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 Mommy dearest

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PostMommy dearest

So a month ago I posted a blog bitching about being induced. I've obviously had the baby since then. Labor actually wasn't too bad. I went to the hospital and was sent home twice after the failed induction. Third time of going in was the charm and I was admitted. I had the baby twelve hours after I was admitted, and was in active labor for six hours. Not bad at all. I had an epidural, so I didn't feel any pain whatsoever. I labored in my legs, so I wasn't about to try doing it without something for the pain. Leg labor is uncommon. Less than ten percent of females go through it, and according to one person I know that went through a different type of labor with each of her children (she went through leg, back, and stomach), leg labor was the worst. The only complication to my delivery was I was torn. I couldn't feel that, or being stitched up, but I was sore for roughly two weeks afterwards. I think that's all I can say about labor without going into details that I'm sure most here wouldn't want to read.

Since then I've spent almost a month at home with my beautiful son. He is absolutely gorgeous. He doesn't sleep through the night, and has such a set of lungs, but I completely love him, like nothing else. Motherhood is hard work, and I haven't even hit the hard parts yet. Even when he's fussing and I haven't slept, I love him. My absolute favorite thing to do is to lay on the couch with him sleeping on my chest. The only thing better is breastfeeding him. That is something I completely recommend to all mothers. Even if it's only for a couple weeks. Nothing compares to the feeling of complete and absolute love you will feel for your child when bonding that way. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for me so he's now taking bottles, and I completely miss feeding him that way.

I know this whole thing is a bit sappy, but I wanted to post about my son. He can be a bit fussy at times, but is generally a good baby. He's just under a month old, and I already love him more than anything else in my life. He is my life now.


I love you, baby girl.
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Re: Mommy dearest
Post on Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:16 pm by Joker's Ace
Awwww! All this talk of babies makes me want one. Very Happy Then again, I could wait and just spoil baby godzookie to pieces until then! You're a great mom, sweetie. <3's you.

Mommy dearest

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