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 Grow up Already.

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PostGrow up Already.

You know, it really pisses me off when I go out of my way to help somebody, put a lot of effort to get them something and stick my own neck on the line for them, when they're just going to turn around throw it in my face. Why do people want to cause such drama? I've stuck up for this person, got into arguments for this person, done a shit ton for this person, and they are going to turn around and try causing drama in my life, giggling about it, when I'm not supposed to be stressed at all. And they know it. You know, I'm not really a violent person. But most people learned long ago not to fuck with me. I'm good at making people's life hell when I truly want to. So why this person keeps on pushing, I don't know. But it's not smart of them.


I love you, baby girl.
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Grow up Already. :: Comments

Re: Grow up Already.
Post on Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:38 pm by Wastedxwithxtime
*blinks* mind sharing who this person is with me? ... PM me or message me on yahoo?... I don't want no body putting stress on you or my nephew.

Grow up Already.

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