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 Heroes and Villains: The Power is Yours to Control [OOC]

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PostSubject: Heroes and Villains: The Power is Yours to Control [OOC]   Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:56 pm

Humanity have always been struggling for power, power that could change the lives of many. Few have succeed in gaining this power, may it be in the way of Truth, Justice, Corruption of Force. Some are born with it, and other take it for those who have. Now I'm talking about passive powers, but what about the powers inside the human body? What about those who can do things others can only dream about? Those who can bend the will of the elementals, or having the strength of many? Or moving faster then sound and those who can go where others cant? Those people exist, and have always been existing but they have not always been welcome. They used to be called Witches, Demons, Monsters, Abominations, and Scums. Today they are called Heroes and Villains!

So this is basically "do-what-you-want" RP, but with some few rules.
1: Respect the others!
2: Don't do things to the other if they don't like it!
3: Have fun!

I will also post about groups that is in the city, that you can join or fight against. And information about certain persons that can be useful allies or powerful foes. And one more thing: Don't always be a Hero/Villain! Remember that your also a person, and you need to live your life too! I don't care if your having double lives or that your one of those that runs around and tells people that your a Hero or a Villain.


I hopes that I get some people into this, and that you have fun with it.
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Heroes and Villains: The Power is Yours to Control [OOC]
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