christmas. This is the time of year when we set away our egos and our busy lives to concentrate on family and friends: to tell them we appreciate who they are. Now, I keep hearing all of this nonsense about Christmas being a sham, how it was only created as religious propaganda. But that was in the past. As an evolved society, we can take Christmas to mean anything we want it to mean, do anything we want to do during it. My Christmas time is spent with friends and family. I go to church (although I'm not particularly religious) and I sing Christmas Carols with everyone. And it's not for me; I spend all year doing things for me. No, this time of year is devoted to realizing the others around me and ensuring they are happy.

Every year, I have finals and school and junk before Christmas and it rules my thoughts and it rules my entire life. And I focus only on those things because to me, they are important, but when the season comes around and all my schooling is through, I turn to appreciating others. I chill with my friends, spend more time with my parents. I don't necessarily do what I would like to do, but in being with people I love, the joyful feeling comes naturally. Now, giving gifts are also a good way to show you love someone, but it's easy to get wrapped up in the economic crisis. Sure, gifts are great, but just being there for a friend is also a wonderful gift. I know that my favorite Christmas was the Christmas when my sister surprised us by coming home all of the sudden. She didn't go to her friends first, she didn't go somewhere grand (it was her vacation time.) Instead, she visited us. There's not a word to describe the joy that comes from realizing that someone loves you that much. My sister didn't bring any gifts because she'd spent her paycheck on the plane ticket, but it didn't matter because she was there with us.

Another part of Christmas for me, is going to church and attending a service that commemorates the life of Jesus. I know, it's weird that I go because I don't believe in god. But Jesus is another story. Sure, he might have been a bit crazy with that whole "son of god" bit, but that doesn't mean he was a bad man. He did exist and he did teach people about hope and love so why shouldn't I celebrate his birth? People celebrate Martin Luther King's birth, our presidents birth, even our flag, the earth and Columbus, so I think it should be alright to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I mean, it's not just to celebrate him, but to celebrate what he tried to teach us.

Ok. I'm done with my Jesus rant. ;D

So, I guess I should start bringing this to a close. It seems that Christmas has turned into a selfish holiday, people wondering what they're gonna get instead of what they're gonna give, while the real joy comes from giving. Yeah, I know "that's so cheesy, blah blah blah." But I dare you to put your egos aside and to give up your mighty domain for just a day or two and just focus on those you love. What's the harm? If it doesn't give you warm fuzzies, than it's still Christmas, go enjoy the gifts you've received from others.

Anyway, I suppose that's it.

Merry Christmas, you guys,
Have a lovely holiday,



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What Christmas Means to Me

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