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 My first blog shall be an old one...

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PostMy first blog shall be an old one...

Tuesday, 27th of October, 2009

What else can I say, today started out great... Apart from the normal ways of waking up on a Tuesday morning and running to the toilet to puke my guts out, I woke up as soon as the alarm on my phone began blaring. My eyes weren't as lazy as I had figured, they were open, I was wide awake for the first time in a while. I went about my normal business, made myself a coffee, using Moccona Espresso, and some fairly popular sugar brand, two spoonfuls of each in my favourite blue mug that looks like it's an incan artifact. From there, I boiled the kettle and lit up a cigarette, another thing I do during my morning ritual. I continuously stared at the flame, even after I had finished the cigarette, when the sound of the kettle finishing its boiling process took me out of the trance. Nothing new here, just moving into the computer room with two forbidden items... When the mother and the sister leave... This place becomes my palace, my humble abode, my paradise of silence, and it is peacefully haunting.

Finding myself at the computer screen, I immediately tried to sign into MSN, it's constant amounts of denying my entry in the conversing world annoy me to every extent. I go for the next best thing, opening firefox, which takes a good ten minutes to load up, giving me ample time to finish my coffee and sparking up another smoke. I immediately go onto eBuddy and converse with a few friends, telling them about my recent amount of gameplay, all seem uninterested, and only one has a vague idea of what I'm talking about... Good ol' Chunnin.... Basically been friends since Year 10, only because of Chemistry class. I continue talking to him until I decide it would be best for me to start working. I take a step outside, my bare feet hitting the coral coloured bricks and the small but fairly sharp stones. I wave to the people across the road from me, their smiling faces must of brought me good luck for a while, as I thought that with the sun out and hardly any wind, it would be perfect to start working now.

I finish putting on my clothes, my socks, my sunglasses, and the hat I always wear to keep the hair out of my face. After quite some time, about an hour maybe, the luck wears out, the sun gets brighter and the wind... The wind seems to follow me in the places I don't wish to be followed, blowing away a decent amount of my catalogues away. Infuriated, I leave them be, not looking back at them for a mere second, If I do the good thing, then I will never be able to finish these off... Two hours pass as I finally reach my final destination, the court I live on. One catalogue short from completion, I simply shrug it off and walk inside, heading back into the computer room and lighting up my final smoke, then cursing the person who got me addicted to them.

At around three in the afternoon, I hear the reversing noises of my mothers car. I simply walk out of the computer room after resetting the computer and helping her bring in a few things, she tells me that she has the wrestling tape. My day finally gets a little better. The days when we have the wrestling aren't for bonding, they are mostly her screaming at either the wrestlers she doesn't like, or at my sister for not being quiet while she is screaming at the people she hates. A fairly boring day indeed...


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My first blog shall be an old one...

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