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 The Vorrs

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PostSubject: The Vorrs   Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:48 am

The Vorrs:

The Vorrs are a violent, ferocious and warlike culture of humans; many cultures human and non human view Vorrs as barbaric and savage. The Vorrish people are notorious for their strength, bravery and skill as warriors; they maintain a proud warrior tradition which values courage, ferocity and loyalty as well as honor in the highest esteem. Vorrs are a tribal, nomadic culture whom tend to inhabit mountainous, forested regions or vast open planes; most commonly making a living through a mixture of hunting, raiding and pillaging and hiring them selves out as mercenaries or woodsmen. The Vorrish people have their own language known plainly as Voric; it is a purely oral language with no script of its own- As a consequence the vast majority of Vorrish people are illiterate.

Most Vorrish males are warriors; the test of a warrior in Vorrish culture is considered to be their strength, bravery and their skill with their weapons, as well as their skill in unarmed fighting and displaying feats of resilience. Although Vorrish women are treated well in Vorrish culture; they do not hold automatic equality and respect amongst their male peers. Earning such is a hard and long task for many Vorrish women but seen to be well worth the effort and work in the eyes of most Vorrish women. All Vorrs; both male and female learn fighting skills at ages as young as five years of age, however women are often excluded from Vorrish military service or participating in raids and battles- Only those women whom have proved themselves in the eyes of the males of their tribe are allowed to fight along side their male counterparts.

Vorrs are infamous for their love of fighting and heavy consumption of alcohol; they are also well known for their enthusiasm for being woodsmen and lumberjacks. Vorrs are easily identified by their scruffy, rugged appearance, excessive wearing of furs, patch work trousers, tunics and kilts, bear skin boots; as well as the wearing of the “Vard”, a long dagger of great cultural significance to Vorrs. Vorrish men often have thick facial hair and long beards- They are famed for their bizarre yet unique hair style consisting of an almost entirely shaved head with the exception of a long fringe tied back into a pony tail. Vorrish women tend to have long hair and cover most of their bodies with an excess of clothing. Vorrs are a pale people; they have blue eyes and most typically brown hair; although some Vorrs have been known to have red or blonde hair. Vorrs tend to be tall, broad and heavily built; Vorrish men are often muscular from a life of hardship and violence.

Teenage Vorrish Male:

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The Vorrs
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