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Welcome to the wonderful world of Drama Free Role Playing! Here you can write as much as you want without the hastle of drama that those other boards have!
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PostSubject: -|Welcome to Drama Haters RPG|-   Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:17 pm

~Welcome to Drama Haters RPG~

I'd like to be the first person to welcome you all to Drama Haters RPG! I'm The Joker's Ace, your bubbly and happy Admin. I'll be taking this time to give you a little history on the site, basically how it all began and what my expectations, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and everything else is for the site.

I've been Role Playing for many years, been on numerous forums, and met some incredibly fascinating people on the way. However, in all the years I've been a happy little Role Player, on all the forums and sites I've been on, one thing has always been constantly clear; the Dramais overwhelming. There are torrid love affairs, shouting matches, disagreements that escalate to nothing more than name calling, hurt feelings left and right, and so very much more general bullshit that it made writing on some of the sites I've been on very near impossible to enjoy. This is not to say we didn't have fun, because I look back and have very fond memories from the sites I've terrorized. But I noticed, in all my exploits and enjoyments, every couple weeks or so. something would happen that would ruin people's good time, and the general festive attitude on the site. Here was my delima, then; if you're a dedicated writer/role player, shouldn't drama be something non existent?

I'd like to clarify what I mean by the term Drama. A simple disagreement by two, maybe even more, members is not drama. When you have a thread, with multiple people writing together, there are going to be decisions made that generally piss someone off. This is completely normal. It's also normal for people to get into rather heated discussions. Especially when there are so many people in one place, and they all have their own opinions, own ideas, own everything. That's what Moderators are for. They come in, put a clamp on the issues, and all is done and over with after that. Now, drama is where things get taken too far. When a discussion isn't clamped down on, or when two grown people can't come to some conclusion, so they resort to name calling, 'screaming', rude and or derogatory comments, or anything else. Drama is also very frequently surrounding people that love it. They sneak in through the cracks, cause general trouble, get huffy, and eventually explode, taking with them, everyone within a five mile radius. (Exaggeration, I'm sure.) That is the part about normal forums that honestly get to me. It's not the petty, every day squabbles, or disagreements, it's the Drama. The backstabbing, the talking about people behind their backs, etc. etc. etc. It's incredibly rude, and completely pointless on a forum designed for writing.

Now we can get to the goodies, the whys of this site! I created Drama Haters RPG so that I, as well as friends, could have a place to come, to write, to socialize, without all the excess baggage. Without the Drama. Without the unnecessary bullshit of other forums. This is a safe haven for anyone that wants to write, but doesn't want to deal with the hassle of childish people that want to whine and complain. It's simply not accepted here. This is a place for people to congregate and have fun, and that's what I expect. So, good luck, good writing, and enjoy your stay here with us at Drama Haters RPG!



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