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 Ramble on.

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PostRamble on.

It's been a couple weeks since I've been active due to horrid circumstances. But alas, I have my laptop in front of me again, and while nobody is online, I can still write some thoughts down for others to read. Granted, my head is normally a very confusing place to be, I should be able to get a few things out that are only mildly confusing to some. Well, here it is...

I think just about everybody here knows that I'm pregnant as the father is part of this community also, as well as an aunt and the godparents. So far the pregnancy is going good. I've had horrible symptoms, but the doctors say that the baby is doing well. A couple days ago I went for my first ultrasound and yes, I know what I'm having. I'm having a little boy. Seems everybody on here that I talked to about what I'm having before I found out would be disappointed, but surprisingly, most are thrilled. Smile And just today, we picked out a name for the baby. Brendan. The wonderful part about it is I like it, the dad likes it, Ace likes it, and (most shockingly) my mother likes it. So all the important people are happy with his name. Here's a couple pictures of baby Brendan.

This is Brendan's head and chest, taken from the side.

If you look really carefully, you can see the profile of his face (the arrow is pointing to his nose).

This picture is my mother's favorite, as it proves once again, that's she's pretty much never wrong. It's showing that the baby is a boy.

There's some more things on my mind, but I'm not ready to share them yet, so you got to hear about the most important thing in my life right now, my child, but you'll have to wait to hear anything else. I'll post again soon enough for those that are so bored they actually like reading these (wow you have to be bored, lol).


I love you, baby girl.
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Ramble on.

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