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 Ramble on again...

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PostRamble on again...

So I'm pregnant, as everybody already knows. Most girls get weepy when they're pregnant. I don't. I get irritable. Something small will annoy me, something that I'd usually just find as an annoyance will piss me off. God forbid if something makes me cry cause I'm liable to really hurt something if that happens.

I have a month and a half left before the baby is supposed to be here, I'm very excited. Smile He's moving around a lot now. I feel him moving night and day, and while I love it, it can be painful at times. Like right now, as I'm writing this, he's wedged his feet beneath my ribs, which is amazingly uncomfortable. But as I complain about how uncomfortable he makes me, I know I'm going to miss laying in bed and feeling him shift and kick. Pregnancy is a very uncomfortable thing, everybody always talks about how amazing it is, and how much of a miracle it is, but the truth is, it sucks. You puke, your body does weird things, you get indigestion and heartburn, you're always running to the bathroom, your feet and ankles swell up badly, you crave the oddest things, and that just the tip of the iceberg. Yet, I'm going to miss it. Not saying that I'm going to get pregnant again anytime soon though. Lol.

On a whole different note, I need to be away from here today. My siblings are driving me up a wall. I have a sixteen year old brother, thirteen year old brother, and twelve year old sister. (I'm staying with my mother so she can help me get used to being a mother myself and give me time to get money together to get a decent place of my own.) All three of them have such attitudes today over something that's their own fault. The oldest didn't finish the dishes today and the middle complained about it cause he has tonight's dishes, but he didn't vacuum yesterday like he was supposed to, and the youngest isn't allowed to have her friend over cause her room is a disaster area. Not one of them are allowed out of the house until they do what was supposed to be done yesterday. For that matter, I'm not allowed to go anywhere cause I have to supervise my sister when it comes to cleaning her room (or else it'll never be done), plus my room is a bit disarrayed as I'm slowly moving my things back here and still have to organize it. So I've been dealing with the boys slamming doors and ranting because the parents jumped on their cases about not doing their chores, and I have to deal with my sister's temper because I had to tell her to ask her friend to leave and not let her go anywhere until it's done. She'll wind up in tears by the end of the night cause I won't let her get away with having a messy bedroom. That's what happened a couple weeks ago. She literally sat in her room and cried because I told her that her room wasn't done cause there was stuff under her bed. And the whole time this was going on, all I could think was, "I must be crazy to have a child!" Granted, her meltdowns over cleaning up after herself do get amusing at time.

Any other way, I'm hiding in my room to avoid getting into an argument with one of these brats (that I really do love, even when they irritate me) so I'm exceptionally bored. Sad


I love you, baby girl.
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Ramble on again...

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