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 Seven: Immortalis

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PostSubject: Seven: Immortalis   Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:31 am

The Immortalis
Chapter I

Long ago in a world called Ava (Meaning 'mother' in Telican), similar to our own, fear and war reigned. It was the era of disruption and instability. This world consisted of many nations and islands. This was also the age of mortality as the immortals the great beings whom were seen as cast out by the gods and cursed began to be imprisoned by the very people who used to ask for their guidance in life. The greatest imbalance was in the region of Rajah (The Red Flame). One of the many countries there was Zephiere.

In the country of Zephiere lived the seven reincarnated immortals, seven young women. These immortals lived in The home of Montante, once owned by a great immortal, but one of many who fell victim and was sealed by wizards. The stone carved house was soundless, elegantly carved into the mountain side away from the Zephorian sun. There was a lake nestled near the large grounds before the lonesome stone house. The little lake was named “Sristal Lake”, protected by a bridge, the only access to the Montante's house. It was an old house, lighting limited to candles very primitive for that time. The halls were narrow only one person could walk through. However the rooms were grand in details, each holding their own theme.

In a wide room, an oak door was open and shadows danced with the played on light in the fireplace. There were voices conversing with each other. The people talking were three women sitting, all mostly pale and tan, ways humans appeared. Their voices raised from alto to soft sing song pitch.

“Sister, what could Tonia and Koios be doing?” asked one of the girls.

The smallest of the girls curled up by the tall red head, sighed and replied,”Tonia is out caring for the plants in the greenhouse. And Koios is absorbed in books in the library.”

“Anyways, why does it matter where they are Kalea?” asked the red head, her pale red lips turning down ward.

Kalea leaned back, legs crossed under her as she contemplated the thought. The serious look never did last on her delicate features. Then a smile slipped through.

“Oh no reason I just get curious where all the others go when we so often linger here,” Kalea commented. “This place is so huge as it is that I never know where to find anyone usually. I miss going outside...”

“It's dangerous outside in the human world. Until Sankar and Avedis return we must remain here as it was ordered,” replied the red head.

“Zula is correct, though I have not seen Athena for a while,” said the small girl. Kalea frowned, straining to keep herself serious, but as the embodiment of happiness it is usually hard for her. With her stormy eyes appeared like a morning gray she just sighed. Zula yawned, reclining in her place, restless like Kalea wanting to reenter the outside world. She steadily caressed the girl next to her's hand, whose long embroidered sleeves slipped down from being masterfully pushed up and brushed her arm.

“Athena goes where she pleases. She doesn't have the same restraint as we do. Since she can teleport as she told me she can not remain in one place for too long. We can't force her to remain, however I feel she does need to be reminded constantly how dangerous it is right now.”

The other girls nod in unison, silence taking hold. The small girl moved in her seat uneasily, removing her hand from Zula's.

“Is something the matter, Phoebe?” asked Kalea as she brightened her expression.

Phoebe smiled back, releasing herself from tension and let her legs slide down and dangle just inches from the ground. She scooted herself more towards the edge, the tips of her flat shoes just touching. “Nothing is the matter with me, but I can feel things outside grow uneasy so I begin to become uneasy.”

Kalea nodded, shooting Zula a knowing glance. Everything was tense now a days. Though it did not bother most of the girls the same way it did to Phoebe and their other sister Mayu.

Outside behind the house was a large glass structure, which was the old fashioned greenhouse. In it was Tonia, relaxing her mind and becoming one with the plants. Nature could whisper to her about its sorrows, pains and happiness. She caught wind of the outside world. There was a strain to the trees' whispered calls. Even the calm gentle flowers refused her calling because all they whispered was fear. A breeze brushed against her lacy green locks as she gasped for air. Her eyes changed from pale to a darker shade of green. She wore loose pair of pants and Roman styled sandals. Her top connected to her pants, but covered by an embroidered belt. Tonia focused on her plants, a bit on edge. Gently she laid a hand on a soft bush of white lilacs.

“This is unusual even for the trees are frantic. What could be going on to make them lose their usual peace of mind?”

She turned around, focusing her gaze towards the back of the house. “Sisters should know!” She moved away from the plants, having given them water. Glancing at the moon that peered through a narrow gap. It presented itself over her greenhouse in greeting.

“Oh silver manta covered by clouds,” she smiled and shut the door behind her.

From the frantic nature inside the house, leading below the first floor, where torches and candles ruled laid the library. Or the library of 'Many happenings' as Koios the embodiment of knowledge liked to call it. The fourth sister sat, flipping through pages of books that were being stacked around her. Her eyes were wild with inspiration and schemes.

“No....no.....no!” she yelled, shutting the book and placing it on the stack of rejected books.

“My Lady...” said a delighted voice. “Here are more books on ancient Zephora!”

“Thanks wind,” she muttered, grabbing the stack and reading through each book within seven minutes.

“Anything else I can do?”

She looked up and pulled that casual, but pained smile.

“Well...it's a book on conquering in the shelf numbered 138.”

He leapt up in the air, spinning as he road the wind.

Koios watched the spirit float on the air literally. This made her shake her head and concentrate on the book she had before her. Every book was the same because it was on the same subject. All the information had been cut off where the ancient Zephora had been conquered and it was repetitive. Nothing talked about the language of the time or the original rulers and what happened to them. The authors had just copied other historians and placed everything into their own words or made quotes. There was nothing. The frustration almost blind sighted Koios.

She pulled an interesting book out of the bottom of the stack and scanned through it with more ease, taking a little more time. Her eyes glittered as she read over one paragraph.

“....The amount was stolen over the stacks of 8 million in the King's treasury. This historical robbery was denied before the people because....”

She continued to read to herself and finally shut the book as her spirit returned quite excited.

“MISTRESS!” The spirit whirled, holding a book.

“What wind?” She asked, rubbing her throbbing head.

“Actually my...name is Loki.”

Koios raised a brow.

“But my mistress can call me whatever she pleases.” Loki placed the book down and began floating from one side of the room to the other, like someone pacing back and forth.

“Mistress?” he asked, nervousness in his voice.

“Yes Loki?”

“I wanted to recite a poem I made for you.”

She sighed. Loki took that as an opening and began to recite his 'masterpiece.' Again Koios just sighed, hesitant on making him stop. Then hearing a particular line made her cringe and she picked up a seven hundred paged book and tossed it in his direction. The spirit scurried up into the air, pausing in an animated manner. Loki flipped upside down, his short see through blonde hair hung, giving him more of a baby face appearance. Just looking at the spirit gave poor Koios a headache. She just could not throw the right insults so many times when that someone was so dense. His thinking went as far as his wind blew.

Koios rubbed her head and pushed her seat back with her sandal feet. Her glasses slid to the bridge of her nose. She cursed in her native tongue. Frustration was conceived, a bad feeling was becoming more apparent in her head. Loki watched her and leaned in above the table. He smiled softly.

“Mistress though you are brilliant. You strain yourself,” he said, in the softest of voices. Gently, he grasped her hand, preventing her from pushing up her glasses. The smile was still there. “Let me.”

He used his free hand and used his index finger to push her glasses back in place. There was a long moment of silence; he was trying to be romantic and frustration was building up in Koios. Quickly, she pulled her hand away.

“You're an...” she attempted to throw an insult, but stopped herself. “Never-mind. Anyways, it is about time I go join my sisters. You go home, Loki.”

Koios got up, pushing in the chair, clutching the book he had given her.

“Actually clean up this mess first, and then go home.”

She was referring to the mess of stacks upon stacks of books. The spirit did not mind. A smile spread across his face and nodded. He watched as she ran a hand through her blonde hair and push up her long shirt sleeves. She seemed comfortable in a provocative outfit made of traditional long sleeved shirt and short shorts. When she was gone he became a solidified being and went on to place the books back in their rightful shelve with great care.

The sisters gathered up in the 'thinking' chamber with the fireplace roaring. All the girls took seats close with Kalea, Zula and Phoebe. Two were still missing. Nothing important was being discussed, they just liked to gather before a meal. All of them dressed in casual clothing.

Kalea with her sparkling smile and her bright outfit gave a questioning looking, ruining the fine smile.
“Where is Mayu?” She began to fiddle with the hem of her loose jacket. Her legs were in a pair of boyish Capri shorts made of strips of leather on the side. She had metal armbands wrapped around the end of her simple creamy shirt. The outfit was harsh looking for someone so cheerful, but Kalea had been training and she shared training clothes with Zula.

Phoebe cleared her throat a nervous habit. “I believe she is taking care of dinner tonight,” implied Koios, licking her lips as she was feeling hungry herself.

“I'm hungry,” mumbled Tonia.

Zula frowned. “You'll just have to wait until Athena comes back.”

“Damn,” retorted Tonia.

“Watch your tone, Tonia,” said a familiar voice. All the girls turned their heads around towards a figure.

A tall female with a soft angular face framed with long dark brunette hair appeared in the doorway. A few stray strands of hair lay before her ears, while the rest of her hair was tied with a sheep skin tie. She seemed the most relaxed of all of them in a loose outfit. Her eyes glittered. She was one of the tallest, but Zula the oldest won when it came to being tall.

Zula smiled. “Welcome Mayu.”

“Is dinner ready?”

Kalea touched Tonia's shoulder. The girl frowned, but did not put up an argument. Mayu just smiled the gentlest of smiles. She took her seat between Tonia ad Phoebe. Once everyone settled, Mayu said in a humble voice. “It's prepared. I am just letting the maids eat first, though. Athena is still not here, right?”

Zula shook her head. Her yellow eyes remained emotionless.

Phoebe remarked,”She should be back soon. If not I believe we should go ahead and eat.”

The little one was close to saying the truth. The second sister was not far from their territory. Athena stood on the edge of the cliff on the other side of their mountain. Her long black hair was captured by the wind, which seemed to never get in her way. Her eyes were a nice lime green. She dressed herself in shades of gray and blue the traditional color of the Ran (Raie people are called) flag. She wore the flowing wrap around skirts and a gray tank top like shirt, covered by a leather corset. On her arms she wore pale blue see through arm warmers.

She watched the fog cover the land below. Her gaze was lazy. There was not one certain feeling from her. Athena breathed in and released it. She could feel the connection with Zula, pulling for her attention. They wanted her to return home.

“I don't want to yet...” she whispered in a solemn tone.

“Don't want to what?” Asked a voice in the air.

Athena twirled around, feet twisting around in one smooth motion. She searched the area, hand on her spear ready to strike any opponent.

“Whose there?”

There was no response, only the blowing of the wind. Athena relaxed a bit.

“Just me I suppose.”

There was a chilling laugh which echoed all around her, giving her slight chills. Athena felt consumed by a large hand around her body made of the sound of wind.

“Ahahaha...I am back my dear....remember that.”

Her eyes shot open and she collapsed upon the ground, dazed. Who could that have been? Back? What? Athena just laid there with her eyes closed trying to figure out who that voice belonged too. Then it came to her. Two names appeared in her varied memory. Sethos and Lorcan.


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PostSubject: Re: Seven: Immortalis   Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:36 am

Letter's From Avedis
Chapter II

“I feel something,” Zula said, interrupting their discussion on concerns involving the household. “I think Athena might need help.”

A small smile presented itself on Kalea's face. “I'll go help her.”

She stood up followed by her sister Koios. Koios had no desire to continue with the talk about household concerns. For some reason she would have rather liked being harassed by her servant, Loki as annoying as he was. He at least provided some type of convenient entertainment.

“I'll assist as well.”

“Great!” yelled Kalea, reflecting all the energy onto Koios.

It was a full on slap for the blonde. The girl scooped up her long coat and put it on and walked out of the room with Kalea. Muttering some none sense under her breath that no one could interpret.

Once the two were gone the smallest sister, Phoebe began to laugh, her whole body shaking.

“Those two should never be in the same room. In this case opposites don't attract,” Tonia chuckled.

“This is not the occasion for such talk,” said Mayu.

“I agree.”

The smallest sister blushed, her cheeks becoming a rosy red.“I'm sure nothing serious happened. Let's let Athena sit down when she gets here and then eat dinner,” Zula suggested, straightening herself up. “Back to more pressing matters.”

The girls managed to have a small discussion about the unease and what could be going on in the outside world. One of them, Phoebe suggested maybe another war could be falling upon their home land. They argued about it for sometime. Finally they allowed Zula put in the fact it was not a strong imbalance and they should not let it bug them at the moment. Mayu nodded her head and said,”Sisters, sisters let's not let this ruin tonight's meal. We will uncover the truth soon enough.”

“Zula we have Athena,” reported Koios. They entered, helping a confused Athena.

“My Fara, you look as though something gave you a great shock,” said Tonia, leaning forward.

“Are you all right?” asked Mayu, watching her with a careful gaze.

Athena pushed the two who assisted her away and stumbled across the room on her, proving she was well off on her own. She collapsed upon a free seat as her legs just gave out, bending inward, her long hair fell in the way of her light leafy green eyes. Her hands laid aimlessly in her lap, shock still present on her face. Koios and Kalea just exchanged puzzled looks, shrugging to each other. Whatever was the matter with their older sibling hopefully be explained to them. After all they had gone to all the trouble retrieving. But for poor Athena, she had always been one to fight off anyone who offered to help her. She was not the strongest of the sisters, actually one of the weakest. All the girls watched Athena carefully, which made her a bit on edge. Still no matter how uncomfortable she felt herself, the shock would not leave her so easily.

It was Mayu who broke the silence and approached her. “Athena what has you looking so frazzled?” She asked, kneeling before Athena and gently gripped her hand. “Tell me, tell your sisters your troubles.”

Mayu took this time to concentrate, gently using her power to look through Athena's body, healing the negative feelings of shock. To Athena it felt like a light brush on the skin. Her eyes eased in the tension that had been building up.

“Can you tell us what happened?” asked Mayu again.

Athena nodded some, lifting her free hand and brushing away the hair from her face. “But...Mayu could you maybe...just pull your power out so I concentrate?”

Her sister smiled and released her hand. The instant she did the warm feeling extinguished light a flame blown out.

“Now tell us,” said Zula, interrupting.

Athena stared at her other sister, matching her intensity and will. She never smiled. After a time Zula pulled back, laughing.

“I see, now. What happened in the human world?”

Everyone looked lost, but re-framed from saying a word. Athena sat up, her face a solid mack of contentment.

She said,“I was above on the cliffs of Mt. Terra. I stared out, watching the fog capture the human towns below. A voice came upon me asking me 'Do want to what?' I was surprised. The voice was soft and low like I was being caressed by strong gentle arms,” she shivered and continued with some resentment. It was a bitter feeling now “I tried to figure who it was. There was a long silence and then the voice said,'I am back.' It confused me...I was confused as if I was swallowed by some spell. I tried to teleport out of there...but I blacked out.”

Athena stopped, her eyes looking down, unable to go on. Mayu still kneeling before her, reached for her hand. However Athena pulled her hand out of reach.

“It took me a while to realize who it was and when it came to me was when I just knocked out. I just remember who it was...it w-was Lorcan!” said Athena leaning back. There was long strained silence for a moment. Tonia cleared her throat.

“So he is back? Nothing has happened though, but it could explain the uneasiness we all have been feeling,” she tried reasoning.

Her older sister nodded. With her Zula and Phoebe agreed as well.

“Unease?” asked Mayu, getting up. “That's strange.. I did not notice a thing. Tell me what is this unease?” She looked down at Athena and walked past her and gently patted her shoulder, then took her place by Kalea.

Before any of the sisters could answer, Koios stepped in. “Let's go sisters. Please we have been postponing dinner long enough.”

All the girls murmured yes. Tonia was smiling, but Kalea beat her in saying, “Finally! I'm starved!”

Slowly the tension slipped from every ones' mind. As the thoughts of dinner came in and stomachs of a few unknown growled loudly. Kalea's abrupt loudness broke the last of the stress. Everyone broke out into fits of laughter, including Athena, who allowed herself to smile for an instant. The whole thing vanished from their minds as they all gathered into the main dining hall. Its walls were smooth, natural gray mountain rock. The walls were lavished by hanging clothes banners, all family crests from Montante's three main family branches. The Montantes, Rosario, and Mimosa. The Lord Montante and his wife a former Lady Mimosa were immortals. The sad truth was they all had been sealed away the very human villagers who had once been loyal, leaving their home to stand empty for over a thousand years. There was a portrait of them and their one child, Darren, whose whereabouts were unknown. (He was thought to have been silence years ago.) The portrait still hangs over the large fireplace, covered by a giant clothe in black silk. On the ground was a large maroon rug in the family's crest colors bordering it. It was laying underneath a lovely oak table (most furnishings thousand years ago were carved in oak).

There was a lovely vegetarian spread for dinner. Tonia found it hardest to eat anything, but she managed to eat the vegetables from her own garden. After the main course the younger girls retired to their rooms. The older girls sat outside, staring at the sky. Mayu crossed to the lake as she watched Zula take her place at the bridge where there was a gate. Athena stood beside Mayu, hugging a wool blanket around her body.

“Sister will you be all right watching the entrance of the bridge?” asked Athena.

Zula smiled, giving her a salute.

“I was assigned gatekeeper, Athena. Of course,I will be okay. Whenever has anything gotten past my watchful eye or survived my strong punches?”

The second sister did not know what to say.

Mayu cleared her throat. “Not one, Zula. Best of luck with the watch tonight,” remarked Mayu, stepping away. “Back up, sister.”

Athena didn't argue, she matched her sister's step and backed off about two feet.

“Well, Mayu, Athena have a good nights rest.” Zula grinned widely. She backed up, moving a good distance. Her hands went forward as she forced her body forward, flipping twice and pushing with her hands high in the air from the force. Her strength gave great agility as well. Her red hair blew wildly behind her. She landed on one of the towers holding the gate. She landed on bended knees. From below, Athena looked in awe and wonder on her face.

“You watched this every night Mayu?” asked Athena, turning around. Her older sister's strength was beyond human male's.

Mayu shook her head.

“No big sister, not often. I felt just tonight she could use the extra watchful eye, until she is settled of course,” she looked up and then turned her gaze to Athena. “I must go oversee the kitchens, then sleep.”

Athena nodded and exchanged good nights, remaining outside for a moment longer. She watched the sky as Zula must have done every night since the very day they first met each other. Sankar and Avedis were to be returning tomorrow, she could not wait to see him.

“Finally, we will be free of this place.”

All things in the kitchens were cleaned and scrubbed. She thanked all the servants as some of them left for their villages or went to rest in the servant's quarters. Mayu was thankful for the help, they did not know they were immortal just superstitious folk. She went up to the third floor and wandered down the hall until she hit the fourth door on the right. She looked down the hall, then pulled out a key from her shirt pocket and slipped it into the old lock. The lock clicked and the door creaked open revealing a line of light slipping through from the moon. Mayu pushed open the door, entering her room. The floor laid out in cool stone with an emerald, gold, and black pattern. On the far side of her room was a four poster bed covered by creamy bed sheets. There were at least 12 pillows laying at the head of the bed. Next to the bed was a small table with a pile of parchment paper with rough sketches and a burning, scented candle letting the room smell like vanilla.

She walked to a dark wood desk across he room and sent the candle she held in her hand. A piece of parchment from the desk onto the floor. She bent over holding the candle low enough that she was able to read what was on the letter. “To My dearest Mayu.” She shivered a tad as she picked up the letter and set it back down on the table. Her green eyes gazed down at it, afraid of what might be written inside. Slowly she picked up the letter, breathing in and releasing it. She unfolded the letter and began to read:
Dear Mayu,

How much I miss you even as I travel with Sankar. There is so much I wish to tell of the past three months I haven't been able to write to you. And I regret to say I will be gone much longer. You know it will be all right, because I will write to you and I have your letters from previous times that I will reread. Enough of sad tidings, love. I want to tell of my journey through the Ran land to cross the border to the conflicted Elven country, Gilli-on. The journey is stressful and I argue with Sankar about the point of the journey a few times. He tells me, he is following rumors about the child has yet to be known born into this world. I feel that we might be at a loss in this moment in time.

We enter the city of Santiangu, not a significant one, but one with its own culture that differs from the rest of the Ran culture. The people have black or dark brown hair and many different colored eyes. Here they are humble and postmodern. Through the history books I have read in a previous town I learned that Santiangu people were once nomads traveling from the furthermost lands and soon came to settle in the country region of Raie. You will have to excuse me for sidetracking.

So we arrived late in the evening, coming to the less expensive inn in the small city. The night keeper did not seem surprised to see us. He was a kind man with dark curling hair just beginning to gray. The man had a lovely dark complexion complimented by a pair of bright green eyes. For some reason his green eyes made me think of you, because they were similar in shade.


The night keeper said 'Ah welcome to the Bear Inn!'

Sankar asked him why it was he was not surprised to have visitors arriving at this hour. The man simply replied 'People are always passing by here at all times of the day. This city is the crossing point into the imperial city and border to Gilli-on. Your room number will be 102, on the second floor.' We bayed our thanks and good night and entered our room each of us had a small bed to ourselves. We speculated probably the nicest room they had. (We had paid them seven rings of silver.) Sankar decided we would ask the man tomorrow. Let me tell you, Mayu. Those were the nicest beds I have ever slept in days! They were stuffed with goose feathers. Strange because the only geese farms I know of are in Zephiem. (Importing is expensive!) So I slept like a rock.

When I woke up the next morning and dressed I found Sankar was gone from his bed. It was as if he hadn't even been there. His bed was neatly made, both pillows laid against the head board, white sheets neatly folded at the end. I left the room and greeted the innkeeper who was a chubby woman, wearing a decorated scarf wrapped around her head, hiding her hair. I smiled at her and huge gaps showed as she gave me a big smile. I took my leave quickly after that encounter.

The town was lively, bigger than it looked at night. The streets were cobblestone and narrow meant for only horse back or walking. I went down the only quiet street and came to a large town square, a golden fountain in the middle with figures of half naked women and the Ran Goddess, Leona with her servants. (The image of the Goddess reminds me of our Goddess.)

The town square was not empty. I learned where their market place was. People three or four of them pushed past me, shoving me to the side, I muttered 'By fara!' and left the town square to explore other parts of the city. I found the building Sankar has been talking about on the way here. It's a strange wizards' store. I found it weird and out of place. I entered it. I was prepared for gruesome things to be in jars and frog warts. When I got in my eyes surprised me. What dominated the store were hour glasses, tarot cards, candles of all shades and scents, incense, and amulets. The place was consumed I mist with a soft lilac scent. I was overcome by a overwhelming dizzying feeling just looking around the store, consumed in confusion. I literally felt drunk and began going around in circles, trapped.

Then I hear a voice. “Avedis, Avedis look at me. Do you see my three fingers?” asked a familiar voice.

I open my eyes then and see its Sankar. “What?” I leaned up, Sankar helped me. A strange voice spoke, distracting me and I was staring up at an average looking man.

'Who are you?'
'He is the owner of this store and an retired wizard.'

I am truly surprised, but said nothing.

My dear Mayu, you must understand what a shock I had. I was raised to believe wizards were crazy haired old men, smelling of filthy feet or garlic. And here was a middle aged man with yellow hair and gray eyes. They helped me up and explained to me what made me pass out. It was an entrance spell! Who comes up with such a ridiculous thing! It was caused by the scent of lilacs and the mist from candles with symbols which creates a drunken state. I questioned Sankar's reason for being here, hoping and the ex wizard named Zoolu answered 'He came here hoping for spiritual assistance.'

I was not in the least bit caught off guard. Sankar had been raised in Mulaysia the Holy City. But spiritual guidance he had to have been desperate. Sankar did not agree or disagree. He seemed content with just the man's answer. We stayed for tea, enjoying ourselves, when Sankar brought up the child. Zoolu shook his head saying he couldn't help us with that. So we left soon after. It took us a week too reach the border of Raie and were faced with the Ran Silver Guards. One of the guards stopped us and asked us for our reason for crossing. Sankar said we were Historians wanting to record the events taking place in Gilli-on. Then he said we had to pay a toll of twenty gold rings.

So the toll was paid and we officially were officially in the Elven lands. Where we ended up was a forested area and a city was below the hill. Since I was trained to be a navigator in the university I said we were in the dark elves territory. Gilli-on is known for its enchantments, nature, healing remedies and black magic. We entered another territory, leaving the Dark elves lands. (Which Zephieme allied with.)

My dear it was an amazing city (not most extravagant), but it earned much credit for its unique architecture. Temples, beautiful mansion homes, and castles clinging to the edges of mountains high up, bowing before the majestic, ever glittering Lagotta River. The city seemed old and sensitive to the weather. I saw the first elf wandering out towards us, quite cautious. We soon found out this city sized place was also holding a fortress, which meant there were many soldiers around. Luckily they welcomed us in and we rested in the fortress for the night.

Oh, Mayu I wish I could go on about what it was like at the fortress. I fear I run short on paper. Sankar by now should be close by to girls. I convinced him to go back. I will continue the journey. I can't say when I will return, but I promise no more than half a year. I can't bear to be away from you. I hope you are well and will write to me sooner than later.

Love you secret admirer,

“Oh, Avedis...” she said softly, folding the letter. A thin smile presented itself on her pure light pink lips. Her eyes went to her numeral clock and saw it was late. “Oh...my sisters wouldn't like me getting up late for morning meal,” she said getting up from her bed and went to the wardrobe. She slipped out of her cloths and pulled out a thin white gown. She walked to the candle and blew it out, then laid on the bed, leaning over and blowing out the scented candle. She laid back down and fell asleep.


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PostSubject: Re: Seven: Immortalis   Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:38 am

Chapter III

Early arisen people were always about in the mansion home. Outside, Zula had finally let sleep come upon her duty. She leaned against the tower like the guards at might fortresses when there was no action. Her head rolled to one side and her arms crossed against her chest. Her hair slipped out of her ponytail. A light snore escaped her nostrils.

From a distance a cloaked figure slipped out of the shadows into the morning light that rained over the mountain top. The hood of the cloak was off revealing a beautiful face with medium length blonde hair. His cool blue eyes with edges of a faintest hint of green. He looked upward at the bridge and a smile crept on his face. As he neared the gate he bent down and scooped up a small rock. One step closer, he stopped and stared at Zula for a moment from an angle, catching her in view as he walked over the bridge. He stopped at the edge of the bridge, his boots making no sound. He lifted his arm and tossed the rock up and down, catching it each time in his hand.

“She fell asleep on duty, again,” said the man.

He lifted his hand holding the rock tightly in a grip and tossed the hand back, then forward throwing the rock perfectly up at Zula. He waited with trained patience. Zula's eyes flew open, seeing the rock coming. She raised her, catching it inches from her face. Her fist curled around it, grip hardening as she slowly crushed the rock.

Her gaze fell on the stranger. “Sankar?” Suddenly she was smiling.

The man identified as Sankar gave a dramatic bow, swinging his arm in one graceful stroke. His eyes were on her, then was fixated on the mansion on a narrow hallway leading to Athena's room where it felt like she was being stroked by the tenderest of hands. 'I'm home,' She woke suddenly. Sankar smiled softly as the vision of her was blurry. He was now focused back on Zula.

“I'm home,” he said.

She raised a brow. “Where is Avedis?”

“He is traveling on his own now. He wanted me to return home and help you out and keep you girls out of harms ways.” He gave an elegant shrug. “If I refused at first, but he convinced me.”

“How did he do that may I ask?” Zula questioned, leaning towards the bars, grinning like a man.

Sankar laughed, letting it go its full force. It was filled of a masculinity with a deeper and hidden meaning. It echoed into the sky, bouncing off the mansion walls.

“I will be willing to tell you once I am let into the grounds of my own,” he replied, his laugh fading into a calm smile. “Plan to let me in any time soon?”

Zula smiled getting over her distracted mind. She had not thought about before, but his laugh was like Caleb's laugh. Caleb was nothing more than a friend she gained two months ago. There was a deep humming tone which brought her back. It was Sankar. A look of 'Sorry for being distracted' was on her face as she pulled out the keys. She roamed through the keys passing four keys and coming to a rusty bronze key.

“Ah my old friend,” he said towards the old family key.

She moved to the lock and unlocked the gate, opening it for him holding open the heavy door for him so he could enter without any exchange of words. Sankar walked in. The door was shut and he turned around to face Zula, who offered him his key which he took with enthusiasm.

“So...you plan to tell me what he used against you to come back here?”

He placed a finger on his chin and gazed up at the lighting up sky. “I don't know, maybe another time. I want to see the other girls and then rest up for a bit,” he chuckled, but quickly put on a serious expression. “Oh and I need you to keep watch one more night, Zula and then I'll take over. Tonight I plan to visit an old friend.”

Zula smile disappeared and just nodded. “Seems things were going to become more complex then before. Sankar, I'm ready to guard the gates as longs you need me too.”

The morning duties were almost completed. All the girls except, Kalea were up. Mayu was keeping and directing the cooks and the few servants they hired on getting the meal ready. Assisting in the hard work. Tonia went out and cared for her plants in the greenhouse. She was wondering if Kalea would be willing to bring rain, but she looked at her watering can and went to fill it in the lake. The second sister Athena moved around the table, setting it up with Phoebe like a normal family. They placed all the silverware down in the correct positions. Thin sticks (for noodles) placed on the right, cutting utensils on the left along with the scooping utensil and fork at the top just above where the bowl would be. The happy family atmosphere would soon end. Time could only tell for the seven as they casually prepared for another thought of morning without Sankar and Avedis.

Mayu was out in the hall, her hands on the table while Phoebe and Athena fetched silverware. A menial task that had to be done. Though they were immortals they were like others in the since of living and eating, doing chores and keeping the oversized house clean. Mayu cleaned off the table, humming softly a tune from her home country. It was a very old lullaby. Her mother (from her second life) loved to sing to her and tried to protect Mayu from those who hated the immortals. On nights when Mayu was afraid her mother would sing her the song and/or play the flute. Humming this tune relaxed her. She had been reborn within the region her human life was; in a small village off the eastern coast of Zephiere. The sad truth was that her original human village had been burnt down over 200 years ago.

Mayu began singing the words out loud, unconsciously. “The rivers may flow, the birds sing to the shadows, the wind blows to caress the baby, high and low, high and low, and the village temple bell rings. You are the treasure among of the peaceful days...my little baby may.”

“My- I heard such a beautiful soprano melody. May that be you, Mayu?”

She turned around, tangling her feet and she dropped the dusty rag. She managed to catch herself by gripping the edge of the table. She looked up to see Sankar standing before her. It took her a moment to get herself together.

“Sankar! I am glad to see you are back safe,” she said, knowing better than to ask or even mention the letter from Avedis.

Sankar walked up and pulled her into an immediate, gentle hug. He squeezed lightly and whispered in her ear. “I know you two write to each other. Do not fear though, no crime was committed. He tells me to tell you he will be back within a year.”

After he let her go, not quickly but slow enough he to see Athena and Phoebe enter. He moved away from Mayu who was blushing and waved in their direction. Then his gaze turned to Athena a little too eager. She did not show any signs of being angry or even slightly glad to see him.

“It's so good to see you back!” Said Phoebe excitedly as she set down the silverware upon the table.

They hugged quickly. Sankar focused on Athena who was acting peculiarly distant. Zula stepped in, clapping her hands together. “We are about to have something to eat.”

Sankar glanced towards where Athena had been standing, but she was all ready gone. He sighed with a tinge of exaggeration. Zula followed his gaze. “Athena...again.”

He seemed surprised. “She's been doing this for a while?”

“Yes, she enjoys the mountain top view and the peace that comes along with it,” remarked Mayu. “Breakfast will be ready shortly.” She nodded to everyone and left the room.

With a calm Mayu gone, he was standing with just Phoebe and Zula.

“So tell me girls. What has been going on around here?”

Tonia walked up to a dying rose bush, its yellow flowers wilting under the great rays that managed to slip through the opening. Her full concentration was on its well being and helping it over came the sun damage. Her hand gently touched its pedals, which fell off under the slightest of touches. It slowly made its way to the ground.

She stared at the pedal for a long time thinking about death and about many other things. The withering plant screamed in pain as she made a connection to it. The sound abruptly woke her from her daze. She gave it water and an Elven remedy for helping plants rejuvenate. The rose bush stirred as small breeze caressed its wounded leaves and suffering blossoms.

“There you go little one, you should be all right in a few days.”

“Do you always talk to plants aloud like that?” Asked a voice fro behind.

At this point it did not take a genius to know who it was. The only person who could enter the greenhouse besides her without a key was Athena.

“Hello Sister,” she said in respect feeling no shame. “I don't usually, but it doesn't need thoughts to encourage its growth or well being. A warming recognizable voice of the caretaker helps it. She placed the serum away in a small cupboard.


“So sister why are you out here?”

Athena gave her a bitter sweet smile.

“Sankar has come back,” she replied.

“Really?!” Said Tonia happily. She turned away trying to regain control of her glee. At times it got away from her. As soon as she looked back at Athena, her older sister was gone.

“She always does that. Running away will not help her forever.”

All was take care of inside the greenhouse. She left it and re entered the stone house to find her sisters (except Athena) and Sankar sitting at the table.

“Sankar!” Tonia yelled, walking around to the head of the table and hugging him with such force.

“Hello little Tonia, you are much stronger now,” he commented.

She nodded as she backed away to get a better look at him, taking in his attractive profile.

“Please have a seat with beside Kalea, so we can enjoy our breakfast.”
The table was nicely set by Phoebe, who sat at the end of the table with Koios. Koios engulfed herself in a book. The napkins had autumn themes, reminded Tonia to make sure to give the plants extra lighting. She settled in her seat, her body sinking into the comfort of the chair's soft red cushion. She averted contact with Kalea as she found she was able to compose herself.

“Why are we not waiting for Athena?” asked Kalea. Today her eyes were shining like the morning star in the sky.

Koios put down her book and simply said, “Because she never comes on time or to breakfast and enjoys her solitude too much.”

Kalea frowned her happy exterior interrupted by the useless frustration, which as Sankar warned her she could corrupt her and her powers. Tonia grasped her hand and gave her an encouraging squeeze.

“Thanks,” Kalea mouthed, focusing on the others.

Her sister nodded, pulling her hand away. The other sister, Koios seemed unaffected by the small confrontation letting it go so easily. She was easy going and minded her own business. Her gaze went to Sankar, who gave her a displeased look. She shrugged. Eventually everyone loosened up. They began to eat their full bloom breakfast.

“Now someone tell me what has been going on a round here. I feel something is amiss,” stated Sankar with a calm gaze.

All the girls, except Kalea exchanged uncertain looks, but Zula took the stand.

“It seems things have been changing and it seems everything is on edge, Sankar. The land is crying out in pain,” she said, becoming serious.

“Hmmm.” He sat back, stirring his tea with a spoon. “There is more isn't there?”

Phoebe began to explain,”Yes. Athena experience something as well. She heard a voice that said 'I am back my dear, remember that' and it laughed.”

He was now on edge. His eyes narrowed. Fighting back the worry that was building up for Athena was hard, but he managed because he replaced it with anger.

“Who was it?” He asked in a dark tone. He already idea of who it might have been.

“She said it was Lorcan.”

His eyes met Phoebes, then turned his gaze to Zula.

“You all know this means trouble is beginning. If he is back from his exile that mean he has brought his pet disciple and...Tzila...”

“We can not be sure what it is that he plans to do, but we do know we should be prepared and try to protect the humans.”

Sankar agreed with Phoebe.

Koios became aware of what was going on.

“Why should we protect the humans?” she asked, her voice came out in a sharp tone.

Mayu replied, “It's not about why we should. It means it's the right thing to do. To protect the weaker species.”

Koios opened her mouth to put in a comment, but one look from Sankar and Zula made her shut up.

“You're correct, Mayu,” she said.

Mayu gave her sister a small smile.

“I understand how you feel Koios. Humans weren't kind to me either, except my human mother.”

Koios did not reply to Mayu. She sank back eating her sausage and eggs. The girls ate, making themselves less observant of each other so was the moment moved on. The only sound was the clanking of dishes and the small clink of silverware. The whole room was dim due to lack of sunshine slipping in through the half closed curtains. The thin rays graced the cloths of the portraits. This was one of the only places where the past was well hidden from the seven. Sankar hid the horrid warring history and immortal history of more of the conflicting, imprisoning of their own kind which almost wiped them all out.

He sank back, placing he fork on his half empty plate. Kalea also finished her meal and pushed the dish away.

“Sankar, we are able to rejoin the human again now that you are back right?” She asked, giving him a careful look over. Her expression managed to remain neutral. He looked at her then, really looked at the youngest sister, taking in her determined control and how she was beginning to be able to manage it.

A smile appeared for her.

“I won't stop you. I do suggest to take extra precaution in the outside world and build up your defenses,” he replied.

Sankar focused on all of them as a whole. “You all must be cautious and train yourselves. Plus you must never let your guard down around the humans.”

“Of course,” said Mayu, her eyes were austere.

Everything about her was suddenly stern, very adult focused. It showed through her 18-year-old exterior. It made Sankar feel proud that this once been the frightened 12 year old he found in her deceased mother's arms, turned into a humble, silly, and mature immortal woman. A tinge of jealousy towards her future lover beat in him. Why couldn't Athena be this way? That was none sense. His love for her could not compare to another. Slowly the jealousy dissipated. In honesty he was proud of them all and hoped they knew. No words could reveal how much he was. Instead he smiled.

“Well, ladies, I must take rest and leave again tonight.”
“Why so soon?” Asked Kalea.

“It's of importance and a very personal matter,” he lied. There was no time to worry about their feelings or his own.

“I will see you girls tomorrow. Good day.”

“Rest well,” Koios said yawning. “I believe a morning nap is called for.”

Again Sankar gave a smile and left the room as Loki entered.


Koios groaned, placing her hands on the table, head sinking into them.

“Ah, you do look tired. I will sing you a lullaby to help you sleep.”

She sat up, placing everything in its correct position. Fork and spoon, knife lied across the plate in her usual, habitual manner. She waves a hand at Loki.

“Get away from me.” The spirit took this in all good humor and followed after him.

“Mistress let me take the book. I can carry it for you!”

There was a crashing sound and a frustrated groan coming from the other room. It became quiet just as quickly. It left the girls alone and they laughed at the previous chaos that had occurred.

Vendene Castle

There was no darkness or shadows dancing along the walls which were decorated with holy symbols which had been slowly wearing away over time. There were people o every race spread across the hall into a wide mural of place and seven major gods and goddesses. The large living space had three statues, two portraying a God and Goddess, Mar and Valencia. Third statue could not be identified. Three figures sat in the room. One that was a woman with a chilling, death gripped. Her pallor face, eyes a death's darkness. They had the tendency to change from black to grey. She sat back in an innate decorated carved chair with velvet red cushions. Her short brown hair caressed the sides of her face in a boyish manner. Her figure was thin, too thin to be considered womanly.

A voice could catch anyone in passion or stir nightmares inside of someone's soul, spoke. “Oh, Lorcan, my dear. “A tall cruel, but handsome gentleman joined her and the others.

He smirked, passing a hand to run along her face, causing trickles of wants in her and chills went up and down her spine.

“This is not the time for simple pleasures, Lorcan,” growled an orderly voice.

He looked up, silver eyes rimmed with delight as he captured Tzila's passions,


“Alright my Lord,” he replied, his grin never fading.

Tzila watched them as she curled up in a cat like position.

“You always destroy our fun,” she pouted.

The taller, more agile man hissed, his eyes becoming like flames. Lorcan chuckled letting it bounce off the walls and deflecting off the individuals in the room. The last individual announced his presence, making some sort of peace. He was an Avedis look a like, his twin brother. “My lords and lady, please have patience. What we need to say is not of conflict.”

The leader seemed like he might explode, but he re framed from making any gesture of violence.

“Tabor is right, no more disruptions.”

“My student has learned well.”

Sethos turned to his mentor. “Hasn't been so for over five centuries, Lorcan. Now I lead and you follow.” He emphasized the word 'follow'.

His old teacher chuckled, relaxing on the armrest of Tzila's chair. She rested her head on his knee, hair pushed to the side to show off her many piercings.

“What do you want Master?” she asked in a tired tone.

He glared at her question, but forced his own control putting on a calm exterior as he boiled inside.

“To discuss someone's disobedience,” he replied, focusing his gaze on Lorcan. “But first, Samusa, Akogi.”

Two tall men appeared one with white shaded blue hair, tall with muscular form and lean. His eyes were white and possessive. His expression cold and unwavering. The second man was around five seven, muscled and bald with orange eyes stood behind him. He had a look of wishing upon his face.

The six foot one inches bowed to his waist, straightening himself. “Yes master?” His voice was like breaking ice.

“I want you and Akogi to go to Zephiem. Cause some unbalance and enough disturbance, but not too much. Just enough to distract the seven immortals. Keep them away from what we truly seek,” Sethos said. “Understood, Samusa? Akogi?”

“Yes sir,” said, Samusa and Akogi together, vanishing.


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Immortal Fight-
Akogi and Samusa
Chapter IV

“Everyone, folks of all races and sizes, come round, come forward!” Yelled a tall, aging man on a stage. His face was covered by a five o'clock shadow.

Athena turned, her focus on the old man as he spoke. People moved away from their business and stands to face the man who repeated the same line.

“Everyone, folks of all races and sizes, come round, come forward!” He called around as a small crowd gathered. “Come here for I will speak a legend. A tale of horrid beings and their prophecies.”

At first Athena wasn't sure what he was referring to, but she realized the only 'horrid' creature with prophecies and true legends were immortals of the past, a past civilization (her sisters and her were a new kind type of immortal, triggered by the symbols.) She stood amongst the eager, wishful wondering crowd. Maybe prove their stereotypes right. Of course, human minds had difficulty accepting other races of humans. It was more challenging to accept other species who came from the line of the human breed. As Koios had explained in more complicated terms that had to be put into simpler words. Her younger sisters and her could understand what Koios said.

Athena stood in the back with ten or twenty people surrounding her, preventing her escape. The man's voice called her attention, everyone was listening, watching the stage intently.

“Now, now folks I will reveal to you the truth. The darkness that comes along with this tale. Tell me my gentle women and gentlemen ever heard of the beings called Immortals?” There were gasps and looks of horror upon many faces in the crowd. The images of the tales returning to their minds. Athena was still unmoving and emotionless. Inside conflict burned like a warring flames.

The old man continued. “They are the creatures that take shape as humans. Never able to die with gifts only Gods could have! But! They are not Gods! The only way to defeat them is by sealing them. They had a prophecy in a form of a poem told by many poets and instrument.”

He said no more. The old man slipped aside and a young woman with golden curls, pooling down her shoulders and wide blues eyes began reciting the poem-

“A prophecy told by man, but never conceived by fools. A legend of Seven who are not born of reality lived a mortal life and fell as tragedies graced or cursed as eternal beings...

Seven Characters
Seven fateful hearts,
Seven tragic legends,
Seven Immortal fates,
Seven unrelated sisters.
Seven protectors,
One hope, one destiny, one power, and one child.
With seven boundaries to keep safe,
And seven teachers to teach innocence.
And the destiny to be good or evil.
With fate in one little hand.
In the end the seven can not keep safe innocence and one will fall.

The poem ended with the blonde girl bowing and doing a small little dance. Her white gown, a pixie style flowing out in smooth watery motions. She quickly stepped away from the stage and disappeared behind a patched up curtain. The old man took the stage again, his eyes showing he was blind, his voice boomed over the audience that had grown over the short period of time.

“Now my audience I will introduce a play and musical on an old falk tale of the damsel in distress imprisoned by immortals to be rescued by her savior,” he yelled pleasantly enough. “This little play is called 'Waning Moon Guide to Fight.'”

Athena was intent to watch the play, but it had been four hours since she abandoned her sisters and Sankar for morning meal. So she decided to throw a connection to them only they could grasp, but when she opened herself telepathically she could pick up other auras. They were also immortal. She connected to Mayu and was about to telepathically speak, when two surges of power over came her forcing her unwillingly away from the mental connection she had just developed. One of the surges of power was icy cold. The other ripped forcefully into her mental thread. She did not back up physically, but her hand instantly gripped her weapon. She was confused for a moment. Her eyes scanned the area as she slowly stepped towards the stage, staring intently at it. Then she glanced to the sides noticing the rest of the crowd was unaffected by what was happening. She paused. She searched the surrounding area for the owners of the power.

That was when she caught sight of the bald man and his grinning face. Someone crept behind her, sliding hands around her waist as a chilly mist prevented her from breathing. Ice slowly formed on her sides.

The person who had hold of her leaned in. “Hello lovely, can we go somewhere more private?”

Her gaze went to the bald man coming closer and the mortals still acted oblivious. She felt something slide down to the top of her skirt. It was vulnerability.

“Will you be willing to listen or shall I freeze you where it hurts most?” he asked, licking her neck and a chill formed down her spine.

She refused to reply and simply remained still using one steady hand to roam. A secret smile on her lips.

“I must refuse the invitation!” She replied loudly. She twisted out of his grip and swung her spear at him. He jumped out of its reach, doing a back flip into the crowd and vanishing from her view.

Athena had not forgotten the other intruder. She turned around, the tip of the spear just touching his throat. The bald man gulped. “

“Bitch! I'll slice you up!”

It was not very threatening. What kept her from doing any damage to him were the stares of the frightened crowd. (Apparently her loud voice had finally brought them out of their stupor.) During the few seconds of chaos the play folk stopped acting too afraid to move or continue. Some backed away. One person was brave (stupid enough) enough to speak. It was the old man.

“Hold it there! This is our performance! No violence allowed---”

The old fool never got to finish what he was saying. He was caught by surprise by the ice man, who had trapped her earlier. The ice man held icicles in his hand which he used on the announcer. The old man had been stabbed once through the chest directly into the heart. The announcer coughed up blood. But ice man was not done. He pulled out two more icicle in the shape of daggers. He aimed and pierced the poor fool through the eyes, scraping down as the sound of bones cracking came. The ice man pulled away from the corpse and watched it as it collapsed. The whole crowd of mortals did not pause, the whole lot began to panic and run around like mice. They screamed, pulling children along to get away.

Athena felt disgusted, but she moved into the range with the bald man and hit him in the face with her leg. He fell to the ground to easily, unconscious. Then she vanished, materializing behind the ice man.


She moved forward in fluid movement, holding her spear like a hunter moving forward she thrusts her spear at him. However he countered her strike by shielding himself with ice. It shattered on contact just as he jumped back, laughing hysterically.

“Very nice, Immortal Athena. I must congratulate you for your efforts. You seem quite skilled,” he said, grinning at all the chaos.

The fallen man groaned as he awoke, rubbing his head. “Bitch!”

“Akogi, no more games. You know what we have to do,” snapped the ice man.

The bald man now known as Akogi shot him a glare. Then his gaze went to Athena. Akogi ran at her sprouting fur and ripping his clothes off. In just a few second the baldy had shifted into a wolf effortlessly. His muzzle bared teeth at her, growling and biting into her weapon arm. The fangs pierced her delicate skin, ripping through it like paper. Blood dripped and torn flesh hung helplessly. He ravaged her arm causing her to drop the spear. The shapeshifter did not do anything more then keep hold of her arm and making her kneel uncomfortably. Her face twisted in pain. She reached out for her spear, but the ice man kicked it aside and pointed ice swords her throat. The tip was scraping her main artery.

“I don't think so. Remain still,” he said.

That was what Athena did, besides her lovely Ran gown was stained with her and Akogi's blood and she had frost bite on her sides. She managed to bare with the incredible pain as Akogi's fangs dug in. Slowly he reached out to her strongest sister, Zula. 'Zula...Zula...Zula.”

The ice man felt the tug of her power and smiled now that the trap was finally being sprung. The plan was to stir a little trouble and damage as much as possible just enough to cause the seven problems.

“Don't think so bitch...” he said, kicking her in the face. That's when her world went black.

Zula stood outside admiring the outside world they had been denied for so long. A voice interrupted her pleasantries.


“Athena!” She released a curse.

Her eyes shifted to the sisters nearest. Now was not the time to attend to all of them. “Phoebe...Tonia we must go rescue our second sister!” She said through mind connection. All the others were else where. The sisters, Phoebe and Tonia came to her location.

“Yes, Zula?”

“We must go into town and rescue Athena. She is in trouble..again,” she replied, rubbing her forehead.

Phoebe replied she would come along and nothing came from Tonia.

“All right, Zula. I feel them. My plants say there is grave trouble and we should hurry.”

Athena lay on the ground, out and a bloody mess. The two negative immortals, coldness and greed waited. Athena's arm moved as she began to slowly heal and recover, but there would be a scar on her arm forever. She would feel the pain. Her fingers curled up helplessly as she moved the rest of her body slowly, fighting the urge to groan. She searched the area near her and spied her weapon, but she did not wish to move to much for they would notice she was conscious. Her crawling was lagging.

“How much longer do we wait for them to show up?” asked Akogi. “Athena sent out message, all right, but wouldn't it be more effective if we killed more mortals besides that actors?” He pointed towards the mangled corpse that used to be the old man.

The ice man gave a chilling laugh.

“We follow the orders and leave.”

Athena's gaze went to the stage, her eyes met with a pair of stunned blue eyes, golden curls falling off the stage. Athena held back a scream as she stared at the lovely bloody, scratched up face of the female poet. The woman's mouth hung open, unable to more because she was dead. Slowly Athena backed up, but her arm hit another actor. She accidentally hit the dead person's arm, which caused the bracelets on the arm to jingle. Suddenly the shapeshifter was standing over her as a large cat form, growling.

The ice man spoke up,”Why the rush love?” A small chuckle from the cat sounded so throaty and unnatural. “Hurt her...Akogi.”

The large cat released a howling growl, eerie even coming from the cat's throat. Athena was barely healed enough with a ravaged arm. The muscle and tendons had been ripped up, plus her arm flesh. It was leave a jagged scar if her sister Phoebe did not heal it in time. She looked up at the drooling cat. His symbol was apparent on his forehead, lined in flesh. He breathed foul breath in her face. She smiled, waiting for him to strike her. Akogi ready to attack her. Out of no where a sword slashed out at Akogi. He fell back on his back. Steps made by heavy boots and metal armor.

“Well, Athena, not looking to good,” a male voice stated.

“Caleb. I would say more, but I am not feeling to good,” she said pulling a smile.

She released a howling scream as the ice man stepped on her wounded arm.

Her eyes rolled back as she passed out again.

Caleb went on alert and got into his fighting stance.

“I am Samusa,” said the ice man, digging his sharp heels deeper into Athena's injured arm.

She screamed out, her head resting on the ground. She began to murmur, “Damn you, damn you...to hell! Ah!”

“What was that Whore?” asked Samusa, stepping away and bending down to lift her.

A sword stopped his movement. He glanced up at the mercenary, taking in his features. Caleb had short lovely wavy brunette hair, grey eyes. Samusa grinned, stepping back from the wounded immortal and stood by Akogi. The cat was already healed and standing.

Caleb glanced down at Athena and tried to smile.

“You all right for a little?”

“Yes...Zula and the others should be on their way,” she replied, giving him, her best smirk.
The mercenary paused and whispered, “Zula...”

The enemy attacked using his ice, throwing sharp spears at him. Caleb ducked, bending his bulky frame and hit the ground with a thump.

“Those bastards are sneaky,” he jumped up in time clash swords with Samusa, slamming blade with blade.

“A mortal can never win a fight as this,” commented Samusa, pushing with full force.

“And an immortal can't fight fairly without his gifts,” spat Caleb, using enough force to push Samusa back. Samusa dug into the ground preventing him from going further.

“Hahahahaha! You are a strange mortal,” teased Samusa. “To bad I don't prefer men. I would have fucked you up! But your immortal Zula is nice enough.”

He twisted around, gaining speed each time he made a full spin. Icicles began shooting out, all around. Suddenly someone appeared and used metal to knock them away from Caleb's path so he could move forward.

“Zula,” he called.

The woman glanced over at him and smiled. There was no need for word exchange. The help was welcomed.

“Phoebe go to Athena...Tonia cover Phoebe,” she ordered.

The plant girl nodded and stood outside the shield the Phoebe created around herself and Athena. She looked at Tonia. “It will not last long,” she said, looking down at her wounded sister, who only smiled.

Phoebe looked at Tonia who took position in front to help guard the shield. She looked back at Athena and hovered a small hand over her sister's wound. Slowly her hand began to glow and heal the ravaged arm. With Athena's natural ability of healing (like all immortals, but leaves scarring) it would heal the wound faster and leave no scars. Athena winced, rolling her head to each side fighting the pain of skin knitting back together. Phoebe looked up for one second and spotted the shapeshifter running at them.

“Tonia!” She yelled. “Tonia!”

The plant sister turned around and was knocked off her feet by the force of the shifter's body weight. She was able to block Akogi's thrashing feline mouth. Akogi bit into her thick wooden staff, growling at her.

“You beast get off of me!” Tonia screamed.

Thick tree roots shot out of the ground and pierced through Akogi's body. The shifter roared from pain and pulled away from Tonia and escaped the roots. Tonia was able to take a breather.

“You alright Tonia?”

She glanced over her shoulder at Phoebe.

“Yeah,” she replied, getting up and preparing herself for the next blow.

“Caleb watch out!” said Zula.

The mercenary met his blade with Samusa's ice cold sword. They both stumbed back, skidding to a stop. Samusa's back was to Zula and she prepared herself for attack. The brass knuckles she used were her main weapons. She watched as Caleb went at Samusa and she ran towards him. Her first out behind her prepared to strike him down. As he clashed swords with the enemy again, his eyes met Zula's and mouthed 'Strike now, strike now!'

She nodded and ran her powerful arm pulsing with power

Samusa was distracted each time the blade struck he managed to nick Caleb on the side. This angered Zula even more. Her fist met his spine, causing an eerie cracking in the mid spine. Caleb's sword stabbed him in the stomach. Once he pulled out his sword Samusa collapsed eyes wide and out.

“Well, he's dead temporarily, but not out for good unfortunately,” stated Zula as she walked around the stunned Samusa. “Now for the other.”

Both of their attention went to Tonia and the last enemy. The two rammed and used what ever force they could. The plant sister's clothes were torn and her beautiful dark skin was scratched up.

Caleb said, “Your younger sister is stronger now that she is willing to use the plants to assist her in fights.”

“No the plants agreed to fight alongside her. She would never ruin her happy plant family,” Zula said.

“Hmmm,” Caleb sheathed his sword. Then carelessly kicked the unconscious Samusa. The ice man groaned.

Tonia was so concentrated on the battle she forgot she was protecting anyone. She could feel Zula had defeated the other opponent. She used her pole to extend out and hit the shapeshifter, Akogi full force. The shifter howled as the wind was knocked out of him. He rammed through buildings and landed with a crash, putting him out as well.

Tonia panted as she sat on the ground, her staff used as support.

“You did good,” said Phoebe, supporting half of Athena's weight. By now the shield was gone.

Tonia smiled as sweat rolled down her face. “Nah, I am well. My wounds are minor just scrapes and scratches. They will quickly.”

Phoebe smiled and helped Athena stand.

“Sister, shall we leave?” She asked, directing the question towards Zula.

Oldest sister nodded.

“They won't be out for long and the town well..”

She observed the destruction and the dead bodies of the actors and the old man. This was no good. The others became uneasy. The sisters did not favor humans, except Mayu, but they felt sorrow for the dead.

Zula's expression hardened and she said. “We should go. There is nothing else we can do.”

The mercenary cleared his throat.

“I'll take care of things here. You should go.”

Zula smiled and wanted to assist him, but considering they were not welcomed here and their wounded sister. She sighed. He was right. They already caused trouble. Time could not be wasted on clean up. For immortals survival was the key because they were survivors.

“Let's go sisters.”

“Here I will help you Phoebe.” said Zula, grabbing hold of Athena's other arm. They headed out.

Tonia paused, looking at Caleb.

“Thank you mercenary,” said Tonia quite cheerfully and raced off.

Caled rubbed the back of his head and shrugged. 'What a weird immortal.” All he could do was wonder when he would see them and Zula again. The frightened town folk came out, slowly looking at the damage. People panicked and screamed at the sight of the bodies. Women fell to their knees and some just cried. By then the two evil immortals had gone, but Caleb stared at the mountains consumed in thoughts ignoring the chaos around him.


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Sonia, Mother of Fate
Chapter V

They sat down in chairs and Phoebe tended to Tonia's slowly healing scrapes, adding her energy to speed the healing process. Her eyes were getting cloudy.

“Phoebe!” yelled Tonia, as she collapsed, her long green hair sprawled everywhere.

“Don't worry Tonia. She just offered too much of her energy for healing,” said Mayu, kneeling down. “Help me will you? Grab her arms.”

There was no argument. Tonia got up and wandered over to them joining Mayu in kneeling. “Good, now grab her arms and carry her to the rest chair,” Mayu said in a calm voice.

They set her down on the rest chair, laying her head gently on the pillow made from silk. Then the fireplace was lit, blazing and letting shadows emerge and seemed bigger. The two girls sat down.

“Is Athena resting in her room?” Tonia asked staring at the fire.

“Yeah, she is fast a sleep.”

Tonia nodded. She could feel the vines that connected to her body wrapped around her arms and legs. “I think I will go back out and check on my plants.”

“Where is Kalea and Koios?” Asked Tonia pausing at the doorway.

“Hmm. Those two went into town. I believe to the one near the river,” replied Mayu, glancing over her shoulder.

“Oh I see,” Tonia turned away from the door and disappeared down the hall.

The house was quiet, but within its floors life scurried. The sister, Athena lay restless on her bed, her wounded arm wrapped up for the time being. Still it was healing, but luckily with Phoebe's energy the wound only leave a small line as scaring. Her black raven hair was done in an intricate bun, loose strands curling up next to her cheek, caressing her high cheek bones. She laid covered by her thin white sheets, her night gown, creamy tight below her breast. Someone knocked on her door gently as if trying not to draw out much attention. Only one individual took the time to do so.

“Come in,” she managed to say.

The door opened slowly. Her one candle flickered as a small wind slipped past the tall lean figure. She tried her best to hide her smile from Sankar as he walked in. His blonde hair curled on his shoulder. His hair was a mass of golden curls. Over time his hair lost the natural curls, but lingered at the ends. The smile on her face soon faded once she noticed he was dressed in his traveling clothes.

“What is it? You are leaving us again?” She asked in an accusatory tone.

Sankar did not seem offended, but simply smiled and sat on the edge of her bed.

“Yes, I am, but I did not want to leave without saying good bye too you,” he replied patting her foot.

“Who do you plan to visit? Is it Lady Sonia?” She asked without hesitation.

He did not reply. Sankar sunk into a deep thoughtless silence. It was a minute later when he looked at her. Meaning, staring into her eyes which held heat and a sort of mystery. He reached for her hand. Athena went frigid, unsure what to do. It was an intense moment for them both as he edged closer to her. Sankar leaned over her too close for her comfort.

“I'm sorry Athena,” he whispered against her lips and pulled away slowly. “You rest now, Athena. You'll need the strength to heal. I'll return tomorrow.”

“Bye Sankar,” she said without any emotion, treating it as casually as she could to keep up the strong appearance.

Sankar smiled and left the room without another comment. Athena laid back her eyes open. She rolled onto her belly and hid her face in her pillow soft sounds emerged and muffled by the pillow.

Oak Town

“Kalea, hurry up! I want to get to the book dealer before he closes for the night!” snapped Koios, trying to get her to come along. Her sister just smiles, feeling light on the inside. She walked by the stalls that held fruit and jewelry. All the people called for her attention but she was too lost in her happy world.

Her positive energy lightened everyone up and gave Kalea a rush.

Koios had just about enough of this. “Control yourself sister!” She hissed.

“Awe alright Koios. I just thought I could lighten up the mood in this dreary town.”

“Your gift is not meant for that, sister,” Koios said, looking at the stores carefully. “Ahha here we are!”

“Awe come on, Koios!” Called Kalea.
“You know mistress is right,” said a voice from nearby.

“Ah! How did you? Where did you come from Loki?” She asked, blinking her stormy eyes.

The spirit's eyes became solid followed by the rest of him, his face and body. He was dressed in his basic traveling clothes, a grayish button down top tucking into lazy looking gray pants with boots pulled over them. He wore a torn looking coat which fit his thin frame. His hair framed his thin face, cut down to his cheeks.

Kalea smiled. “You sure can clean up nicely Loki, especially when you take human appearance.”

“Yes, I do agree. I hope it impresses mistress,” he said, grinning like the fool he was.

“Oh, I'm sure it will,” said Kalea, trying to hide the sarcasm.

They entered the book shop. Loki's boots clunked on the ground. They found Koios browing through a small section of history books. For Kalea was always wondering if Koios was the knowledgeable one. Their father figure, Sankar has explained that she was born with the greatest knowledge, but she must still learn and can quickly, absolutely information. So Kalea nicknamed Koios 'The copy machine.;

“Kalea help me search for---” she said.

The expression on her face changed into an embarrassed one.

“Loki?” asked Koios.

Loki gave her his usual sly smile. “You look...filthy. Next time find something not so torn,” Koios said, walking away to the next section.

Kalea patted Loki on the arm since her was a 5 inches taller (5'11). She thought what her sister said had been a bit on the harsh side.

“I'm sure she meant nothing by it Loki,” said Kalea, feeling unsure of it herself.

“Woohoo!” Loki yelled. “She almost gave me a compliment me.”

He had a look of triumph and vanished. Kalea was left standing in shock. It didn't last long. Koios hurried over carrying books in her arms.

“Let's go, let's go!” She said, rushing over to the book dealer.

The book dealer a cleanly looking man with a pair of thin rimmed glasses and disheveled black hair, stared at the amount of books. He cleared throat and said, “Is this all ma'am?
Kalea stood by her sister and whispered, “Why did you buy all these books?”

“Because, something is wrong and this is history related!” She exclaimed as she paid the dealer. “I will find out.”

They left the shop. They were able to avoid conflict. They were lucky. Kalea was also able to suppress her emotions. It was dark by the time made their way home. Zula stood outside the gate and let them enter. The entire area was calming down. The people settling down for the night. Koios went down to the library chamber and began to read, sinking into the books and absorbing all the information it held.

Samasaki Castle

Sankar stepped inside the dark, gloomy castle of Lady Sonia's, the blind mistress of darkness. He bowed to the only human servant within this shadow consumed place. Sonia was a Ran woman, born an immortal over nine hundred thousand years ago, forsaken by her human family who birthed her. They sent her to a remote castle in the remote region of Zephiere instead of sentencing her to be sealed by the arch mage of Zephiere. At the time no one know if it was a curse or a blessing to live forever (still don't know). She was (still) known as Lady Sonia Samasaki, the lady of lifeless land. Sankar had lived with her for a few years in his younger immortal years. The Samasaki castle was made from the dark stone from the far off mountain range bordering Zephiere. The stone got its darkness from a strange mineral used by Zephieren in their paints.

The castle was filled with torches lighting the way. They played with their shadows as they walked down. Faeries slipped in and out, ghostly and like see through images (some mistaken as images of children who had died in the past). A few fae lighted their way but they enjoyed being invisible. For a dark fae hated immortals, except their Lady Sonia, who granted them safety within the moody confines of the castle. They avoided Sankar like he was a disease and hid behind doors or their more powerful counterparts, who showed just how fearless they were. Most of them didn't have wings. A few did and those who held rank.

Sankar looked away from them to stare at a beautiful Faerie whose face was delicate with piercing black eyes like black marble. On her back she was butterfly wings with blue and gray designs. Swirls decorated her face. The most interesting thing about her was her thin frame and how frail she looked.

“Sir? Sir?”

Sankar looked towards the butler, forgetting the Faerie.

“Oh yes, right?” he asked.

“Come this way please,” the butler said, pointing to a hall going right.
Sankar followed the man entering a hall where faeries didn't linger. The cool, calm he felt, he instantly knew why. This part of the castle was Lady Sonia's own private quarters. No one, but the butler or certain guests 'such as himself' could enter. The power circled around him, feeling lightly, touching and petting his face, Her power acted as her eyes.

“One moment sir. Please wait here,” the butler said, pushing two chestnut doors open.

The doors shut after the butler. He was left to his thoughts and observations. He looked around the room. The waiting room was welcoming, but lacked the lighting to make it cozy enough for anyone. The furniture was feminine and all white in color domination. Wicker furniture covered by white cushions. He was not sure it accented the room or clashed with it. Sankar wasn't much of a designer. The white glowed luminous. It was late and he was getting tired. The waiting room was somewhat lonesome. The darkness in the pulled away and the large doors opened. The butler stood at the opening holding one side open.

“Come sir, the lady waits for you,” said the Butler.

“Thank you, Jeremiah,”replied Sankar.

He walked in past the butler and exchanged no words with him. The servant did not followed, just let him go through and shut the doors behind him. Sankar was left at the entrance of Lady Sonia's bed chambers. Before him was not much, but a large canopy bed and a few velvet covered chairs. A small desk and a random armchair. His gaze went to the bed and met with a woman whose eyes were shut and her long hair flowed all around her. Lady Sonia wore her white nightgown, which was loose against her dark skin.

“Welcome Sankar. I'm glad to see you are whole still,” Lady Sonia said, her voice like the soft burst of wind.

He just couldn't resist the urge of presenting his once youthful grin. “I managed to avoid fights as much as possible,” he replied.

She smiled softly, her lips seemed purplish in the dark.

“Ah...and your guise as a monk to bless the souls?”

Sankar gave a shrug. “That is still out there, but no one has needed assistance to have a corrupt blessed, so money in general is tight. We immortal have survived hard times.”

“Come closer Sankar. I wish to touch your hand,” Lady Sonia whispered.

He didn't argue. He stepped away from the door and walked to her. She offered Sankar her hand. He took it, grasping it gently. A small touch of darkness passed through him.

“Now tell me the reason about your reason for coming here and your very interesting five months journey,” said Lady Sonia.

A dark thought crossed his mind, but it was not his own only her influence. It was his own darkness aching to show through. He did have the right words. He did the explaining his reason for coming and only nibbles of his journeying. Of course, Lady Sonia knew all of this. Hearing Sankar finalizing her suspicion.

Her hand slipped away from his.

“I see. My child is to be born...soon, but I know my child of light does not exist just yet,” she said.

Sankar tried to hide his own shock.

“Yes, well we mostly were trying to confirm the legend and newly spread rumors,” Sankar said.
“As the poem, 'Legend of the seven and One'- This child is not mine in body, but in soul and element. What is night without morning? What is the sun without the moon? So what is darkness without the light? As is destined to be the last true ancient immortal. And your girls, even Athena will play an important role in his future,” she said sounding very serious. “He is important to us because if he is taken by the evil, he will become someone very dangerous.”

“How will we recognize him?” asked Sankar.

She smiled slightly, fighting back her sorrow that rolled around under her and over her flowing power.

She said, “By the mark all immortals hold, located at the nape of his neck. Hand me paper and a quill.”

Sankar went to the desk and was able to collect inexpensive parchment and a beaten down quill.

“Thank you,” she said taking it from him.

She drew out a symbol (like every immortal was born with). On top was a tear drop shape and an M shape connected to triangles with two swirls curving outward. On the bottom was the symbol for corruption.

“There,” she said, offering him the paper after she folded it.

“You will not be allowed to lose this. Be careful not to reveal to much to your girls just yet.”

Sankar gripped Lady Sonia's hand gently and firmly.

“What? When will this child be born?” He asked, there was a thread of fear.

“You will find out soon enough. I know the truth of his birth because he and I are connected.. He is me and I am him. But you will have find the rest out for yourself. However I will give my non existent child to someone who can handle an immortal birth.”

“And you know nothing else my Lady?”

She shook her head. “I am darkness, not a prophecy or a fortune teller like the immortal, Atika, my dearest child. I maybe unable to die, but I am still vulnerable.” she whispered, smiling.

He returned her kind smile.

“Is there anything else concerning you Sankar? Love? Romance? Lorcan and his new toy Sethos?”

He looked at her carefully and finally replied,”Is it wrong I feel for Athena the I do?”

The ancient immortal laughed, her eyes brightened as they opened to reveal pitch black eyes. She was permanently paralyzed waist down. That never stopped her.

“There is nothing wrong with feelings. The others see you as a father, but she is one that does want you. The question is she feel it's right? You should think on it,” Lady Sonia said.

It was best to say sleep was ready to claim him. Thinking of his heart made him more exhausted then when he blesses souls. His darkness was building because he placed the wicked souls corruption in himself.

“You seem tired. Shall I order a room prepared?” she asked in a gentle voice.

He nodded.

“Jeremia, lead Sankar to the top floor to rest.”

The butler came in and nodded. His eyes by now adjusted to the dark and stared at Sankar. “Follow me sir.” The stiff middle aged man said.

Sankar said his good nights to Lady Sonia and left the room.


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Like Another Day
Chapter VI


The room he ended up in was once his old bedroom. It all remained the same, but the sheets were not gray and blue, now the sheets were patterns in strange intricate designs from the Zephorian era. Sankar sat in the armchair, pleased that at least one thing remained the same. He sunk into the squishy exterior. Just like his younger years considering how much time has past he truly felt old. He curled his legs to his chest and sulked in himself, thinking about his problems.

“You certainly not the same as you were,” said an all together familiar voice.

He looked up to meet with the same black marble eyes. The same intricate face stared back at him. “You really don't remember me?” She released a frost bitten laugh.

“Farwei?” He asked through sleepy voice.

“You poor child of life's suffering. You and your kind are lost,” she whispered into his ear. All Sankar saw was her butterfly wings.

“No, you lie,” he said, sinking deeper into sleep.

She must have laughed because suddenly a shrieking sound broke the silence, slicing up the air.
“Rest now little one, rest and hope we never meet again.” Soon her voice faded and he heard no more, nothing more than the warm darkness granted to him by Lady Sonia.

“Tzila did you collect those two fools?” asked Sethos, staring at the fire.

The deathly pale, gray woman laugh, laying half naked in his bed. Silk sheets covered everything below her small plump breasts. Her nipples glowed pale against the fire's light. Sethos slipped out of his robes and joined her in bed, pulling her closer, a hand sliding under the sheets. She released a gasp.

“Did you collect them my little whore?” He whispered against her neck, kissing.

She breathed in deeply. “Ye-yes...I did. They are healing in the dungeons my lord.”

“Good,” he said. He took his time with her. Nipping her neck and sliding his hands lower down her back. The other hand explored lower more intimate spots, causing her to gasp and whimper. He paused, then surprising her when he drove two fingers in. She screamed in pleasure and pain.
“More lord! More! More!”

Sethos chuckled.

“Don't forget yourself Tzila,” he said. “Remember you can kiss no man without risk of killing them.”

She stared a him and shoved him away, only to straddle him. She stole a kiss from his lips, licking them slowly before forcing her tongue through.

She pulled back. “I bring death to mortal men. Immortal men are so much harder to kill of. Since they don't die.”

Sethos chuckled, pulling her down for another breathless kiss. She raised her head to let him kiss lower as she positioned him. Tzila's lips captured his and both their tongues played along with each other, playing a game of tag. Her hips were raised and Sehtos helped her to guide her properly.

Through the kiss she said,”Make me feel the pain.”

“Of course,” was all he replied.

His lower half met his and he entered making her shiver all over. That was how the game of pleasure began.

“Feels...so good,” she whimpered as he locked his lips to a breast.

Her hands roamed as she moved making the rhythms he had done in the past. His hands began roaming her back his claw like nails dung deeper, small sounds escaped. He began to raise the heat in her, burning her flesh as they come close to the end. She screamed as her back ran red and burned, sheering her flesh. She lay still on him, recapturing her breath, while he remained sober from pleasure and stared at the ceiling.

“My lord that was great fun. We should do this more often,” she whispered against his cheek.

“Not so. Your Lorcan's little whore after all,” he hissed as if something bad was in his mouth. “You are good for once in a while. I prefer your skills in combat.”

Tzila laughed out in an alto sound reflecting his mood.

“You are too serious,” she said, sitting up and wrapping the sheet around to cover her nakedness.

That reminded him of someone from his past life. Not this life, but another?

“You are far too serious for your own good Lord Vana.”

The voice had been softer, more caring and attentive. Who did it belong to? Why did the name Lord Vana come up?

Anger flared inside him. His skin began to heat up.

“Lord? You are boiling,” Tzila said,

“Get out! Get out!” he spat, flames blaring in his red eyes. “Just get away from me!”

The immortal woman did not need another order. She got off the bed and collected her things with her robe open. The door slammed behind her. Sethos took in a breath to relax him. As he released it he felt himself cool off. Still he wondered who this woman was from a strange past and who was Lord Vana? Why the connection and voices playing in his head?

The morning never changed, Zula sat outside staring at the land spread before her. It was an emptying feeling. There was nothing in the air, but a summer, grasping for the earth. But the earth and breeze never meet. Her duty had been over for more than an hour, but she didn't want to go in, not an hour, but she didn't want to go in, not when she could enjoy this freedom. What was freedom really? Was it really existing?

Zula chuckled and jumped off the tower, meeting Mayu below who stood against the fence waiting. Mayu wore a lovely soft colored summer gown. It fitted her waist perfectly, flowing down meeting her twisted designed sandals. Mayu's hair was done in a thick bushy braid laying over her shoulder. Mayu reminded Zula of the nourishment, and fertility.

Zula smiled,”What is this not taking care of the kitchens today, I see?”

“No, Phoebe said she would take over for a while. Gives me a chance to enjoy the outside world more,” replied Mayu, her ocean blue eyes sparkled.

“Oh you have such lovely hair, sister,” Zula randomly commented, running a hand through her own reddish brown hair.

Her sister smiled, showing off her beautiful whitened canines.

“Want to take a walk Mayu?” She offered.

“Sounds like a good idea. I wanted to take sometime and walk by myself. Being with another is so much more better than being alone o a sunny day as this,” said Mayu.

A wolfish grin crossed Zula's lips and she opened the gates, bowing.

“Ladies first,” she said.

Mayu smiles again letting her joke slide away. They walked out onto the bridge and Mayu paused, looking over the edge, considering thoughtfully of her life and watched the big Koi fish swimming down below. Some of them bigger and more than a foot longer. They were a lovely but rare to see around Zephiem because they were not native but they liked and could live in the Vato Region of Zephiem.

Her sister walked behind her, clearing her throat in all politeness.

“Oh, I am sorry Zula... I tend to get lost in thought. I'm sorry,” she apologized standing.

Zula laughed gently it was high and full of life. “Don't worry, sister.”

Mayu nodded.

“They are beautiful creatures. These fish are too beautiful to ever be eaten by people. Can't help, but admire it,” Zula said, staring over the edge of the bridge. “We happen to be lucky to have such peaceful creatures instead of fighting fish. Just like people. These Koi fish are like the villagers mingling about peacefully and yet they are more like the fighting fish.”

Mayu stared at the land and smiled sadly. “Make as many comparisons as you wish Zula. You know as well as I do that humans,mortals (nonhumans) and immortals and all other creatures will always be more violent than these fish,” Mayu said with great depth. Most would have been quite surprised.

“Humans? Huh, I like to just call them mortals because we all are human in shape and sadly....built. Are we not?” Asked Zula, walking ahead.

Her feet kicked a rock along the wooden planks. It made clunk, clunk, clunk sounds all the way until it hit the dirt ground.

Mayu looked away from the land and watched Zula as she too walked but kept her pace slower.

She said, “Yes, yes we are. Most don't see it that way. Even Elves have problems with their dark elf brethern. What about us? We destroy ourselves. I think we are far worse then humans, elves, Aqueaens, and the gods.”

They finally made it off the bridge and sucked in the worldly air.

“This air is so different from the air in our mansion. Lacks ancient feeling and there is no smell of the past 200 years,” commented Zula as she smiled.

She always enjoyed feeling free around her sister Mayu. She loved all her sisters. However, with Mayu she was not judged not in the least. She was the key to helping everyone feel good and feel no pressure to act a certain way. It was this feeling which answered her questions. Being free was being able to be who you were, no lies, secrets or hidden meanings. This was her freedom.

She walked up to Mayu and touched her shoulder and arm so slightly and pulled her into a hug, embracing her gently, but with her every being.

“Thank you Mayu,” she whispered, quickly pulling away.

Mayu watched her sister a bit puzzled by her embrace, but none of the less pleased to see that she was more at ease.

“You seem to be more relaxed Zula. Wish to tell me why?”

“Because though there may be many troubles about I have never felt more relieved then now!” she yelled, running a little ways and stopping.

She sat down on the cool grass in the only shade in their valley home. They were little ways from the village near the river. She could all most smell the cooked river fish.

“Come sit with me,” said Zula, leaning back and smiling.

Mayu had a peaceful look as she settled down, spreading her the skirts of her gown out as she sat crosslegged. The coldness felt good against her legs.

“Ah!” Mayu said. “The grass feels so...cool here!”

They both released girlish giggles.

“Who knew the sun did not hit this area.” Mayu grinned. “Zula, this is our secret relaxation spot!” Mayu said full of childish delight.

Zula leaned in with a look so serious.

“Then it shall be!” She yelled, smiling brightly.

“I wish we could all ways feel so free,” muttered Zula.

She raised her arms out in a stretching motion. Her symbol on her arm flashed through her sheer sleeve. A look of sadness was apparent.

“What is it Zula?” Asked Mayu, already guessing what it was.

Zula looked at her sister, her yellow eyes shivering. “These marks which make us what we are...with powers and basically immortal...to never die...”
“Sister...Zula,” Mayu said in a soft voice.

Zula shook her head and did her best to smile the sadness away. It would not work so easily for her.

“Well, it's no problem! What do you say Mayu? Want to walk a bit more?” Zula asked a strain in her voice.

Mayu frowned. She was not sure words were appropriate to answer her. She badly wanted to console Zula. Her sister would have none of that. She was strength and strength never weakened. Right? Mayu nodded.

“It would be nice, but maybe we should head back,” said Mayu feeling good atmosphere was already vanishing.

Zula nodded. She felt it as well. The good moment was long past. The birds around in the few trees in the area sang some sweet tunes. It was nice silence but the moments before soured the birds' music and was uncomfortable.

Zula took her hand and they got up, readying themselves for the confines of their stone home. “Yeah, that sounds good about now. Let's head back then,” she murmured as they turned around and crossed the bridge once more.


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Just Zula and Caleb
Chapter VII

“Sister...will you be all right?” asked Mayu as they entered the stone structure. It was strangely quiet in the main hall. Then again the building was large and built just below a mountain cliff.

“Yes,” said Zula unusually calm. “I think I just need sometime to myself. Haven't had the chance to think properly for a while.”

Mayu could only nod and watch her sister head for the wide staircase that split off on the second floor. There was a second staircase going straight up. Zula headed for them.

“What about something to eat? I'm sure breakfast will be ready soon!” Mayu still sounded concerned.

A loud voice welcomed its way in through the silence as if tearing down a wall of blissful silence.

“Sisters!” Yelled Kalea. “There you are! I was wondering what happened to you, but here I find you. I was ordered to come get you for breakfast, everyone is all ready eating.”

Kalea looked up at her oldest sister. “Zula? Zula where are you going?”

By that time Zula was on the second floor and was beginning on the second floor stairs.

“Leave her be Kalea. She wants to be alone and we should respect that. We all need that sort of time,” said Mayu turning around. “Some more than others.” As she said that she was thinking of Koios.

Kalea didn't know what say. A grim look was taking place of her cheery exterior. Her cloudy eyes faded to a gloomy gray. Her high energy level lazied down.

“Come on, Kalea. My advise again is to let her be. She is old. She'll be fine. She knows her way around her own mind. If we intrude we will just be lost in it,” Mayu stated, heading for the open doorway that led to the dining hall.

Kalea nodded. Her happiness popped back in place, but this time more as a mask. Mayu let Kalea walk past her as she shot as glance at the direction Zula had taken. With the shake of her head she followed her younger sister, shutting the door.

The breakfast was small considering how many people sat around the table enjoying the small choices they were served. There was cooked fish, fresh fruit, sausage, toast, and freshly maked potatoes. It was a luxury now a days in Zephiem to have this sort of assortment. It was a small portion, but even for the average wealthy Zephien it was plentiful. This revealed a lot of how poor Zephien lived. They chattered through the whole meal leaving no room for silence. This was a time silence was evaded. The meal ended quite quickly, leaving Mayu to have a chance to eat a small portion of breakfast. She was left by herself in thought.

Through the path of Zephiem's history when it was Zephora its people were called Telican by name and culture. These people were believed to have been part of an early group of nomads which settled in Zephiere. They continued on and came upon Zephora. They were freshlings who joined a smaller growing culture of people who called themselves the Zephins. They came together at first with tension but conflicts broke and they helped out the Zephins defeat their enemies. Together they built Zephora to prosper for over three hundred years until Zephiere found the country a problem. They fought each other, Zephora just barely making it out as the winner. A revolutionary introduced change and changed the way of Zephora was forever, destroying what it had once stood for.

Mayu sat back in her chair. The entire room was empty of life except for servants who came in to gather the plates. She watched them pass her avoiding direct eye contact. They were workers from all around, who didn't fear immortals, but felt they owed their lives to Sankar. He had offered them meals and payment. A young servant girl came close to Mayu take away her plate.

“Here,” said Mayu. She picked up the plate and handed it to the girl, whose brown eyes bugged outward. The girl retrieved quickly.

“Thank you ma'am.”

The girl scurried away.

It didn't surprise Mayu, but it did worry her some for her family mostly. She shook the thought away. It was not time for doubting the people who worked for them. There were few workers who worked because they had a friendship with the immortal, like Valicia who only worked for them from time to time.

Mayu stood up with stiff legs. Her whole body felt tired. Maybe it had been all the night's she had spent rereading all of Avedis' letters. She hoped she would received another one from him soon. It had all ready been two weeks since the last one.

A servant came up to her.

“Miss a messenger came by and told me to give this letter to you,” he said holding it out to her.

“Thank you Sebastian,” she replied, taking it from him.

She held the letter close to her chest and smiled.

“Zula? Zula?” called Kalea, through the door. She hit the door gently several times. “I don't think she will answer,” she whispered to Koios.

The older girl pushed Kalea aside without a comment and cleared her throat and began to ramp on the door for a minute.

“Open up big sister!”

Now one answered. Both girls looked puzzled.

“Mistress...maybe I could help you,” whispered a disembodied voice.

“Loki. Be visible if you plan to talk to her. Your disembodied voice bothers me for some reason,” commented Kalea.

A form appeared as Loki chuckled, transparent with his gorgeous locks of yellow.

“What can you you exactly do for us?” asked Koios her voice sounding bored.

He grinned at her attitude. “Well, I can peer through the door and see if she is there,” he replied.

The girls exchanged looks and Kalea shook her head, looking solemn.

“Mayu was right we should leave Zula alone,” she muttered.

The other girl had other things in mind. A look of brilliance and scheming fought to not show itself on her face. She was also feeling quite irritated with her sister's change of heart. 'What a waste of my time,' she thought, sighing.

“Loki! Come with me to my room now!” she yelled, walking off.

The wind spirit chuckled and smiled brightly as he showed off the perfection all spirits seemed to have. “Coming my lady!”

Kalea stared at the door for a moment longer and walked away to her own room.

Zula was not in her room. She had sneaked out not so she could avoid contact with her sisters for a while. She never liked to show them her emotional conflict. The only one who seemed to know was Mayu and maybe Athena noticed, she was not sure. She sat just outside near the lake, her eyes were watching the fish as they swam around. It was not difficult to get away from home. It was so vast and oversized like most homes of the old wealthy of Zephora. Especially when more than one family lived together. It was somehow overwhelming and claustrophobic for her. It made little since. Zula stretched out on the grass. A sigh escaped her parted pink lips as she stared at the white clouds which infested the blue sky.

“You always seemed more of a woman who used her body for action,” said a voice she knew well.

She raised herself up, using her elbows to support her muscular weight. Zula smiled as she observed Caleb standing there beside his black mare holding her reigns tightly in one gloved hand. Red hair slipped in the way of her eyes. It bothered her. She wanted to stare at him, not dark strands of hair.

“You know even us 'amazing' women need to have some time to think,” she said, giving him a little smirk.

Caleb raised a brow and chuckled loud and thick.

“Haha, maybe I should just go then my philosopher,” Caleb said eyes brightening. There was something else in them, but it was a type of wanting. She knew and recognized it. A small fear pinched at her in the back of her mind.

“Wait! You can stay. I...want you too. I always have room...for you,” she said sounding a little cheesy. She tried hiding a blush.

Caleb was a bit taken a back, but gave her a soft smile.

“Come sit with me,” she said.

That he did, releasing his horse's reigns and took a seat beside her. Zula looked away for a moment as a child would when faced with a new person.

“So why are you out here all a lone?” He asked her.

She looked at him carefully, her muscles tensing. She did not want place upon him all the thinks that were running through her mind. All the confusion and worries. Nor did she want to have to explain. It would probably sound silly to him. He could not understand how she was feeling (even though that was childish to think). She did not want him to feel unnecessarily burdened or worried for her mental state. Instead she gave him an awkward smile, though it was lopsided.

“You don't plan to tell me do you?”

She shakes her head, gazing upward. He followed hr gaze and tilted his head.

“I see a Sasarian sailor in that cloud,” he said pointing at a random cloud. “Just tilt your head and you will see it.”

Zula repeated his movement, seeing the cloud, but no sailor. This made her frown.

“You lack imagination, Zula.” He said.

She could not keep the frown any longer. It turned into a genuine smile.

“I can't be serious with you around, Caleb” she stated.

He nodded, scooting closer and setting his sword to the side.

She was not sure what was going on. She was beginning to feel insecure. A strong girl such as herself was feeling insecure? Another feeling that surprised her was vulnerability. It was possible she was just feeling more pressure to be more solid like a stone wall. Here she was with one of the toughest mercenaries who was supposed to have been on of the most honored bound and scary men around. When she looked at him he was looking at her with a soft expression.

“Why is it you, one of the most respected and well known mercenaries around look at me with such softness. Most of you kind call us abominations,” she said, waiting for his reaction.

He gave her a thoughtful look as he replied, “I wasn't always a mercenary. I was once a knight for the King of Zephiem. Part of a special squad called the Black Guard. A dangerous lot. They were the enforcers of the law in Zephiem's major city. They became too corrupt and power hungry for my tastes. I left becoming a wandering knight...or mercenary.”

She looked down. “Oh, well I am glad you left them.”

“I am as well,” he said, looking a her carefully. “Not all things are good all the time, Zula. You didn't need to tell me for me to notice why you are down.”

This made Zula a smile, but it was not like before it was more sorrowful.

“Didn't know it was that obvious.”

“You aren't. I was just able to guess correctly because you were down,” he replied.

She laughed, making it awkward and looked at the manison.

“Now I did come here for a reason,” Caleb said, leaning in. “I want to know about the shapeshifter and that strange ice immortal.”

Zula's cheerfulness vanished and replaced with a serious air. The most important things to be asked. One of the most serious. “They're immortal like us, obviously you know. They are negatives. Like the dark gods of our existence.”
Caleb looked considerate. Maybe too calm for something like this.

“You are unusually calm,” she commented.

A stranger's smile crossed his face as his eyes shined in the revel of something dangerous.

“This is definitely going to be interesting. I haven't had a fight worth anything for a while,” he laughed, running a hand through his hair. “Old habits die hard.”

“Don't kid around Caleb. They are immortal like us,” she snapped.

“I was being serious love. I am by thought, action and existence will always be a bloodthirsty mercenary. Who once upon a time was a Black guard.”

Zula opened her mouth to say something, but she could not think of the right words to say it. She leaned in close, wrapping her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder.

“You give yourself too much credit. Look, look into a mirror next time,” she whispered, kissing his hair and pulling away. “You are not a bloodthirsty man. Look at this here I thought I was the one down.” She placed a hand on his cheek, stroking it awkwardly.

Caleb smiled and chuckled. “You maybe be right Zula. You are probably right.”

He looked up at the skyline and watched as it became colorful. The pastel pinks were soft and orange. The clouds reflected the skies colors. There were other colors slowly slipping through. Seemed like the Night Fall (a legendary panther spirit which is said to bring night to the world) was slowly coming.

“I should go back into town.

Zula looked disappointed.

“You could always stay the night,” she said hopeful.

“I'm sorry. I don't think that would be a good idea. At least not right now. I know how Sankar feels about me. I have to go,” he said, calling to his mare.

“All right. I guess I will see you around.”

Caleb got into his horse's saddle and nodded. “Yeah, I will be around,” he smiled and rode off.

Zula watched the empty spot where he had stood a moment ago. She was not sure what to do. A feeling of something strong was crawling around inside her. As for the identity of it it was unknown. Zula shook her head, getting up to head back inside.

Time was lost to Mayu as she torn open the worn seal of the envelope, taking off the wax seal of the Gilli-on. She was relieved because with this seal it meant he had made it there safely. Some would have found it strange she had collected the wax seals, but Avedis traveled a lot, leaving her behind to tend to the house with her other six sisters. That was the only thing besides the words in the letter that made her feel like she was with him. It helped her most of the time. She was not sure if she wanted to open the letter and read its contents. What if...? She shook her head and slowly with skilled hands smoothed out the creases.

She began to read--

My dearest Love Mayu,

I travel each night thinking about you always, hoping you are well. I wanted to tell you this in person, but unfortunately I will not be home for maybe another six-seven months. Mayu, I will always be in your service until I die a mortal's death.

She paused in the reading unknowingly like her sister, Zula experiencing that unknown emotion that had been denied t her over more than a hundred years. Her heart thudded against her chest, feeling like it was trying to rip through her ribs. It scared her.

Mayu just smiled. “And my words to you are the same.” She kissed the words and began to read the rest of the short letter--

"….Now my truth is revealed I will update you on the tale of my journey since Sankar is back with you. I arrived at the borders of Gilli-on before nightfall. It was a clear evening and border guards stopped me in my wake asking why I wanted to travel into Gilli-on. I of course told them a lie. My lie was I was hoping to visit a sick friend and I brought medicine. They willingly accepted this lie, but charged my crossing. They also taxed the “medicine” I was bringing in. I got to the other side of border safely.

Let me tell you I thought Zephiem's cities were beautiful at night. I have to say that I was wrong. When I stepped into the outskirts of one of Gilli-on's major cities I was stunned. The lights glowed luminously, almost haunting. I later learned this majestic city was dedicated to a God. This city seemed to be occupied on only certain occasions of the year. I have never asked how or why or even when. I immediately went to my destination which was an inn. Sankar had recommended it. It was weird to pass so many elves most ignored my presence, but those who had taken notice shot glares. Human presence was not very welcomed at this time of unease.

This inn I arrived at as the only only one considered a safe havon for humans and other elves, since the growing conflict between the dark elves and the light elves. The light elves had a tendency to lay claims on the law baffled the dark elves, but their reckless behavior caused many to be injured.

This conflict is destroying Elven life. It is the sad truth. Inside I spoke with an elderly elven couple who were had a dark elf child with dark blonde hair in their safekeeping. He seemed to have been a mix. They fed me and gave me a room for free. The next day when the old elf was free I asked about the handsome lad. He told me about his father who was of his kind fell in love with one of the last living dark elf royals from Keena family. Unfortunately after having the child they died during a raid in their village five years ago. The boy had only been three at the time.

It's very sad to learn such a truth. There is little we can do about wars, but it is never satisfying. The fact is unavoidable.

So I watched the lad carefully for the next few days. After some time I talked to his grandparents about taking him with me. At first they did not think it was such a good idea, but they asked him and he said it would be a nice change. So they agreed and we departed the next day. His grandparents were actually relieved that he would be leaving and coming with me. They said it was be much safer. Some tears were shed and brave little Kupa became my traveling companion.

Mayu if you met this little boy, you would have thought he is brilliant. He is a little genius, learning everything from his grandparents. He knew the route he had never been on! It made me not regret taking him from his only family.

Soon we entered a town called 'Everr Night'. This was where the legend or prophecy of the child began. We took lodging in the first hotel I have seen in Gilli-on. It was cheap. The room we had was one bed and a couch. This is where I am now, writing to you, my shortest of letters, I will write more soon. That is a promise.

Mayu take care of yourself and never forget I am thinking about you. Tell your sisters I hope they are well and give Phoebe my blessing of hope.

Take care always,
Avedis Freefal

Mayu folded up the as she laid back on her bed. It had been a lot to take in from his shortened letter. She looked at her window and noticed the change of light. She had missed supper, but it didn't bother her. She sat up not caring to much. It was time to find something on her own to nibble on.


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