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PostSubject: Resurgence   Wed Jan 12, 2011 4:27 pm

I posted this over on RPGFO, but there was a lack of interest, and I wasn't familiar with the people who did apply... So here's a repost.

So this is all just storage for now, since I'm having to use a semi-public computer and I don't want things being deleted on accident. You guys can kind of browse at your leisure, get a feel for what I'm thinking and brain storm the possibilities. I'll tell everyone right now that there are only 3 spots available. (Four total.)

1 - The Girl
2 - The Best Friend
3 - The Rival
4 - Me

Those will be explained later on, mostly in my character's profile. The girl and the rival's names have been chosen already and I have a rough idea of what I want for each, but more so for the rival. The best friend is completely customizable for reasons I'll explain only to the person who eventually gets the spot, since I want it to be an enjoyable read. Also when you're making your characters, refer to the information I've already provided in my character history, because it's there for a reason.

To sum this all up, this is my first RP/Story/Writing Project in awhile so forgive me if I'm a bit rusty. This is mostly done because I had this random idea pop into my head and I started to just muse on it in my free time. It'll be a fairly relaxed endeavor, but I may want to get more serious about it as time goes on. Also this is a bit of a 'test run', because I'm wanting to use this RP as a... platform of sorts for a story that I want to write. My character is the one I'm going to use in my story, and I'd like to base the other characters around the ones you guys provide, but I'll understand anyone requesting otherwise. Please state whether or not you're okay with me using the information you provide in your character sheet and the way they evolve throughout the entire process.

Name: Jeremiah Williams (Many people call him Jair. Pronounce it like Chair but with a J instead of the Ch.)
Age: 17
Appearance: Jeremiah stands at 6'1" weighing about 190 lbs. He's fairly fit but could do with working out a bit more. He normally wears loose, somewhat baggy clothing since that's what he finds most comfortable. Jeremiah has shaggy, brown hair that usually falls just above his eyes and partially covers his ears. His eyes are a mixture of blue-green, causing an interesting shade that can shift to either color being dominate. He usually keeps a small about of facial hair visible, just enough so he looks a little rough, without having a freaky caveman appearance. Despite his physical appearance suggesting he's finished with puberty he still suffers from mild acne, it just lightly gracing his forehead, which is usually covered by his hair anyways.

Personality: Jeremiah is somewhat popular guy, but not so much he has crowds around him. He has only one real friend, and a number of people who he knows and hangs out with. Despite his typically confident demeanor Jeremiah is rather self conscious and shy. He's caring and likes to trust people, but it can be hard to earn. He's also slow to really open up and relax around people, even family. If cousins visit, or he sees a family member after an extended period of time he is even somewhat closed off from them for a short time. This can occasionally leads people to assume he is shallow and thinks highly of himself, when, in fact, it is the opposite.

History: Jeremiah grew up in a regular, rural, small town school. His graduating class includes only 105 other students, and his high school's student body maxes at 519 students. Jeremiah began playing football in fifth grade, and has been playing it ever since. (
Jeremiah plays football as a defensive lineman and second string fullback. ) Lately it's been more to win his father's approval and vent frustration than for the love of the game. He's only ever had two girlfriends, one of them being a mere weak fling, while the other was just over two months. The low number of girlfriends, despite his 'jock' status is due to in insecurity.


Music - Mostly Hiphop/Rap
Classic 'American' food - Hotdogs, pizza, burgers, etc.
Tessa McLaugh (Laugh being pronounced 'Law')


Country Music
Chad Deskin - A student who entered his school in 7th grade and decided to pick Jeremiah as his rival.

The Vampires

Vampires do not exist. Not in this world... Or at least not for the last thousand years. They were all hunted to extinction by the Slayers, humans who, for some reason, possess unnatural abilities, but remain human. More on them later. So the vampires where hunted to extinction and as the last (Who just so happened to be the first as well) vampire lay at the hands of a Slayer he cast a spell. This spell ensured that the vampire did not die with him, by sealing the vampire curse within the living descendents of his line. Doing this, though, did not kill him, but simply rendered him human. In doing so the spell also sealed the slayer traits, only it took them longer to die out, in fact it took one thousand years on the dot. Each generation was slightly slower, weaker and less keen then the last, and in this manner their line was sealed by the spell, until the Vampires returned, which would trigger the traits of the slayer to reactivate.

I'll explain the powers of a full blown vampire first, so we can get that out of the way. In our little world vampires possess many abilities that give them the upper hand on slayers, and essentially allow them to dominate humans. They are inhumanly fast and strong. This increases with age, for example a newly turned vampire would be about ten times strong then they where in life. Say they, in life, could bench 190 pounds. As a vampire they could bench approx. 1,900 pounds. Now every decade they would increase that by another time. So ten years after being turned that same vampire would lift 2090 pounds. Their speed scales differently. After being turned the vampire can move faster than any human eye could catch, and faster than most recording systems. The increase over the years depends upon the vampire, and can differ greatly. Vampiric strength usually peaks at about 40x their human strength, except for the first two generations. (For example the very first vampire peaked at about 50-60x his natural, and the second generation [the ones the first turned] peaked 41-50x)

Vampires also posess the ability to manipulate most any human, they can twist their thoughts and get them to do their bidding. Now the only issue with this is that it requires the vampire to be on a diet of human blood. (Yes, vampires can sustain themselves on animal blood, but their strength and speed would be less than that of the typical vampire.) Even when drinking human blood reguarly the manipulaton will only last for, on average, a couple of months, unless the vampire had a natural talent for this or they gorged on blood beforehand.

Vampires are also, mostly, impervious to conventional means of murder. Break their neck, they'll re-align it, cut an arm off, they'll clot the bleeding and regrow it after a couple of decades. Now, they can't regenerate from a good 'ol decapitation, mind you, but cut off a simple appendage? Sure! Bullets also have little effect on them. It hurts like hell, but it'll only annoy them. Fire can also kill a vampire, but it takes awhile. The perfect method if you can keep them caged up and want to make them suffer for a bit, but not if you need to finish it quickly. Items of faith have no effect on the vampires, unless the vampire is simply paranoid about them. Two things can really hurt a vampire, short of ripping out their heart of cutting their head off. These would be weapons fashioned of Anjico wood and the flower of the Mandrake plant. It can be diluted in water, allowing weapons to be coated in them, but it becomes less potent.

Sunlight does effect vampires. In fact it will kill most all of them. The effect of killing, however, isn't instantaneous. A shaft of light won't touch their skin and suddenly 'poof' no more vampire. It's more of an accelerated burning process. The skin begins to turn red, blister, break, then everything below starts to deteriorate and eventually all that's left is ash. It's a very painful process to go through. The average vampire can last about two minutes in sunlight, but during that time they have almost none of their vampiric abilities. Only slightly augmented strength and speed. However, much as the strength was effected the second and first generation's resistance to sunlight is higher than that of the others. The first vampire could withstand sunlight indefinitely, but it would drastically cut his powers, and agitated his skin/senses. The second generation would react as other vampires would to sunlight, but they can withstand a couple hours of sunlight at a time, usually two to four at the most.

Let's move on to the final weakness I'll discuss for now, lack of blood. This won't actually kill a vampire, despite what you'd think. This will most certainly rob them of their power, but it's a slow process. Their body's will deteriorate until they're nothing but skin and bone, and eventually pass out into a coma of sorts, until someone intentionally gives them blood to revive them. After coming out of this coma state the vampire is insatiable for a short time, and receives a surprising burst in strength until their regular amount of blood is restored or they go into the coma state again. (The burst of strength uses whatever blood they where supplied with to revive them faster than usual. This works for when a vampire isn't coming out of a coma too. Think of it as Blood = Power. The more blood you have, the more powerful you are, but a two century year old vampire with only a quart of blood will be strong than a fledgling with gallons.) The relapse to a coma/corpse like state can take anywhere from one to ten years, depending upon how much they have in their system at the time they stop drinking.

Magic. Yes. Vampires can use magic, but only very little. I think I'll leave this to be explored as we flesh out the entire thing, but obviously they can cast it if the first used a spell to seal his vampiric curse away.

Now for our tragic flaw in our second and first generation vampires so that we don't have them being uber powerful, overlords of everything. They deteriorate faster. They need to consume more blood, more often then the other generations, something that makes the life of your friendly neighborhood slayer, because they'll be more deaths/reports of strange marks appearing on people, or accounts of how people seemingly loose hours of memory. While this, in text format, might not seem like much of a hindrance but if you sit and think on it for a moment it means they probably can't stay in one place without completely controlling the town/city/district and being more conspicuous then they'd normally be. Starting to see the disadvantage?

On to Slayers!

Now slayers are human. Keep that in the forefront of your mind. Despite some of their abilities screaming the opposite... They. Are. Human... For a bit. I'll explain that later too.

So, Slayers. How could they possibly compete to the uber, incredibly powerful vampires? Well they're gifted as well. Slayers have reflexes rivaling that of the vampires. Now, they don't move as fast, and can't life anywhere near as much, but their perception and reaction time and on par with any vampire. Slayers also have a host of other abilities, including the uncanny ability to spot out vampires. Now I didn't mention it earlier, but there are no immediate physical differences between humans and vampires. If you had them standing right next to each other you'd never be able to tell which was which unless one of them made for your carotid artery, but despite this slayers get this unnatural 'sense' around them. Like something nagging at them, screaming to either get away or kill the damn thing.

Along with this ability slayers are naturally stronger, faster, and more resilient than your average human. They can take a beating and dish one out with the greats like Ali, and Tyson. This can be furthered by intense training, which is almost always a mandatory thing with slayers. The average slayer is about 2-3x stronger then your regular human. While among humans it's an incredible feat to life, say, 400 lbs in the supernatural world, you're nothing but a toddler, but couple it with lightning fast reflexes and the uncanny ability to recognize vampires before vampires recognize a slayer and you've got a mean combination.

Finally, perhaps the defining trait with slayers, the thing that if they where ever without would mean almost certain death, is magic. Slayers are capable of casting and nullifying magic. Mostly the latter, but they are more proficient in it than a human. They can't go around tossing fireballs, but they can enchant things, mostly. Give themselves some clothes that are hard to stab through, or a cloak that discourages people from seeing them. Things along that line. As far as nullifying magic goes, it's passive. Say a vampire tried to manipulate a slayer into stabbing himself. It wouldn't work, and that vampire would probably be stabbed by the slayer as the slayer laughed hysterically. This also extends to most enchanted weaponry, should a vampire get it or someone who wants to cause them harm. Let's say a dagger is enchanted to make any wound it causes bleed... a lot. Well that wouldn't effect a slayer. Now any magic that requires a sacrifice will effect a slayer as it would anyone else, since they aren't holy and can't dilute the corruption of something like that.

As far as slayers go, that is about it. The basics of your average, friendly neighborhood vampire slayer.

O_O... Werewolves. Yeah... Sorry, I had to.

So... Let me start by apologizing if you hate the whole Vampire vs Werewolves conflict. Sorry..., but yeah we get a bit of that in this too. So let's start by saying that werewolves come from slayer's. If you are a slayer there is a chance you could become a werewolf, but the conditions are incredibly difficult to meet, and since it is so rare the Slayers basically consider werewolves as much of a nuisance as vampires and hunt them with equal ferociousness. The aforementioned conditions are as follows...

1) You need a full moon. *Shocker*
2) You need a vampire's blood.
3) You're slayer talents can't yet be manifested. (The slayer gene 'kicks in' at about 18. Until then you're at human limits, but you're basically told about vampires at about age 12)

So you can see why they where so rare back in the day. Slayers didn't want to have their kids turned into vampires and vampired didn't need wolves running around. Most of the turnings happened when stupid vampires tried to turn vengeful slayer children, without knowing they where a slayer's child. In fact there was a pact made to not change a slayer's child, because both sides didn't want werewolves running around.

So the powers of a wolf. Hm, well alright.

Werewolves don't have a half wolf, half human, mangled lump of flesh phase that you could find in most Hollywood films. They go through an agonizing first transformation into a full blown wolf, that is about twice the size of your average wolf. Sometimes larger, it's all proportional to how large of a human they are. Now a werewolf moves as fast as a vampire, sometimes they are even faster. They're just as strong, but lack arms so the only real way they can hurt you is if they ram into you, try shredding you or biting you. While effective, it lacks the finesse that only opposable thumbs can provide.

Next... A werewolf's bite allows their saliva to enter the wound which basically is like acid to a vampire. (Note: The whole acidic effect only works with their saliva while in wolf form.) This is problematic because when it's inside your body, it's eating away at everything. So say you get bit in the hand. Well guess what? You cut it off or die. If you're bit in the neck? Tough luck. There is no known cure for a werewolf bite, except to remove the afflicted part. Now along with all of this wolves obviously have enhanced hearing, smell, sight, etc. Wolves can also only transform into a wolf when the moon is anywhere between full and a half moon. Anything less and it doesn't work. The transformation is only optional when the moon isn't full, but it nags at them like a vampire's hunger does. When the moon is full a wolf has to endure the entire process, not an instant, one second I'm human the next I'm a badass wolf, one, but they're also faster and stronger then normal during a full moon as well.

What keeps them alive in human form? Well their strength is about 5-10x that of the average human, gives them an upper hand on slayers, and a shot with vampires. They are only as fast as a slayer, but their hearing, sight, and smell are all much better. Lore concerning werewolves is limited due to the 'Don't turn a slayer, you dumbass.' Code that everyone followed in the past, so we'll see what sort of kinks I can throw in as we go along, I suppose.

Witches/Warlocks/Wizards/Sorcerers, etc.

Pretty much nonexistent in the traditional sense. You can call yourself a wizard, or a witch, if you're a human and can actually use magic, but you still can't throw fireballs around. Well, at least not usually. There are occasions when humans have been born with an affinity for magic and can actually toss a fireball or two, but it's exceedingly rare, about as rare as werewolves, actually. When one is found all sides, vampire, wolf, and slayer, all try to get them on to their way of thinking because an enemy wizard is not a good thing.

But if you're thinking of people being as powerful as Merlin... Well, we can forget it because I'm not really wanting to mix in magic -that- much. It's existent for the sake of continuity but I'd like it kept to a rare anomaly.

Our Playground... Also known as a basic layout of the town.

So at the center of the town there is the high school. It's fairly basic in it's design, but it's a small town high school, so what can we expect. It's called Bethel Senior High School, after the town. The town is named Bethel (Taken from my hometown. I'm starting to run out of creative juices.) and it's really more of a district then a town. It covers a very large amount of farm land and a few pockets of urbanization. About a mile away from the school is an intersection where there are multiple businesses and a couple of houses. Continuing down the road it leads into a larger city known as Tipp City.

I just had an epiphany I don't have to type out the entire layout. You guys can google Earth/Map it. Just go to Google Maps and type Bethel Township, OH... Don't be lazy, it's my turn for that... >_< You'll get a whole friggin map of the place. Basically just get a generalization of the area, landscape etc. Especially the school campus. You guys can have a little fun with the minute details when you describe parts of it.

The school colors are green and yellow. They also use white but don't recognize it as one of their colors. The walls are yellow from shoulder height down and green from head to shoulder height. Above the head it's white. They follow that pattern throughout the building. The lockers are yellow, except in the senior hallway that leads out to the trailers in the back. Those lockers are green. The senior hallway has four classrooms in it. Three on the right, two on the left. One set of bathrooms in that. The main hallway which is to the right if your coming from the senior hallway has multiple classrooms but they are for the junior high and we won't be touching that. The hallway that leads right after many classrooms is down to the gym and lunchroom. Lunchroom on the left, gym on the right. Halfway down the main hallway is the principle's office.

In the senior hallway if we head to the left, instead of the right we are in the main hallway, but to the library. Basically take a left, then about two steps later a right and you're in the library. It's rather small but has a good collection of books and multiple computers and in the back about five spare tables for studying. Back to the senior hallway. If we turn around and head to the exit doors we are under a metal roof with wooden beams to support it on either side. Their is concrete pavement leading to a wooden ramp that takes you about two feet off the ground and up to the entrances of the trailers. The first two are on the lest, back to back. Then turn right and there are two on either side.

This will be our high school playground. Basically choose somewhere on the map, (Just give a street name and a made up address and we'll be done with your house.) and select the place for your house. Now that whole description is probably confusing, but I'll make a map at some point and simplify everything.
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PostSubject: Re: Resurgence   Wed Jan 12, 2011 4:32 pm

Here's an excerpt from the story I'm "working" on. Just so you guys can get a real basic feel for everything. *Note I gave the best friend a name in this, but you can change it. The girl and the rival's names need to remain the same, though.* Anyways, here's this.

------ Chapter One

Jeremiah’s arm reached out, groping for the button that would end the whining of his alarm clock. After the first failed attempt he found it, and shut it off, before sitting up. The room was still dark, with only a few rays of light shining through the window from the light post in front of it. He reached up and grabbed my head, it was throbbing from all the alcohol he had drank the night before, at one of his friend’s notorious parties. With a sigh he crawled out of bed and swung his legs over the side, letting his feet hit the floor with a dull thump. Jeremiah blinked and with his left hand rubbed his eyes, trying adjust his vision. A moment later and he was shuffling into the bathroom, and turning on the shower. With a hiss the water fell, steam filled the room as he waited for the water to reach the right temperature.

Fifteen minutes later Jeremiah was searching the pantry for something to eat, just as he did every other morning. It didn’t take long for him to spot the new box of Poptarts that his mom has bought the day before. In moments the box had been opened and he sat at the kitchen table with only the light over the sink on to illuminate the room. The light breakfast was eaten quickly, since Jeremiah had to be at school early to help set things up for the pep rally that day. He quickly cleaned up before throwing his backpack over his shoulder, grabbing his keys and running out to his car.

The drive to the school was uneventful, as it was every morning and soon he was walking through the doors that led into Bethel High School. The small town, country school he’d gone to since the first grade. He quickly turned right, and jogged down the hallway until he got to the gym entrance. Putting on a grin that’d hopefully mask how much discomfort his headache was causing, he opened the door. He was instantly greeted with a few shouts of welcome, before his best friend since second grade, Luke Campbell, rushed up and slapped him on the back. “Hey, man” He said with a grin “I figured you’d be late. In fact you actually just lost me five bucks.” Jeremiah laughed softly, and rolled his eyes. Luke was always making jokes at his expense; he was used to it by now.

“I’m only sorry I couldn’t of cost you more.” He retorted, and Luke grabbed his chest, in mock surprise.

“That hurts, Jair.” Luke said, as he led him to where he’d been working before Jeremiah had walked in. “Here, you can help me finish up this sign. It’s supposed to ‘Be fabulous.’” He said, in imitation of the girl running the pep rally, Tessa McLaugh. Tessa McLaugh was, without a doubt, one of the most stuck up girls at the school. Unfortunately she was also one of the hottest too. Tessa was the type of girl who knew she was good looking, and wasn’t afraid to use it to get what she wanted, when she wanted it. While every guy in the school new she was horribly conceited, they’d put up with it to be around her.

Jeremiah grinned, forgetting the headache that was still making his head feel like it’d been hit with a frying pan. “Fabulous? She realizes we’re straight, right?” He asked, shrugging Luke’s arm off from around his neck. “It doesn’t really matter though does it? She’ll have something to say about it no matter what we do.” He said, sighing a little, before he set his backpack down on the floor and lifted the sign up to look at it closer.

“I’m trying to make it look like we’ll actually win the game tonight. Yah know, act all badass and everything.” Luke explained, pointing to the picture of a football that looked like he was taking steroids.

“Yeah, I see what you’re getting at, man, but I’ve never taken steroids. Neither has the rest of the team.” He commented, grinning at the annoyed reaction his comment got from Luke. “Relax man, it looks fine. I’m just messing with you.”

Luke rolled his eyes and grabbed the poster from Jeremiah. “Eh, well grab the other two and we’ll go hang them up before we have to be in class.” Luke explained, before walking out of the gym. Jeremiah nodded and picked up the posters that Luke had pointed at, before following his friend out of the gym.

The bell rang just as Jeremiah walked into his first period class, Biology. The teacher, Mrs. Butler, scowled at him and pointed to his seat as the principle came on over the P.A. system with the morning announcements. The principle droned on about the sports schedules and a few academic reminders while most of the kids tried to catch a quick five minutes of sleep, or where scrambling to finish their homework. Jeremiah, however, was fighting back the headache he’d had since he woke up. Rubbing his temples he sighed softly, and tried to pay attention to the announcements about his football game after school.

“For football we have our home game against the Covington Ravens, at 8:00 pm. Be sure to come out and support your team.” Jeremiah winced towards the end; it was like someone had cranked the volume on the P.A. system, just to mess with him. He looked around, trying to see what everyone else’s reactions where to the volume. No one else in the room had noticed, or where paying no attention. In fact, two of the kids had fallen asleep entirely. Gritting his teeth, Jeremiah covered his ears, trying to dull the sound, but only managed to make it muffled, but no softer.

It seemed like eternity, but finally the announcements ended and everything was silent, at least until Mrs. Butler started talking, asking for homework and if anyone had questions about the assignment last night. Slowly, Jeremiah removed his hands from his ears hoping that sounds where back to their usual level once more. Fortunately they where, just as he was about to breathe again Catlin Houser turned around and raised an eyebrow, asking if he had his homework to pass up.

“Uh, yeah, yeah.” Jeremiah said, scrambling so he wouldn’t hold the class up any longer. He quickly pulled a folder out of his backpack and rifled through the papers in it until he found the sheet he’d used for last night’s work. “Here” He said as he handed it to her “All done.”

“Kay!” Catlin said, flashing him a quick smile before taking his paper and passing it forward to the front row. Jeremiah put his head in his hands, running them down his face with a sigh. This is going to be a long day he thought. Looking back up at Mrs. Butler, Jeremiah feigned attention, trying to get through the first period without losing his mind.

Halfway through the period Jeremiah had kept his cool, nursing his headache and doing his best to remain unnoticed by Mrs. Butler so she wouldn’t call on him for an answer. Maybe she really won’t call on me this period Jeremiah thought, hopefully. It was the moment he finished the thought that Mrs. Butler’s eyes locked onto him, and Jeremiah swallowed. “Jeremiah. How about you answer number twelve?”

“I, uh, forgot to do that one, Mrs. Butler.” Jeremiah lied, hoping to squeeze out of answering the question. He really didn’t have the patience to explain the entire answer, and do it while looking like he was in complete control. Unfortunately for him Mrs. Butler showed the paper she had been reading from, and pointed to the name. It was Jeremiah’s.

“Nice try, Mr. Williams, but I have been reading from your paper the entire time. You are getting a one hundred in this class, after all.” She explained, an eyebrow raised in annoyance. “If you don’t want to answer then just say so, please don’t fake ineptitude. Now, please explain the answer.” Jeremiah groaned, and looked at Mrs. Butler.

“Please, I really would rather not.” He pleaded, knowing he didn’t have the patience to be respectful if he was forced to recite his answer. As he finished his sentence a look of confusion passed over Mrs. Butler’s features, it looked as if she was about to ask why he didn’t want to answer, but slowly nodded and got on with class, calling on Caitlin to answer in his place. With a sigh of relief Jeremiah went back to looking ordinary, hoping Mrs. Butler wouldn’t call on him again.

Chapter Two
The bell rang, signaling that fourth period was over and A lunch would begin. Muttering a soft prayer of thanks Jeremiah grabbed his backpack and walked out of Geometry, and headed towards the cafeteria. As he turned a corner Jeremiah bumped into the one person who could cause him more mental distress then the hangover he was fighting. Tessa McLaugh. “Watch where you’re going, Williams.” She scoffed, rolling her eyes. She was still standing, but Jeremiah had lost his balance, trying not to knock her over and had fallen.

“Yeah, or you could.” He muttered under his breath, but nodded and apologized as he stood up. “Uh, yeah, sorry. I’m just trying to get through the day with this killer headache.” He explained, trying to explain away the situation.

“Whatever, just watch it next time.” She said, before walking around him and continuing as if she’d never even spoken to him. Jeremiah watched her go, and shook his head. Tessa was very annoying, but she was also very attractive. It tended to equal out in the mind of most males. His included.

Luke stood up, waving his hand, signaling for Jeremiah to come over to his table. “Yo! Over here, man!” He shouted over the voices of all the other students. With a nod of recognition Jeremiah walked over, looking at the other guys surrounding Luke; Troy Bowman, one of Luke’s friends, but he and Jeremiah where on good terms, and Caleb Malin, another of Luke’s friends and like Troy he and Jeremiah where on good terms as well.

“Hey, man.” Jeremiah said as he sat down, pulling his lunch out of his backpack.

“Hey” Luke began “So listen, Jair. I heard you were out of it in first period, what happened?” Luke asked, grinning as if he expected some amazing story. Jeremiah grimaced, not wanting relive the occasion, but was in a better mood since his headache had began to lessen.

“I dunno, really. I think it was mostly just a hangover from last night. I was just praying not to be called on, but Mrs. Butler had other plans.” He sighed, remembering how he felt when she called his name. “I just asked not to answer and she just sort of let it go.” He explained, shrugging softly before opening his lunch, and grabbing the sandwich inside.

Luke blinked and asked “What, you just asked? No begging, or pleading? You’ve got to be leaving something out.” He said, trying to grasp for some detail that Jeremiah might’ve overlooked, but Jeremiah simply shook his head and shrugged.

“Nope, just asked. She looked confused for a minute, but just let it go before calling on someone else.” Luke blinked and shook his head, taking a sip of his water before commenting.

“That settles it, man. You are, without a doubt, one of the luckiest kids I know. Mrs. B is one of the strictest teachers in the school and she just let you get away with not answering.” Luke shook his head in mock annoyance before he set in on his lunch, chewing in relative silence the rest of the time.

Jeremiah had a similar thought, and began to eat his lunch, only to be interrupted when Chad Deskin walked up to him, a scowl on his face. “Williams… Better hope you don’t screw it up at the Ravens or I’ll be taking your spot on the line, and your fullback position.”

Jeremiah blinked, a look of confusion passing over his face before he sighed and rolled his eyes at Chad. “Well before that happens you should learn how to play the game, first.” He retorted, trying his best not to lose his cool. Unfortunately the moment he’d heard Chad’s voice his headache decided it was an appropriate time to flare up and try to annoy him. Jeremiah winced slightly, but refrained from grabbing at his head in pain.

“That might hurt my feelings if it wasn’t coming from a guy who cringes when he insults someone, you moron.”Chad prodded, glaring down at him. It was almost all Jeremiah could do to yell at him to shove off. The worst headache of his life coupled with Chad Deskin was not a healthy combination for anyone. ------

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