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 Rules from the new mod

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PostSubject: Rules from the new mod   Sat Jan 23, 2010 7:50 pm

Hello I am Wasted, and I am currently the mod of the Cinema section. I would like to first let everyone know that so long as you abide by the rules I have put up for this section we will not have any problems. Second, if you have any questions concerning the rules please feel free to PM me. Also I have stolen these rules from Sunal Wolfsbane because I agree fully with them. Now the rules are as follows:

• The rules of the forum apply in this section as well, if you break any rules set by Joker’s Ace, your thread will be closed and reported.
• Any reviews of pornographic material will be instantly deleted and will result in a temporary ban, or worse depending on the offense.
• This section is a place to review movies. Please keep it strictly to films.
• If you would like to quote a movie in your review I have no problem with it. Just be sure to credit whoever said/wrote the quote originally
• When writing a review, I do not care if you bring up that the movie had nudity, or very graphic violence, it your choice to mention that in your review. DO NOT make that the center point of your review though. We don’t need to hear about a 20 minute long sex scene in a movie, in full detail.
• No over use of vulgar language, try and keep it as clean as possible.


Thank you for the avi and siggy Ace! Very Happy <3

Mod of The Blogging Community && The Cinema
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Rules from the new mod
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