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 Heroes and Villains: Last Stand [RP] (M)

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PostSubject: Heroes and Villains: Last Stand [RP] (M)   Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:39 pm

July the 21th, 2020, 23:00 in the night

Shadow was watching the overground area of the Facility, where the Entrance Elevator, garages, barracks and such where, from the top of a hill some meters away from the fence that protected the whole Facility. He scanned every part of the Facility with his binocular, looking for weaknesses when he found a hole in the fence, not far away from his location. He ran over to the hole, that was big enough for a big dog to crawl through. He crawled through the hole, and was now located inside the Facility ground, right behind the Entrance Elevator. He sneaked pasted Security Guards while he was working his way to the Elevator. He entered the building by a back door, marked with a green exit sign. He was now inside the Entrance Elevator building, which was the only way in to the Underground part of the Facility. He found himself inside a corridor, which only lead forward. He walked quietly forward to the door at the end of the corridor, and opened it. The room he was looking into was a big room, with a lot of Elevators that would go down to the Underground. There was boxes, containing weapons that would be transported down to the Security Guards that was guarding the Prisoners down there. He sneaked around in the mazes of boxes, and found his way to the closest elevator. He pressed the button, and waited for it to come up. After a short waiting time, the elevator bell went "ping" and the doors opened for him. He entered the small elevator, and pressed the button to go down. The elevator doors closed, and it started to go down with a slow speed. After 5 minutes of waiting, the doors opened again, revealing a room with a door, 2 sofas, and other elevator doors. Luckily, he was the only one there, so he could go onwards to the door without a fight. He opened it and entered the corridor that was leading from the elevators and into the "Lobby". The walls had no colors, so Shadow walked with the reflecting light from the lamps in the corridor roof, as he made his way to the "Lobby". He entered the "Lobby", which was surprisingly empty as nobody was there. Hm, no guards down here. Wonder why he thought to himself, until the sound of a door opening was heard from behind the Lobby desk. A man, dressed as a Security Guard, came out from a door with the bathroom sign. Shadow decided to ignore him and continued to walk for the other door, but the Security Guard yelled out: "Hey you! Who the hell are you?"

Shadow still ignored the guard, but stopped at the words "I will have to arrest you if you don't stop walking!"
He turned around, opening his closed black coat and pulling out a Sawn-Off shotgun. "Holy mother of Fuck" was the last words that was said in that room, before the Security Guards blood was sprayed out all over the wall behind him, as he got shot in the chest. The gunshot echoed all the way to the Lunch Room, which lead to that a lot of Security Guards rushed down to the lobby. Shadow hided at the corner of the corridor, waiting for the guards to come from the corridor. A group of 10 Security Guards, armed with either Handguns or Shotguns, came from the end of the corridor. Shadow throw a Flashbang grenade to the group, and unleashed hell upon them with his Sawn-Off. Blood was spilled all over the walls, floor and the roof, until he was done with them. He walked over the corpses, and entered the next corridor which lead to many places, like the stairs to the Cell Blocks. He entered the room that was at the end of the corridor, on the right side. The left door was to the stairs that lead you down to the Cell Blocks, but he had no thoughts about going down there directly. He had entered a very short corridor, and entered the door at the end of it. Opening the door, he could see camera screens, computers and a Security Guard at the Control Panel. Without hesitating, Shadow pulled out a gun from his coat, and shot the guard in the back of his head, spilling blood all over the Control Panel. Shadow pushed the body away, and started to press on the various buttons, which seemed to be a code or something.

"Good job Shadow! I'm in the Security Network now, downloading the files to open the Cell Blocks!" was said in a monitor that Shadow had in his ear. "Good boy" said Shadow back to his helper. After some minutes of silence, Shadows helper said: "I got the files for Cell Block D, E, F and G, but not for A, B and C. But just wait some more minutes, and it will be done. Hopefully, the Prisoners at the DEFG blocks will cause enough distraction to keep you safe!"
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PostSubject: Re: Heroes and Villains: Last Stand [RP] (M)   Tue May 04, 2010 8:02 pm

The constant sound of dripping water echoed through the mind of one prisoner in the underground facility. "SHUT IT OFF! IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!" The shackled man cried out, his long, black hair covering his gleaming emerald eyes. "I'll do anything.... Just please... Release me and turn that fucking faucet off..." He began shaking even more violently as someone came right up to him, a flashlight in hand. "No....Not that!" The man yelled out as the company he had with him began flicking the flashlight on and off in both his eyes. Normally, this would just irritate any other normal human being, but Ethan wasn't normal... After working for Ultracore, they had decided that he would be a perfect candidate for a test named Project: Osiris, the ability to give men or women superhuman senses... It worked too perfectly for Ethan however, as his newest gift, was also his curse.

(My apologies for the short post)


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Heroes and Villains: Last Stand [RP] (M)
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