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 Into The Fire – Post Apocalyptic RP (OOC and Recruitment)

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PostSubject: Into The Fire – Post Apocalyptic RP (OOC and Recruitment)   Fri Jan 01, 2010 10:44 pm

Out of Character

Into The Fire – Post Apocalyptic Roleplay


Journal Entry # 76

It is the closing years of the 21st Century, and we’re not ending on a high note. The year is 2095, a date we can not even be sure about. I have forgotten the day; the month, I think, is June, for the days are getting longer, and unbearably hot. Supplies are getting low, while the frequency we’re having to fend off raiders is increasing; proof that it’s hard times for us all. It’s obvious supplies everywhere are getting low, and we’re going to have to go far and wide to restock. The Town Sherriff is considering a migration- an exodus, or perhaps a colony or outpost- before the winter season, but first someone is going to have to scout out a new location, in a world that is a dangerous place. So far, none of the parties sent out have come back. Three days ago, me and a bunch of volunteers were sent out as one such party, but so far there’s been no interesting finds and, thankfully, no confrontations, although we did come close when we saw a raiding party pass us by, heading in the direction of Pan Town, while prisoners were being taken down south. I’ll call this journal to an end now; tomorrow is a big day, and I’m getting hungry.


This is a post apocalyptic roleplay, set in a world where the ozone layer has completely dissolved, beyond repair. With such high levels of UV radiation, to be outside during the day without protection is suicide, with risks including cancer and blindness. Crops are difficult to grow, animals are hard to rear. The majority of surviving settlements are those near a fresh water supply, the majority of technology has been used up, with the decline in fossil fuels rendering the world without a means of production. Everything that we took for granted is now scarce; there is now no man on Earth that does not live in the third world. The average life expectancy is a little over 40.

You are part of a scouting party sent out from Shire Town. You mission is to locate resources, settlements, bandit camps and, eventually, a new home. You are not expected to make it back, for all those sent before you have not.

This is a fairly open RP, and the whole point is to leave plot cues for the next poster to continue, and similarly to lead off from the cues given to you by the last poster. A good example of this is in the first two posts of the IC. We only want good roleplayers in this RP; ones who can follow that simple rule and keep the ball rolling.


Fill out the character sheet below and PM it to me. Do not post it here. If your character is accepted, you will be added to the list below.

Character Sheet:-
Weapons- (ONE melee weapon, ONE gun (One magazine of ammo))
Equipment- (Backpack, sunglasses, gas mask, clothing, protective garment (robes/poncho etc), torch, water, rations, FIVE other items or magazines of ammunition)
Personality- (1-3 words. You will be expected to act in a way that appropriates what has been defined here)
Gender and Appearance should be indicated it your first post

Accepted applications wrote:

Name- Daniel
Player- Dantai
Age- 29
Weapons- Knife, 8-round Revolver (2 clips)
Equipment- Insulated cooler backpack, sunglasses, gas mask, breathable clothing, gore-tex boots, bandanna, robes, solar torch, water, rations, portable fire extinguisher, tinderbox, sleeping bag, first aid kit
Personality- Talkative, Realistic, Blunt

Name- Jakob MacMallus
Player- ComradeAndz
Age- 24
6 Round revolver, loaded
UV mask with built in gas filter
Grey thick hooded poncho
Thick brown trousers, both made from natural fibres,
Once white scarf
Heavy Duty black combat boots, scavenged
Blue rag ripped from a section of cotton
Small wind up torch
1L bottle of water
Loaf of partially stale bread
Three ring pull tins of beans, scavenged
Box of 6 revolver reloads on quick loaders
Binoculars with UV filter
Folding spade
Waterproof poncho, olive green
Personality- Quiet, disciplined, positive
Rejected applications:

Deceased players:
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Drama Queen
Drama Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Into The Fire – Post Apocalyptic RP (OOC and Recruitment)   Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:58 pm

Hi I'm not really sure what I'm suppost to do but can I Join this is my Bio

Name- Alice (uses middle name
Player- Madilynalicehatter
Age- 18
Weapons-2, Cross back swords with clips, assortment of daggers and small swords and large swords
UV mask/ bandana
Black leather floor lanth jacket
Dark Blueish jeans. and green tanktop
Large blue flower neckets on ribbon
black heeled combat boots, Greenflash light
Binoculars with UV filter
Folding spade
Waterproof poncho, light blue green
Personality- Shy and quiet at first rally nice and careing once you get to know me
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Drama Starter

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PostSubject: Re: Into The Fire – Post Apocalyptic RP (OOC and Recruitment)   Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:55 pm

Name- David (middle name)
Player- ROBMAN
Age- 20 (fake age)
Weapons- Hunters knife, and a Crossbow
Equipment- Bookbag filled with water containers, a flashlight, gasmask, combatboots, binoculars, jeans, light long sleeve shirt, gloves, socks, shoes, lighter, flint piece, tennis ball, baseball cap

personality- shy but at the same time outgoing, nice, sportsy
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PostSubject: Re: Into The Fire – Post Apocalyptic RP (OOC and Recruitment)   

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Into The Fire – Post Apocalyptic RP (OOC and Recruitment)
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