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 Thai Green Curry - Mikey Style!

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PostThai Green Curry - Mikey Style!

Ok, I'm going to run you through the correct way to make a sub to mid standard Thai green curry.

To start, the ingredients.

Thai green curry paste,
Olive oil,
Coconut milk,
Red pepper/green pepper/both,
Microwave rice,
About a bottle and a half of beer (your preference).

Now, the technique.

Cut the chicken into thin strips, like as thin as a finger, but not as thin as a shoelace. Remember to wash your hands very regularly as you're dealing with raw chicken.
Don't cook this until you've sliced the peppers and de-seeded them, and sliced the leek until there are lots of little bits of leek all over the place, and chop the mushrooms roughly.

Get the wok ready, if it's not clean, create a rudimentary filter using a frying pan, a colander, a microwave stand thingy, and some kitchen roll, and pour excess oil into the filter. This both cleans the oil and makes you feel like a scientist. Clean the wok, and have some beer.

Open the coconut milk and leave it there for now. Have some more beer.

Heat the wok up, and put some olive oil in, swishing it round until it gets smoky. Then take a handful of chicken and throw it in the wok, adding salt. Prepare a bowl and some tin foil, and leave it to one side for a bit. Take a bit of chicken from the wok, the thickest piece you can find, and cut it in half, to check if it's done. Put the chicken in the bowl and cover it in tin foil when it's done. Have some beer.

Clean the wok again, and repeat the cooking the chicken bit all over again until you have no chicken left to cook.

Always make sure you wear a t-shirt or something when you're cooking the chicken, as it spits.

Prepare the rice for microwave cooking. (aka take the plastic off the top). Cook it for about a minute, just to warm it up for now. Have some beer.

If you cook plenty of chicken, then there will be plenty of chicken for people to eat.

When you're on to your last handful of chicken, turn the frying pan on. Remove the chicken from the wok, not cleaning it this time. Put a little tiny bit more oil in, and then throw the peppers and leeks in, while at the same time putting the mushrooms in the frying pan. Then put the coconut milk in the wok, letting it melt. Bring all this to the boil. Have some beer.

Put the Thai green paste in the wok, and swish it round until it's mixed in, and then let it simmer. Soon it will start to smell like a semblance of something like the intended result.

Prepare for more rice heating.

Add the chicken from the bowl covered in tin foil to the wok, stirring it in. Let it simmer, have more beer.

Put away all the stuff you used that still has some stuff left in it. (i.e. the oil and the salt).

Cook the rice on full power for about three minutes in the microwave.

Put the mushrooms in the curry, and stir them in. Leave to simmer for a minute or two. Then turn the cooker off.

Get a spoon and go "dink, dink, mcdink" across the middle of the rice, and put half on one plate, and the rest on another. Spoon the curry onto the plate as well, and then have more beer.

You have triumphed.

Enjoy your win.

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Thanks Belle!
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Thai Green Curry - Mikey Style! :: Comments

Re: Thai Green Curry - Mikey Style!
Post on Mon May 24, 2010 5:35 pm by Joker's Ace
LOL! I was wondering what the hell beer had to do with Thai Green Chicken Curry. LMAO! Nice

I actually might try that recipe. Wink
Re: Thai Green Curry - Mikey Style!
Post on Tue May 25, 2010 10:54 am by Shiroi-Ka
Does it work as well with Vodka?
Re: Thai Green Curry - Mikey Style!
Post  by Sponsored content

Thai Green Curry - Mikey Style!

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