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 Rules and Application for Affiliation

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PostSubject: Rules and Application for Affiliation   Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:56 pm

Hello and welcome to the Affiliates section. This a place for you to post and let us know about a site you either run, or are a part of. This is to help the growth of all the sites involved. If you become affiliated with Drama Hater’s RPG, we will post up our logo on your site, and in return we will host your site’s logo on our forums. There are a few rules that are to be followed.

• Drama Haters RPG WILL NOT accept affiliations with sites containing any pornographic material
• Drama Haters Logo will be placed on sites we are affiliated with
• Drama Haters is a mature site, anyone who wishes to become affiliated with us should know that, and we cannot take responsibility for anything someone from another site experiences while on Drama Haters RPG. Though we try and keep our site as clean and nice as possible.

If you wish to become affiliated with Drama Haters RPG please fill out the following application and PM it to Joker’s Ace.

Name of site:
Short Description of your site:
Reason for wanting to be affiliated with Drama Haters:
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Rules and Application for Affiliation
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