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 Music Creators

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PostSubject: Music Creators   Tue Feb 02, 2010 12:36 pm

So you're song writing, you've got your lyrics ready and you're in the middle of getting those notes down. Personaly I've found that just writing out the tabs (because I'm musically note challenged now) means that I'll come back to it later and get a whole different rhythm to it all. It doesn't mater how many scribbles and messages I leave myself- I never get back to the right beat.

So I found Guitar Pro a long while back to solve all my problems and honestly- with it's RSE feature I've never wanted to use another program or look at a normal tab ever again.
But I know it's not the only msuic writing software so I'd like to know what you guys use and what it's like for you.


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Music Creators
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