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 Although my second shall be much like my first one...

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PostAlthough my second shall be much like my first one...

Thursday, 24th of December, 2009.

Not much to report after waking up almost half an hour to go, I guess I will also be talking about the day I had yesterday. I was awoken by the sound of my mum, telling me it was time for me to take some forms up to a small area of government that hands out money to some under special conditions. If they are over 16 and still in school, they earn money. If they are a minority, then they also receive money. If you are working at a part time job and earning under $14.36 an hour, then you get money. Unfortunately, given it being the Christmas season, I have been forced to cut back on my spending, and give myself more time on saving up, which isn't too hard when you get seventy bucks worth of catalogues to deliver. After waiting a good ten minutes I believe I will never get back again, I returned home, checked a few emails, talked to a few people over MSN, and waited for my mum to leave for work. Sometimes her new hours seem fucked up, but other times, I'm happy, because she can help me with a few errands I need to run before she leaves the house. She finally leaves the house, so I decide to wait for my sister to wake up... No harm done, I'll end up delivering the catalogues in no time. She wakes up at noon and I say that I'm heading off. My flip flops and I head out of the door. Less than an hour later, I return to the household, sore feet and all. (They still hurt today too...) With my aching feet, I find a closeby bucket and begin filling it with cold, refreshing water. After 45 minutes of soaking, I was heading off again... Forgetting that I was wearing my flip flops yet again, I returned to the house in another hour, feet almost bleeding. Just great... My feet stayed in the bucket of water until I set off to do my final rounds, I knew it wouldn't take long, only just around where I live, so I kept my flip flops on. After I had finished, I quickly raced into the bathroom and drew myself a cool, refeshing bath, and just slid in. I was in bliss after that day of work.


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Although my second shall be much like my first one... :: Comments

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Although my second shall be much like my first one...

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