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 Most Exciting Day Ever

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The Love Goddess
The Love Goddess

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PostMost Exciting Day Ever

May 27 was the best day of my life..

Well how did it all start you ask?

-may 27-
Well i wake up at around 6 in the morning..
((yesterday, my man, [Hunt] had finally arrived back home with his family..))
so yea.. i wake up at like 6 to a text message from my sweetheart.. only to fall back asleep
i wake up at nine o'clock..
today i have planned to spend the day with my friend Katie, her sister Ana and Ana's Fiance Mendoza..
my good friends from raider team.. :]
so the four of us plan to go to the lake and then me and katie are leaving to pick up a friend of hers..
anyway.. Hunt is slightly preoccupied with his family, so we arent talking too much, and im trying to get ready to leave..
katie picks me up at like 12 and we head out to ana's.. we end up deciding that we are going to go to the pool in their subdivision..
after the pool [[around 3]] we are just sitting in the house..
he calls me and we talk for what seems forever, between actually talking on the phone and texting that is..
i love talking to him, time just flies by.. lol..
so about ten minutes to eight i get a text that he has bought alcohol and some cigarettes..
i was angry because he had promised me he was going to stop all that..
so i just texted him in really big letters.. and he told me to call him back in thirty minutes.. i said whatever..
i put my phone in the truck to charge and went back up stairs..
thirty minutes later rolled around and i was still mad, so i just played call of duty with mendoza..
i decide to get up and go call him at five to nine..
i call he and he asked me if i was mad and i said yea..
i just didnt feel like talking to him.. and then he asks me "Babe.. Do you want a fiance?"
of course im a dimwitt and didnt catch on to what he was implying, i just figured he was drunk
so i replied that you didnt just go to the -fucking- store and buy a damn fiance, [boy was i mad] lol
he kept asking the same question so i said one day..
then he says "[my name here].. Will you marry me?"
thats when i really thought he was drunk, though he didn't sound it..
i told him he was kidding, cause i just didnt belive it.. but he sure was serious.. and after a minute of him telling me he was absolutely serious
and he really ment it.. i said yes..
by now im crying.. and im ecstatic, and he's telling his family about it.. and i swear i was probably glowing.. lol..
so then we call my sister up.. and he was still talking to his family, and he didnt know she was on the line, and he says he proposed to me..
it was funny.. she was like "oh fuck.. dude.. are you guys for real.. are you serious?" and we were
we talked for a while after that.. and it was just a really heart felt conversation.. but so there it is..
im engaged to the love of my life.. :]


i love my sisters ace & mai
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Most Exciting Day Ever

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