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 Poetry Contest 6: Free Form Poems

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PostSubject: Poetry Contest 6: Free Form Poems   Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:21 pm

Alright prizes are the same. An award.

Dates: December 6 to January 17, 2011

Theme: Holidays

-Make it clear and clean.
-At least Four-Six stanzas.
You can write whatever you want.
It can be silly, but not stupid.
-Have fun.

Sample Poem

Quote :
Poor Girl

There she goes,
Far away from wealth,
Tattered and dirty,
Unclean and scared,
sad and not destined for anything,
A pebble in the brook.

A sorrowful sight,
On the street at night,
A helpless child searching,
Alone on the streets,
Wandering with no one,
Abandoned forever in the cold.

There she goes,
far away from wealth
Poor and helpless,
starving and naive,
empty and sickly.
Lost in her head,
Lost from reality.

Her mental state broken,
Wandering the cities in search of food.
There she goes,
The homeless girl.


Avi and sign by Belle- Wonderful!
My sisters Ace and Belle rock!!!
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Poetry Contest 6: Free Form Poems
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