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 Being induced.

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PostBeing induced.

So everybody on here should know by now that I'm pregnant with Mallic's child. As I'm nine and a half months along (girls are pregnant for 40 weeks, not nine months as is a common misconception), it's a well known fact. Now most people on here know that I went earlier this week to be induced and to have our baby a little early. I've had a couple of complications, which aren't too bad, but do have the doctors wanting me to give birth a little earlier than normal. Well, obviously, the induction didn't work. Here's what happened.

Tuesday morning (6-8-10) Mallic heads over to sit with my grandmother while her car is fixed, and then she brings him over to sit with me until I have to go to the hospital this evening. When he gets to my house it's an utter disaster. Everything is being cleaned in order to get ready for the baby, and when I say cleaned, I mean everything is dragged out, gone through, scrubbed down, and then either tossed, given to charity, or put away. Poor Mallic was stuck helping rearrange and clean, not to mention that he was doing my laundry as I'm not allowed to carry baskets up and down two flights of steps. He's such a sweetie. Mom and I headed out at some point in the afternoon to do some grocery shopping, while he helped my brother in whatever my mother asked them to do. She made us a great dinner of some of my favorite summer-time foods (Jack Daniel's chicken, pouch potatoes with green peppers, onions, and bacon, and corn on the cob, all made on the grill - YUM!). Finally, it was time to head to the hospital. I was excited, knowing the next time I came through my door, my son would be in my arms.

We got to the hospital right on time, but was a couple minutes late by the time we got to the birthing center. No big deal, considering the nurse was still getting my room ready and we had to wait a few minutes. Mom came up with us to make sure we settled in, because she knew I was nervous. She left and we started the long process of checking in. Lots of questions, signatures, and consents mostly. Then it was time to put the IV in. First they stuck my left arm. The vein rolled and she dug around, but couldn't find it. That was painful. Then she tried for my left wrist. She got it in, but the vein blew when they started to take the first out of six vials of blood. That didn't feel so pleasant either. So another nurse came in and she put it in my right hand, even though both my mother and I were adamant that it wouldn't go in my hand. Mom wasn't there to argue and I was tired of the pain (I'm not good with needles) so I just let them do it. They started over with the blood, but the vein almost blew so they gave up. When I looked over finally, there was blood all over the towel they put under my wrist. Luckily, I'm not bad about blood. Mallic was pissed. Next they hooked me up to two monitors. One would watch the baby's heartbeat, and the other would watch my contractions. They put a drug called cervidell (sp?) inside me to get my cervix ready. I won't go into much more detail considering most people really don't want to know. I was laying flat for two hours after that and really wasn't allowed to get out of bed unless I was sitting in a chair next to bed or using the bathroom for the ten hours after that. Mallic and I were up all night as every time I moved, they lost the baby's heartbeat and had to come in and adjust the moniter. It wasn't fun.

The next morning (Wednesday), I was up at seven as I had given up on sleep. They finally took the cervidell out and I could move around again. I took a shower and relaxed before they connected my IV to two different fluids. One was to keep me hydrated and the other was a drug called oxytocin. This all being after they did an internal. Those are not comfortable at all. I was at one and fifty (if you want to know what that means, pm me or ask somebody who's gone through childbirth). By the way, the oxytocin causes contractions, which makes you ready to give birth. You have to be at ten and one hundred to start pushing. I spent the entire day in bed, or in the chair next to my bed. I wasn't allowed to eat either. The most I could have was water, apple juice, Italian ice, or jello. My mother took pity on me and gave me a couple bites of her pulled bbq chicken sandwich. By the time evening rolled around I was in a good amount of pain from contractions, not to mention that I have a bad back and laying in bed all day wrecked havoc on it. I was checked a couple more times and I increased from one and fifty to between two and three and seventy. The doctors called it quits for the night as they couldn't up the dosage of oxytocin any more without possibly hurting the baby and I. They let me take a shower, eat, and walk around before putting the cervidell back in for the night.

On Thursday morning, I insisted on walking a little before they started the oxytocin again. I once again lied in bed all day long, not being allowed to really move. I wasn't in quite so much pain on Thursday as I was on Wednesday, and they upped my dosage of oxytocin as high as they could make it go. I didn't eat anything more than my liquid diet this time, as it those few bites of real food made me really sick the day before. I was bored all day long, but at least Mallic was there to keep me company, plus we both slept well the night before. My doctor and nurse started talking about popping my water. When your water is popped you have no choice but to have the baby, cause if the baby decides not to come out, the doctor will do a c-section and take the baby out, otherwise you run of risk and both mother and baby getting an infection, which can be (but isn't always) lethal. I took a nap and relaxed after they told me what they might do as I knew I'd need my energy. Evening rolled around and they checked me again (they checked me multiple times both days) and my numbers weren't any better, so the head doctor overruled my doctor and nurse and decided popping my water wouldn't be a good idea. He sent me home instead. It took an hour to get my contractions to calm enough and to get a good reading on the baby's heart beat to be taken off the monitors and let to leave. In the meantime, my mother called my doctor inhumane for putting me though this hell. While it sounds like one giant annoyance, it was very painful. Mallic is pissed and mom was talking about lighters and oxygen tanks... They love me. Smile

Now I have to go on Monday to be checked to see if my numbers got any better before my doctor and I decide what to do next. He might want to put me through all of that again. :'(

All I'm hoping for is my son to be with us soon and for him to be healthy. It would also be a huge bonus if no huge complications rose up also. Smile

Wish me luck and girls, listen to this bit of advise. Birth control is your friend. Pregnancy, while is a beautiful miracle, sucks ass. It's uncomfortable and unpleasant. There are a few things that make up for it, but seriously, don't get pregnant if you have to work, are in school, are not in a good standing relationship, or don't have a good support system. Those I learned are must haves. Luckily, I only had to work and that was hell all in itself.


I love you, baby girl.
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Being induced.

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