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 By far, the weirdest dream I have had in quite some time...

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PostBy far, the weirdest dream I have had in quite some time...

Have any of you ever had a dream so clear, so vivid, even with people in it that you hardly knew, people like TV personalities and friends of friends you've only had the pleasure of meeting once or twice? Folks, I just woke up fro a dream like that, and let me tell you, one of the weirdest dreams I have had in a very long time... Let me see if I can try and remember it all...

As most of you know, I am having trouble finding a job, so with this dream, it started out as a typical day in the household, nothing to do, awake before anyone else, and just making myself a coffee, but today, it was different, no robes around my almost naked body with slippers or warm socks on my feet... No messy, unkempt hair from the previous nights sleep, no... Today, it seemed as though I was ready to start work. The time seemed to fly past in the dream, never really finding out what I needed to do exactly, just came to a point where I would start work, be greeted by my co-workers... Which already seemed like a bunch of characters... There was the tough guy who was always determined to get the job done, the only gay guy in the office (Which surprisingly was the same guy who plays Kurt in Glee), the office slut, and a few guys who did duties in the back.

Anyway, everything seemed to be running smoothly, the job was steady and in this place with a limited amount of trees, the main office where we all worked was in a fairly secluded area, and we all seemed to know our way around. The area was also quite familiar, and one thing kept coming into play during my average walks home from this area... This part is going to be as random as anything I have said do far, but the ongoing thing throughout the dream was a run-down store with several Agumon plush toys laying outside of it, but anyway, back to the dream.

It came near the end of my dream, and this is where it pretty much all turned weird... The boss told us all it was quitting time, so everyone was leaving, or waiting for the rain to die down. I quickly met with the boss outside saying that I hadn't been paid yet, and she simply informed me to go and tell one of the guys in the back that it was quitting time. I complied of course and simply walked into some battered up work shed style building, watching as people covered in sweat, gristle and god-knows-what walking around. I yelled out quitting time and got a few pats on the back as well as the odd sweaty handshake as we all left the building. I returned to the main building once more to see everyone sitting in their same spots, the office slut just seemed to be flirting with everyone, someone made a joke, she would be laughing to the point where she would be throwing her skirt up to try and 'suppress her laughter'...

It finally came to the point where we had all left the place we worked, I seemed to be walking while the others drove off, most of them asking if I needed a lift somewhere, which I responded with a brief 'no', as I continued my walk along the longest path I have ever thought of. With a light blue backpack slung across my shoulders, I looked around the area, where there was once lush, green trees everywhere... Were playgrounds and dying trees in their place, one little girl even claimed me to be the one that killed the trees, even going as far as throwing a plush toy at me, I simply placed it in my backpack as she didn't seem to want to come back for it. Time went by as my walk got to the run-down store, only this time, I disagreed with the social norm, I bent down and picked one of them up, stuffing it into my backpack... By this time, it seemed that everything I done was a bad point.

I started walking towards a store, they were closed, this continued happening until I started walking out of a store that had just closed, and I was confronted by five fairly large guys, about my age, varying from size... The shortest was about 5'4", and the tallest was about 6'3"... Things were getting ugly now. Now, to stop things for a brief minute, if you get stopped by five guys matching this description, you do have the fight or flight option, normally, I'd pick flight no matter what, even if it was with one of the most idiotic requests ever.

They stop me just as I'm about to exit, not asking if I have a light... Not asking for a cigarette or anything... Not even asking if I have any money... No, they ask if I have any potato chips left. At this moment, I look down and I have an empty bag of potato chips in my hand. I briefly apologize and throw the discarded bag in the nearby trash can, walking out slowly, I look towards the larger man, guarding the left side of the entrance, he gives a slight nod, but not to me, to the smallest guy in their little group who has just taken out a little kitchen knife and started lunging towards me. Now, I'm not one to fight, and the thought of stabbing someone or using a knife on someone sickens me to the core, but in this dream, it was either me, or them... The only time I got badly injured was when I did manage to take the knife away, getting a fairly large cut on my hand, the rest of the time, my hand slowly dripping from both my blood and theirs.

One would start screaming that their cheek was just cut, another would be so foolish as to try and take the knife away from me by holding onto the blade while I laid into them with numerous kicks. I can even remember the final casualties of the battle... I received one cut and numerous bruises, the shortest one received numerous bruises, a black eye, a cut above the lip and a slash across the back. The other three were pretty much the same as eachother, numerous bruises, fat lips, sliced at least two or three times on their faces. But the tallest guy, he had everything the worst... Bruises everywhere, two black eyes, broken nose, fat lip, slashed chin, slightly slashed throat, two stab wounds in his chest, and knife marks over his hands.

Now I know what you are all thinking, what else happened? Did you end up making it home safely? Did you see the thugs again? What was with all of that random crap? Well, the truth is, I don't know... Because after that fight scene in my dream, my eyes darted open faster than they ever have.


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By far, the weirdest dream I have had in quite some time... :: Comments

Holy crap... what did you eat before you slept?!?
Re: By far, the weirdest dream I have had in quite some time...
Post on Mon Jun 07, 2010 7:37 pm by Wastedxwithxtime
seriously! what did you eat? lol
Well, nothing except my dinner... And even then, that was a good three-four hours before I went to sleep

By far, the weirdest dream I have had in quite some time...

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