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 Onimusha; They Shall Rise OOC

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PostSubject: Onimusha; They Shall Rise OOC   Sat May 15, 2010 12:52 am

"One has fallen, without realizing the final hope. One has fallen clinging to his fate. One has fallen leaving the fate of the future to his companions. History is riddled with the waves of destruction and rebirth. These waves roll onward far into the future. Much has been destroyed. Many have perished."

This tale that is about to be unveiled shall be forever etched into our history so that past sins are not repeated...

That is what the inscription on the 'Genma Stone' said anyway when it was unearthed, along with hundreds of skeleton remains in a dig deep in the forests and jungles of Africa. It told of the legend of the Oni and how they would rise again when the world was thrown into chaos by the rise of their most hated enemies, the Genma. Both races have been at war for countless years, the Genma always striking first against the humans they see nothing more as slaves and food for their ever growing legions of followers. The Oni artifacts, mixed in with the fallen warriors of their order were taken to American shores to be studied for many years. A dark orb was also uncovered within the Genma Stone that bore the legend, and it was soon discovered that it was a key to the Genma's release. The lab it was stored away in after the discovery was made was broken into and the dark orb stolen. It is appearant that another Genma War is on the rise, but when it will begin and who will be there to stop it is unknown.

A CS Sheet will follow, but be aware that while this takes place in modern times, only those with the powers of Oni or other magical abilities can truly destroy the Genma horde that will march upon the world. Any weapon made by human hands will not work for long, only slowing the demons down or not hurting the beasts at all.

Race; Human, Genma, Oni. More details shortly.
Occupation; Human and Oni only for the most part unless you have passed off as human
Weapon of Choice and its base element; (Light, Dark, Fire, Ice, Earth, Wind.)
Fighting Style; Fist, staff, whatever and/or a style of Martial Arts

There's a couple of military branches and R and D divisions in the government that study such artifacts as the Oni and the Genma to better understand how they operate. If you're an agent of said branch, I'll go for that but for the most part what I want to worry about is the Genma and the Oni fights.

Onimusha are humans on the outside, but given the right trigger and enough power stored away, they can become so much more powerful than any force of nature this side of the divide. Most true Oni that I know of glow like a light bulb and have power arcing across their bodies, matching whatever element they are based on. Their faces become pale and their eyes glow and become uniform pits. Some become wild animals in their attacks while others become still and calm, both attacking with lightning quick movements that the enemy takes a few seconds to realize had ever found the mark more times than not. Only three CS Sheets will I take in this category.

Humans that come into possession of some magical power or weapon will be able to fight the Genma, but I'll only allow one such person, or two at the most that fit this category.

Pure Genma are evil, through and through. It has been recorded though that a few people born of such darkness have powers rivaling that of the Oni, and a few of these rare people have fought with the Oni against their own kind. Genma half breeds are human in nature, and very rarely do they look anything other than human except when they fight at full strength. The power they wield and said transformation, if they do transform at all, varies from person to person and how they fight as well. Genma Lords however, are an entire different breed of monster. Most Genma are soldiers to be used by the more powerful members, but the Lords are the rulers and the 'Gods' of the dark legion. Only one Lord will I allow to control the others as they see fit, and at least two lower level Genma bad guys under said demon commander. As for half breeds, two to four at the most.
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PostSubject: Re: Onimusha; They Shall Rise OOC   Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:36 pm

This looks fun. Might I join?

Name; Shane Lennon
Gender; Male
Race; Oni
Occupation; Master of Brazilian Jujitsu

Roguish black hair is kept fairly short and just barely hangs in his pale blue eyes. His hair has a slight curl to it, which he hates, and tends to grow rather quickly. His skin is darkly tanned due to a mix between genetics and hours upon hours spent in the sun. He stands at the (un)impressive height of 5’6 and tries to convince people (including himself) that he is still growing.

Shane has a nice body thanks to his career choice and general love of martial arts. He is lean and very well toned, obviously built for speed as opposed to strength. Shane is very flexible and his movements are graceful and cat-like. His style of choice is usually characterized by old, worn, and decimated jeans. Sometimes he will even wear a t-shirt with it, should decorum declare it inappropriate to go topless.

Weapon of Choice and its base element; The short sword, and because he is ambidextrous he wields two of them. They are associated with the element ice.
Fighting Style; He is proficient either with his blades or through Brazilian Jujitsu (which specializes in grappling).

Although his element may be ice, Shane is anything but cold. He is truly able to connect with anyone on an emotional level. He considers this to be a weakness as he cannot help but show compassion. He tries to play the bad boy, tries to pretend he does not care, but the truth is he does. And he will prove this again and again should the situation allow for it. He will go to the ends of the earth just to make a child stop crying.

Because of his deep love for all things living as well as the instincts that come from being a teacher, Shane tends to have a profound effect on those he interacts with. Long after they move on, his students will continue to seek him out for advice and understand. Shane listens. He comprehends. And the words he speaks are tailored to each and every individual. He possesses a certain wisdom he knows nothing about.

With great power comes great responsibility. Yeah, he’s a Spiderman fan. But more than that, he took those words to heart. Shane knows how to kill, but he only uses it to protect. He strives to be a good role model in every way he can. He knows that his martial arts students look up to him. Shane is always sure to take care of business. Work will always come before he plays.

By contrast, Shane can be incredibly lazy. If he does not have anything important to do on a given day, he is very likely to be found lying in the sun like a big cat. He sleeps a lot. Too much according to many. It is his favorite pastime. Shane is very snuggly and cuddly. His friends have the most difficult time trying to convince him to go anywhere or do anything. Shane will always counter their offers by inviting them over to share his nap.


Note: I am unsure if this fits in to the reality of this roleplay. I am more than willing to make any necessary changes.

Shane’s life, at first glance, seems wholly unremarkable. His sexist father has an eighth degree black belt I multiple forms of martial arts and a sixth degree black belt in many others. His mother was prom queen and became addicted to plastic surgery when she got older. The two divorced when Shane was very young. Switching off between his parent’s house became a normal way of life for him.

Growing up, Shane was taught how to fight from his father. He also learned about the Genma and their evil. His father was extraordinarily paranoid regarding their ancient enemy and taught Shane to suspect everything and anything. Shane, being of a more logical mind, gained the gift of caution as opposed to this fanatic paranoia. He stuck close to his dad and soon learned to help teach his father’s martial arts classes.

From his mother Shane learned humanity and compassion. Although obsessed with beauty, Rosemary Lennon was kind and patient. If not for her, Shane would most likely have become the paranoid fighting machine his father would have been entirely too proud of. Instead he learned temperance. He was also more than a little spoiled. Rosemary liked to have the best of everything and she would settle for no less when it came to her son.

Now Shane is more or less alone. His mother lives about an hour away from him, but life has kept them separated. One of them is always much too busy to see the other, although Shane always makes it down for holidays. Shane’s father up and disappeared to Thailand some time ago and has not been heard from since. This is not so unusual for the odd man so Shane has yet to worry.
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Onimusha; They Shall Rise OOC
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