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 Big Bear Journal

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PostBig Bear Journal

Journal entry one
Big Bear Mission 01/07/11

So we start off from home awaiting the hour of departure. I after having some m&ms am full of sugarified energy. I am rearing to leave! Damn it! So waiting till 2pm to depart. It's perfect weather today in LA region, that I am actually jealous of all of LA because they will be enjoying it. Still waiting...I feel tired man. God damn when are we leaving? Ahahaha that is how I feel in my head,

Might I mention I am not the best narrator for a story out there? Hell, I can't even write an interesting story about myself. I am that boring of a person. I would put people to sleep. I might just end up babbling on about the short adventures in Big Bear. (As if anything comes from this).

Ten minutes later- Finally we are almost ready to leave and go on our way. Still in the back of the car with my glitter skull back beside me. It was stuffed with two books, 'Peony in Love' and a poetry book by Leonard Cohen. Plus my cellphone and sitting beside me on my left are bunch of luggage and other things for the trip. Did I mention I brought my camera and itouch Razz.

Now I have a song stuck in my head as I sit here awaiting departure and look at that it is already five minutes past 2. (Yes, yes I am bored.)

Let me tell you a story about seven girls...no that will have to wait. Oh we are still waiting, but this time only on my father. My mom's sitting in the car and we wait for his exit. So we wait in the old white 1995 Range Rover. (It's ready to go on to the next life any moment). Finally he makes his appearance and we can go. Sooooo Bye LA!

We are on the road now, leaving behind LA slowly. I sink into my world of music. I wish one of my friends could have come along, but it means I have more bonding with Kelly and Amy (:. These two are too awesome after all. We are going through apple valley and taking the back route to Big bear through the desert. Right now we just just got on the 134. From there...

I see the rolling hills of the valley dotted with homes and a variety of trees. I listen to music, but even with that going I can hear my father banter on about something. I see the mountains from a distance! It's too beautiful! So close yet so out of reach. It has been an hour and ten minutes since we left LA behind. We are in the middle of nowhere. But I believe soon we shall hit the mountains and abandon all reality. However until then I will set this aside.

Now we are waiting in a line of cars to get up to the mountains. Still in the middle of nowhere but this time it's called “Hesparia. (sp?)”. Still in middle of nowhere finally leaving Apple Valley behind. We are heading into another valley. The snowy mountains are growing closer. Soon I will be allowed to touch the cold snow.

We are now in Lucern Valley and hoping this will be the last valley we have to make a trek through until the mountains. I am overjoyed and tired at this point. Just want to shut my eyes. For a moment maybe. As the mountains grow closer every minute passing by I am growing anxious. There is snow everywhere! It is the greatest feeling. Though I am not a fan of snow its stil very beautiful. I can't wait until we get to the cabin.

With my father driving its fast and when we make sharp turns it makes me nervous.

At this point we are entering the back of Big Bear City. We arrived safely and inside the cabin it's freezing cold. I am by the fire, letting the flames warm me. I am relieved we are up here but at the same dreading possible drama that might start. This should be an interesting few days up here. I hope tomorrow is full of some excitement. I am happy we escaped the city and get to enjoy the snowy views.

Now we await the arrival of the rest of the small clan. They are scurrying on their way. Dinner is being prepared and we have appetizers out. Razz Anything about food is welcoming. I enjoy thought of my teeth sinking into soft cheese and the round plump olives. Just thinking about it makes my stomach growl. But damn it I am hungry. It is still so cold inside even with the heater and fire going on. I have to keep my black jacket on.

Dinner is almost served and the others are still not here. When will they arrive?

So they arrive in all their splendid glory. To say too much it was a loud entrance. I am glad to be here. But I still wish one of my friends could have come. But I suppose it will be fun. Oh well...I just hope its filled with interesting things. I finally ate dinner...risotto (not my favorite) and vegetarian sausage. Though have finished and now just writing. Nothing to do with...my journal no reason to talk to the others. Just ignore them...

Being the youngest sucks...

And it's awkward.

Let them carry on in conversation. Tomorrow better be better. I am recording this because I feel like it. I am frustrated at the moment. All I said was he needed to ask permission to use the telescope. Sorry I am asking so much! Fucking hell! I am ready to go home. There is no one here to talk to except for Amy's dog. Yay for one! I am irritable. Night end in a glorious ending. Give me something to laugh about. Give me reason to want to leave on my own at the same time. I can't stand it. I just want...freedom.

Okay things are slowly improving for me. They admit they want to hang with me. This is cool. Tomorrow will be a good day...

-End Day One-


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Big Bear Journal

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