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 Love, Lust and Indifference

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The Writing Writer
The Writing Writer

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PostLove, Lust and Indifference

It's there, you just have to look for it. The freedom of untied hands and hearts weighs down on the minds of the chastised. In this world there are so many vices, so many tempting diversions, we forget where we were heading, often never reaching our destination at all. Spare a thought for the ones tied down, they live only for those they have obligation, serving whim and will almost blindly for the chance to feel something as fleeting as love. While it becomes important, ingrained in our minds, the biological workings stir us to crave and yearn and want more than can be gained.

Too often these days, true love is discarded with the emergence of lust, lives squashed together then torn apart by something that only exists in our minds. Once this world finds its end, what will we really have to show for it? Love? It won't exist if there's no-one left to make it. It won't get a chance if there's nobody left to imagine it. We can't lose this freedom we have. Tied hands are more often than not happy ones, and if happiness is bred with this, then it should be grabbed, planted and allowed to grow.

This lifetime is only fleeting, from the start of the universe to now, we barely even register in it. The mark humanity will make on the world will no doubt depend on two contrasting imaginations. That of love, and of hate. At the moment, hate is winning by a mile. War and terrorism is rife in this humanity, and has been since humanity reared its face from dark into light. I cannot show the way, I am but a grain of sand floating on this uncharted water. There is a path to freedom, light and love, it all depends on whether people are willing to look for it. This does not mean it’s impossible, pioneers have proved that we can achieve when we dream, so why can't we achieve love, rather than putting bullet and bayonet through those who disagree with our view? This world can be improved, it just takes people to pull together, rather than squash, then tear apart, then squash, then tear apart.

And all this from the mind of someone so near, so far and somewhere in between love, lust and indifference.

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Thanks Belle!
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Love, Lust and Indifference

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