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The Writing Writer
The Writing Writer

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What a week it's been. I think I've explored every emotion I knew I had, ranging from true happiness to near depression. I don't know if it's a medical thing, but let me document the things that have happened, and maybe it'll be a little bit clearer.

The weekend started with much promise, and in all innocence, I had no idea of the night that was to unfold. I went the gym in the morning, meeting with a colleague who was 45 minutes late, so I was annoyed at him for that, but at the same time pleased with myself at the workout I'd done whilst at the gym. Upon leaving the gym, I went and sat at my favourite spot on the waterfront, and collected a few thoughts in my mind there. Then I headed home for a post gym bath, and got into some fresh clean clothes. I go online, and no sooner than I log onto facebook, I get a text inviting me to a party. Since I had no plans, I decided to go along, "borrowing" some of my sisters beer. The party ended up consisting of five people, all of whom I'm really good friends with, so that wasn't an issue.

Then came that immortal time. The "Alcohol Critical Level" time. There was none left, so after much deliberation, a party of three departed to search for an open off license at 3am. Good plan in theory.. except the party was on a really rough estate, and the party of three consisted of a goth, a punk and a metalhead. Prime targets for scallies. Sophie Lancaster foundation? What Sophie Lancaster foundation? While the three were out, me and my remaining friend ended up pelting each other with strange foreign sweets, which let me tell you now, hurt like hell if they hit you in the right place! The three returned, two in tears, one shaken up. We decided it was time to leave. Two of my friends stayed as one lived there, and the other didn't want to leave her alone. The new three, which now included me, got a taxi to a different house, one that we were to stay for the next two days in. I was too tired to feel much of anything at this point, as were my friends, but that didn't stop us from traipsing around Toxteth at 4am gathering DVDs and changes of clothes from my friends houses. We also met a kitten.

We eventually got back to the house we were staying at, and settled ourselves down for the night. Eventually, after saying that we were going to do just that for about half an hour before any of us could muster the strength to move. The next day, we went on another adventure, this time to the shop, to buy lots of fun stuff. Like cake mix. And Bacon. We never got the bacon. Cue a messy afternoon cooking, and watching DVDs. And drinking really crap coffee, that somehow, by some crazy fluke, my friend managed to make taste amazing. More DVDs followed, and my strange numbness had kicked in. I could feel nothing, but I knew I was comfortable in this situation with my two friends. I stayed another night, going straight to work after borrowing a Joy Division tshirt and getting my own sweater thrown in a washing machine. It had a fair bit of cake mix on it. So anyway. I get home from work that afternoon, and my brain starts to kick in normally again. Reigniting feelings I'd buried a while back, for one of my friends. Which got me into trouble with her, and made her not want to talk to me. Cue the near depression. I couldn't concentrate. I was stressed also as I had my annual performance review in work, and had no evidence of anything good to take in to stop my manager giving me a bollocking.

All of this lead to today. Where I did that whole spectrum in reverse, in one day. I started off in the worst mood, I didn't want to be in work, and nothing I was doing would go right. Then it started to pick up when my task got changed to an easier one. Then, I went to the pub and had a pint of Guinness. Then I was happy. I got back into work, and my team had done a birthday collection for me, and it made me both shocked that any of them had money at this stage of the month, and really happy to work with them all. Then I got home to a Scooby Doo tshirt, some awesome comfortable shorts, and special fried rice from the chippy. Needless to say, this week is ending on a high.

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Thanks Belle!
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Re: Rollercoaster..
Post on Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:10 am by Shiroi-Ka
*Runs to look up the terms 'Scallies' and 'Sophie Lancaster foundation'*
Re: Rollercoaster..
Post on Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:35 am by Mike
Just type Sophie Lancaster into google, and you'll probably find it. She was a beautiful gothic lady murdered by a vicious gang of scallies, merely because of what she looked like. Her family have started a campaign to try to stamp out this kind of prejudice.
Re: Rollercoaster..
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